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Complete Scheduled Maintenance July 24 & Update Notes

Discussion in 'Maintenances' started by Kimberly, Jul 24, 2019.

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  1. Kimberly

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    2:04 PM
    Moderator Post
    The maintenance will be on Wednesday 5 PM server time and will last about an hour.


    Isn't it great? It's been 9 days since our last restart. For MapleLegends, that's not really special. However, it has been special for this month, where we were non-stop having maintenances after a big overhaul of the code. I have asked multiple times and we pretty much got almost positive feedback only, and we are not even done yet with tweaking the code.

    With the server stable now though, we thought let's implement the bits that make us an even more polished server. shotshot did a great job and David is on fire with things lately.

    Do note all the demonstration videos are made by shotshot I had to mirror them due to them being directly uploaded from Discord.

    Update notes~

    The lamp from Shade:
    Click here
    It turns on now! HOLY SHI-

    "Anti-botting" mobs are now GMS-like.

    Added into MapleLegends are the proper debuffs that are meant to be applied when an anti-botting mob gets weakened.

    Click here for a preview

    Furthermore, the following ETC drops have been added to the anti-botting mobs

    Shade - Someone's Hat
    Scholar Ghost - Traditional Scholar Hat
    Riche - Bible of the Corrupt
    Snow Witch - Ice Tear
    Security Camara - Blacklist
    Rurumo - Purple Liquid
    Deet & Roy - Useless Mechanical Heart
    Master Dummy - Proof of Training

    All the unique dialogues and everything has been researched and implemented as well! We hope you'll like it. Not many servers make use of the anti-botting mobs, but we do for authenticity sake, as well as the monster cards.
    Implementation of special 'NPC actions' upon completing the quest.

    Did you know some NPC's are meant to transform when you complete a quest? No? That's expected. Not many servers have this coded, but we will now.

    Click here for a preview
    Click here for a second preview

    With this coded we hope we'll give people that quest a lot an even better and more authentic experience~
    Implementation of special 'NPC actions' when giving items

    Another thing that adds polish for questers.

    Click here for a preview
    GPQ (Guild Party Quest) is now 100% GMS-like

    For a long time, GPQ was changed in MapleLegends, especially the end. This was done because of Error 38 on group warps. With this fixed now, we changed everything back to normal.

    On top of that, another feature has been coded that not many servers do correctly: Pulley!

    Pulley is a feature that hangs above Ergoth, the boss. On top of the map, there's supposed to be 1 or 2 people whacking the pulley, making sure it never goes down. If the pulley goes down, Ergoth will start to heal.

    This is now correctly coded in MapleLegends.

    Demonstration: Click here

    Pretty difficult to demonstrate due to being solo, but basically if you whack the pulley, the thing the ghost on the right is sitting on goes up and goes back down if nobody is whacking it. As you can see Ergoth is getting healed when it's too low.

    This adds another teamwork requirement to complete the Guild Quest. *

    *We are aware there are many requests to make GPQ more attractive. We are looking into it~
    Skill fixes

    Blind is now correctly coded and applied

    Click here for a preview

    Beholder, a skill requested to be fixed up since 2015 is now fixed and works like GMS animation-wise! Finally, beholder uses all his animations~

    Click here for a preview

    As we move on to the next topic, we suddenly hear a paladin screaming in terror. W-w-what about our elemental 3rd person attacks?

    The good news is that we've been trying! The bad news, however, is that we made no breakthrough yet. We are trying our best!
    On top of that, we are also fixing client bugs. I am not going to show all of them just yet, but I can show one of them at least since it's again related to a skill!

    Combo attack.

    Combo Attack is known to have 5 orbs around you. Seems normal, right? Well, Nexon made a silly mistake, which they never fixed until very late into Big Bang.

    The bug is that when 5 orbs are active, 2 of them are graphically duped! Don't believe me? Check now. Can't unsee it? Well, we have good news, since we have it fixed in the next client patch.

    Click here for a preview

    Great thanks to Wolf ScrollWolf Scroll on the help with this one!
    This, outside the client bug fix, was all done between this maintenance and the last one. Please show some appreciation to shotshot since he's doing a fantastic job, and not even everything is listed since some more internal changes were done as well!

    We are still working on the Summer Event as well, and we also still have some surprises we are working on. But for information about the Summer Event, you have to wait a little bit longer.

    The maintenance will be on Wednesday 5 PM server time and will last about an hour.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2019
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