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Completed [Community Event] A Legendary Summer Vacation!

Discussion in 'Events' started by Ariami, Sep 18, 2023.

  1. Edann

    Edann Slimy Retired Staff

    Oct 24, 2020
    7:04 PM
    I/L Arch Mage
    Man I came here to kekwpoint at chatgpt fanfics not cry wtf beegorattobeegoratto
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  2. Tarnished

    Tarnished Selkie Jr.

    Jun 13, 2022
    9:04 AM
    Confessor, Tarnished, Hawthorn
    My story be kind of long, I hope it's worth the read MapleF3_Origin

    A warm summer's night, the whispering of winds intertwined with the gentle crackling of fire is interrupted by grunting as "Speaks with Slime" squatted his large frame gingerly onto the Speaker's Stump, too dried and cracked from the arid mountain atmosphere to support his full weight. "Come my friends, gather around and I will tell you the tale of my journey to the Spirit Realm - "

    'Ooohs' and 'Aaahs' rang out in chorus, only to be pierced by a small, yet shrill voice: "Speaks with Slime, it's nearly October, how did your summer vacation take so long? You’ve been slacking for months while your fellow villagers toil away in the fields!" Grumbles of agreement murmured throughout the Circle of Gathering, “Nana the Fairy is right! Speaks with Slime? More like: Takes His Time!”

    "Fellow yokels please, spare no lament for us, Field labor is easy - " said Manji the Field Laborer, defending Speaks with Slime's right to make Sacred Journeys, “- There are no crops”

    "What? No crops? You guys didn’t water them again, did you?” Nana nagged as all around the bonfire empty stomachs churned, and hollowed eyes turned to the skies in unanswered prayer

    "Water, far. Walking, Slow", Blackbull explained to Nana, gesturing at his ceremonial rain dance totem. Grunts of agreement were heard around the Circle of Gathering, “Water far! *gnugh* Walking, slow!”

    Nana shook her head in exasperation, "Blackbull, this is why you could never finish your house! You need irrigation, not painted sticks and increasingly complex dances!"

    “Gasp! Pleasing the sky is a full time job, this is known!” retorted Blackbull, incensed by Nana’s blasphemy.

    "Look, maybe nature is saying it's time for this village to join the rest of civilization in the Valley. When’s the last time anyone here saw water?" More discourse spawned throughout the crowd, some discontented villagers agreed with Nana, while most sided strongly with tradition. Mothers held their children closer as confusion grew: "Go? *grunt* Valley? *nguh* Water?"

    "Flow up mountain, water does not. Respect the Speaker's Stump, you will". The muddled foley of the Perion villagers quickly died down as Dances with Balrog lumbered into the Circle of Gathering. With his Sacred Pipe lit in hand, Balrog drew a path of smoke and embers towards the shining North Star. The wizened Chief Warrior surveyed the villagers with a serious demeanor, as he inhaled deeply from his pipe, then exhaled a dense haze - "This Sacred Mountain brings us closer to our ancestors. They were no strangers to hardship. As our forefathers triumphed over the Black Mage, we too shall defeat climate change." Silence befell the circle, the villagers nodding at each other in reassurance, while the Chieftain invited all to partake in the Sacred Pipe.

    "A thousand blessings upon you, Dances with Balrog" Speaks with Slime bowed his head in great respect, then met the many eyes of the now pacified audience around the Circle of Gathering. "I know times have been hard Perion-ites, hard like Tree Branch Stew!" Grunts of agreement echoed through the gathering. "But rejoice, our hour of trial is soon at an end. On my Great Journey, I have communed with the Spirits"

    A sea of assorted grunts, cackling, and Nana the Fairy's sassy rolling eyes met Slime as he bid for all to settle down - "Fellow yokels, I assure you, this is not like last time when Smells of Scam promised rain cloud timeshares". Again he reached into his rucksack, this time producing a metallic box and holding above his head for all to see:

    "Behold! A Computer! Given to me by the Prophet No-Run!” Bewildered moans erupted at the sight of the foreign idol, then were silenced as Speaks with Slime held out his palm again: “From the Land of Eternal Light! It holds great magic - strong enough to grant Visions, but without a Sacred Pipe!” Waiting again for the wave of confused grunts to pass, Slimes confidently taunted Nana the Fairy, “Even Grendel the Really Old is not that powerful, huh?"

    She folded her arms in slight annoyance, though she could not mask her intrigue of the contraption. "No-Run? What kind of name is that?" asked Nana, Tsundere-ly.

    "No-Run is a title of great respect - it alludes to his abundance of food - and means `One who has No reason to Run`!" The villagers grunted excitedly, "*nguh* Food? No Run? *grunt* A God amongst men!"

    Slime's confidence slowly gave way to a forlorn stare: "Sadly, the Great No-Run's prophecy is true: The Computer is no longer enchanted, not without … Power Outlet."

    "Have you tried Power Strike?" offered Mr. Smith the Item Creator, lifting his blacksmith's Hammer. Spontaneous chanting from the crowd immediately followed: "Hammer! Hammer! Hammer! Hammer!"

    Slimes held the computer defensively, "No, this belongs to No-Run - One with No AppleCare. I have brought it to Perion merely as proof of my Great Journey. My fellow Yokels, you see plainly before you a relic of the Spirit Realm! Now, allow me to tell you the tale of our salvation..."

    Slimes again reached into his rucksack, this time bringing out a green bottle. “But first, another gift from the Great Beyond! Everybody, please, try some of this cold and refreshing beverage - though it is no longer cold and also I could only carry 3”. As he distributed the concoctions, Slimes winked at the village didgeridoo player who began a soft humming solo.

    "Friends, close your eyes and see, a paradise of green pastures and babbling creeks. Beautiful, pink flowers blossoming from every tree, their petals swept away one by one with the wind, like spirits of the beyond beckoned to feast and dance in the company of the fairest maidens~". Blackbull began vigorously shaking his rain stick, pushing aside wisps of hazy smoke lingering around the camp. Warriors of the tribe began pounding their spears on the ground at a rhythmic tempo while Dances with Balrogs bonged his Sacred Bongos.

    A trance beset the Circle of Gathering as the didgeridoo merged with a resonant chorus of throat singing from the tribesmen. Slime continued in the most theatrical voice he could conjure, “In the air, the sweet scent of marbled meat grilled over flames, morsels of most tender and varied seafood molded into colorful spheres, and hearty broth of pork ramen noodles. When I close my eyes, I can still taste that savory smooth broth… It reminds me of my love, and her savory smooth voice ~ ”.

    “Her name is Kino Konoko! A Temple Maiden with a heart of gold and the voice of a songbird. I was eating Takoyaki by the Sacred Shrine when our paths first crossed. My eyes met hers, a strange bubble above her head appeared, and I knew immediately we were in love.”

    “I ran towards her and she towards me. I offered one of my Takoyaki, she giggled and took all three. Then she said: `Speaks with Slime, can you eliminate 100 Fire Raccoons, just for me?`”

    “ `Fairest maiden, How could I not oblige?` She handed me a map and pointed to the North. I was so enthralled by her spell and eager to earn her approval, I snatched the map and immediately set off to purge the wicked Fire Raccoons”. Slimes preemptively paused just before cries of “DEUS VULT! DEUS VULT!” sprang up throughout the camp, spurred on by the mention of inquisition, before quickly fading back into the deep tones of tribal humming.

    “It wasn’t until I was halfway across town when I remembered I cannot read, but I was too prideful to turn back. Besides: Konoko, Far - Walking, Slow.” Blackbull shed a single tear.

    “So anyway, I walked on. Before long, I stumbled upon an auspicious Well. I peered into the hole and to my surprise saw not Water, but a Strange Tree. Confused, I looked for help but saw only a nearby merchant. He was shouting at seemingly nobody: `Dango Dango Dango, Tri-Colored Dango`.

    I said to him, `Yells at Ghosts, what is the meaning of the strange Tree in the well?` He turned towards me - the man’s eyes seemed tired and dead, so I was taken aback by how vigorously he could shout: “Jump! Just do it! You won’t! Chicken! Bok BOk Bok”

    Being a proud soon-to-be Warrior of the Perion tribe, there was no way I could decline the challenge of the merchant. I promptly sacrificed some of the Tri-Colored Dango to the Great Spirit in exchange for protection, then I leapt down the well. As I fell I could hear the merchant shouting, `Sugoi! Sugoi!`”

    “So there I was, alone in the darkness of the well, falling on and on forever - I felt as though I had been swallowed by the earth into the bowels of a different dimension across time and space. As the light grew smaller and more distant, my life flashed before my eyes, and I sighed in peace for I saw no regrets - at least up until I hit the ground. Due in equal parts to my adept training, high DEX, and high LUK, I thankfully landed right on my head.” Warriors throughout the Perion camp broke into howling and pounded their spears fervently in approval, as Slimes wiped away a melancholic tear

    “I awoke 2 weeks later in the lair of Prophet No-Run - his domicile was so mystic and majestic that I could feel a massive amount of pressure in my cranium. Imagine the Northern Lights, but indoors - vibrant colors flashing from gargantuan rectangular crystals all over his cave. No-Run had his back turned to me, entrenched in his Sacred Divinations. I could see him rubbing his fingers sensually against a smaller glowing gem. I courteously coughed, and made my presence known to the prophet: `Bless the Ancestors, what wide girth you have! You must be great Warchief of the Spirit Realm!`”

    No-Run spun around, clearly flustered “Wh-what? Warchief? No, I’m Chief of Technology. Did you just call me fat?... Nevermind that - my name is Noran, welcome to Akihabara. You’re lucky to be alive - you’ve sustained quite a serious head injury. Tell me, how did you survive the time leap without a shroud of temporal fragments?”

    “Chief? Tek no Loji? I have never heard of that tribe. Then it is true what Dances with Balrog foresaw - I have entered the Spirit Realm. Honored one, I am called Speaks with Slime, I have traveled far from my village of Perion - the spirits of my Ancestors guided me here. Please, you must help my people”

    “Oh man, you must have hit your head harder than I thought. Look, - I wish I could help but we’re a bit occupied at the moment. You know, with the war for the future against anime robots and all.”

    “War?” Slimes sat up, “We are good at war! Maybe it is destiny that our two tribes combine into one mighty alliance.” The Chief of Tek no Loji returned his focus to rubbing his bright crystals, “Uh, you’ll have to talk to Captain Maricias - I don’t have the authority to go around making alliances with strange time travelers.”

    “Then I must speak to this Captain, where is he now?” Suddenly, the most gargantuan of the crystals in the room flashed bright white. As my eyes adjusted to the intense brilliance, I saw what appeared to be a woman clad in Akihabaran ceremonial rain dance garb manifest inside the massive gem. The giant crystal woman said, with her omnipotent voice emanating from all directions: “Look at me, I am the Captain now. And with any luck - tomorrow too! The Future’s Liberation Army will take anybody with a pulse, seriously - we’re not picky - name your price traveler!”

    My jaw laid agape, I was shaken and feared to the bone by this otherworldly apparition. The sheer size of this woman in the crystal was so immense that I struggled to speak, my spirit energy oppressed and dwarfed by hers, until she mercifully awoke me from my stupor - “Hey buddy, you still with us?”

    Though still stunned by her daunting presence, I summoned my will and laid plain our cause: “Great Spirit, My people need guidance. A drought has cursed our lands, now we are facing a desperate decision. Stay with tradition and starve, or betray our ancestors and migrate to the valley?”

    “Drought? Noran, where is this guy from? He doesn’t even know the aliens stole all the water in 2057!” Chief No-Run frantically rubbed a crystal with one hand, and adjusted his glasses with another, his brow furrowed in concentration, "No, look at him! He looks like a Neanderthal, of course he doesn't know the about the aliens!"

    Sensing vexation from the spirits, I summoned my courage and again spoke: “Great Captain, I am an emissary of Perion - the most powerful village in all of northern Victoria Island! Bless us with Rain, and you will be repaid in kind”

    I began to tell more of our Sacred Mountain, but it was as if these powerful beings had already read my mind. No-Run took in his hands this very Computer and began invoking demonic scriptures. I heard him clearly reciting: “ABC News Wesser Forecastu Perion Ni Sen Ni Ju Shi"

    “The ancient tongue!” Manji gasped, hands clawing at his own face in disbelief. Flabbergasted howls, grunts, and cries rang out. Several of the villagers with lower constitution fainted.

    Slimes continued on in a stonewall demeanor, “Now you understand the extent of No-Run’s power - He is a being not to be trifled with! But fear not, I have forged, with No-Run and the Crystal Woman, a strong legally binding blood oath between our peoples. Our proud warriors of Perion will fight against the anime robots, in exchange receive Rain with 93% chance within the next 3 weeks! The village is saved! Huzzah!”

    Ecstatic cheering erupted around the camp. Every villager jumped wildly in joy, ciders were spilled, bongos were bonged, warriors ceremoniously threw their spears high into the air, Nana the Fairy shouted and flew around erratically. All is well again in Perion!

    The End

    • Where did you go?
      Mushroom Shrine
    • What 3 activities did you do?
      Found true love, performed acrobatics, saved all of Northern Victoria Island
    • What was your favorite meal?
      Ramen and Takoyaki
    • What did you bring back as a souvenir?
      Sacred relics
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2023
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  3. Rapskal

    Rapskal Chronos

    Nov 1, 2017
    2:04 AM
    Night Lord
    I spent my vacation discovering Orbis, the mystical city in the sky. On my first day, after settling in, I went to the classic tourist destination, the Orbis Tower, said to be a testament to the vast culture and history of this land. I set off climbing down, and was blown away by the ethereal statues, the pillars and facades all over the tower. Although old and crumbling, they still seemed too detailed, too perfect to have been carved by human hands. I also stopped As I explored, I also stopped at nearly every window I came to, unable to resist basking in the close-up views of pearlescent clouds sparkling in the sunlight.

    But as I went further down the tower, the air started to get colder, and when I decided to stop on the 8th floor to rest and eat the picnic I'd packed with me, it was so cold that I couldn't stop shivering. I decided to make myself a small fire to keep me warm while I ate, using the firewood I had in my bag. But I didn't have anything on me that I could use as kindling! I was on the verge of going back to Orbis early when I noticed an ancient-looking book tucked behind a statue. I reasoned that the book couldn't be too important if somebody had just left it here, so I ripped out some of the pages and scrunched them up to use as kindling. Soon I had myself a cozy little fire as I ate my meal, and after my picnic, I headed back up to Orbis and my inn.

    On my second day, I decided to go off the beaten track. I ambled along a path through the clouds, with a signpost saying it led to the Garden of 3 Colors. The idea of a garden in the sky intrigued me, and when I arrived I was not disappointed. Amongst the clouds, the pillars and the plants, the garden was teeming with the most adorable little furry creatures, in red and yellow and purple, with little horns on their heads like unicorns. As I took in this heavenly scene, one of the purple creatures fearlessly bounced up to me and brushed against me before looking inquisitively at my bag and mewing at me. I couldn't resist its cuteness so I opened my bag and pulled out a little bit of meat for it. The creature happily ate from my hands, then affectionately rubbed its head against my knee. When I got up to go and further explore the garden, the little creature trotted after me and I couldn't help but feel a stir of warmth in my heart. I talked to him as I walked, and decided to call him Nosy because he was such an inquisitive little fellow.

    As I moved deeper into the garden, the fauna around me seemed to be getting larger. Nosy seemed unfazed, so I tried to keep my cool, but by the time the creatures around us were almost as tall as me, I couldn't help feeling unnerved. I was just deciding it was time to leave, when I was paralysed by the sound of a deep rumbling growl. I could've sworn the ground beneath me trembled, and then I saw it in the distance. It was similar to the creatures around me, but monstrously large, with dark black fur, and eyes that blazed with an infernal anger as they looked right at me. It growled again, and Nosy jumped up into my arms, trembling. It was definitely time to leave. I set off at a run, tearing towards where I hoped the exit was, but I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, and soon I found myself in a completely new area. It would’ve made an enchanting scene, a wide stage with a huge, feathered harp sitting in the centre. But it was a dead end. Other than the way I'd come from, there were no exits, and when I looked back, the monster was coming inexhorably closer.

    I was cowering against the harp, holding Nosy in my arms, when the sunlight seemed to change, growing softer and warmer, and a sense of peace descended on the scene. A gentle feminine voice echoed in my mind. "Play the harp, my pet will be soothed by the sound of music." I felt strangely calm as I stepped up to the harp and placed my hands on the huge strings while the monster bore down upon me. I had no idea what to play, so I decided on a song that I knew would impress anyone: Wonderwall, by Oasis. As soon as I started playing, the great monster stopped in its tracks, and I smiled to myself. My music had been even more effective than expected. Or so I thought, but then the creature growled again, this time sounding truly angry, and before I could react it started bounding toward me faster than ever. Panic broke through my unnatural calm as I realised I was about to die, but then I heard the voice in my head again. It said simply, "Never mind", and I could’ve sworn I heard a sigh of exasperation. The world shifted around me, and I was back in Orbis town! There was no sign of the monster, and I slumped to the ground, overwhelmed with relief. I wondered about the presence that had saved me, who or what it could have been. To my delight, Nosy was still with me, sitting happily on the floor beside me as if we hadn't just been nearly mauled. I resolved that for the rest of my vacation, I'd be a lot less adventurous.

    I spent the following days relaxing and exploring the town, looking in at the shops and cafes, buying some pet food for my new friend. One quiet afternoon, I visited a small bakery in the corner of Orbis Park, where the fairy behind the counter recommended to me their famous Fierry Flambrosia. I accepted, and soon it was served to me on a sparkling, translucent plate. The creation looked so delightful that my mouth instantly started watering, and the heavenly aroma only tempted me further. The fairy had told me that this delicacy was made from a fierry tentacle, glazed with honey from a nependeath, before having the top singed with a blowtorch and powdered with gently luminous fairy dust. I sank my teeth into it and delighted in the textures, the crisp flakiness of the outside followed by a fluffiness like nothing I'd ever experienced. I was lost in the subtle sweetnesses which seemed to layer on top of each other, and before I knew it my plate was empty but for a few sparse crumbs which I quickly finished up. I knew it was indulgent, but I couldn't help buying another to take with me when I left the bakery.

    All too soon, my blissful vacation was ending, and I was headed back to the hustle of Kerning City. But I wasn't returning empty-handed. On the airship home, Nosy lay dozing happily on the top of my head. We'd been through too much together for me to leave him behind, and besides, I could think of no better souvenir by which to remember my time in that beautiful land of clouds and magic.
  4. GDLee

    GDLee Balance Team Staff Member Balance Team

    May 29, 2017
    New York
    11:04 AM
    Night Lord
    This was a lot of fun to write. I decided to present my tale as a series of day-to-day journal entries, based on a true story.
    April 1, 2022

    Today marked day thirteen of the Lunar New Year & Valentine’s combination event. Superstition dictated that my raffles would be especially cursed – not only because it was the thirteenth day of the event, but also because it was April Fool’s Day. And unfortunately, I wasn’t wrong.

    Saddened by an inventory full of freshly pulled New Year’s Lion equipment, I found an empty spot to sit between the Amoria hair studio and wedding chapel. “Welcome to Fabulous Wedding Town!” The gigantic billboard situated to the left cast a long shadow over me. The shadow felt like salt in my raffle-session-induced wound, reminding me that darkness was my old (and only) friend.

    As I began nodding off in my resignation to sorrow, a sudden gust of wind jolted me awake. I looked up just in time to register a blur of pink and yellow zoom by my face. The colorful blur landed five paces away. And then it started talking to me.

    “HIII AMZNN! Why are you sitting here by yourself?”

    By the time I was fully alert, I realized that the talking, colorful blur was not a thing. It was a girl I had known for the past year as a fellow guildmate. A girl that exuded endless “UWU” energy and carried a very big gun. A girl named skittlez.

    May 5, 2022

    “Welcome to Fabulous Wedding Town!” The first time I noticed the flashing billboard message in Amoria, I felt dejected and alone. But today, the message could not have been any sweeter. Today, after weeks of late-night calls and chaotically fun bossing expeditions, I married the cutest corsair in the server – skittlez.

    In an ideal world, our wedding would have been the biggest of celebrations; a festivity for many; perhaps even to the extent of an extravagant replication of the breathtaking wedding scene from Crazy Rich Asians. But unlike the ultrarich characters in the movie, I was a poor intlord. Painfully aware that HP washing is oPtiOnaL, I decided to save every bit of NX and purchased a discount chapel wedding ticket from my good friend, Assistant Bonnie.

    Just before the clock struck midnight, skittlez and I made our way to the 24-hour chapel. I handed my ticket to Wayne, who gave me a heartwarming pat on the back. We went in, exchanged our vows, took some selfies in our matching Heart Cloud chairs, and left the photo booth as a true couple (rather than another arranged affair sponsored by APQ, Inc.). All in all, it truly was a fabulous wedding.

    May 10, 2022

    Today was the first day of the vacation of our newly married lives. Skittlez and I began our day at a pleasant hour of ten in the morning. After all, nothing beats a languorous start to what should be the happiest vacation of one’s life. What we saved in our wedding expenses went straight into a private super jet, which took us from Kerning City to Singapore in one minute. Yes, you read that right – one minute. Don’t ask how many G’s we experienced to make it that fast, because all that matters is that we arrived safe and sound.

    Our agenda for the afternoon dumbed down to one thing: pigging out on delicious hawker food at Merlion Park. On our way to the park, we ran into Alwyn, who specialized in all of Singapore’s greatest local specialty dishes. Alwyn, bless his soul, was both the best and worst salesperson I have ever met. He simultaneously exuded endless charisma and passion for his food while describing said food as being “smelly” and “like tape.”

    My best guess is that he meant that his food was aromatic and chewy, but skittlez and I only found joy and laughter in Alwyn’s broken English. Ultimately, we bought out his entire menu and left with a hefty haul of chicken rice, satay, hokkien mee, fried carrot cake, and laksa. It took us five hours to finish all food on the steps of Merlion Park. Each dish deserved nothing but a chef’s kiss – divinely delectable.

    To round out our stay in Singapore, we listened to the Singapore Symphony Orchestra perform at the Esplanade. While we both thought that the building’s exterior would benefit from some redesign, the music was ethereal.

    May 12, 2022

    After our stay in Singapore, we traveled to the rural outskirts of Kampung Village. Rumor had it that the world’s largest amusement park sat atop the unassuming town, and we both loved amusement park rides. Thanks to the help of a local named Ali, who managed to sell us some rambutan and dragon fruit juice in the process, we found the entrance to Fantasy Theme Park. With high hopes, we hopped onto a cable car and rose to the skies.

    At the top, we arrived at a scene that one would not believe without having experienced it firsthand. Hundreds of life-sized Scarlion and Targa mechanical dolls roamed freely around the amusement park. Some dolls must have had some programming errors, as they tried to directly tackle us on sight, but it was nothing that a few Aerial Strikes from skittlez couldn’t handle.

    After clearing through the minor inconveniences, we hit the ground running with a grand tour of the colossal rides. First was La Buse’s Voyage, a stadium-sized pirate ship ride. Next was the Cloud High Drop Tower, which reached peak speeds of one hundred miles per hour. Lastly, we arrived at Dinorama Nightmares, which honestly felt the most underwhelming of the bunch. Dinorama Giggles would probably have been a more appropriate name since I could only laugh at how silly all the pop-up figures looked. The true tell was the fact that skittlez didn’t jump once during the entire ride (she’s normally very susceptible to jump scares).

    May 14, 2022

    The finale of our travels – Mushroom Shrine. This was the location that I myself anticipated the most because of how much I love Japanese food. The weather was perfectly serene and breezy, and the cherry blossoms were somehow in full bloom despite it being the middle of May.

    While neither skittlez nor I was particularly tired from our trip, we decided to treat our stay in Mushroom Shrine as a time to heal and appreciate the calming beauty of nature. We spent the day embracing the kisses of fluttering cherry blossom petals, snapping an embarrassingly large number of photos with Fuji-san, and eating small bites at various food stands: fish cakes, yakisoba, takoyaki, ramen, and tri-colored dango. Skittlez, true to her namesake, fell in love with the tri-colored dango for its similarities to her favorite candy. But as much as I awaited our stay in Mushroom Shrine specifically for its food, my taste buds strangely longed for Alwyn’s hawker stall (especially that oh-so-aromatic laksa). I guess passion can sometimes be just that powerful of an ingredient.

    At the end of our Japanese food tour, there was a shabby old well right next to skittlez’s beloved dango stall. The well appeared abandoned in all respects but one: the rope hanging from its opening was brand new and had knots that looked like footholds. Normally, I would have immediately jumped at the whiff of a potential adventure. But a combination of things led us to simply move on.

    First, we felt morbidly full and knew that our food comas were only moments away. Second, skittlez must have noticed the momentary glint in my eye because she reminded me of our commitment to a relaxed stay. But the most determinative factor was the presence of an ancient Gachapon machine that lied just beyond the well. Once skittlez locked on to the one-of-a-kind machine, nothing could stand in her way from trying to obtain a legendary pull. In this instance, she was not going to leave without obtaining the limited-edition Mushmom Eraser with a blue-tinted cap in honor of the legendary Blue Mushmom deity.

    Much to skittlez’s delight, we left Mushroom Shrine that evening with one limited-edition Blue Mushmom Eraser. A heavy price for my wallet to pay, but every bit worthwhile for her joy.

    September 20, 2023

    A couple of friends have been excitedly telling me about the impressive submissions for the current Summer Community Event. Apparently, one person even wrote a poem about a Pokemon. The prompt asks players to describe their ideal vacation in the Maple world, and hearing about the prompt made me go back through my journal entries from the past year.

    As much as my first long trip with skittlez in May last year entailed some of the most exciting activities and delicious foods of my life, I have come to realize that only one thing is essential for any ideal vacation: a perfect travel partner.

    But to this day, I can’t stop thinking about what adventures may have unfolded had we gone down that old well in Mushroom Shrine . . .

    • Where did you go?
      • Strictly for the "vacation" part of the story (the honeymoon): Singapore, Kampung Village, and Mushroom Shrine
    • What 3 activities did you do?
      • Foodie tour by Merlion Park + classical music geekfest, amusement ride marathon at Fantasy Theme Park, and peaceful relaxation at Mushroom Shrine + blind-box Gachapon session
    • What was your favorite meal?
      • The entire menu at Alwyn's hawker stall (shoutouts to the laksa)
    • What did you bring back as a souvenir?
      • Limited-edition Blue Mushmom Eraser
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2023
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  5. SinclairJ

    SinclairJ Master Chronos

    Dec 8, 2020
    6:04 PM
    Chief Bandit
    2. Submissions must be appropriate and not contain any offensive language. If your submission violates our Terms & Conditions, it will result in an instant disqualification from the event and/or ban from MapleLegends entirely, depending on the severity of the offense.

    I don't stand a chance
  6. Ferluci

    Ferluci Zakum Retired Staff

    Jul 27, 2017
    6:04 PM
    just sneak it in its ok. Ill allow it
  7. SinclairJ

    SinclairJ Master Chronos

    Dec 8, 2020
    6:04 PM
    Chief Bandit
    I dont know man you can get banned for saying retarded meanwhile they tolerate people drawing kids naked, I aint risking this one for a cool octopus pet
  8. Milkydoor

    Milkydoor Timer

    Feb 10, 2020
    9:04 AM
    I arrived at those pearly arches and was greeted by the majestic visage of the Goddess of Time, Rhinne, whose eternal slumber sustains our mere humble existence. My footsteps against the marble floors echoed discordantly throughout the sanctuary, a graceless disturbance to the peace and tranquillity.

    I ventured into the third door, pursuing a reality that I knew not what it contained, but nonetheless sought its salvation. Would you choose a dream of lies or a nightmare of truths? As I wandered through those sun-kissed gardens, I could feel the sweet scent of nostalgia in the air washing through me. I heard her silky voice. I felt her soft touch. I saw her beautiful face. Her smile was as divine as the day we met. I reached out to hold her, but the memory suddenly crumbled to ashes and my fingers found only the cloth of one of the ever-smiling denizens. In a flash of rage, I drew my weapon and felled the creature, spraying its blood in every direction. Its companions, though shocked and dismayed, dared not approach. Then, I was left with nothing but the bitter pang of poignancy on my tongue.

    I ascended the long, spiralling staircase as an insidious lethargy crept upon my body. The weight of her lingering presence and the blood on my hands seemed to grow and grow with every step. Every pool of water and every pane of glass was haunted by the reflection of her smile, following me and taunting me again and again and again. Was this the hundredth step or the thousandth? Time loses all meaning when you live your life in perpetual cycles.
    “You seek me?” a voice called.​
    I snapped awake from my trance and found myself before an old sage, whose weathered features wore countless lifetimes of joy and hardships. I quickly averted my gaze, not daring to look another being in the eyes ever again.
    “Ah,” he said, “you’ll find that I surrendered my sight a long time ago.”​
    I looked up once more at the sage’s blindfolded face, which seemed to be no impediment to scrutinising my deepest, darkest secrets.
    “This path you follow. Do you hope it will bring you peace?”​
    I pondered this question for what felt like an eternity. Any fragment of clarity dissipated as quickly as it crystallised. A miasma of pain and suffering clouded my every thought. But eventually, I reached my conclusion.
    No. I hope it will bring me retribution.

    I stood before the mighty whale with my weapon in hand. With newfound resolve, I struck at the beast again and again and again, whilst repelling its best attempts at retaliation. But with each blow I absorbed, I could feel a slither of her memory stripped away and consumed by the creature. My heart burned and burned as more of her essence was seared from my body, yet I was unrelenting in my assault. Warm summer mornings by the window and cold winter nights by the fire alike evaporated and vanished into the air. Even the most treasured moments and the deepest scars were lifted from my soul, leaving not a single trace. As the last vestiges of her smile left my mind, I delivered the final strike and the beast lay still. In the wake of catharsis, I feasted on its flesh and felt satiation for the first time in forever.

    I departed from the temple to return to what remained of my life, disoriented and apathetic, as if I’d just woken from the deepest slumber. My recollection of events was but a hazy dream, now elusive and out of reach. I could not escape the feeling, however, of an emptiness in my heart that followed me wherever I went. As the years went by, I could only feel that emptiness become slowly, slowly filled with regret.

    - Recorded by Memory Keeper
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  9. Once

    Once Mano

    Jun 30, 2019
    9:04 AM
    hi my name is MyDaddy and on my vacation i went to go visit my three best buddies.

    first i went to Time Lane: Memory Lane 5 to visit my pal bouje. oh boy it sure wasn't hard to find him because he's always out here killing that darn dodo. i asked him if he needed help and he just laughed at me. at least he gave me some good food recommendations before i left; it turned out to be my favorite meal this entire trip!


    next i went to visit my buddy SweetTreat at da Taipei 101 mall. that silly SweetTreat is always out here looking for them abgs. he luvs the kerning mall so much he can't contain his excitement when i mention it!


    lastly, i traveled all the way to the Bowman Mastery Room to pay a visit to my friend no0ds. the poor guy has been stuck in here forever. it's been years since he's seen sunlight.


    and that concludes my fun and exciting adventure visiting my three best buddies. i was able to return home with the best souvenir of them all: our friendship that we made playing this video game. i luv u guys <3333333333333
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  10. Alyosha

    Alyosha Skelegon Retired Staff

    Mar 9, 2017
    9:04 AM
    Dark Knight
    Life finds itself indented on a new paragraph, within a chapter that unceasingly continues with its hints of progress but never truly reaching the intersects of something new or changing. What exists is no longer novel, but a continuance of everything that has been through effort. All that there is remains a Sisyphean task, one of accumulation, a buildup of wealth and of new faces, begetting new techniques as one morphs themselves into something no longer human.

    The days bring no change. Whether one looks into the corner of their monitor to see that it is 8pm, or types into their chat to see the time is 3am, Heneseys continues with the bright and shining midday sun. Maya remains sick after all of these years. Chief Lucas waits for the redemption of Alex the Runaway. If I slay some modest creature then it will return within 10 seconds. The mundane stagnation of their lives remain unhampered by the passage of time. And I continue waiting alongside all of them.

    Where I can travel they cannot. The assistance I can offer those of this reality is surface level at best, any agency experienced within helping them comes crumbling down with the shifting of a face and name, outcomes no longer funneled towards their inevitable conclusions out of a sense of convenience for myself. For what reason shall I continue to believe in their humanity? Where once someone can come to appreciate their short and simple stories, after enough iterations of the self there comes this abject disconnect a person finds themself in. I do not need to help anyone. There is an arrogance to this pride, a befuddled nihilism laid in the groundwork. There is a fundamental freedom that comes with the loss of morality. What the game becomes is decided by me alone, and the conclusion holds no qualms in forsaking all except the building of wealth.

    Are interactions with those others with personal agency any different? To those whose time you find yourself spending with, do things end up being any less fickle or fragile? Tethered to this eternal and unchanging world, love and loss remain the subject of fixation - so long as the tether remains uncut. I find myself only capable of watching them come and go; learning to care for them and failing to signify what they meant to me once they are gone.

    It's in that lens that I continue to grasp at them eternally, and thinking of those who have passed by the server in memory but unable to properly say a goodbye. They simply come and go, a revolving door of individuals oft considered in retrospect, but nevertheless ending in a whimper.

    There's a loneliness and an apathy that exists within this tethered eternity. For this reason the mundane walk through Heneseys remains heavy on the mind. There is nothing to do that hasn't been done scores of times, but in this eternal city I find myself traveling to the outskirts for wholesale slaughter of the monsters and collecting their cards for the sake of the next face and name. Though this name has done none of the work, his past iteration ensures his continual growth, and even disconnected from his reality he can watch himself go higher and higher through the tiers, and attain experience he has not functionally earned for himself. In this way the name and face keeps his status as a disconnected observer.

    It's towards the uncertain future that this progress is made. How many hours has it been? How many thousands of hours have been spent killing, exploiting, gathering? We watch as time ticks on as the eternity of the game remains in stasis. But within this game the stasis isn't absolute. From Kamuna we can witness the future of this world. We can witness the brutal efficiency of those machines, and my own cruelty finds itself reflected back on itself. The highlight of the journey comes at the jump - towards the year 2102, where the conclusion climaxes in a fight "from heaven". But am I ready? This future stands still for me, waiting. Years may pass in an effort to prepare for it but the eternal and demented human spirit fumbles its way forward. Friends will continue to come and go. In comradery we humanize the party, in this final bloodshed we drink our ale and eat our apples.

    In victory, we are capable of reaching that new peak. But beyond, a new game starts. The eternity of the world seeks only to grow as a malignant tumor. There is time to shed from records, there are numbers to pass, there is wealth to hoard.

    I cannot stop. I recognize my own delusions yet continue to stew within them. The world doesn't end at Auf Haven - the true ending comes with the flick of a switch. It ends with the letters from lawyers who parallel my own malignant and dehumanized philosophy, seekers of their own interests far from the communal philos. All love can be stripped away for the teleological and utilitarian hunt for growth. The goals among the game and the world the game finds itself a part of have become a matching set. There is no deeper meaning at the end of anything, and if there is meaning it can only be contrived.

    This is the ultimate conclusion of the eternal vacation, and there is only loss at the end of our goals. In moving on, one thing remains from the ashes: I miss everyone. What they've given me are the smoldering cinders of my heart, yearning for the passions of flame but that time is over.

    stop looking at me funny, the story is a fiction taken to the extreme.
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  11. DAJIE

    DAJIE Slime

    Oct 23, 2021
    12:04 AM
    It was the summer holidays.
    Me and my 2 friends agreed to meet at the Taiwan Night Market in MapleLegends.
    I arrived early and looked around while waiting for them.

    The full moon shone brightly, and stars dotted the night sky.
    Lanterns and neon signs line the market streets, its glow brighter than the moon.
    My ears starts sizzling to the cling-clang of pans and spatulas, the hustle-bustle of the market, the distant humming of crowds.
    Smoke wafts along the stores, as it starts to form an alluring cloud of aroma;
    Rudely interrupted by a nasty stench, as a swamp of sweaty people ooze by.

    This humid summer night only seem to grow warmer.
    I stood along the walls of a nearby temple, back clung firmly against it.
    The temple towered menacingly over me, its iron reinforced wooden doors felt ghastly cold to the touch.
    Fierce dragons ornately decorate the top, and the edges of the jagged roof curves into a piercing end.
    I couldn't find my friends amongst the sea of people, I felt all alone.
    It was then I noticed another presence, a man dressed in full traditional Han clothing from top to bottom.
    "Have you seen my history book? I'm Sima Qian, the historian.", "Sorry Sir, No I haven't"
    "Have you seen my history book? I'm Sima Qian, the historian.", "No Sir, I have not."
    "Have you seen my history book? I'm Sima Qian, the historian.", "..."
    I left him to his broken devices.

    Just then, a pair of chilly hands grabbed onto my shoulders.
    "Ahh!! Please! I haven't seen your book anywhere, don't kill me!"
    A familiar look of bewilderment greeted me as I opened my eyes slowly, It was my friends.
    Crowds turned around to look at me, Sima Qian started staring like I was the weird one.
    My face started turning hotter than the summer and brighter than the lanterns that night.

    Moving on quickly from that embarrassing situation, we decided to explore the Night Market.
    There is a man who goes by the name of Master Chef, whose noodles are renowned across the Maple World.
    When we got there, the queue was longer than a dragon, and stretched out all the way across the map.
    [You have played MapleLegends for 2 hour(s)]
    "Are you here to taste my famous food", "Duh. Now how much?"
    "Hello! Do you like to play with plush toys? I am a huge fan...", "...What?"
    "Are you willing to help me collect my favourite Yeti plush toy?", "Do you accept mesos?".

    Unable to budge Master Chef's response, we decided to leave, disappointed we couldn't try something we waited so long for.
    "It's obvious he just didn't want to serve us, We're just a bunch of low levelled magicians after all." My friend grumbled.
    "It's alright, lets go get some bubble tea instead, they're famous here for it too." My other friend responded.
    And so, we walked across the map, through the portal, and into another map, filled with a variety of bubble tea.
    It was bubble tea that we had to fight for. We were all desperate and hungry at that point.
    [You have played MapleLegends for 3 hour(s)]
    "That comes up to about a measly 3 bubbles, split evenly among the 3 of us."
    "You would think they would at least drop their drink."

    Exhausted, Starving, Low on HP. The Night Market was about to close and we dragged our feet back to the previous map.
    With one last desperate breath, we asked a nearby store, "Do you accept mesos here?".
    "Yes I do..."
    At that moment, she seemed to us an angel, with her flowing red hair, angelic smile and dead goose in hand.
    "But I'm close to out of stock..."
    That night, we had the best fat sausages of our lives, and bought a few more as souvenirs.
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  12. pupcake

    pupcake Red Snail

    Jun 18, 2022
    12:04 PM
    Needless to say, I was feeling pretty inspired by the event and got carried away :'D

    Soda & Corn Go to Aqua Road
    It had started after a particularly rough Zakum expedition.

    Our whole party had cheered when splitting the hard-won spoils — some shiny new equips and a decently sized coin pouch — but somehow, I didn't feel very chipper.
    The strange cloud of melancholy hung over me as my wife SodaPup and I scaled the ruins to prune Krexel, climbed down the toy factory to shut down Papulatus, and even during our usual romantic apple picking in the orchards of Amoria.

    That night, I politely turned down our friends' invitations to hang out and went to bed early.

    The next week, I sat across from Soda, contemplative. She was nursing a Mana Bull and deeply engrossed in that morning's copy of our favorite paper, The Maple Times. I munched on my grilled cheese glumly — even Miki's best-selling sandwich was tasting particularly bland today. Sighing hard, I slammed my hand down on the table.

    "I really need," I announced, "a vacation."

    Soda turned the page without looking up. "You do seem a bit burnt out recently."

    "Exactly," I put my head in my hands, sighing. "And not even the right kind of burn! I need some sun, and stat."

    "Where did you have in mind?"

    I lit up, excited. "Well," I started eagerly. "I did pick up brochures from Spinel. The Maple Travel Agency is really economical, you know. I hear the cherry blossoms at the Mushroom Shrine are lovely this time of year."

    Soda barely glanced at the pamphlets I slid across the table before firmly saying, "Absolutely not. Haven't you read the Times article? They're having a littering problem; people are just leaving their scrolls on the ground everywhere. Plus, I don't trust you with our Gachapon cards." I pouted.

    "Then how about Sleepywood? I hear they have a lovely inn and sauna, and we could go spelunking in the Ant Tunnels..."

    "Hm," Soda said, in that special tone she used to mean 'no thanks'.

    My next few suggestions were all turned down — Ariant was too hot and dry, New Leaf City wasn't relaxing enough, and flying to the Temple of Time with luggage was a huge hassle ("The wing ache does NOT go away after the transformation," Soda insisted. "It would be AWFUL.") Desperately racking my brains, I tried one last time: "How about that place near El Nath we passed by last time? Aqua Road!"

    She raised an eyebrow and casually took another sip of her Mana Bull. I started sweating.

    "There's gorgeous plant and ocean life, and if we budget well, we can ride the Dolphin Taxi around to see the sights. Plus, I heard they have great sashimi," I offered hopefully. "You love sashimi!"

    Soda sat back thoughtfully. She circled a smega ad in the paper, then carefully folded it up and put it away. I waited with bated breath, not daring to move.

    Finally, a huge F2 split her face. "You know I never say no to sashimi."

    I flash jumped out of my seat in pure joy. We were going to Aqua Road!

    After a last minute exchange of some fishing coins with Beryl (Soda wouldn't have been caught dead wearing last event's swimsuits), we packed our bags and caught the next ship to Orbis. Soda laughed watching me leap across the Ellinia airport carrying our suitcases. She had to teleport just to keep up with my flash jumps, but we were both in such high spirits that it only added to our anticipation.

    We made it to the red coral forest just before dusk, and decided to surface by Snowy Whale's Island to admire the view. A jovial young man named Nanuke and his three huskies were the only residents of this gentle giant's back, but were happy to share their space with us.

    "Welcome, welcome! And please excuse the dogs, they love visitors," he said apologetically as the pack bounded up to Soda and I, panting happily and with tails wagging furiously. "Oh, it's no bother," Soda smiled, scratching one behind the ears. "We kinda have a way with pups."

    As the dogs showered us with kisses, I glanced up at the stunning scene around us.
    The sky was streaked with deep smears of vermilion red and tangerine orange, and smudges of soft pink clouds fringed the edges of the setting sun. Its dappled reflection flickered across the shimmering surface of the sea, whose gentle waves broke against the sides of the whale in graceful sprays of froth and spume. Our breaths were visible in the icy air of the island, but I didn't feel cold. I reached for Soda's hand and we took in the view together.

    "Welcome to Aqua Road," I said happily. I had a feeling everything was going to go perfectly for us on this trip.

    I couldn't have known how wrong that feeling had been, but — I'm getting ahead of myself.

    That evening, we checked into our room in town and marveled at the beautiful coral architecture before calling it an early night; we had a big day ahead of us in the morning after all.

    "First thing on the itinerary," I held up our quest log proudly, "is snorkeling!"

    Soda squinted at the log and reached for it suspiciously. "How does this count as a que—"

    "Shhhhhh." I put my finger to her mouth persuasively, hiding the log behind my back with one hand. I didn't want her to see I'd just scribbled it over a favor Hughes had asked for his new invention — everything just looked fancier written in the log, after all.

    I saw the good old Soda eyebrow raise but magnanimously decided to ignore it. "Isn't every task, in its own way, a quest of some kind? Are we not but all of us, mere adventurers, on the grand quest of LIFE?"

    "Alright, that's enough," Soda ruffled my hair affectionately. "Let's just go, you weirdo."

    We had a lot of ground to cover, so Soda and I headed out right away.

    To the west of town were the cooler waters of the oceans beneath Orbis Tower and El Nath. Of course I knew we had passed through this way getting here last night, but... Soda and I looked at each other, and I shook my head in amazement. The landscape was completely transformed in the soft light of morning.

    Shoals of fish parted for us like curtains of glinting scales as we swam through Turban Shell Hill, and lobsters scuttered busily between the turban shells beneath us. Some of the intricate, ancient whorls of shells were studded with spikes, which caught and scattered the light playfully as the waves on the surface above rolled in perpetual motion. Golden anemones and colorful sea sponges clung to the craggy slabs of rock outcrops on the hill, and handsome Sparker seals grazed on them indulgently. Their sleek bodies rippled with sinew and I'd seen swords smaller than their tusks; nevertheless, they paid us no mind. Even the reactive Poison Poopa, with their reputation of ill-temperedness, puffed and floated around us carelessly.

    At the Red Coral Forest, clusters of the namesake coral grew in delicate crimson and violet spires, their branches reaching like spindly fingers for the warmth of the distant sun above. Regal Freezers swam nearby in packs, nursing their junior seal pups tenderly and deftly avoiding the sharp edges of gleaming crystals blooming out of the coral and rock.

    Our last stop on the route was the famed Crystal Gorge. The bedrock here surged up steeply, crystals encrusting almost every surface. Enormous prisms of amethyst and garnet lined the edges of the gorge, and smaller clumps of gems of every color had sprouted like weeds in each nook and cranny. Sunlight, filtered through the depths of water, danced off each facet, sending shimmers reflecting all around us. Here, the chubby junior seals tumbled with each other in clumsy play battles, oblivious to the beauty of their safe haven.

    We were breathless with wonder.

    After a while, the brisk chill of the water began to set in; Soda tugged my sleeve and I nodded. Time to head back. This time, passing by, I noticed a fork in the road just by the city limits. We had been drawn by the beautiful sights just beyond on one path, but the other led to a deep trench. I couldn't see very far into it; the shadows cast by the overhang obscured the end. Huh, I thought. Intriguing.

    When we finally reached the little dolphin sign at the outskirts of town, our stomachs had begun their indignant protest. Snorkeling sure had a way of working up a Mapler's appetite.

    I knew Soda had been eyeing some new gear as of late, and I wasn't exactly Jeff Mesos myself after splurging on some new sets of Balanced Furies the other day. With those things in mind, I proposed we try the local fare at Oannes' Grocery in the big Aqua Road department store. Soda nodded approvingly. "It'll be nice to be able to browse the other stores and do some window shopping too."

    Everyone in the department store was dressed in typical Aqua Road fashion — emulating the local sealife in flashy suits of sharkshin and turtle shell — but Oannes was particularly bold in their fashion, sporting a large pink and purple starfish hat and a matching skin-tight starfish suit. Soda and I found ourselves chatting up a storm with them while ordering two plates of Aqua Road's special fried shrimp.

    "Great choice, it's for sure one of our most popular specialties here," Oannes smiled as they started up the fryer with one hand. In the other, they balanced a beaker and vial with practiced ease.

    "One of?" Soda leaned on the counter curiously. "What else is Aqua Road known for?"

    "Oh, lots and lots! Honestly, the culinary scene here is one of the best in MapleLegends," Oannes boasted proudly. "For starters, you two mentioned you turned around a few hours into your morning dive, right? You absolutely need to try our famous air bubbles."

    "An air bubble? To eat?" I knew it was a bit rude but I couldn't help the F3 that briefly flashed across my face.

    Oannes burst into laughter at my expression. "Don't worry, we get that a lot! But yes, it's actually a consumable, and I promise it's a lot better than it sounds. Plus, it helps your body breathe air and regulate itself much better in the ocean. You won't get as cold or tired for a while after you've had one."

    I was skeptical, but they were affordable enough at 300 mesos a pop. As they packed them up for us, Soda chimed in, "You seem really knowledgeable about the food here — anything you think we absolutely need to try?" Oannes' face suddenly turned sly and mischievous.

    "Well," they murmured in a low voice. "It's definitely off-menu, but..." They leaned in conspiratorially. "If you bring me some of the deep sea gorge fish, I can make you guys something really special."

    Now it was my turn to raise an eyebrow. "It's not strictly legal," Oannes continued in a whisper, "since inexperienced tourists can die so easily, but it's an absolute MUST for any self-respecting Legends foodie. The entrances are really close to town too." An image floated up in my mind of the forked path again.

    "Hmm," Soda said, in that special tone she used to mean 'veeeery interesting.'

    We thanked them for our order and the advice and sat on a nearby bench to enjoy lunch.

    The shrimp was still piping hot, just out of the fryer, and my mouth was watering badly just looking at it. Soda stopped me from digging in right away ("You'll burn yourself. Plus, you know the camera always eats first. I wanna post it to my LegendsGram.") but I couldn't wait very long. After the photos were taken, I grabbed one by its perfect pink tail and took my first, impatient bite. It scalded my mouth deliciously, the pale golden tempura coming apart under my teeth to reveal the succulent shrimp meat underneath. The shrimp, which Oannes had informed us was freshly caught each morning, had a nice springy texture and beautifully sweet and mild taste, and the light layer of batter encasing the meat created a thin, crispy shell that crunched with every bite we took. For a while, all that could be heard was us two pups chowing down on our fried shrimps with gusto.

    When we had eaten them all down to the tails, Soda licked her lips and dabbed at them with a napkin. I smiled at her.

    "Good vacation?" I asked.

    "Good vacation," she agreed.

    We shook off the crumbs in our laps and got up to check out the whole department store. Our bellies full and our limbs pleasantly aching from the satisfaction of our swim, we spent the afternoon wandering around and chatting with the other vendors.

    I was ecstatic. Our first day on vacation had gone, as Soda would say, swimmingly.

    The next day, we decided to give our poor muscles, not yet used to the constant motions of treading water and the ever-present weight of the sea, a break and stay in town for the day. The buildings were thoughtfully kept drained and dry, a perfect respite for us landlubbers. They were even all connected by long, lamp-lit hallways for convenience.

    After a breakfast of more fried shrimp from Oannes (we were already addicted), we strolled leisurely down the center hall, basking in the cool glow of the various bio-luminescent lamps and ocean-themed decorations. Soda's sharp eyes saw the sign first. "Look! There's a zoo here!"

    "You chose the wrong class," I told her. She looked at me questioningly. "Because you have such... Sharp Eyes."

    I expected nothing less than an F7 for my awful joke, but to my surprise, Soda threw her head back and laughed instead. This summer vacation really WAS doing us a lot of good.

    A chipper zookeeper with a slick-looking jellyfish cap and dreads looked up as we entered the zoo. He waved at us with a piece of meat in hand, clearly having been in the middle of feeding.

    "I'm Kenta, the Zoo Trainer here," he introduced himself cheerfully. "Welcome to the Aquarium Zoo!"

    We were encouraged to take a look around and stay as long as we wanted - and, Kenta added, even to step into the enclosures ourselves if we were curious. "The animals won't pay you any mind at all, trust me. They're extremely docile."

    Soda looked behind him at the first exhibit. "I don't know," she said doubtfully. "On Victoria Island, those pigs can get pretty hostile. I visited Utah's Pig Farm once and even the tame ones got pretty rambunctious."

    "Give it a try," Kenta urged us, waving the meat again. "We have a 100% safety guarantee."

    I could've sworn a saw a meso glint and spin in Soda's eyes. "Is that backed by compensation?"

    "Of course!"

    Before I could say anything else, Soda had teleported herself into the enclosure before Kenta had even finished his sentence. She grimaced in anticipation of the pigs heading straight at her —

    — but to her surprise (and slight disappointment) they ambled right past her, oinking delicately.

    Kenta chuckled heartily at the simultaneous F6s on our faces. "Enjoy your stay, ladies!"

    It certainly made for a unique zoo experience. After our initial shock, Soda and I were fascinated. The informational displays were surprisingly educational about a species we had thought common. (Who knew the ribbons were a symbol of pig royalty!) As we climbed up the ladder to the next exhibit, I saw a cute orange cat curl up to nap on top of the sign and smiled. I guess cats are just everywhere in MapleLegends.

    The next two exhibits were even more imposing. Soda and I admired the towering Yeti lumbering around with two yipping White Fangs; we hopped in with only a little hesitation, and were rewarded with curious sniffs and a good-humored grumble. Even more intimidating was the fully-fledged Balrog pacing in the last enclosure, snarling and growling as he stomped about. I noticed the lovingly-painted backdrop they had installed in the exhibit was the spitting image of the Sleepywood sanctuaries.

    Muse, another zoo employee, stood by smiling, reassuring us that there was nothing to be worried about. "He's just as friendly as the rest of them! Feel free to hop on in."

    "Haha, sure," I said. "Go on, Soda."

    "Babe," Soda said. "I know how excited you were. You go first, haha."

    "Haha, no no..."

    In the end, after lots of excuses and after we had reread the display too many times to seem sincere, we loudly wondered about where the time had gone. Despite our cowardly intentions, it was true that the sun had already set. After a lazy evening lounging on the backs of sea turtles in town, we called it a night.

    We were ready and rested for our last day of ocean adventures in the morning. "What's on the docket, Captain Corn?" Soda was in a fine humor.

    "Very good, First Mate Soda. Today, we will be..." I paused for dramatic effect. "Diving for treasure and pearls!"

    "Ooh, exciting." Soda's sparkling eyes were full of greedy joy. She rubbed her hands together excitedly.

    We went to the shops to sell a few things to make room for our upcoming plunder and began to head out, when I suddenly remembered.

    "Oh right, the air bubbles!" I rummaged around in my inventory before pulling out two.

    Soda took one and stared at it curiously. "It's like a soap bubble," she commented. "I'm scared it'll pop if I hold it wrong."

    "Oannes did say they're less fragile than they look." I was less confident than I sounded.

    We shrugged. "Bottoms up!" I closed my mouth over the soft bubble, and made a noise of surprise as it gently burst in my mouth. The flavor was subtle, a buttery sweetness with a fruity tang that reminded me of shortbread cookies and jam on toast, but more surprising was its texture, somewhere wondrously between liquid and vapor. It rolled over my tongue, cool and insubstantial, and I felt as if I hardly needed to swallow at all. Next to me, Soda was looking pretty impressed as well. And to top it off, when we plunged back out into the stronger currents surrounding the city, our bodies did feel much more buoyant and light than they had on the first day.

    This time, we made our way in a new direction, towards the calmer — and warmer — waters eastward of town. Farther away from the wintery influences of El Nath from above, the oceans here were said to be more placid and hospitable. It was a welcome change as we dove for the sunken chests common to the area. They were heavy with the weight of mesos and valuables, and the water-swollen wood still needed a couple of whacks to break open, so it was a bit of a strenuous endeavor.

    While the temperature was still relatively cool, Soda and I quickly noticed that the fauna was much more diverse on this side. All around us, the east sea was teeming with life; rather than just the hardy Poopa fish and arctic seals and penguins, many types of fish lived in the kelp forests and coral reefs here. The balloon-shaped Mask Fish, who swam with short jerks due to its unwieldy body; the sullen-looking Flower Fish, whose large mouth and thick lips facilitated its bottom-feeding lifestyle; the prim and proper Krip, whose bright red color immediately made my mouth water, thinking of its shrimp meat; the pop-eyed Bubble Fish, with its characteristic squeal and perpetual expression of endearing brainlessness. All of them were neighborly inhabitants of this region, and it showed even in the structure of their dwellings.

    As we followed the trail of chests farther through the Seaweed Tower and Sand Castle Playground, we were deeply charmed by the sophisticated design of the reefs. They had an almost city-like look to them due to the way numerous ledges, each populated by sandy dwellings, protruded from the tall stacks of coral and stone. "Look," Soda pointed. "They even have clam-shell traffic signs to direct shoals of fish." Even the plant life seemed more lush and abundant here (I lost Soda a couple of times when she drifted out of view behind tall fronds of waving seaweed, and she did the same when I wandered off).

    By the time we reached Big Fish Valley, we were both flushed with exertion and laden with treasure. I passed Soda another air bubble and popped one myself. "My inventory is filling up faster than I thought it would."

    Soda grinned. "Same here." She leaned over to show me a fistful of ancient meso coins, glittering gems, and antique equips that were surely worth a fortune. I whistled appreciatively.

    "That's the last of the chests, according to this," I said, squinting at the minimap in my hand. "But the giant oysters should be nearby."

    Past the aptly-named valley, we were greeted by warm, placid currents streaming past us. We had reached the tropical sea. The ocean floor was visible here, blanketed by big sheets of algae and dotted with stacks of purple and blue shelf-like coral. Huge starfish and giant oysters lay basking in the sand, and blooms of mushrooms and kelp grew every which way.

    As Soda nudged and pried open clams for their huge pearls, I shooed away the curious Krappy clownfish and territorial Cico seahorses who were starting to crowd around us. "My inventory is almost full," she called to me. "We should head back soon." I nodded.

    On the way back, I studied the pearls intently, enchanted by the lustrous gleam of their milky, iridescent surfaces. Absently, I thought they'd have made a gorgeous necklace for Soda — if they hadn't been the size of chicken eggs.

    We'd scored quite lovely souvenirs today, all things considered.

    After we got back to town, we decided to take the Dolphin Taxi on a ride to the Sharp Unknown and back for a little sight-seeing. The ride there was so comfortable and quick, it had felt nigh instantaneous, but we were contented to reach the end of the known sea region, a popular spot where Pinboom sea urchins and a handful of Seacle seahorses often gathered.

    "I think I'll stay out a bit longer," I told Soda. "You can go on ahead and go back without me."

    "Alright, remember to use a return scroll if you get too tired." Soda gave me a kiss on the cheek before leaving.

    I bit back a smile of excitement. I had secretly saved a dozen slots to catch tonight's dinner — I hoped Soda would enjoy it. To the deep sea gorge with me!

    That night, I presented Soda with a feast. "I promised you sashimi," I said proudly, "So here it is!"

    Laid before us was a spread of meticulously arranged fishmeats. Oannes had expertly cut the pieces for me. There were petal-like slices of Flower Fish, butterflied pieces of sweet Krip and Seruf ebi, plump and juicy cuts of Bubble Fish, delicate filets of Mask Fish, and lean Sparker and fatty Freezer seal meat sashimi, with the skin lightly seared on top. In addition to the sashimi, I had also prepared Pinboom uni, served in its own prickly black shell; Gobi unagi, broiled and slathered with tare sauce; rolls topped with Poopa roe; fried, crispy Krappy skins; Seacle tails, skewered and grilled with salt and pepper; strips of rich and chewy butter-roasted Risell squid; and soup made from a frozen cooked Cold Shark's fin (Oannes claimed they were sustainably hunted here).

    I watched anxiously as Soda took her first bite of fish.

    And her second.

    And her third.

    And her — okay, she loved it. I reached for a piece myself eagerly.

    The fresh taste of the ocean, the melt-in-your-mouth texture, the simple preparation and seasoning that only further complemented its natural flavors... I sighed blissfully around my mouthful. I had done well.

    We ate like kings, ravenously and without abandon, and before we knew it, our plates were clean.

    "So I take it you liked it?"

    "I'm fat now but thank you."


    "Wow," Soda sighed happily. "I love Aqua Road."

    "I hate Aqua Road," Soda groaned, head bent over the toilet.

    "Babe, I am so sorry," I yelped through the bathroom door. "I swear, they looked EXACTLY the same as the regular Poopa!"

    I had poisoned my SodaPup. I thought I was being generous when I let her have all of the roe rolls last night, but... As it turned out, both Poopa and Poison Poopa lay eggs — delicious eggs — but only one of them was safe to eat. Just our luck.

    "Corn, DO SOMETHING." Soda did not sound like a happy pup in there. As it also turned out, heal did not do particularly much for food poisoning. Go figure.

    "Okay, okay," I jumped up hastily. "I'm making an FM run! Stay right there!" I felt especially appreciative of the FM portal today, one of the modern marvels of the MapleLegends world. Nothing beat the convenience of being able to stop in any town and warp right in. The Free Market was a welcome and familiar sight, though I didn't waste any time lingering at my usual haunts — reluctantly, I flash jumped past Cider City, and didn't even bother to grab an egg at PoultryWoman's store. Now, where was it... ahah! A pot shop!

    I breathed out a sigh of relief, handing the 7-Eleven clerk a bag of mesos as I stuffed my inventory with all-cure potions.

    Back at home, Soda's face finally regained some color as she gulped down the all-cures. "Ugh," she gasped, leaning back in exhaustion.

    "I'm sorry," I said again dejectedly, patting her on the shoulder. "For ruining our vacation."

    Soda was quiet for a moment, contemplating my pitiful F4, before saying, "This was the perfect summer vacation, babe."

    I perked up. "Really? Even though I almost killed you?"

    "Don't push it." She ruffled my hair fondly. "I had a lot of fun swimming and exploring, and we even got some treasure to take home out of it. And any vacation with you is perfect, silly."


    "Even though you're not a very Clever Cookie..."

    "Hey!" But we were grinning at one another.

    Yeah, we were going to miss Aqua Road.

    • Where did you go?
      Aqua Road
    • What 3 activities did you do?
      Snorkeling and observing local marine life, visiting the Aquarium Zoo, diving for treasure
    • What was your favorite meal?
      Fried shrimp and native Aqua Road sushi
    • What did you bring back as a souvenir?
      Sunken treasure and huge pearls

    Also, bonus:
    swimmingcrystal.png shrimpies.png zoo.png sniffsniff.png treasure.png swimmingpose.png tropicalpearl.png treasurepearl2.png sharpunknown.png sodasbadday.png swimmingfm.png wegonnamiss.png
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  13. maxreber

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    Apr 20, 2020
    11:04 AM
    Dark Knight
    The metallic taste of copper... and a sharp pain...."What...what's happening?" I ask myself as my fingers scan my lower abdomen detecting a deep wound, some sort of shrapnel has struck me... my mouth overflows with dark red, almost purple blood, "Shin...! SHIN! GET UP!" My mother yells with an intensely shrill voice, the sound echoes and alerts my system, shocking me into a more conscious state. My eyes open and quickly scan my environment. I'm met with a sinister sky, shades of orange gradate into gray, flames pillar in my peripheral vision. A cold air tunnels into my chest and through my bones... I've found myself on the deck of a ship, above the clouds. The atmosphere feels suffocating, the altitude too much to bear especially with how weak I feel....

    I suddenly lay eyes on my mother, her face molded in terror staring directly at me. Her position was obstructed by a dark silhouette.....

    I see a creature, as tall as the trees back home. The beast's physical description matches that of one I've only read about in old scrolls from the library in Ellinia. The Bat Demon... or more commonly known as the Crimson Balrog. I think to myself how all of this could even be possible and become quickly interrupted by the sharp pain in my side, it throbs intensely and jolts my body back to the ground briefly incapacitating me.


    "SHIN?! SHIN! SHIN!!!" My mother screams.

    In that moment my eyes mechanically shift focus, as if I had no control at all, on a piece of tattered paper shooting through the air across the skyline, I can somehow make out the words written on it...

    ~Parks bloom, a vibrant place to be~

    ~Ferry's flight, on wings of dreams,
    through skies of wonder, gleams and beams~

    ~Tower's heights, puzzles to unveil,
    adventures spun in Orbis' tale.~

    That's right... We were on our way to Orbis, the city in the sky. A place I was always dreaming of visiting as a child. My parents finally said yes and we planned our whole trip to go explore this place, the most wondrous city on the world map!

    I remember drawing up a detailed itinerary for us to follow once we got there...

    1. Firstly I wanted to explore Cloud Park. A lush vibrant area filled with colorful flora and fauna with different zones that contain unique landscapes and creatures. There's a famous photography expedition tour you can go on because Cloud park offers some of the most breathtaking views in all of Orbis. I've even heard there's a secret cafe deep within the gardens where you can get Cloud Cakes! They apparently taste like cotton candy!

    2. Secondly, I wanted to visit Orbis Tower, the centerpiece of the whole city! I've heard it has many mysterious quests, tower climbing races, and mini games! I wanted to uncover truths of the city and solve intricate puzzles to unlock hidden treasures that infamously hide within-and-in-between the walls of the tower.

    3. Thirdly... I was looking forward to flying high up in the sky to greet the city for the first time on the famous Cloud Ferry.......

    "SHIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" "GET UP!" My mother shrieks to wake me up from a state of wavering consciousness...

    "Whaa..... mom..... ? ...... where are we????..."

    That's right, I'm on the ferry... amidst a nightmarish event.... This isn't a dream, this is REAL LIFE. I have to survive and find safety but my mom is currently standing face to face with the Balrog! What CAN I DO?!... ...That's it! I have a sharp piece of shrapnel in my side... maybe if I'm able to remove it I can throw it at the Balrog to gain a minute of time and grab my mom in and retreat into the cabin of the ship...

    ....I reach down and grab the shrapnel with my full fist, preparing to unlodge it from my side.

    My mom catches a glimpse of my plan and screams at me,

    The urgency in my mother's voice stops me dead in my tracks. I pause, realizing the gravity of my situation. She's right; removing the shrapnel could worsen the bleeding... but still I summon all the strength I can muster and manage to prop myself up into a sitting position, clutching my side to apply some pressure on the wound.

    I notice my mother taking a step back, trying to maintain a distance from the Balrog, but the monstrous creature relentlessly closes in on her with menacing strides. My heart races as I realize the urgency of the situation. I must find a way to distract or incapacitate the Balrog to buy us some precious time.

    Frantically searching the area for anything that could help, I spot a discarded crate nearby. It's not much, but it's the best weapon I can find. With one hand still pressed against my bleeding side, I crawl over to the crate and heave it up, struggling with the weight. The Balrog's fiery eyes are fixated on my mother, and I know I need to act fast.

    Summoning every ounce of courage I possess, I hurl the crate with all my strength towards the Balrog. It crashes against the colossal demon's back, drawing its attention away from her for a brief moment. The Balrog lets out an ear-piercing roar of anger, its flames flaring brighter as it luckily turns to confront what it thinks is a new threat but is only the destroyed crate. Seizing this fleeting opportunity, I crawl as quickly as I can back to my mother, grabbing her hand.

    "Mom, we need to move, now!" I urge her, my voice trembling with fear and determination.

    She nods, and she lifts me up as we stagger away from the enraged Balrog, heading towards the cabin door of the ship. We make it inside and see a few other passengers quivering in fear, their faces torn with defeat. My mother notices their innocent faces and stops, her chest heaving with exhaustion. She looks at me with a mixture of love and determination, her eyes welling with tears.

    "Shin, take this," she says, unclasping a necklace from her neck.

    It's a beautiful pendant, a family heirloom with a glimmering Moon Rock situated tightly within a beautifully shaped golden cradle. "Remember me, always."

    Before I can protest, she kisses my forehead and steps out back outside the cabin of the ship. With unwavering resolve, she sprints towards the Balrog, wielding a piece of metal she found on the deck. I watch in awe and terror as she confronts the colossal creature, using every ounce of her strength and bravery to protect me and the rest of the passengers onboard. She strikes the balrog and pulls it offboard along with herself. The Balrog and my mother let out one last beastly roar in unison as they plummet down into the clouds. I stand in silence.... shocked as to the scene that unfolds before me.... how could I have known what would happen, and if I believed in the fairytales would I have taken the risk to venture to the city of Orbis in the first place? A million questions race through my head, what if's, why me's, what now....?


    Hours later the ferry finally reaches the ethereal city of Orbis, its towering spires and mystical aura left me awestruck. City guards, clad in gleaming armor and bearing symbols of ancient power rushed aboard to tend to the passengers, including me. I allowed myself to be led to the ship's celestial infirmary, where healers with knowledge of ancient magic awaited.

    Clutching the pendant my mother had entrusted to me I felt the feeling of loss for the first time in my life.

    Lying on a bed adorned with intricate runes, I gazed upon the pendant and felt the weight of my mother's love and sacrifice, like a precious gem in my heart.
    "Dearest mother," I whispered, my voice carrying the echoes of home, of Ellinia and it's distant forests, "I shall forever cherish your valor, and my love for you shall burn as bright as the stars above this majestic city. Your bravery, a beacon in the night, will guide me through the wonders and challenges of this world......"

      • Where did you go?
        • Orbis
      • What 3 activities did you do? Well... I wanted to 1. Explore Cloud Park 2. Visit Orbis Tower 3. Ride the Cloud Ferry
      • What was your favorite meal? I've heard good things about the Cloud Clakes at the cafe deep within the gardens in Cloud Park, I'd love to try it once I recover from my wounds.
      • What did you bring back as a souvenir? A Pendant my Mother left me in her last moments...

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  14. Cabbagehead

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    Nov 10, 2021
    12:04 AM
    Prologue: The Journey Begins
    The scorching sun hang in Orbis' sky, I walked down Orbis Ticketing Booth, passed through the crowd and toward Mu Lung station. I handed the meso to Hak, and carefully climbed up the cabin made of fabric. Flipping its wings, the crane took off into the sky. Along with the wind, the memories of the last summer vacation started flowed in. Relaxing view, blinking lights, catchy dance music, and cheerful atmosphere all make the festival enjoyable. As for me, the main factor that decides if it's successful is definitely foods. From the boring steak, to the cloying cake, they were a shame and made me determine to create my own dishes using ingredients found across Ossyria this year.

    Ch1: A Fruitful Stroll in Mu Lung
    I strolled through the peach farm of Mu Lung. Unexpectedly, a blue shadow fell down from a tree. "Aww...oh hello traveler! Long time no see." The panda stroked his head and said. "Hello Tae Soo, how are the peach trees these days?" I waved to him. "Thanks to your help last time, the trees grew well and fast! Though now we got a new problem, there are too many peaches to harvest; I can barely handle it on my own. I'm worried that at this rate, the peaches will either overripe or being stolen by the animals. If it's okay to ask, can you give me a hand here?" I nodded happily and said, "Sure! Leave it to me." With Tae Soo stepping aside, I started concentrating mana in my palm, then jumped up and swung down my arms. Bonk! A huge bright hammer slammed the ground, causing all peaches falling down like rain, while also deterred nearby animals from coming close to the trees. Tae Soo shook and rushed to one of the tree, inspecting it and yelled, "I didn't ask you to do this! Now the trees...Huh? The trunk seems perfectly fine...and there's a thin layer of ice surrounded the peaches." He turned around to look at me with confusion. "I charged my hammer with ice power. Since it's a non-lethal attack, the trees won't get hurt." I explained. "Thank you so much traveler! You helped me again. How can I return your flavor?" I pointed at an empty basket under one of the tree and smiled, "If you don't mind, can I take a basket of peaches?"

    Ch2: Gulping Down Aqua Road
    Surrounded by the refreshing water, and colorful creatures swam by, I clung on the Dolphin Taxi, riding toward Aquarium. I stopped by the town to get some exclusive tasty fried shrimp. With merely a bite of its golden crispy breading with tender and fresh meat inside, you can capture the lively feelings of aqua road. When I was about to leave, Kenta walked by and greeted me, "Hello traveler, where are you heading for? There has been many people getting injured by an unknown dark monster while venturing in aqua dungeon; thus I strongly advise you not to go there." I pondered for a sec and replied, "Thanks for telling me; however, just like what my master often said, 'no boldness make no delicacy.' Since there is a crucial ingredient for my dish that can only be acquired at that place, I must go." He sighed and shook his head, "Well, if you insist on going, can you scout more information about it for us? The things we know so far is that the monster seems able to cast strong magic while also being really tough. Many adventurers tried to take it down but that didn't end well. Use this scroll if things get out of control." Grabbing the return scroll and my bag, I plunged again into the ocean.

    Ch3: A Feast with a Beast?
    As I diving deeper and deeper, the surrondings only getting darker and darker. It's barely possible to see the way from the dimming light of sea fireflies. All of a sudden, a bolt of blue lightning surged toward me! I quickly raised my shield to block it, but still could feel the powerful magic punched on me. Assuming the assault was coming from the cave, I cautiously approached it step by step. A giant and ominous shadow lurked in. Holding my breath and grabbing my shield and sword tight, I dashed through the shadow with only shield in front of me. While this couldn't damage the monster, it let me get into the cave successfully. A cold, sharp voice snarled in the dark, "Why are you here, human? Get out of here now!" Carta walked toward me with a scrunchy face, "Thanks to you human bombarded with magic in my territory, now I can't continue my research, and...*grrrr*" Although Carta quickly turned away, her blush on her face could still vaguely be seen. "I can help you collecting research materials and making a delicious and square meal; just that I'd need the permission to hunt in nearby area." "Hmph. These are what I need, you better return with a satisfying result." Therefore, I started collecting all kinds of materials, from yellow to green, from the deep dungeon to up aqua road. After everything is packed, I went back to Aquarium zoo to report the situation to Kenta while borrowed his kitchen to cook my homemade dishes. First, I washed all the raw ingredients clean. Then, sliced the peaches into quarters, mixed them with pure water, sugar and gelatin powder, then started heating them in a pot until boiled, poured it into a round mold and put it into refrigerator. Second, I put cuts of sea horse tail, seal meat and artemisia into another pot and simmered it for one hour. While waiting the stew cooking, I threaded squid and shrimp meat onto Pinboom's needle, soaked in honey and grilled them on a heated round stone. Lastly, I separated Bubble Fish's slime apart and poured the stew into it. With all three dishes packed, I headed for Carta's cave.

    "Hmm. You did get all the stuff I required. Let's see what kind of meal you got here." Carta sniffed. When she opened up the wrapper, what presented inside are three ball-shaped delicacies of different colors - yellow, pink and teal. "Don't try to pull a trick on me...Wait...This food..." Her eyes widened, "The kebab starts with a golden crispy and sweet coating, then immediately the juicy and tender meat comes in. It's like having a relaxing walk in the sunset, and take a comfy hot bath afterwards. Then this...ah the soup mixes the stickiness of sea horse tail, the beefy and flavorful seal meat, with Bubble Fish's slime and artemisia balance the fishy odor with delicate freshness. I feel like just traveled around aqua road in a slip. What is the flavor of this jelly? It's fresh, luscious and smooth, what a perfect ending to the meal." Suddenly, she fixed her eyes on me and said, "Can you make more of these for me?" I smiled at her and said, "Glad you're enjoying it. Actually, I will start up a stall in Angler's Rest later on. Feel free to come by!" Waving to her and left.

    ️️ Epilogue: A Tasty Summer for Everyone
    The sun still scorched in the sky, yet I felt more energetic than usual, preparing dishes back and forth in my stall. Seeing every customer left with a satisfied look, this is the most pleasant and tasty summer vacation for me!
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  15. eli_b

    eli_b Mano

    Aug 30, 2023
    12:04 PM
    I hate summer.

    The heat is unbearable, the sand uncomfortable, and the ocean reminds me of my mother. But every year, somehow, everyone manages to convince me that Florina Beach is the hot spot for vacation.

    Not this time.

    The mountains have called to me, ever since I was little. Since before I had a proper job, since before I'd even slain a snail. The mountains have always spoke to me in a way nothing ever has. When you're a beginner, you get a taste of of what they look like and a sneak peak at the adventure that awaits. Back then, I knew it would be quite some time before I could even handle stepping in the snowy grounds of El Nath.

    At level 50, it's finally my time. I don't care how many have made the journey before, this moment would be special for me.

    With my funds being what they are, I had to take the old fashioned route, through the boat and down the tower. Nothing too eventful, though I was surprised to learn there was an ocean below Orbis.

    Well, it didn't matter much. I swam back up and climbed through the basement to make it back to El Nath.

    It was a LOT colder than I thought.

    I mean, yes, I knew it was cold but not actually damaging me cold. Thankfully, a local hunter kindly directed me in the direction of the potion shop when I could temporarily alleviate my state.

    There I tasted the most delicious pastry that's every graced my mouth. Unlike the potions and food items you'd get on Victoria Island, I didn't feel replenished or refreshed. Instead, a soft warm envelooed my whole body. It felt like steam was radiating from every inch of my skin. When I stepped outside, l no longer felt the frigid cold piercing my body.

    Now that I wasn't freezing, I noticed that I was actually gliding across the ground. I'm sure this would be inconvenient for the average mapler, but wow, this was fun. I slid all around the map, running and jumping around for about 30 minutes.

    At which point, my delicious warm bun wore off.

    An old man noticed me shivering and was kind enough to let me know he could make a cape that would eliminate the need for buns--delicious as they were. It seemed I had almost all the materials...

    ...except for the 2 Hector tails.

    I didn't know who this "Hector" was but I figured the hunter from earlier could help. He let out a mumbled grunt and pointed in the direction of the portal toward the monsters. I asked if maybe he could spare, like, two, seeing as he had a whole coat of them. He just grunted again and walked away.

    It was worth a try.

    I had to kill 5 of them before I got 2 tails.

    I headed back to the old man and he made me wonderfully furry brown cloak. Sure enough, it kept me warm as the bun had.

    Just one more thing to do before I could get to my goal. I had just enough mesos for the VIP cab.

    The pre-quest was a snap--I'm kind of an expert at jump quests, it's the one thing I'm really good at. Fire can't burn a good jumper.

    So now for the hard part: convincing someone to get me my precious souvenir for free.

    The party already there didn't have a buyer, and when I told them my wonderful story about my dreams of the mountains, they happily agreed to let me loot a helm for free.

    So there it was, my summer for a Zhelm. Much better than the beach.
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  16. OP

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    Aug 26, 2020
    12:04 PM
    Hello everyone! At this time, the window to submit new entries is now closed.

    Our Staff is so excited to review all your wonderful submissions! Stay tuned for a future announcement for our Community Event winners.

    As a reminder, please make sure you use up all your Bait Points, Bait, and exchange the last of your leftover Event related items as the Event Map and its exchanges will be closing in a few days (about a week).
  17. Esmo

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    Nov 8, 2019
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    oh the staff team decides who wins? maybe let the community decide? I think my vacation is pretty good and I have a minor chance of winning
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  18. Lirbo

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    Night Lord
    ⚔️ Beaters
    I like the idea, but you've got quite influential individuals around the community.
    While I support the idea the community should decide, I think such people can naturally get the votes of many players merely because of who they are rather than the quality of their content :cautious:
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