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Easy First-Char Journal - Low NX, Lightly-Washed White Knight

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Journeys' started by Cak33, May 4, 2021.

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  1. Cak33

    Cak33 Mr. Anchor

    Oct 24, 2019
    10:19 AM
    Hello, I've been wanting to create a new character for awhile, however due to my indecisiveness, I did not start any.

    After some thoughts, I've decided to create a paladin which will use only a little NX. Since its a low-NX paladin, might as well create a new account on it, and play it as if its my first character. There ain't many journals that focuses on the practicality of lightly-washed warriors. Is it because its not as practical as it seems, or everyone just washes to 30k anyways due to how easy it is? Perhaps this journal will be great for figuring it out if light-washed are still practical or no. Tbh, I'm also inspired by Ainz's washing-doable-journal and Xdra's unwashed paladin, hence this journal.

    Well, its always easy to start something out, but will I finish it? :/

    Also the motivation for creating this character, if anyone's interested:
    The main motivation for me right now is due to only having one bossing level character, a lvl 160 Hero at this time of writing. This caused me some issues where I had to think about who I go bossing with - for eg, If I had a guild zak run today, I won't be ablt to join a random afk run which may earn me some good mesos. Having a second character gives me more freedom on how many times I can go a content for, and no I don't own any mage character so using them is out of the question.

    Due to gtop being wonky, I'm so far only able to vote on two accounts - one on my main account (with a lvl 160 Hero) and another on an alt where I prepare for a range char, if I decided to make one. Thus I do not want to spend a huge amount of NX on this character.

    Screenshot of my diceroll:

    Screenshot of starting with 0 NX:

    Main Goals for NotHelpful:
    - 17k HP by lvl 140-150
    - Have some decent gears I guess?
    - 120+ Claymore
    - 107+ RK or 125+ Sparta w/ 14+ wa shield
    - 27+ Dex Rav/Scar/Zak
    - 3-5+ wa PGC/BFC, with STR scrolled
    - Tier 3 or Tier 4 Monster Book Ring
    - Join Zak Runs
    - Join CWKPQ Runs
    - Join HT 12 man afew times, and hopefully 10 man at least once.

    Some challenges:
    - No usage of FM until I buy my zak helm. Exception will be to buy gold tooth.
    - Never sell stuffs on FM.
    - No selling fame, and donation of any sort.
    - Any good scrolls I get well, goes to my main account Q.Q
    - No leeching of any sort
    - Can have mules, must be on same account.
    - Can share resources with mules via Storage Keeper.

    Mules Restrictions:
    - Mainly same as NotHelpful
    -> No fundings from other players (exception will be from NotHelpful via Storage Keeper)
    -> FM banned until NotHelpful gets a zak helm.
    -> Useful items gets transferred to my main char, or main mules.
    -> One direction transfers -> Can donate to others, but no receiving donations from others (other than from NotHelpful via Storage Keeper)
    - Can share resources with NotHelpful via Storage Keeper.

    Thats about it I guess? Hope I'll be motivated enough to complete this simple journal, and hope the no-leech portion doesn't kill me.
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