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Update Client Patch Notes: 1.10

Discussion in 'Update Notes' started by Kimberly, Aug 29, 2021.

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  1. Kimberly

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    10:40 AM
    Moderator Post
    Summer Event! It almost feels like fall where I am at right now...

    This patch was a massive focus on client changes, which means this section will be quite a fun ride.

    - You can now use /partyaccept (/paccept) and /partydecline (/pdecline) to accept and deny incoming party requests. In future, we'll hopefully also add support QOL improvements such as being able to use it in skill macros. We want triple check first that it has no side effects.

    - Your speed stat now affects the speed you climb ladders and ropes, similar to MapleStory v93+

    More smooth (FPS) demonstration: https://kimberly.s-ul.eu/HrNO0REl

    With this change, speed-based characters, as well as heavy mount users, will receive a momentum buff. This will also help a lot in LPQ.
    Do remember the buff could be used against you if you get speed debuffed!

    - Bucanneer's transformation limitations are now similar as v0.67+*

    This allows them to use the following skills now while transformed
    *We are aware it would also be nice if they can use Echo of Hero while transformed. We'll fix this for the next patch, but it was noticed too late. Suggestions for other skills? Let us know!


    - The warning 'Skill is not ready yet' and 'cannot be performed while transformed' are now scheduled on 2 seconds intervals instead of immediately. This will reduce the spam those annoying messages provide, especially when holding down the skills. While many servers nuke the errors out completely, we think this is a better approach personally.

    Bug fixes

    - The infamous MAC freeze when recently have restarted your MAC should be fixed. Finally! Hopefully, our mac compatibility will now return to how it was for years before .dll edits!
    *Do note this does not address the random freezing when picking a character
    - The infamous Puppet crash that pukes out a runtime error should no longer occur. The same fix has been applied for the Hypnotize skill that had the same problem.
    - When playing Match Cards you'll now properly face each other. Be careful not to get too distracted by the cute looks of your opponent!
    - Having Soul Arrow now properly displays the damage in the stat window, where previously there was a visual bug.
    - Parts of the code has been refactored. We are planning to re-code huge chunks of the .dll code, so performance will get much better, and hopefully fix current pesky issues. For example, booting up the game hanging the whole game at times.

    Also, some may have seen a tease about the support of chairs altering your character's coordinates. We've made great progress with it, and are very hopeful to have this finished inside the v0.62 client in future. For now, however, it is not yet ready, so not included in this client patch.

    As usual a great thanks to PastaPasta for being a wizard and much more.
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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