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Islander Community Thread

Discussion in 'Community' started by IslandSlut, Sep 28, 2015.

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  1. IslandSlut

    IslandSlut Red Snail

    Sep 28, 2015
    5:46 AM
    This thread is for posting:
    Islander accomplishment, screenshots, questions, etc.
    as well as a guide to being an Islander that supplies:
    What an islander is, skill builds, AP builds, and exclusive Legends content when it comes to Islanders.

    [​IMG]What is an Islander?[​IMG]
    An Islander is a beginner who chose to stay on the Maple Island. They never take the ship to Lith Harbor and spend their time chilling on the island - usually whacking snails, mushrooms or pigs.

    [​IMG]Islander Skill Build[​IMG]
    It is pretty much undisputed that every Islander, no matter the build or type, goes 3 Nimble Body and 3 Three Snails since you only get 6 skill points.

    Nimble body is a skill that gives 20 speed for 12 seconds with a 1 minute cool down, taking advantage of this skill can help speed up grinding or changing amongst maps. Three Snails maxed is a skill that uses up 1 red snail shell for a long ranged 40 damage with a one handed weapon. This skill will be able to 1 shot every mob on the island besides pigs and mushrooms. Utilizing Three Snails to 1 shot certain mobs can be extremely beneficial in the long run and shouldn't be over looked when adding your skills. Recovery is shit, don't add it.

    [​IMG]Islander AP Builds[​IMG]
    As simple as an Islander might sound, whacking pigs and mushrooms for an eternity, there are actually quite a few different builds. In the end you aren't limited to these builds, but these are some of the most popular ones defined.

    The hybrid build is specific to the STR & DEX stat. You can pretty much interchange these however you want. The most preferred way is to pump roughly around 50~70 STR when you first start out. The STR will help you 1 shot mobs and make the start of your grind as swift as it can be. After the STR is pumped, the rest of your AP should be going into DEX. DEX is one of the most preferred stats for an Island because it helps you 1 shot all the mobs at a faster rate. To emphasize though, it chops up mostly to personal preference, if you know you are going to be using a specific weapon with a high amount of attack you may sub for more STR than DEX.

    DEX is one of the most sought after stats for an islander. It quickly raises your minimum dmg therefore allowing the fastest possible route to 100% 1 shotting all of the mobs on Maple Island. Although DEX is extremely beneficial at later levels, early on it can be quite slow. DEX doesn't do much for maximum damage leaving you to require multiple hits to kill mobs such as pigs or mushrooms. To combat this you may want to make use of attack pots (obtainable from some events) early on as it would be drastically beneficial for this build.

    STR is a stat that raises maximum damage. Going this route would speed up your early levels but would also mean that you will most likely be 2 shotting some mobs. Of course the higher your range is the less likely you'll see your minimum damage. This build is typically used with a high attack polearm, with enough STR and attack on a polearm, you can achieve 100% 1 hit status.

    The goal of a perfectlander is simply to have the stats to wear all of the items available. You would want at least 20 STR for the purse, 55 INT and 20 LUK for the Metal Wand, and enough DEX to 100% 1 shot depending on the weapon you're using. After these stats have been achieved you can pretty much do whatever you want. To continue the "perfect" build you can pump DEX to 100% 1 shot with any weapon, or you can pump LUK for more avoidability.

    Comment by CrimsonClaw: This build is generally not recommended for casual players, more for meme with the Metal Wand - most islanders won't train with the Metal Wand.

    With this build you're using Three Snails as your main way to attack and making use of the all job Metal Wand. With 55 INT and 20 LUK you can equip the Metal Wand and use it to throw snail shells. After you've achieved wand stats, you can add either MP or INT to increase you maximum MP. Note: You probably need a main islander or a bunch of friends / guildmates to fund the ammo - red snail shells.

    This build implies that you will be using the Mitten weapon. The mitten weapon throws arrows and stacks mostly with LUK for maximum damage. Luklander's have a very low range which can be seen as less than ideal when comparing it to the other builds. One of the benefits of being a Luklander is that you will have long ranged attacks, but keep in mind that you will not have Keen Eyes which does hinder the grind. If you decide to make a Luklander make sure to make use of att pots to achieve a usable range. Please note that to some extent the mitten also stacks with DEX & STR.

    [​IMG]Items Available[​IMG]
    *Note that events may vary year by year*

    Green Headband - Snail, Lucas's Reply
    Brown Skullcap - Pig
    White Bandana - Slime
    Red Headband - Lucas's Reply
    Black Headband - Lucas's Reply
    Yellow Headband - Lucas's Reply
    Blue Headband - Lucas's Reply
    Red Sporty Cap - New Life
    Blue Sporty Cap - New Life
    Green Skullcap - Lucas's Reply
    Maple Hat - Anniversary Event
    Rudolph's Horn - Christmas Event
    Talking Witch Hat - Halloween Event
    Maple Bandana White - Anniversary Event
    Maple Bandana Yellow - Anniversary Event
    Maple Bandana Red - Anniversary Event
    Maple Bandana Blue - Anniversary Event
    Red Maple Bandana - Anniversary Event
    Yellow Maple Bandana - Anniversary Event
    Blue Maple Bandana - Anniversary Event
    White Maple Banana - Anniversary Event
    3rd Anniversary Hat - Anniversary Event
    Maple Helm (Level 70) - Anniversary Event
    Maple Helm (Level 90) - Anniversary Event
    Fruit Knife - Bigg's Collection of Items
    Leather Purse - Red Snail, Slime
    Sky Snowboard - Stump
    Gold Surfboard - Slime
    Double Axe - Mushroom
    Yellow Rose - Valentines Event
    Red Rose - Valentines Event
    White Rose - Valentines Event
    Blue Rose - Valentines Event
    Maple Sword - Anniversary Event
    Maple Soul Slinger - Anniversary Event
    Maple Glory Sword - Anniversary Event
    Super Snowboard - Anniversary Event
    Lunch Box(Lv 20) - Anniversary Event
    Lunch Box(Lv 60) - Anniversary Event
    Maple Flag - Anniversary Event
    Blue Maple Flag - Anniversary Event
    Life Guard Saver - Summer Event
    Broom Stick - Halloween Event
    Maple Umbrella - Anniversary Event
    Beige Umbrella - Anniversary Event
    Maple Snowboard - Anniversary Event
    Tsunami Wave - Summer Event
    Green Surfboard - Summer Event
    Duck Tube - Summer Event
    Pumpkin Basket - Halloween Event
    Maplemas Lights - Christmas Event
    Red Surfboard - Summer Event
    Maplemas Tree - Christmas Event
    Versalmas Cactus - Christmas Event
    Black Surfboard - Summer Event
    Mitten - Christmas Event, Anniversary Event
    Blue Flowery Tube - Mai's Monster Problem (Summer Event Islander Quest)
    Red Flowery Tube - Mai's Monster Problem (Summer Event Islander Quest)
    Purple Tube - Mai's Monster Problem (Summer Event Islander Quest)
    Black Tube - Mai's Monster Problem (Summer Event Islander Quest)
    Emergency Rescue Tube - Mai's Monster Problem (Summer Event Islander Quest)
    Colorful Tube - Mai's Monster Problem (Summer Event Islander Quest)
    Bullseye Board - Summer Event
    Metal Wand - Red Snail
    Red Work Gloves - Protect Lucas's Farm
    Blue Work Gloves - Protect Lucas's Farm
    Yellow Work Gloves - Protect Lucas's Farm
    Purple Work Gloves - Protect Lucas's Farm
    Grey Work Gloves - Protect Lucas's Farm
    White Work Gloves - Protect Lucas's Farm
    Green Mittens - Christmas Event
    Blue One Lined T-Shirt - Blue Snail
    Red-Striped T-Shirt - Blue Snail, Pig
    Jean Capris - Shroom
    Ice Jeans - Shroom
    White Gomushin - Orange Mushroom
    White Christmas Sock - Christmas Event
    Yellow Christmas Sock - Christmas Event
    Purple Christmas Sock - Christmas Event
    Navy Christmas Sock - Christmas Event
    Red Christmas Sock - Christmas Event
    Green Christmas Sock - Christmas Event
    Amethyst Earrings - Red Snail
    Maple Earrings - Anniversary Event
    Spider Venom Earrings - Halloween Event
    Maple Cape - Anniversary Event
    Stolen Fence - Yoona's Quiz
    Maple Shield - Anniversary Event
    Dark Raccoon Mask - Halloween Event
    Raccoon Mask - Anniversary Event
    White Raccoon Mask - Anniversary Event
    Rudolph's Red Nose - Christmas Event
    Maple Leaf - Anniversary Event
    Straw Berry Icecream Bar - Summer Event
    Chocolate Icecream Bar - Summer Event
    Melon Icecream Bar - Summer Event
    Watermelon Icecream Bar - Summer Event
    Warm Muffler - Christmas Event
    Worn Halloween Badge - Halloween Event

    Scroll for Helmet for Def 10% - Snail
    Scroll for Cape for Magic Def 60% - Snail, Blue Snail, Slime
    Scroll for Cape for Weapon Def 60% - Snail
    Scroll for Cape for HP 100% - Blue Snail
    Scroll for Cape for HP 60% - Shroom
    Scroll for Topwear for Def 10% - Stump
    Scroll for Cape for HP 10% - Stump
    Scroll for Cape for MP 100% - Red Snail, Orange Mushroom
    Scroll for Bottomwear for def 10% - Slime
    Scroll for Cape for Dex 100% - Slime
    Scroll for Shoes for Dex 10% - Pig
    Scroll for Cape for Luk 100% - Pig
    Scroll for Helmet for def 60% - Orange Mushroom
    Scroll for Shoes for Jump 10% - Orange Mushroom
    Chaos Scroll - Anniversary Event, Christmas Event
    White Scroll - Anniversary Event, Christmas Event

    [​IMG]Islander Tips[​IMG]
    - Soccer Fever Weathers give a buff that is 20 speed and 10 jump for 10 minutes.
    - Party Bear Weathers give a buff that is 20 att for 15 minutes.
    - Myo Myo the Traveling Salesman is a buyable merchant in the Cash shop that sells the following useful items: Return Scrolls, Speed Potions, Warrior Potions, MP POTS, and bronze arrows (if you're a luklander)

    - You can scroll a pet equip for speed off island and transfer it via Cash Shop storage
    - You can buy pet food at the pot shop
    - You can participate in GM hosted events through the NPC Paul via Southperry
    - You can make Omok & Match Card sets in Amherst

    [​IMG]Islander Guilds[​IMG]
    by order of creation

    owned by MartyMarty

    owned by SaltSalt

    owned by JBeebzOnly12JBeebzOnly12

    owned by jung1ejung1e
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