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Snowman Fight (Roodolph PQ)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Tag, Jan 5, 2024.

  1. Tag

    Tag Snail

    Jan 3, 2024
    12:13 PM
    Beginner’s Guide to Roodolph’s Snowman PQ
    Note: Updated a bit

    Starting Notes: Hello, This is my first ever post here, I am a person who has multiple clears of the snowman PQ, and wish to give you advice on how to survive it, whether you want to stall tactic it or consistently clear it.

    Why Should you attempt Roodolph's Snowman Fight compared to Snow Spirit Defence PQ?

    Lets talk rewards, Snow spirit PQ will give you only 1 reward giving you either a raffle or the pool 1 or pool 2 reward you chose, it being nx or rewards.

    Roodolph’s PQ will give you a guaranteed raffle and pool 1 or pool 2 reward you can choose.
    Basically Doubling the amount of rewards from the pqs.

    Rewards Distributions:
    No matter whether you take Pool 1 or Pool 2, you get a guaranteed raffle on snowman PQ.

    Map Layout
    it is made of an ice bottom platform, wooden walkway you can stand on, 2 middle platforms left and right, a top platform, and at the very top a sled platform.

    First body:

    Will walk around the map until it sees a player in range, it will shoot a singular snowball projectile at a very slow speed, same as the other two snowman at the top.
    Second body:

    Will walk around the map until a player Is in range of its attack and it will do an aoe attack that can hit up to the middle platforms (not including them), meaning that if you are standing on the middle platforms you will not get hit, (If you stand on the yeti face you will get it however)
    Third body:
    This is where the fight really starts, this body has 3 main attacks, a healing mechanic and a debuff it inflicts players in range, Lets start from the first two attacks you will see.

    Same as the slime in Kerning PQ, you must time your jump to be in the air to dodge the damage.

    You can tell when he does this attack when he jumps, this attack can hit even the mid top platforms, unless you are the highest platform altitudes.

    It does have a range limit of approximately Genesis in size, if you are outside of it, you won’t get hit.

    a snowflake and snowballs above an area will appear whenever the boss has a snowflake icon on him, a snowflake will appear on the ground indicating snowballs will drop down from the sky after approximately 1.25-1.5 secs not sure about exact timing, dodge by moving to an area that doesn’t have that icon or snowballs above you, I would advice looking at the boss to see what attack is he doing and looking on the ground to see if there are any snowflakes below you.

    After approximately taking 20%-25% of the boss hp, he will gain a new attack he can cast:

    He will start summoning striges and Fly eyes, the striges have 24 hp, meaning they require 2 snowball hits to be destroyed, and the fly eyes have 48 hp, meaning they require 4 hits to destroy.

    They will spawn from the portals created.

    If you get hit on the approximately the safe frame as the mobs in the game when they die, you will not lose hp.

    Prioritize Mobs and try to protect each other!

    · At Approximately 50% hp bar, the boss will summon from its center of body, Fly eyes, and wraiths, wraiths will take 6 hits.



    Your controls will be reversed, basically meaning pushing left will push you right, and going down will be going up.

    Important notes:
    1.This is the most important one:

    Open up your keyboard setting, and increase your repeat rate to fast and repeat delay to as short as possible at least while doing this pq.

    This will make you be able to dps consistently while jumping and make input lag minimum.

    This is a very noticeable difference, If you aren't used to the new keyboard settings remember to return them to your default if not comfortable with.


    2. If you wish to jump while being confused, you must hold down and jump.

    3. If you are standing on portal and try to jump, there is a priority which will make you teleport and not jump.

    4. There are also some strategies a bit more for the fight.
    Before you attempt the pq, do get at the very least a fruit knife or any weapon which has the faster attack modifier on it, it makes opening chests faster and more reliable, as you won’t be stuck in attack animation.


    Try to save always mid right heal, this is the most accessible heal most of the time, due to having a close teleport and being able to jump quickly to get it.
    Another one is trying to break boxes to time in with the time you will need to use, each party will use it at a different timing I highly advice to break them at around mid b2 or start of b3 latest, which should be ample time to defeat the mobs.

    If not using voice chat using 1 or 2 in chat to communicate current hp, so if someone who has 3 hp can take a group heal for the party.

    You can also try using snowshoes to have better momentum; however, I didn’t used them.

    I highly recommend using HD client 2 for this party quest, you will not be able to see b3 jump or cast, as it has higher range than default client size.

    And the most important thing is keeping your teammates alive, in the end this pq, can only be completed with enough dpsers on the boss, try to always help each other and clear mobs/adds together.

    Good luck with clearing!
    Video of 2 snowman pq clears.
    replace "dot" with "."

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    Last edited: Jan 14, 2024
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  2. CauTion

    CauTion Master Chronos

    Nov 5, 2019
    12:13 PM
    great guide !:yay:

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