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Ellin Forest Quest line

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by shot, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. shot

    shot Capt. Latanica Retired Staff

    Oct 31, 2017
    1:24 PM
    I know this has been suggested already, but I would love to see the quest line being implemented in Ellen forest.
    As of right now, the only reason for people to travel there is to explore, which I think the area itself is under looked a lot. Adding a quest line here would not only make the map more streamlined, but also serve as another good place to do quests and earn exps at around level 45s.

    Another reason why I am suggesting it is because the ML library states that a lot of quests and its following scripts are already present in the game. Sure, some scripts are still not completely finished yet, but I think it is definitely in the realm of possibility that can be eventually implemented.

    I would love to see this area being utilized more!
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  2. Poofcakes

    Poofcakes Pizzatarian Retired Staff

    May 8, 2015
    The Netherlands
    8:24 PM
    What you're seeing on poof.ml is a post-bigbang questline (pre-bigbang Ellin Forest didn't have any quests besides Aran's job quests), that I once added in because people have always asked for Ellin quests since the place is so empty.

    The are several reasons why they haven't been released yet.
    1. Originally these were high level quests with high level EXP reward, so the EXP needs to be lowered to be more appropriate for level 45 in v62.
    2. The quests that were added only go up until the boar killing quest (http://www.poof.ml/?p=quest&id=31222), and then straight to the end quest (http://www.poof.ml/?p=quest&id=31232). This is because I didn't want to alter the existing Ellin Forest maps, and to add the rest of the questline (where you have to kill a boar boss, fairies and a fairy boss) would have required me to add post-bigbang Ellin Forest maps, which doesn't feel very appropriate for a nostalgic pre-bigbang server. So basically, the dialogue of these last 2 quests needs to be changed so that they actually match together, and the reward needs to be changed to replace the medal that it originally rewards (currently a simple sword so that the quest wouldn't crash anyone hue).

    Now you're probably thinking that altering these things shouldn't be hard, but the hard part is more so the decision making of how to alter the quests. The staff wants to use the quests in a fun way with a fun reward, but they're not done yet discussing what it should be. Also other things have always taken higher priority, such as the seasonal events that are always going on. I guess this could be turned into a suggestion thread of what to do with the quests(?). I think that'd be helpful to the staff.
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  3. ProTato

    ProTato Windraider

    Jun 27, 2017
    11:24 AM
    Night Lord
    I didn't even know Ellin Forest exist in Legends MapleF6
  4. Alyosha

    Alyosha Skelegon Retired Staff

    Mar 9, 2017
    11:24 AM
    Dark Knight
    I'd love to see quests added to the area, right now there isn't much of a reason to go. Lately the last couple of content patches(barring events) have catered to 3rd and 4th job, with Ulu and Taipei 101, and rumors of Neo-Tokyo somewhere in the horizon. It would just be nice to have a lower level update because I always love playing on my nibs. <3 Ellin PQ would also be pretty fun.

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