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Recruiting StepBros

Discussion in 'Guilds' started by iCue, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. iCue

    iCue Blue Snail

    Jun 18, 2020
    3:49 PM
    Dragon Knight
    CALLING ALL :heartbeat:STEPBROS:heartbeat: AND :heartbeat:STEPSIS:heartbeat:!!!! WE WANT YOU!!!!FoxSpy


    :picopico:WHO ARE WE?? MapleF6 MapleF12 MapleF8

    We are a newly created guild but are striving to not only become one of the top guilds on the server, but to be some of the best players as well MapleF17, both in game and in real life!

    But being the best is not our only goal. We want to become a close knit community that hopefully can spread into different alliances as well! Time will tell and hopefully you can join us in that journey!

    :picopico:WHY JOIN US?? MapleF8 MapleF6 MapleF12

    Joining us will not be a mistake! My colleagues and I have enjoyed Maplestory both around the time v62 was around (or bbb) as well as current GMS and would love to assist those who have never dipped their feet into Maplestory or even are seasoned veterans, on what Maplestory can provide! Endless grinding! Party Quests! GETTING TO FOURTH JOB!!!! AND EVEN BOSSING!!!!!!!!

    But above all else, we want to make you feel welcome and to enhance your Maplestory experience! We all share jokes, have playful banter and even yell at each other! But that is what siblings do MapleF17 hehe... But what else are we supposed to do? We are a family and we will support each other when you need the most! Whether it is a little extra boost when you're first starting out or just want to chill and talk to a buddy!

    Slowly but surely we will be able to:
    - Party Quests :tick:
    - Daily Bossing :cross:
    - Guild Events :cross:
    - Training/Job Advice :cross:
    - Favors MapleF17MapleF16 :cross::tick:

    :picopico:WHAT WILL YOU DO????? MapleF12 MapleF8 MapleF6

    Will you join us in our journey to the top? While enjoying grinding, pqs and more?! We currently do not have any strict criteria or requirements in order to join StepBros. We just ask you to treat your sibilings, step-siblings and your step-daddy with respect. Once you think you're ready to join us, all you have to do is:

    - Leave your IGN (Mains preferable, but if you're active, that is good enough)
    - Your favorite quote (this can be any kind of quote, a movie punchline etc.)
    - Your Maplestory goals (and if you'd like, any life goals MapleF14)
    - Why you would like to join our Step-Family
    - How long you have been playing MapleLegends
    - A small description of yourself MapleF16

    :picopico:Example Template:

    - iCue (IGN)
    - I'M PICKLE RICK!!!!!! (Quote/punchline)
    - To be able to kill Zakum/HT/Rav! WE CAN DO THIS!
    - We are the best Step-Family and will be one of the top guilds around :thumbsup:
    - I think I have been playing for about a month and a half MapleF12
    I'm an Asian who loves sports (Hockey above all else, favorite team is Pittsburgh Penguins), loves grinding more than anything (can't do pq's for too long) and I love to lift! I am out of commission since I had injured myself a little while back, but soon I'll be back in the gym grinding there harder than Maplestory MapleF3. I'm usually carefree and easy to approach, unless I am in hulk mode!!! But don't worry, I'll try my absolute best so that all my step-children get my best behavior MapleF5 MapleF5. That's a little about myself, now its your turn MapleF11.

    :star:You don't have to follow the font colors:star:

    MapleF15 MapleF15 MapleF15 MapleF15 MapleF15 MapleF15 MapleF15 MapleF15 MapleF15
    :star:AND YOU'RE DONE!!!:star:
    MapleF14 MapleF14 MapleF14 MapleF14 MapleF14 MapleF14 MapleF14 MapleF14 MapleF14

    Once you've done this, I or one of the StepBros will either PM you, BL you or whisp you. I, the StepDaddy, personally cannot wait to meet my future Step-daughters and Step-sons!!! Don't Be Shy!!!!

    If there are any conflicts with any of my guild members, please DM or whisp. me in-game. Thank you in advance and I hope we can resolve any issues.
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