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Reduce APQ party requirements to 5

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Kmac, Dec 21, 2023.

  1. Kmac

    Kmac King Slime

    Jan 15, 2021
    7:10 AM
    APQ is very random as to when it is busy and when it is dead. It’s basically a coin flip on whether you can find a party quickly or have to wait 20+ minutes for people to trickle in / smega recruit for apple pickers.

    Given that it is such short content, it feels bad to have to wait so long to compile a party of 6 in non-peak hours. Doubly feelsbad when you get 0 apples in bonus after a long wait.

    The way it is now, if someone insta-dc’s upon entering (which I’ve never seen happen) you can still run the PQ as 5 without issues, similar to LudiPQ. So why not allow us to start with 5 members?

    If Amos Training Ground is full of Apple pickers it would still be preferable to run as a party of 6 to safeguard against DC’s and the inevitable AFK-APQ’er in your party whose collecting keys/bossing/farming on their alt accounts.

    This proposed change is really just to enable parties at non-peak APQ hours to get a run going sooner.

    As for the impact this would have on Apple supply / prices, I can’t say for sure. My gut tells me it won’t have a big impact as we are already time gated by the 6-hour APQ cooldown. Less apples generated on average per 5-man run is something to consider but really I have no idea, I’m a mapler not an economist.

    There may be other factors I’m not considering so please share any comments or concerns regarding the impact this change could have.
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