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Archer Tips & Tricks for Marksmen and Snipers with Visuals

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by thugric, Mar 31, 2019.

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  1. thugric

    thugric Mr. Anchor Retired Staff

    May 10, 2017
    3:42 AM
    This quick guide is to let maplers and future marksman/snipers know how to use their 3rd and 4th job skills to their advantage. Specifically, I will be showing you guys some common training spots snipers/mm's go to when leveling up. Details with some tips and tricks will be provided in each training spot // boss. For some video examples, I will be wearing nooby items to replicate damage of a lower level sniper.


    Min Requirement: lvl 15+ Puppet
    Recommended: High level Strafe, Max Puppet, and 3.5k+ HP
    Opinion: High risk and reward in regards to getting exp and dying.

    There are eight maps that spawn HH, you can only solo HH in seven of them. They are:

    Phantom Forest: Crossroad (Three different ones)
    Phantom Forest: Forgotten Path
    Phantom Forest: Hidden Evil
    Phantom Forest: Creeping Evil
    Phantom Forest: Hollowed Ground

    Killing HH at Forgotten Path
    Stand at a different platform and strafe him from a long distance so that he will never reach you.

    Step by Step Instructions at other maps:
    1. Make sure HH is on one end of the map
    2. Attack the HH once and then immediately place a puppet towards the wall. Once the puppet has been placed, the HH will start magic attacking it.
    3. While HH is attacking the puppet, use strafe to attack it until the puppet dies.
    4. Once the puppet dies, repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have successfully slain HH.

    Where you will face problems:
    • Fighting HH at maps that spawn jr. wraiths will be very bothersome and mess up your temp. If this is the case, summon your Golden Eagle to K.O the jr wraiths.
    • You are likely to die when HH does its magic attack and you are too close to it. This can happen with either poor positioning or if the jr. wraiths bump you into the boss.

    Make sure that you place the puppet in front of you, and not behind you. This is because we do not have enough attack speed to keep it pinned without it attacking the puppet.

    Min Requirement: Lvl 15+ Arrow Eruption, and having 1.8k+ hp.
    Recommended: Being lvl 85+, and having Max Arrow Eruption
    Map Location: Ludibridum: Warped Path of Time <4> @ the bottom middle platform.
    Instructions: Stand at that bottom middle platform and spam Arrow Eruption. Duck down (press down arrow) to dodge slow projectile attacks.
    Opinion: Good way to make mesos. They drop earring dex 60%, ilbis, and good items that you can either NPC, or sell at FM for NPC Price + 100k.

    Min Requirement: Lvl 1 Strafe, and having 2.5k+ hp.
    Recommended: Being Strong, with Max Strafe, and have 1-15 skill points on Golden Eagle
    Map Location: Leafre, Mini Dungeon: Newt Secured
    Instructions: Spam strafe from a distance, and not get hit from the mob's magic attack. (It hurts)
    Opinion: The cons for training here is how boring it can be, and the lack of mesos you can make compared to other training spots (gallos, spirit vikings, etc).


    For simplicity sake, let's assume that all these skills are maxed.

    Snipe: One of the main skills that differentiates a marksman vs a bowmaster. Snipe is an a spell that does 200k fixed every five seconds. When bossing, marksmen snipe every five seconds, and would spam strafe in between.

    MM's outdamage BM's from 140 - 17x unless the BM's are very strong. Since Snipe has a fixed damage, MM's damage output does not scale well overtime as they would depend on strafe damage.

    Dragon's Breath: A ranged PowerKnockback. There is no need to add anymore SP after level 21. At this level, you are able to push back 6 mobs. In terms of skill build order, prioritize getting this skill to lvl 21 over maxing FrostPrey if you plan on training early on.

    Piercing Arrow: The main 4th job mobbing skill for MM's. Super ultra strong damage, but the set-up to achieve that damage can be a lil annoying. Optimal damage is incurred the longer you charge the attack, and the more mobs it penetrates.
    Using Piercing arrow with Dragon's Breath looks like this

    It's a buff that makes all your attacks give a 40% chance to "blind". When a monster are blind, their accuracy decreases for 15 seconds.

    TBH I still have absolutely no idea how impactful this skill is. This skill usually gets maxed around 18x-19x, and very very few have even reached to this level range. Not enough data to make any conclusion.

    Requirement: Max Puppet

    The most important thing in solo'ing bigfoot, is that it has 1 magic damage, and 10k+ touch damage. This means that you want to get hit by its magic attack, and not get touched by it. Maple mobs are programed to use their magic attack from the farthest range. Knowing this, you should let the bigfoot chase you and use its magic attack (the stomping move).
    Every time you got hit by an any attack, you are invincible for a short period of time. Take advantage of this if you want to walk across the bigfoot. For example, if you are touched by a wraith, a tree, or get attacked by the bigfoots stomp, you can walk across bigfoot immediately while you are invincible.

    Setting up the pin.
    MM's can temporarily pin bigfoot. Getting the pin, and maintaining it ain't easy. For new marksmen, most of your bigfoot run will look like this. Here are the step by Step Instructions to successfully pin the boss:
    1. Get aggro from bigfoot, then run to a wall and hug it
    2. Once you are at the wall, bigfoot will be using its 1 damage magic spell on you. The moment you get hit from his stomp, walk across bigfoot and place a puppet ASAP.
    3. Reposition & spam strafe/snipe until it gets pinned. If the pin breaks...
    4. Repuppet. and Repeat Step 3
    5. If you simply can't get the pin for the bigfoot, start back to step 1.

    Duo'ing with Bigfoot.

    It is easier to duo with a ranged attacker than a melee attacker. I'm not too good at knowing which attacker will receive aggro, but in most cases your NL/BM partners are the ones who would get the BF aggro. Therefore, if the BF pin ever breaks, make sure you are either behind or standing at the same spot as your partner. If you are infront of your partner and who is being chased by the bigfoot, u ded.

    Duo'ing with melee attackers can be a little tough. You are more likely to receive BF aggro unless the melee attacker does significantly more damage, and has attack speed. You are safer to duo bf with melee attackers as it more unlikely for BF to run you over. In the other hand, melee attackers are the ones at risk to being run over.

    Additional Tips and Information:
    • You will die a lot
    • You are more likely to die when the puppet is dead. Get aggro immediately before the bigfoot freely roams around and crashes into you.
    • Get max movement speed, or get a mount. Bigfoot moves fast and so should you
    • Do not afk too long in the corner while BF has aggro on you. A jr wraith might bump into you and have you crash into the bigfoot right after.
    • Once pinned, you can use , Soul Arrow, Booster or Frostprey in between strafes without breaking the pin. Using SE or MW20 will have break the pin.
    • Always move back every time you place a puppet. Sometimes bigfoot likes to move weirdly and crash into you by accident.
    • Keep the toes, the NLC quest for bigfoot toes are repeatable every 24 hours. That's 200k exp, and 150k mesos you get free everyday


    Requirement: Max Puppet
    Location: Follow the instructions here.

    Soloing samurai can take 15-27 minutes depending on your damage. This boss has two magic attacks. One that's very ranged and does ~2.8k damage, and the other one has shorter range and does ~9.8k damage (has a thunder animation). Every time you hear the boss make a thundering sound that's the sign that it will do the 9.8k magic attack; move back or else die. When soloing the samurai you have the ability to pin it, and in return not take any magic damage.

    Step 1: Get aggro from samurai and lure it to the far right of the map.
    Step 2: Place the puppet to the left, at a spot where the samurai can't reach it if you continue attacking it.
    Step 3: Once the puppet expires, repeat step 2.

    Duo'ing with Samaurai
    Under constwucktion

    **Video Sample coming soon, just need to find one available to kill**

    Additional Insight
    • Make an SI mule to reduce the clear time to clear the boss by 3-5mins
    • Increase the sound volume when fighting this boss, so that you can hear when it is about to use its 9.8k thunder magic attack.
    • Keep the Kacchuu Musha Fragments for questing purposes, to fight toad, or to sell for 1mil each.

    Min Requirement: Getting the prequest done, and having 2k+ HP.

    Killing pap is very easy, just spam your attacks as per usual. The only tough part about fighting this boss is during its second body. It has a 5k touch damage. To avoid never getting hit from the second body, you can either duck, or use puppet.

    Killing pap twice a day is a decent way to get some cash. You can make 1mil on average for every pap run due to the amount of high level equipments, and mediocre skillbooks that drop. You can also kill the little bomb dudes as they drop gach.

    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
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