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Tsuki Tsuki's Chilling Journal

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Journeys' started by iLovKimberly, Sep 18, 2021.

  1. iLovKimberly

    iLovKimberly Headless Horseman

    Feb 23, 2017
    9:32 AM
    Islander, Bishop
    Welcome to Tsuki Tsuki’s Chilling Journal.

    This journal will be updated occasionally or not at all.

    I define mindfulness MapleLegends version as, taking a break from levelling, appreciating minor details of scenery and interactions with residents in Maple World.

    After completing complete set of King Slime Cards, SasakiHaise now Level 30, travels back to Lith Harbor, the first town he stepped foot on Victoria Island.

    Here we meet Jane. She wishes to travel the world but her dad doesn’t let her?
    If she showed her dad 100 wild boar tooth and 120 horny mushroom cap, this would prove her strength?
    Isn’t this considered cheating? How you gonna defend yourself if you don’t grow stronger?
    1) Jane.PNG

    Next, Olaf recommended me to meet Kino in Mushroom Shrine. Let’s go meet Kino

    She wants me to hunt for 2 Maple Special Bento boxes, one for her one for me, and to have picnic with her. Is this a date?
    date with Kino.PNG
    Maple Special Bento.PNG
    Maple Special Bento2.PNG
    Maple Special Bento3.PNG
    Maple Special Bento4.PNG

    Next, I will be travelling back to the past to meet Shururu at the Ninja Castle.
    Will I accidentally alter the history? Or is it the past of a parallel universe independent from our current timeline?

    We will leave it for the next update.
    To meet Shururu at Ninja Castle.PNG
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