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Completed Valentine's Event + Lunar New Year 2022

Discussion in 'Events' started by Nightz777, Mar 20, 2022.

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  1. Nightz777

    Nightz777 Supervisor Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Oct 22, 2020
    10:56 PM
    I/L Arch Mage
    Beautiful banner as usual by SerinSerin

    Love is in the air!
    MapleLegends Valentines + Lunar New Year 2022


    [​IMG] Seasonal Quests [​IMG]

    Chocolate Baskets for all!
    Coco and Ace of Hearts are back, and they're still looking for a whole lot of chocolate boxes to give to everyone in the Maple World!
    They will reward you for your efforts with a [​IMG] Chocolate Basket full of sweets!
    To start the daily quest, visit Ace of Hearts in Southperry, Henesys or Ludibrium. It can be completed every 20 hours. You may also only hold one basket at a time. Level 30+


    Bouquet of Roses
    Help out Mom and Dad, as well as Pila Present, for a special [​IMG] Valentine's ring that will help you on your Maple Journey!
    Special roses will be dropping from specific mobs all around the Maple World, and it's up to you to collect them for Valentine's day.
    This quest can be done once per character during this event. Level 30+


    Romeo and Juliet Need Your Help!

    Poor Romeo and Juliet are still having trouble reaching each other...
    Help them set up their date, and they will reward you handsomely with some exclusive Valentine's themed chairs!
    This quest can only be done once per character, if you did it before it cannot be done again. Level 50+


    [​IMG] Tasty Rewards from the Love Fairy & Xiao Qing! [​IMG]

    A tiny fairy and her friend Xiao Qing has arrived in Amoria, and they're looking for you~
    If you want to try your luck at a raffle for legendary items, Xiao Qing has got a special task for you.
    For those who want NX sets, pets, and more, you can talk to the Love Fairy!


    [​IMG] A Not So Secret Admirer [​IMG]
    Have you been simping for someone but without any luck?
    Get yourself some love letters from the Love Fairy to showcase how much you really love someone! Each time you open a letter from someone, more hearts will appear on top of your character.


    [​IMG] #TeamCamofluff VS #TeamShibaInus [​IMG]
    Who's side are you on?
    Show your support for one of the most heated polls of the year with either pet bundle and a matching label ring!


    [​IMG] Lovely Hairs & Faces[​IMG]
    Big Headward (Henesys) and Plastic Roy (Orbis) are back and excited to show you this season's round of exclusive Valentine's day hairs and faces!
    You can grab your Valentine's Hair and Face coupons from the Love Fairy.

    Female Hair: Fun-Loving Fringe, Voluminous Short Crescent Hair, Princess Ponytail Hair, Dear You Hair, Heart-Braid Hair, Long Hair with Bangs
    Female Face: Lively Girl Face, Polite Interest Face, Green Grape Face, Sparkling Sweetheart Face , Positive Energy Face, Crescent Eyed Face

    Male Hair: Lively Boy Hair , Mint Hair, Hitman Hair, Noah Hair, Billionaire Hair, Miro Hair
    Male Face: Lively Boy Face, Polite Interest Face, Green Grape Face, Gleaming Cutie Face, Positive Energy Face, Dreamy Face


    [​IMG] Heartwarming Rates![​IMG]
    Get buff with your friends during this Valentine's event with a 5% EXP bonus. Active attackers get 10% instead!

    Mobs all over the Maple world will be dropping [​IMG] Chocolate which can be used to redeem lovely cosmetics and more!

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