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MapleLegends @GM feature

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Features & Information' started by Siao, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Siao

    Siao Headless Horseman Retired Staff

    Jul 15, 2017
    11:07 PM
    Hello MapleLegends Community!

    At some point, I am sure many of you have wondered what exactly happens when you submit a ticket via @GM in-game. Trust me, I had that thought, too. Until now, there seems to be a relative lack of information regarding this often under-used or misused system.

    This post will:
    1. Clarify what the player sees for @GM versus what the staff sees.
    2. Give helpful advice on when and how to make an @GM ticket, and what to do once you have made a ticket.
    3. Provide other miscellaneous information regarding reports or assistance.

    The goal of this, then, is to help give you the player a better sense of how to use the tools at your disposal for obtaining support in an effective manner. This will also help us as staff respond to you more effectively and improve your experience to the best of our ability.

    What does the @GM system look like? How does it work?

    When you submit a ticket via @GM, post a reply, or resolve it, all online staff members receive a notice.


    If we as staff want to check out what the ticket says, we also use the @GM command to open up our interface. Note that every staff member can see every ticket.


    Tickets are ordered into three major categories: Open, Awaiting User Reply, and Resolved. An Open ticket means that it has received no reply from a staff member at all, or it may have received a reply from a staff member, but the player has also responded afterward. The next category is Awaiting User Reply, which is where a staff member has replied, but the player has not replied after that. Resolved is the final category, and players are no longer able to respond to the ticket, although a staff member is still able to do so.

    All Tickets are arranged first by category so that Open tickets are listed first, then Awaiting User Reply tickets, then Resolved tickets. Each individual category is arranged so that tickets with the most recent replies are listed highest in the order. Hence, it is important that you do not make multiple similar tickets.

    As a player, you can reply to or resolve your ticket at any time, assuming it is not already resolved. You can reply several times in a row to the same ticket if you need to add information or something else.

    When should I make an @GM Ticket? How should I make one?

    This is the primary focus of this post. It has the greatest practical application for you, the player. I would ask you to take notes, but most of us are in school, and we probably don’t need more of that at this point…

    Before diving in further, it would be helpful at this point to share some almost universally helpful information when it comes to @GM tickets. If you internalize these principles, you will help yourself and us significantly:

    1. Have the ability to take screenshots or screen recordings easily. Some issues are time-sensitive (like a stuck Gachapon ticket or item), or they require further documentation to resolve the problem. Always assume that you should be taking screenshots or videos if it would seem to be remotely helpful. We may not be able to help you in time, or we may ask for more proof/information that only screenshots can solve. ShareX is an extremely useful piece of free software that allows you to take screenshots, videos, and gifs easily. Please strongly consider getting it if you do not have it already.

    2. The more information you provide us, the more likely it is that we will be able to help you. Some things, most notably Bug Reports (for issues that only seem to be a bug), Technical Assistance, or Information Requests, can be solved without submitting a ticket since the answer is already available somewhere. Before submitting a ticket, consider checking the forums, poof.ml, bbb.hidden-street, asking your friends/guildmates, or just perform a general Internet search to see if you find anything.

    3. Ask yourself if a forum post would be more appropriate for the issue you are trying to resolve. Forum posts are generally a superior method of support, since the staff can easily access it without logging on to the game, and there is also the ability to share screenshots or other links, not to mention many other benefits. If you know that an issue needs some kind of documentation like a screenshot, you are better off skipping @GM in favor of making a forum post.
    Additionally, you may also refer to KimberlyKimberly 's guide right here on how to ask the right questions.

    Now, let's dive into the individual categories.

    Player Reports
    When reporting a player for KS, scamming, harassment or botting always keep in mind to take a screenshot or video proof (if relevant) of the events. You may proceed to leave a @GM ticket to alert us for immediate attention (again, not all of us are available 24/7 round the clock). If help doesn't come in the next 2 minutes, keep calm and report to us on the forums right here. Remember to be precise with your report(s) along with relevant screenshots.

    3.3 Harassment - All forms of harassment will not be tolerated. This includes rude, hateful, abusing, threatening, or otherwise objectionable behavior both in-game or on the forums. We don’t expect everyone to be best friends with each other, but we simply ask that you respect one another. We have zero tolerance for comments targeting a player’s race, ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, or sexuality.

    Harassment also covers intentionally kill stealing and/or looting someone else’s Monster Book Card (which will now be owned by the mapowner). Hence, both cases will be settled by using the @mapowner command, which displays the player who owns the map. For the Jr Balrog map specifically, the one who first entered the map will have pseudo-mapowner, and has the right to ask other players to CC. This is proven by a screenshot with the @time command used. Depending upon the severity of the actions, the punishment may vary, with the possibility of warnings given out for lighter offenses. Punishment: 1st Offense: 3 Day Ban: 2nd Offense: 7 Day Ban; 3rd Offense: Account Ban

    3.2.1 General Scamming - Scamming players is not tolerated. This constitutes obtaining an item from a player via a method unintended by the other player. For example, agreeing to trade items for another and then deceiving the player by putting up different items would be deemed scamming. Simply putting up an item in a Hired Merchant will not fall under the jurisdiction of this rule. Punishment: 1st Offense: 7 Day Ban; 2nd Offense: 14 Day Ban; 3rd Offense: Account Ban

    3.2.2 Roll Scamming - Roll scamming is using the @ Roll command to gamble with another player, where the higher number is deemed the winner and gets "x" amount of mesos or items that were previously agreed upon. These scams fall under a more specific area of scamming, and will be treated with more severity. Note that video evidence is required for roll scam reports, or the case will not be reviewed. If found that the banned account (either temporary or account ban) is not the player’s main or only account, associated accounts will be given the same punishment. Punishment: 1st Offense: 14 Day Ban; 2nd Offense: Account Ban

    Bug Reports
    Important note for regular bossers. We are aware that sometimes bugs may occur during a boss run. Do not make a @GM ticket since most of the time, issues that occur in a boss run is very time sensitive. Instead, alert us on discord under #support. We don't encourage DMs because individual GMs may not be readily available at your command. (unless the specific GM(s) mention beforehand to alert via DMs) Bear in mind that GMs are humans with regular lives too. If by some unforeseen circumstances none of us happen to be around, don't be mad because .. it happens. We appreciate your understanding on this! :)

    If it's a bug with regards to mobs/quests/equips/nx.. so on and so forth that you think requires MORE time and attention to resolve, skip the @GM completely and write in to us here.

    Technical Assistance
    Before you decided to make a @GM ticket, make sure you read this and ensure that your issue is not something that has been addressed before. We don't encourage you making a ticket for any technical assistance, but #support on discord sometimes gives better and faster assistance than @GM.

    Information Requests
    If you think that your pals and guildies can't give you the answers you seek, shoot us a @GM. We may not answer immediately, but we definitely are happy to help out!

    You may use @GM to ask for refund for stuck tickets, and at the same time remember to take a screenshot. If any GMs are around, we will warp and refund immediately. If there is no response within 2 to 5 minutes, do not make multiple tickets or DM any GMs, but create a thread here instead (alternatively, you may alert us on discord under #support tab).

    Remember, this guide is to help to facilitate better usage of @GM. Try to refrain from making "Help me please", "Anybody there?" sort of tickets. Be more precise. Such tickets will most likely be ignored. We do not have super powers to guess what your issue is about unfortunately. Always reply back to the same ticket if it's the same issue, do not make multiple tickets! We do not like that :(

    I hope this has been a great help to all of you. A big thank you and credits to ZebezianZebezian for drafting out initial ideas for this guide. Feel free approach any of us if you are still unclear.
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  2. OP

    Siao Headless Horseman Retired Staff

    Jul 15, 2017
    11:07 PM
    Something I forgot to mention. Do not PM us for help/save you on our legit account(s). As I'm sure most of you know, most of us GMs have legit accounts we play on our leisure time. We might not always be glued to the screen or be readily available to hop on and off, therefore dropping a message on ml's discord #support would be the fastest way to get your issue/boss bugs sorted out.
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