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Information The Staff roles of MapleLegends

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Announcements' started by Kimmy, Jun 6, 2019.

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  1. Kimmy

    Kimmy Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    12:24 PM
    Moderator Post

    In this topic, I'll try to explain each and every current role in MapleLegends Staff Team. This is based on current Discord Roles, which are very similar to the forum roles.

    Staff list: Click here

    Administrator - handles everything that happens in the server itself, as well as server updates and maintenances. Everything related to the server will be done by the Administrators, such as server restarts, applying the new code, and so on. An Administrator also has the final say on decisions. There are currently 3 Administrators, myself included, and we all do our own part.

    Supervisor - A Supervisor is basically the 'head GM', who handles new staff recruitment, moderates existing staff, and provides general support on how staff can improve. While Supervisors can handle more tasks in-game, it is not their main focus overall.

    Game Developer - Game Developers are hardworking people making MapleLegends as powerful as it is. They are the ones that fix bugs, apply new features, polish code, and so on. Both present and past developers were a huge part of what made MapleLegends what it is today, and we are forever thankful for every single one of them that was part of the team for their contributions.

    Web Developer - The developers that handle our website! Even though their works may not be so obvious, they are as important as the Game Developers. They are responsible for making our website and off-game content as appealing as possible. This includes the website, library, and website-related logging and moderation. It's thanks to our current present web developers and graphic designers why the latest events had very pretty looking themes on the website.

    Game Moderator - The police of MapleLegends! They are responsible for keeping the game clean, doing events, and just having fun. If you got helped in-game or received a reply in your @GM, it's likely one of our beautiful Game Moderators doing it. While there are more Game Moderators than other roles, MapleLegends wouldn't have been the same without them.

    Game Assistant - MapleLegends' trial GM, they used to be called an Intern. Game Assistant is generally a Game Moderator in a trial period with limited access in order to see what the person can accomplish. If all goes well, they will eventually be moved to the Game Moderator position.

    Graphics Designer - Have you ever seen the pretty discord icon? Perhaps this amazing website event theme? Those are created by our wonderful Graphics Designers. They are responsible for designing graphics, pixel art, animations, and more. Each of our current graphics designers is handling different parts of the game or website and they are all doing an amazing job. Without them, including the past designers, MapleLegends wouldn't be as beautiful as it is now.

    Balance Team - This is the balance team. While all the staff members do balancing as well, the balance team are added into the staff with the main focus on giving feedback on upcoming content, suggestions for current content, as well as general ideas on how to improve the server. The Balance Team do not handle staff tasks and thus do not have a staff character.

    Community Moderator - Community Moderators are responsible for assisting staff on forum and Discord, keeping them clean, and directing users to right place for tech support, reports, and suggestions. Community moderators also answer any general questions you might have. They do not handle in game tickets or ban appeals, and thus don't have a staff character.

    If you are interested in applying to any positions above, you can do so by clicking here. Please note we will take our time on recruitments and it is very recommended that you played on the server for a good while already, since we need to know you, and you need to know us.
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