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Completed Scheduled Maintenance December 29, 2020

Discussion in 'Maintenances' started by Kimberly, Dec 28, 2020.

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  1. Kimberly

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    9:48 PM
    Moderator Post

    Hello Maplers,

    We will be performing a Scheduled Maintenance on Tuesday, December 29. It will last for approximately 1 hour. Upon completion, the game will be brought back online and service will be restored. Once restored, you can log in and play!

    5:50 PM server time
    (6:50 PM CET)

    What will be unavailable:
    • All MapleLegends game servers and channels
    • Merchants will be closed
    • In-game name change requests using @changeign automatically processed
    Changes and Updates:
    • Refactored the way drop animations work to be more authentic*
      Old: Click here
      New: Click here
      Refactored the way skill effect animations work**
      Old example 1: Click here
      New example 1: Click here
      Old example 2: Click here
      New example 2: Click here
    • Fixed an issue related to Damage Reflect in certain situations
    • Mystic Door can no longer be dispelled
    • Fix the drop issues related to LPQ Stage 7 that occurred since the start of the event
    • Behind the scene changes
    *Today on the list of things becoming more authentic are drop animations. Something horrible ugly in MapleLegends was the way we still handled these. This was one of the earlier code of MapleLegends, done in 2014. Instead of using the proper damage packets for drop animations, we did some hardcoded manual calculations, which was especially bad with ranged attacks, where drops already flew out of mobs before the shot even landed! Hopefully, drop animations from skills, especially ranged ones, look much better after this maintenance.

    **But wait, there's more! Also refactored is the way skill effect animations work. Ever noticed how in MapleLegends mobs immediately show their freeze animation or taunt animation as soon you press the button? This was never correct! On top of that, it's weird and unrealistic. Like drop animations, skill effects are meant to have a delay as well, and only show the effect when the skill has 'hit' the mob. For the freezing example, the mob still stops moving as soon as you cast the skill, so the change should be purely visual.


    -MapleLegends Staff & Administration-
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Thread Status:
You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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