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Notice We are still hiring for new staff members

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Announcements' started by Kimmy, Jan 9, 2019.

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  1. Kimmy

    Kimmy Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    12:09 PM
    Moderator Post
    Also in 2019 we are looking into ways to expand our team! Below are positions we are looking for to expand.

    Game Assistant / Game Moderator

    We currently have 3 open positions for Game Assistant. Game Assistant, also known as Game Master is a position where you help users in-game with their problems. Furthermore, you help on our discord server with technical problems and moderate both places, and participating with the team about future content, changes, and more.

    Map editors / .wz editors

    We are currently looking for 2 positions. One specially for map editing/designing. Example, the ability to create special themed maps for seasonal events, creating special custom Jump Quest maps, and more. For both examples it's expected that the quality of them look on-par with what the official game looks like, so its not out of place. It's great if you have past experience with either.

    We are also looking for general .wz edittors. While not the hardest task, it's an incredible chore and tedious process to accomplish a lot of the things when it comes to implementing items, pets, etc. If you have absolutely nothing to do and got past experience with implementing items/pets from newer versions of the game we are very open for help right now.

    Social media

    We are also looking for additional staff helping out with our social media, as well as general PR (Public Relation). Helping with social media would mean helping out users on Facebook that require help, replying to users with questions, and helping out users with technical issues. We currently have a Twitter page, Instagram page, Facebook page, and more. We have a few people on Facebook speaking Spanish, so being able to speak Spanish would help a lot.

    General MAC support / knowledge

    We are currently looking for 1 staff member that have full knowledge about the MAC OS. Currently NiseNise is the only one doing all the MAC duty, and he really wishes for a second hand. If you have general MAC knowledge, Wine knowledge, and generally are smart with computers and MAC problems we are very open for your application. Nise depends on YOU.

    If you believe you can help us out with any of the open positions please send in an application. Please note that a lot is required depending on the position, and you should not feel discouraged if you do not get accepted. Please do not submit an application if you do not play here or just joined, because it's very important you are able to get along with our community as well as our staff team. Each server has a different community, and it's important you know this community beforehand.

    Good luck!
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