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Unfamiliar comprehensive HP/MP washing guide

Discussion in 'Training' started by Huiae, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. Huiae

    Huiae Headless Horseman

    Aug 1, 2015
    Seoul, Korea
    8:55 PM
    HP/MP washing guide for adventurers in ML
    Written by Huiae​

    1. Introducing
    2. Before jumping into washing
    3. Goals
    4. Ordinary HP washing
    5. Ordinary MP washing
    6. Double washing / Blood washing
    7. Summary

    1. Introducing

    I wrote a guide for HP washing in 2k17 here, but so many updates came after it, became outdated. So i felt it's time to polish it once again. Thanks for long maintenance(LOL) for halloween update, I was motivate to use my time for this work. I hope this help your washing journey. (Updated : 2020-10-30, my BDay LOL)

    First of all, this guide ISN'T SIMPLE.
    For example, someone would (and so many times this happens honestly) ask like "Hey I wanna make my NL has 15k HP, how much i should put base int? how much $ needed for it? how many times I need to wash?", no, please, stop it. I'm sick for that. such questions are just bothering. this washing isn't able to answered simply like you asked simply. This guide doesn't give you simple answer you expected. but will help you for getting correct and exact answer, to make right method and path. (so please, stop such questions. RTFM)
    again, this guide NEVER gives a simple answer to you. stop bothering pros because you're lazy to calc yourself and making let them calc for you. PLEASE.

    First, terms.
    HP washing : in certain way, having more HP than ordinary-trained character.
    MP washing : in certain way, having more MP than ordinary-trained character.
    AP reset : an item you can purchase in cash shop. 3.1k nx/ea.
    Fresh AP : that 5 points you'll get on every levelup, or, 3rd job advancement.
    Double washing : doing HP washing and MP washing together, for maximizing purpose.
    Blood washing : just pumping HP without using AP reset immediately, can be washed later.

    Now let's talk about need of HP/MP washing.

    Basically, unwashed ordinary warriors HP hits like 10k in lv.200, while ranged hits 5k.
    but in ML, there are many bosses hits higher than such HPs, and to enjoy such bosses, you need to get HB, or, HP washing for extra HP gaining, or, BOTH. since it's not playable if you die in a single hit.
    Also, tanking ability. If you can tank more than 1 hit from such bosses without potion drinking, this gives much more stability than being able to tank only 1 hit without using potions. So this is why we need, and love HP washing - minimum survivality, and furthermore, stability. pot efficiency too.
    otherwise, MP washing is truly optional. for mages, pot usage is drastic so better efficiency for MP pots will save your budget from burning. Also, by method of HP washing, MP washing can make more potential HP.

    So you may think like "Oh, it's just nothing but the more, the better. why not lol". that's true. if you don't consider costs for it. (let's put aside case of sair, I know their dillema. just feeling lazy to explain) HP washing isn't such simple matter. you'll see below furthermore in detail.

    2. Before jumping into washing world

    This part is, for, stuffs you should know (and I hope to accent). would be best important part if you already know how2wash but not understand fully. (and also a part which I desperately hope you know)

    1. maximum HP/MP amount is 30k capped. even with HB.

    2. Importance of fresh AP. YOU MUST KNOW THIS if you're going to wash your character.
    since this is very important but none of guide in forum currently emphasized this so i'll write here. every Fresh AP can be conversed into simply a single stat (STR/DEX/INT/LUK) but also can be conversed into a single stat + extra HP/MP. and also, this fresh APs are kinda ONLY WAY to get such extra HP/MP. and it's LIMITED for 1,000 points for whole life of your character.
    so how to distribute fresh AP makes difference for it becomes only single stat, or, stat+HP/MP. VERY IMPORTANT. since again, fresh AP is limited.
    so when you use fresh APs, please be careful. It's precious.

    3. never, NEVER, FKING NEVER, overrate yourself.
    Difficulty of washing goes with how high your goal is. The higher goal, the more patience will be needed for sure. sometimes some players read about guide and calc some numbers, thinking "oh with this way I can get 30k HP ez game", no. hell no. making paperplan and making it real is completely different matter. please, PLEASE check out how much NX(=voting time) and effort will be needed for your plan, and check yourself you're ready for it with cold brain, and proceed. AP reset doesn't come in such easily. without extra incoming like events, you'll get only 50~60 AP resets per MONTH.

    4. there's many ways to get more HP beside HP washing, do it together.
    Monster book tier ring, ellin savior ring, pet gear HP scroll, and so on...... bloodwashing if needed.

    5. Don't fking ask carry in PQ with your intlord. It's just nothing but your greed and pain for your party.

    3. Goals

    So, how much HP would be needed for certain goals? below numbers would be fine goals.
    make sure to count HB provides +60% HP if you can get.

    5.6k - you'll be safe in HT after tail/legs/wings(cuz of att+ buff) are down.
    8.1k - you'll be safe in whole HT run unless you hug him.
    10.5k - being able to do dunas run
    12.0k - being able to make love with BF
    13.5k - being able to do nibelungen run
    14.0k - being able to do vergamot run
    19.0k - being able to make love with nameless, not necessary for ranged classes.
    20.0k - being able to do toad run, also, make love with anego.
    30.0k - being able to prove yourself you're madman if you're ranged/mage classes. maximum HP.

    usually, warrior classes aims 30k HP w/o HB since they're way easier to hit that goal compared with other classes. bucc is also on side of easier than ranged, but harder than warriors due to exchanging ratio of HP<->MP.
    usually, ranged classes aim 5.6k for very minimal survivality in HT run, 8.1k for not being dependant on HB
    (bcz of DK bitching, please, DKs, be honorable and give them your love. they'll respect you.)
    If you're aiming NT contents, you'll aim way higher than 8.1k.

    now let's talk about actual method of HP washing!

    4. Ordinary HP washing

    basic theory of HP washing is simple. reduce your MP, raise your HP, keep your main stat for DMG.
    first of all, you should know that sum of your all stats can't over lvl*5 + 30 after 3rd job (lvl*5 + 25 before 3rd job).
    so there's NO WAY to get extra stat using reset, from HP/MP. (would be stupid if it's possible?) so, this goes like, you can only extract stats from HP/MP as you put how much APs are insided in HP/MP pool.

    one more. HP and MP shares same AP pool, acts like a single stat. means, you can give 1 fresh AP into HP and can extract 1 stat from MP. this is 101 of HP washing.

    Also, there's limit for cutting your MP off. there's minimum MP amount for each classes/lvl, and you can't cut your MP down below that amount. so this goes like - how much excessive MP you have, decides how many times you can do HP washing.

    method of ordinary HP washing :
    give 1 fresh AP into HP
    use AP reset, convert MP into your main stat.
    Repeat this way, as how many times you want/how many times you can/as much as possible.
    *important* resources required for 1 time : 1 fresh AP, 1 AP reset

    with this method, your HP and MP will be changed like :
    warriors : +50 ~ +54 HP, -4 MP (with maxed passive)
    thieves/archers : +16 ~ +20 HP, -12 MP
    mages : +6 ~ +10 HP, -30 MP (with maxed passive)
    sairs : +20 ~ +24 HP, -16 MP
    buccs : +40 ~ +44 HP, -16 MP (with maxed passive)

    amount of minimum MP after getting 2nd job belows. (never, apply gear MP and HB!)
    fighter/page : lvl*4 + 56
    HB mule : lvl*4 + 156
    thieves/archers : lvl*14 + 148
    mages : no idea but you have tons of MP anw, does this matter?
    pirates : lvl*18 + 111

    Example -
    a hermit have 3k HP and 2k MP.
    this hermits minimum MP is 1,128, therefore, he has 872 excessive MP.
    dividing with 12 which is required amount for every washing, it's 72.66* means, he can wash 72 times.
    so if he proceed HP washing 72 times, he'll get 3000 + (16~20)*72 HP.

    so, if you're smart enough, you'll notice "the more excessive MP = the more chances to do HP washing". and ratio of HP/MP conversion decides difficulty of hitting certain HP goals. now, let's talk about how to get 'more MP' needed for HP washing.

    How to get more MP :

    1. level up with INT.

    the amount of MP you get when you level, gets boosted by INT at that point. gives +1 more MP for every 10 INTs. so in this method, how EARLIER you apply, is very important. (because, chance of level = chance of getting more MP, is limited for 199 times, in whole characters life)
    so, more INT when you level, means, more MP! there's 3 methods.

    1-1. use INT gears
    just before levelup, equip INT gears. most basic method. and this is critical reason why INT gears are so expensive. literally every classes require INT gears for it, and price of them skyrocketed. how to get INT gears are your homework. borrow, buy, or steal/scam and get banned.
    1-2. pump base INT.
    just use fresh AP into INT from very early level. (pro-tip : you can do even MP washing on this point also). Of course, your dmg output will be lower than ordinary characters unless you're mage. and this costs AP resets in later when you cut off your INT and return it into your main stat.
    1-3. get MW
    MW gives bonus for certain ratio of your base INT. if you put your stats into INT, would be nice to lvl with MW, the higher MW lvl is, the better, cuz of higher ratio. (MW10 - 5%, MW20 - 10%)

    the earlier you apply above stuffs, the more excessive MP you'll get.

    2. MP washing.

    will be written below.

    5. Ordinary MP washing

    If you understood about HP washing well, you'll know "the more MP = the more potential HP". now, it's time to learn about MP washing and get more MP for your purpose.

    method of ordinary MP washing :
    give 1 fresh AP into MP
    use reset, do MP -> ???
    *important* resource for 1 time of this method : 1 fresh AP, 1 AP reset.

    so, 1 point into MP and extract 1 point from MP? what?
    this works because when you put 1 fresh AP into MP, you'll get bonus MP related with your base int.
    for example, for thieves/archers, you'll get 10 + (BASE INT/10, round DOWN) MP for every 1 fresh AP.
    and using 1 reset reduces 12 MP.

    so with this method, if NL having base int 4, will get -2 MP(lmao) for every times.
    if NL has 255 base INT, will get 10 + 25 - 12 = 23 in result.
    make sure to know that this method is affected by only base int, no int gears nor MW.

    for warriors, they don't need to do this for hitting 30k HP cuz of their superior DNA (I mean, conversion ratio of HP/MP).
    for pirates, sorry, I don't know exact formula but similar with above. +1 more MP for every 10 base INT.
    for mages, they don't need to care about this because they have tons of base INT anyway.
    (for reset-wise, you can delay MP washing for late lvl, but earlier, you can benefit huge MP from early level. choice is yours)

    6. Double washing / Blood washing.

    Double washing means, doing both HP washing and MP washing together. Making as much as MP possible, and convert it into HP, would be ideal.
    but BEWARE. both HP washing and MP washing I told you above, requires "Fresh AP" resource, which is limited. AP resets comes infinite as time goes, but your fresh AP isn't. limited for 1,000 points for whole life of your character. You need to choose how you'll use such precious resource. on HP washing? on MP washing? or, on your prime stat directly? up to you. don't ask to me.

    In this way, this can be happened - lack of fresh AP. in somehow you have too much excessive MP so can't handle with 5 fresh APs/lvl. on this situation, you need to use AP reset directly from MP into HP.
    for this way, you need at least 1 point inside HP or MP. if you have max sum of stats your character can have, AP reset will deny your request for reducing your MP. but this method doesn't change amount of APs inside HP/MP pool (since it's MP->HP). so would be ideal if you use "last AP reset" like MP->prime stat.

    you'll get this HP/MP change for direct conversion using AP reset.
    warriors : +30 HP, -4 MP
    thieves/archers : +16 HP, -12 MP
    mages : +6 HP, -30 MP
    pirates : +20 HP, -16 MP
    *price for this method : 1 AP reset.

    yes, this method can't get random bonus(+0~+4) and passive bonus. obviously, it's inefficient than Ordinary Washing method using both fresh AP and AP reset. but what can we do. we're lack for fresh AP. therefore this is only method.
    So if you're interested in washing, please, PLEASE treat your fresh AP preciously. very important.

    Blood washing is, just simple, putting your fresh AP into HP, giving up raising your prime stat for DMG. you may wash it out when you're good to wash (have excessive MP, have enough AP reset) later, or, just leave it out. Recommendable way if you hope to jump earlier for bossing. this can lower your dmg but what's the point to have highest DPM if you just die in single hit.

    7. Summary

    so, in a sentence, describing HP/MP washing is :

    "with limited resource - 1,000 point of fresh AP and AP resets witch comes 50~60s/month, how to distribute and use, to hit your goal HP/MP".

    If you read this guide and understood fully, you would noticed there's many ways to hit your goal, and why I told 'this isn't simple, don't ask in such ways'. hope you understand......

    so once you set your goal and way for it, calced resources needed for it, and thought you're fine with doing it, go for it and make your nice character. Cheer Up!

    Also, note that there would be wrong infos (usually, numbers) since I'm not dev of this server, all numbers are from experience and tips from friends, and many other guides (even though some are wrong). if there's something wrong, please feel free to let me know so I can fix it!

    Thanks to - Team guildies who gave me lots of info and advice and dem bothering questions, and Staff team making awesome halloween update and super long maintenance so I can be motivated. Love you all
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  2. Eighty

    Eighty Windraider

    Jun 19, 2018
    5:40 PM
    Hi! Just want to point out that I've seen 18.6K from nameless' claws on ranged chars.
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  3. OP

    Huiae Headless Horseman

    Aug 1, 2015
    Seoul, Korea
    8:55 PM
    Fixed. TY so much!
  4. Tate

    Tate Capt. Latanica

    Apr 16, 2020
    New Zealand
    12:55 AM
    great guide. especially around mp washing. :) appreciate it
  5. DwightShrut

    DwightShrut Snail

    May 19, 2020
    6:55 AM
    I/L Wizard
    Awesome guide, thanks for sharing
  6. kahsianghjx

    kahsianghjx Snail

    Jun 21, 2021
    7:55 PM
    Beginner, Priest, Bishop
    Nice guide, thanks for sharing :D
  7. Romel

    Romel Stone Golem

    Jul 10, 2018
    6:55 AM
    sairs -16MP +18HP no +20 per AP reset, This is an error that is in the same Discord bot and that knocked down my mp wash plans for a few more levels
  8. Assman

    Assman Orange Mushroom

    Jun 6, 2020
    7:55 PM
    After reading again, again and again, after months of repeating reading again. Still now i look and read again, yes i kinda know it. But i still need to read it time to time again.

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