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~So you want to build a famehoe~

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Alyosha, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Alyosha

    Alyosha Selkie Jr.

    Mar 9, 2017
    12:34 PM
    Greetings! I thought I'd write a guide/walkthrough for creating your very own army of fame mules, be it for selling, self-faming, or for just mass faming your friends(Fames make very nice rewards for guild events btw MapleF17) Or maybe you just think the first 15 levels are garbage and want to get through them as fast as you can for your next character.

    I've happened to have created 28 fame mules at this point, and I've slowly built a path to optimally and quickly get a character to level 15. There are two parts to it, getting from 1-11 and getting from 11-15. The second part can be done by a couple methods, depending on how much you feel like multiclienting or if you want to spend money for the late levels.

    Maple Island has a lot of time waste for you to ignore. First off, the NPCs in the initial bit are just there to waste your time. No need to eat that apple or kill the sentinel/snowball, and outside there's no need to do the quiz. That's all just time waste. There are only a few certain quests you need to do, and they're all part of the same line on unlocks, and lead to the best exp.

    The first is "Help Hunt the Snails". East enough, kill 10 snails on your way to Maria. This then unlocks "Letter to Lucas", so bring that letter to him, being careful to ignore absolutely everything in your path, because all of it is time waste. After you get the letter to Lucas, bring back the reply to Maria, then go back to Chief Lucas to start "Chief's Introduction". This brings you to Mai, where you do all of "Mai's Training", and you should be level 3 when you start and level 7 when it's finished. After you finish Mai's Training you can go back to Lucas to finish "Chief's Introduction", then make your way towards Southperry, but there's on quest between Amethyst and Southperry. Talk to Barry and do "Bari's Test", it involves killing an orange mushroom and collecting its cap, and gives a very nice 700 exp. After this you're ready to start "Bigg's Story on Victoria Island" in Southperry and make your way off the island.

    After leaving, hop down from the ship and take the shortcut to Olaf. To not waste exp, do his "Lesson on Job Advancement" before completing "Bigg's Story", this will bring you to level 10, but you aren't quite ready to job advance yet, because taxi's are much cheaper as a beginner. You can do "Path of the X", but I don't think it makes a difference in the end and is just click waste. Make your way to Nautilus Harbor and get inside the whaleOrooroOO, buy a single mana elixer from the Grocer and sell all your old pot rewards from Mai's Training. After this, go downstairs and talk to the dolphin, give him your mana elixer, then do his next quest by touching the stone in the ship. This is a total of 2400 exp, enough to bring you to level 11 and ~40% and officially ready to make a job advancement.

    Now there are two paths to take, you can become a bowman and do HPQ with your main, which is probably the faster method if you do 3+ fame mules at a time, and in grand total you'll need 4 HPQs to reach level 15.

    The second method is the Thailand Method. It's slower but I find it to be less of a grind to kill stumps rather than continuous HPQ. After making your job advancement as a warrior, do the first two training sessions from Dances with Balrog, this will bring you to level 13. Then get 10 screws from your main, or make them with bronze plates and steel plates in Perion. Make your way to Thailand(3k mesos) and go all the way to the left-most roof, there's a guy up there wanting to screw and will offer you a juicy 15k exp for the chance. This brings you to level 14 and 99.98% because you can't level more than once from any quest/monster(RIP HP Warriors). Go outside and kill a frog and your fame mule is finished.

    There are other smaller time saves if you get super serious about this. Like you can change channels to get to the front of any map in Maple Island because there's just one spot where you can spawn in on each map, all the way at the front. This helps get you to Maria faster, or for leaving Amethyst after talking to Lucas, or for getting back to Mai quickly.

    You can also go upstairs, then downstairs twice in the Nautilus whale to save a bit of walking time.

    Do this enough and you're ready to start your own fame selling business! And if my motivations for writing this aren't clear enough, B>[email protected]@@ MapleF14
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2018
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  2. ProTato

    ProTato Windraider

    Jun 27, 2017
    12:34 PM
    Night Lord
    Based on your experience. I already knew this will be a informative and helpful guide before reading it.
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  3. whatbish

    whatbish Red Snail

    Dec 19, 2017
    2:34 PM
    This guide is amazing! I've made 50 fame mules now and alyosha definitely found the most efficient path to lvl 15.
    Thanks for the guide, saved me a few hours of my life XD
  4. RemiIia

    RemiIia Snail

    Jan 25, 2019
    12:34 PM
    Night Lord
    The easiest way to make fame mules is to collect thousands of orbis exchange quest etc.

    1) make x amount of lvl 7 characters and ship them to orbis.
    2) exchange the etc items with x amount of characters to reach lvl 15
    3) stationary freemarket fame mules.

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