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Recruiting Hogwarts

Discussion in 'Guilds' started by Dzora, May 18, 2017.

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  1. Dzora

    Dzora King Slime

    May 28, 2017
    5:18 PM
    Hogwarts Logo.png

    Welcome to Hogwarts !

    About Us.png
    Hogwarts was created in November 2015, and still going strong! We're an active and social community, with over 20 members online regularly, that does a bit of everything in game. We highly value friendship, kindness and loyalty. You'll find us PQ'ing/Grinding/Zak/HT together, taking on various quests, helping each other out, doing GPQs on an almost daily basis, having in-guild events and simply growing strong together just like a family. We also have a guild discord which we use actively.

    Our Alliance is Imperia and consists of Tempus, Twice and California.

    As expected, we do follow the Hogwarts Theme.

    Abby CaelestiaCaelestia - Headmaster

    Kosmic - (Head of Hufflepuff)

    Snerfette- (Head of Slythering)
    Clexa- (Head of Ravenclaw)
    Dzora / Gonorrhea- (Head of Gryffindor)
    Lionheart - (Professor)
    Dumbledore dumbledoredumbledore - (Headmaster on vacation)

    Abbadon - (Head of Slythering)
    Kgan - (Professor of Huffelpuff)
    Spyro - (Professor of Slytherin)
    AngelGimmick - (Professor of Ravenclaw)
    Bocc - (Professor of Gryffindor and vice - Headmaster)
    SlashxMe - (Professor)
    Sweeet - (Professor)
    Cafe - (Professor of Slytherin)

    Any member of Hogwarts over the level of 50 will get the Student rank and be sorted into a House.

    How the Sorting Hat works?

    One of the Professors or the Headmaster himself will roll a dice, and
    depending on the number it gets, the player will be sorted.

    1_ * Gryffindor
    2_ Hufflepuff
    3_ Ravenclaw
    4_ Slytherin
    5_ Reroll
    6_ House of your choice

    4 houses.jpg

    House Cup.png
    There are various ways of obtaining points for your house. Every second month, the house with the most points wins the House Cup and every member of the winning house will be rewarded.
    1. * Gryffindor - 0 Points
    1. Hufflepuff - 0 Points
    1. * Ravenclaw - 0 Points
    1. Slytherin - 0 Points

    Even though we are a fun bunch, we do have a few rules that we ask each member to always follow.
    1. Respect the server's T&C
    2. Respect the guild and every member
    3. Respect the players outside of the guild the same way as you do to members
    4. Be loyal, mature and active
    5. Speak English (a language everyone understands as we are all a one big family)

    want to join.png
    Fill out this application form below and, if accepted, the Headmaster or one of the Professors will contact you in game.
    Activeness (1-10):
    Why would you like to join?:

    Hope to see you all in game !
    Love, Hogwarts
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
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