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Notice Server Advertising and You

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Announcements' started by Kimberly, Aug 21, 2019.

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  1. Kimberly

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    11:27 AM
    Moderator Post

    During the 4 years of MapleLegends, I've always noticed the same pattern. People are having a blast, they notice a new hype server coming up, advertise it, and then eventually come back here if it ends up having problems or not fit the requirements of the user.

    While it's great people come back, I still feel the need to make this announcement as my official standpoint on talking about other MapleStory Servers.

    The reasons why I want to make an official announcement where people can look at, is because in-game a lot of misinformation gets tossed, especially by those promoting new servers.

    Example, they say to users that tell him/her not to promote that 'talking' about upcoming servers is completely fine, even if you blatant list the features in attempts to attract other to said server, and quitting MapleLegends.

    When playing MapleLegends, you've likely met friends, enjoyed the game, as well as supporting the server in any shape or form.

    We would really appreciate if you do not use our platform in anyway to promote, advertise, shit talk, or generally talk about upcoming servers. This includes whispers, guild chat, alliance chat, or any other messaging system within the game.

    The reason for that is simply because it's disrespectful. You attempt by doing so hyping other users quitting this server and taking a hit on our userbase.

    No, I am not saying you are never allowed to play other servers. We are asking if you could do it outside the game. Example, Discord DM's. That way, you talk about it to your friends and not everyone that is an example in a guild.

    Now when people are making statements in-game about promoting servers being allowed you can link them to this thread. If you catch anyone blatant advertising you are free to report them in our Report Abuse section on the forums.

    Thank you. Especially if you listen to this simple request of ours.
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Thread Status:
You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.
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