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Storage Mule Guide

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by gazela, Oct 5, 2021.

  1. gazela

    gazela Mano

    Jul 9, 2021
    10:10 AM
    F/P Mage
    I think this is the only complete guide for Storage Mules. For no apparent reason, the tool bearers are taken for granted, and therefore not given the proper respect.
    You will be surprised to find, that with the help of the Storage Mules, the game will become more organized, smarter and most importantly much more fun because you control not only the characters, but the assets and items as well.

    In General
    There are two main different roles for a Storage Mule:
    First is to store equipment required for the main character (s) and by doing so, actually expand the storage capacity of the main character.
    Second is to store equipment intended for sale, by purchasing a store in 'Cash Shop' and operate it in the 'Free Market' or by 'Messenger' calls and picks.
    My recommendation is to have, at least, six Storage Mules and I will detail below.
    All Storage Mules should preferably be above level 15 so they will have the opportunity to fame if needed and build a store on Free Market.
    My recommendation is to purchase a store for every Storage Mule except one and I'll detail below.

    Your First Storage Mule
    Your first Storage Mule should be created even before creating the main character. Until you reach level 30 with your main character there is no need to create more Storage Mules.
    It is important to create this Storage Mule under a separate account, because you'll need to be connected with the Storage Mule character in parallel to your main character.
    The Job you select for your Storage Mule is important, because you should choose a class that allows you to add a maximum slots for 'Use' in your Item Inventory (see below) and that most of your skill points go to STR so you can pass 'Maple Island' with maximum efficiency and speed. My class recommendation is a 'Warrior', Up to 56 'use' slots.
    As you have already guessed, at first, the Storage Mule will be used for both purposes and you will need to add slots for storage as needed.
    Use the main character to hold things you need for the relevant tasks and everything that is not related, should be transferred to the Storage Mule I recommend storing almost everything, and I will detail by 'Item Inventory' tabs.
    Equip tab - I assume that you will want to build more characters later on, and therefore, equipment must be stocked, even for low levels, for each class. but do not keep duplicates, unless their status is really good and you can sell it. For a complete list of equipment and quality range, refer to suitable guides.
    Use tab - This is probably the most problematic tab of all, as it is very limited in its number of slots (between 48-56) depending on the class. In this tab you should store, from the beginning, any scroll that falls to your possession for it can be sold, see https://owlrepo.com/
    Set Up - Mainly for chairs intended for sale
    Etc. - Any item required for tasks and / or sale, see detailed here: https://www.google.com/search?q=תרג...3j0i10i512.1774j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8.
    Cash - Non should be here
    For this Storage Mule i don't recommend to buy a store, If you choose to have a store at this point, it is best to purchase it under the main character.
    Place the Storage Mule in a central location close to shops, free market, world tour, storage Keeper & Gashapon, I recommend 'Perion' as a grate central place.

    Other Storage Mules
    Once you reach level 30 with your main character it's time to create additional Storage Mules, one for each class. Therefore it has to be built according to the class requirements and guides.
    This Storage Mules can later develop into main characters and therefore you should open each under a new account.
    For the class of the main character, the Storage Mule should be created in the same account or you can use your main character as the Storage Mule for its class.
    From now on, move relevant items to its class and use the 'use' storage to store scrolls according to a logical division. My recommendation is, broken down by topic (ATT, DEF Etc.) or by percentage (10%,30%,60%,70% Etc.)
    Your first Storage Mule is now dedicated for the first role only, and is signed to store equipment required for the main character.
    As I mentioned earlier, for each of these Storage Mules, buy a shop in 'Cash Shop', you can open it in the FM and sell scrolls and equipment collected for that class, of course, keep for yourself equipment that you may use later under new characters you create.
    Many will now say "wait a minute, and what about all the money we get for the sales, it will be scattered among so many characters" …true, but with proper planning you can make most purchases with controlled purchase by each character, and for large purchases, well...note that i mentioned earlier, that it is better to buy a store for the main character, so just put expensive things up for sale there.
    Farther more, let me remind you, that chances are, you will want to use the Storage Mules and turn them into main characters later on, so it is advisable that the characters start with a financial base.
    Like before, place the Storage Mules in a central location close to shops, free market, world tour, storage Keeper & Gashapon, this time I suggest scattering them in different cities and different regions on the world map. That way you can make immediate use of it to perform 'tp' and fast refines, upgrades & creating stuff.
    Make sure to register with your Storage Mules for any event that occurs, it is impossible to know when properties you will receive for the event will later be required and be worth a lot.

    With the right construction of Storage Mules and characters, you shape your overall visibility in the game and lead to an organized and easy-to-control configuration.
    Remember this, there is no such thing as too many Storage Mules, and because they are easy and quick to create, do not skimp on them.
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  2. Tate

    Tate Capt. Latanica

    Apr 16, 2020
    New Zealand
    7:10 PM
    i like your guide on the mule's job as an indicator of what items are located and organised within. would totally help returning players.

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