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Notice We are looking for additional staff members!

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Announcements' started by Kimmy, Aug 26, 2068 at 4:01 PM.

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  1. Kimmy

    Kimmy Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    6:37 AM
    Moderator Post
    Hello everyone!

    We are once again looking to fill up additional spots for our already existing staff members, reduce our workloads and strengthen support for our existing users.

    Game Assistant

    We are actively looking for additional staff members. Are you already a long-existing member and wish to help further?

    A Game Assistant will help with tickets, game support, as well as testing unfinished content that requires beta testing (QA).

    Consider creating an application here and let us know what you've got to offer. Take your time, and do not worry about making an application that is too long!


    We are looking for members that are good with designing, as well as pixel art. Currently, our current designers have become busy, so we are looking for additional designers that would love to create any kind of work that may be used in MapleLegends

    Digital designing may contain following tasks:
    - Event / promotional banners (ex: for Twitter or seasonal events)
    - Site / website design / Design feedback
    - Being able to make it fit with the presentation of MapleStory

    Pixel Art may contain following tasks:
    - Creating potential custom NPC's / Monsters for events
    - Creating customized items (ex: diff vote cash tickets assets)
    - Editing existing map assets to make them HD-client compatible
    - Making the pixel art look similar to the style MapleStory uses, so it doesn't look out of place

    If you've got experience with digital designing, or have experience with Pixel Art, and are willing to help us out with making our presentation on updates better than ever, please consider applying in the appropriate section and if possible provide your past experience. We'll likely give you a sample test if we are interested, so please be honest with what you'll provide with us.

    Designers will NOT receive a staff account.

    Balance Team

    We are currently looking to grow our Balance Team with multiple new members. We are looking for creative and dedicated individuals that can contribute new ideas for our balance discussions. Our areas of focus include future class reworks, adjustments to in-game economy, system changes, and more! Applicants should have the following characteristics:
    - Able to assess the game state in an objective manner
    - Understand certain aspect(s) of the game in-depth (coverage of more than one area is preferred)
    - Thrive in a team environment with clear communication skills
    - Possess genuine passion and dedication to improve the server
    - Act in a manner that aligns with our ToS
    Balance Team members will NOT receive a staff account.


    Tip: Please remain yourself and do not suddenly change just for the sake of getting into staff. It will not work, and we'll figure it out by checking your past behavior. Please do not apply if you do not think you have the time for a long period, since inactivity is not something that strengthens our team.

    We thank all future and current staff members very much for all their help, and we'll look forward to your interest.

    Good luck and thank you!
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