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Notice The end of 2017...

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Announcements' started by Kimberly, Dec 31, 2017.

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  1. Kimberly

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    11:10 PM
    Moderator Post
    The year 2017 is almost over...

    When it comes to MapleLegends 2017 was a huge, and possibly the most important year yet. 2017 was the year we've managed to get out of the big problem that users had with Legends: Not wanting to play because the server is way too small.

    Some loyal members really appreciate the more users, while some felt more comfortable and chill with a small userbase, since its more likely you'll have less drama with a small user base.

    For me the new user count increase is very welcome, and it makes things much more fun and enjoyable. Drama pops out much less because people see it now just as someone being pissed, rather the community being very bad, and so on.

    Rules & Consistency

    The big change I personally saw in 2017 is our major improvements with enforcing the game rules we did set since 2015. They are now no longer a joke, and people abusing rules get punished as expected.

    There's actually quite a few old users upset about us doing so. Some even got as far as calling us 'no longer caring' and just 'throwing the hammer on anything we want' Personally, we think the changes and consistency is great, and hopefully it makes users that are 100% legit much more comfortable that their hard work isn't a waste by users trying abuse rules, such as Vote Abusing especially and Account Sharing.

    The staff have done an amazing job on finding abusers, and with their help and my further digging into things the teamwork have being awesome.

    If you are afraid we drop the hammer on everything, please just follow the rules. :)

    We'll keep our consistency moving into 2018.

    The Staff

    I have almost no words really on how awesome our current staff is. Not only are they incredible dedicated for a server they love and care, but we support each other through hard times and remind each other to take breaks and that its not a job.

    MapleLegends is not a company, and we will never let our staff work like a company. We all do this on our free time and because we love MapleLegends.

    Our staff team is not the biggest, but its currently one of the most tight, which to me is the most important. Communication and team-working is key, and if you can't get along with each other, there's nothing but trouble.

    Furthermore, they do an incredible job cleaning the server, and its thanks to them and our teamwork that MapleLegends stays clean from rule breakers.

    From bottom of my heart: Thanks for all the help and the dedication you all have done through this busy year!


    What isn't better than using this topic to promote an existing Game Assistant? HyoonHyoon have been promoted to a full Game Moderator starting this topic. While busy at times, he's being doing a very good job finding abusers, discussing things, as well as just being a great addition to the staff. Keep up the great work and thanks for all the help!


    With us going into 2018 we'll be hoping that it will be a great year like 2017 was. We try our hardest keep providing an Old School MapleStory experience that Neckson no longer could provide, for absolutely free without any Pay2win EVER.

    We have no plans to quit anytime soon, and we'll keep going until the very end.


    We want to thank every single one of you for the amazing support in 2017. We had a bit of a downfall during summer when a dedicated person really wanted get rid of us, but thanks to the dedicated users and the amazing support that failed.

    Besides that we've heard a lot of happy stories and users directly messaging us to thank us for providing a MapleStory server that not only gave nostalgia, but gave new friendships, new relationships, new meetups, and more...

    MapleLegends isn't just a trip to the past, but its a place to meet users that played like you, the old MapleStory. Who just like you hate what Neckson did to MapleStory. Who just like you remember how socialise the old MapleStory was.

    MapleLegends isn't just a server, its a big family. A big family that do not ever want to be separated. We will be trying our best for that to never happen either.

    When I hear people getting along again with users, or getting very close friends, it reminds me why I have done this. It also reminds me why I need keep going, no matter what.

    Of course the staff shares a similar thought, which is why they are as dedicated to the server as they are.

    Thanks for the amazing support and we hope to see you all in 2018.

    You are all Legends!


    Kim & The MapleLegends Staff
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2017
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