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Shad Nameless pin

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by CauTion, Dec 4, 2023.

  1. CauTion

    CauTion Master Chronos

    Nov 5, 2019
    8:44 PM
    cant say the shad last changes wasn't awesome but still feel like there less involve and always consider with lower impact at bosses wich sometimes they are ,with a decent single dmg and pretty low trio cleave i would love to see some good points of the class applied in the future

    so a part of September 2023 Balance change was the NT makeover that i really like all NT is way more fun and nice to run with the QoL changes but as a shad player i have 2 things ill like to see change in the future and the mainly one is name pin as a shad .

    one of the nice impact of end game shad is to pin some of the bosses nicely when hamstring is around but after the change on Nameless Magic Monster :
    [New Changes] Added a Weapon Defense Up buff (similar to Dunas 1) on an unused skill animation .

    pin as a shad have the same experience as NL mage pin at CWK with the need of dispel all the time i would love to see a new mechanic that will keep shad pin more smooth w\o hurts the timer of the boss needed to be clear .

    second thing that caught me is the impact of the class in bosses(When I refer to the relatively short bosses in the game)
    as many classes use the game style\boss weaknesses to be more effective in some bosses i would love to see more bosses with NIB mechanic, NIB is the only boss that bring shad single DPM effectiveness to the best point with his quick Weapon Cancels that fit the full nate, would love to see few more bosses using the quick Weapon Cancels same as NIB .

    would love to hear opinions , thoughts and ideas on the subject

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