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Suggestion to add in-map teleporters to Zipangu's Cemetery maps

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Redwop, May 28, 2023.

  1. Redwop

    Redwop Balance Team Staff Member Balance Team

    Jan 27, 2016
    4:58 PM
    This suggestion is about adding in-map teleporters to selected maps in Zipangu, a World Tour spot.


    As identified on the map of Mushroom Shrine, the Cemetery maps form one small, but very important, part of the area.


    Brief mention of patch history

    Mushroom Shrine was introduced to JMS in 2004. Later that same year, in September 2004, as part of the area's expansion, the Cemetery was included. However, in GMS, this was not the case, as all of the areas, in June 2007, were introduced simultaneously as part of one update.


    Information about the Cemetery

    There are four maps in the Cemetery: Road to Cemetery; A Desolate Cemetery; Cemetery Full of Ghosts; and WanWan Spa of Hell.

    There are various mobs of varying levels inside the cemetery. Most of these mobs can be found in regular areas around the Maple World. For instance, Zombie Mushroom (Sleepywood), Coolie Zombie (El Nath Dungeon), Dark Stone Golem (Henesys/Sleepywood), and Bain (El Nath Dungeon).

    Of course, they also have regular JP mobs, namely: Crow, Big (Dark) Cloud Fox, and Nightghosts. Nightghosts, especially, are the only unique JP mob that can be found in this area.


    Who goes here?

    Originally, before I wrote this, I incorrectly had assumed that not many players would come here, when, in reality, they do. So, I guess, more simply, players come for different reasons.

    To me, from what I can gather, it seems to be a place for meso-making more than it is for training. I am not saying that this suggestion should turn it into that, but it might point it towards that direction, depending on how many changes, if any, are applied.


    Has anything changed about this area?

    Nothing has changed in terms of how the maps look; not that I am aware of anyway. The maps are still the same as they were back then. The EXP also remains mostly the same, unless, of course, you want to compare it to JMS, where the base EXP rate was set to be 1.25x, which, when doubled, would be 2.5x here.


    How about the mobs themselves?

    No, nothing has been changed about the mobs either — at least not HP-wise. However, new scroll drops may have been added to various mobs that are in this area. For instance, in a previous Balance announcement, 30% scrolls were added to Bain's drop table. (30% scrolls, introduced also alongside Gachapon and Mushroom Shrine, used to, previously, be available only from Gachapon.)


    Why (improve) this area?

    This area, in particular, for me at least, shows a lot of potential. Specifically, looking just at the objects, I was able to feel that something "special" could be done to spruce this area. Hence, the suggestion to introduce in-map teleporters to some parts, or if not all, of the area. I also don't feel this would make the area "overpowered" , nor feel that the teleporters themselves would feel "out of place" or "clunky".

    Mushroom Shrine is a fairly unrestricted area. Going to the Cemetery is also fairly accessible — you only need to pay 3,000 mesos to Spinel to go to Mushroom Shrine, and then you can walk there, even without a TP. How good is that?

    I also think it helps this is a small yet compact area, so if the suggestion were to pass yet be reverted sometime again in the future, changes like that could be flexible.

    - - -

    I've added some examples below for where I would put the teleporters on the maps.





    Aside from a few objects, A Desolate Cemetery and Cemetery Full of Ghosts are identical in terms of how the map themselves look. I wouldn't mind seeing the teleporters, if introduced, remain the same in both.

    - - -

    Kind regards.

    Last edited: May 28, 2023
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  2. Doguu

    Doguu Pink Teddy

    Oct 26, 2017
    2:58 AM
    This area has a special place in my heart and I really like the aesthetic as well as how Mushroom Shrine quite literally goes from lvl 0 to 200 almost. It's a kind of special not seen in any more-streamlined MMOs nowadays. Aside from that I do love these hidden teleporters everywhere but the main reason people come to these maps is farming Big Cloud Fox and Nightghost ETC for showa town trade for BWG and PAC (and nightghost 30% scroll). The only other reason I'd think ppl go here besides the area's quests is to mob zombies for other quests avoiding travelling through El Nath. Bains even have a better spot in showa town. I'm sure most of those trader farmers would appreciate the ability to move around the map more effectively though.

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