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How to Wash to Infinity

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Hiyo, Oct 20, 2017.

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  1. Hiyo

    Hiyo Balance Team Staff Member Balance Team

    Sep 21, 2016
    8:14 AM
    NOTE: You are not required to wash this much nor will you ever need to wash this much to do any of MapleLegends content. Most of the content's HP goals can be achieved with regular washing.

    HP Required for all of MapleLegends' bosses:
    9.8k + HB for Castellan
    8.7k + HB for Neo Tokyo
    5.6k + HB for Horntail
    3.3k for Zakum

    Hello everyone, I'm here to teach you how to wash to 30k HP as a bowmaster/nightlord and be the best madman on ML.

    I will explain the process in 5 steps under spoilers with numbers and explanations. Numbers will be in spoilers rather than tables from programs and what not (
    mainly because im lazy...)

    Please note these calculations are based on INT Gear and MW20.
    Tested on MapleLegends, Fresh AP yields 16~20 HP and AP Reset yields a 16 HP.

    Helm +14INT- lvl0
    Sword +8INT- lvl0
    Stolen Wooden Fence +8INT- lvl5
    White Sock +2INT- lvl10
    Yellow Work Gloves +12INT - lvl10
    Single Earring/Amethyst Earring +10INT- lvl15
    Bathrobe M/F +24INT- lvl20
    Raggedy Cape +10INT- lvl25
    Raccoon Mask +11INT- lvl35
    Deputy Star +5INT- lvl50

    Optional- (Not Included in calculations)
    Zakum Helmet +13~40INT- lvl50 (Clean~Scrolled)
    Yellow Adventurer Cape 16INT- lvl50
    Yellow Gaia Cape 16INT- lvl65
    Horntail Pendant (Egged) 21~23INT- lvl120

    Step 1 - The Beginning:

    For AP distribution you will have to start with 10INT from lvl1. You need every single excess mana point possible. You will stop with 300 base INT at lvl63.
    Levels 1-6: 35INT
    Levels 7-10: Go to Victoria Island and wear your INT Gear (Sword + Helm + Shield) 68INT from gear + MW20 and get your desired minimum stat for your job advancement (25DEX).
    Levels 10-30: Keep adding INT and wear your INT Gear at the appropriate levels (bathrobe at 20 etc).
    Levels 30-63: Keep adding into INT until you reach base INT is 300.

    You will have a TOTAL EXCESS during the 1st step: 1406 MP

    Step 2 MP Madness:

    Cost: 254 AP Resets (787,400 NX)
    So in step 2 you will do the following for 51 levels through the following procedure:
    Fresh AP is used on +MP
    Resets are -MP +Stat

    You will do this step from levels 64-95 with +INT, example:
    Fresh AP + MP >> AP Reset -MP >> +INT

    At level 95 you SHOULD have 600 TOTAL INT
    Then, you will do the same process from 96-115 with +DEX/LUK, example:
    Fresh AP + MP >> AP Reset -MP >> +DEX/LUK
    But at lvl115 ONLY USE 4AP ON +MP AND LEAVE 1 UNUSED.

    You will have a TOTAL EXCESS of 13,506 MP from MP washing and level up MP.

    Step 3 The Endless Loop of Waiting:

    Cost: 988 AP Resets (3,062,800 NX)
    During this step, you will use that 1 unused AP to do +HP and then the magical process of endless washing begins.
    Repeat these 2 steps 988 times:
    1- Use Reset to minus an AP from MP and add it to HP
    2- Repeat until you reach base MP.

    The actual excess MP being washed is: 11,864
    Total HP gain: 15,808

    Step 4 Regular HP Washing to 200:

    Cost: 425 AP Resets (1,317,500 NX)
    This step is the easiest, because everyone knows how to wash normally. With 600 total INT, you should be able to wash every 5 AP from level up. Each Fresh AP will give 16~20
    How to wash regularly:
    1- Fresh AP + HP
    2- AP Reset - MP >> + Stat
    3- Repeat steps 1-2 until you have no more Fresh AP.

    HP Gain will range from 6,800~8500 HP.

    Step 5 Resetting base INT:

    Cost: 456 AP Resets (1,413,600 NX)
    Reset your Base INT at level 200 and use your AP Resets and do -INT +DEX/LUK.
    And you're done with hell!

    Tips that are useful to know:

    - You get 1,825,000 NX per year which is 588.7 AP Resets per year.
    - You might want to MP Wash from lvls 197-200 incase you are missing 500HP from 30k.
    - Second and Third Job Advancement are possible through Scrolled gear with DEX/LUK/WA + Amorian Basket (accuracy pot buff) and Heart Stoppers/Onyx Apples (attack pot buffs).
    - Fourth Job Advancement, get help killing Manon+Griffey or buy Secret Spell Scroll from Vega in Ludibrium Eos Tower 44th Floor for 10mil.

    Useful links and Credits:

    Christopher Chance for simplifying the process of washing to 30k HP.
    HP Washing Guide
    Washing Calculator

    Please give me feedback on how to improve the readability of the guide <3!
    Happy Washing!~

    Forgot to include gloves in gear, added.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
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