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PQ "buff"

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by badoomshi, Sep 3, 2023.

  1. badoomshi

    badoomshi Red Snail

    Sep 3, 2023
    8:13 PM
    With the introduction of HP challenges, comes some restrictions towards players who are already washing.
    「 Eligibility 」

    The base HP increase prize can only be redeemed if:
    • The player has no AP invested in their HP/MP pool;
      • If they have any, they can take them out via AP Resets in order to be eligible.
    • AND their HP is under a certain threshold
      • The formula we used to calculate the HP eligibility is actually a bit more complicated than this, as it projects your HP to the next threshold level to see if you are eligible.
    In order to help with those players who feel left out, or would have participated in the challenge if eligible, would it be a good idea to revisit and tweak nx gains and/or add nx drops to the reward stage of certain PQ's?

    • Adding/buffing NX drops from PQ's
    1. Hard to multiclient and abuse the system. (usually PQ's require a big team effort hence very hard to multiclient)
    2. Allows for players who are washing to have a better sense of progressing instead of feeling time gated, they can feel like they're able to work for it instead of wait for it
    3. Have Higher level PQ's have higher NX gain than lower level PQ's.
    4. Strengthens community and builds friendships helping players want to stay on ML longer, instead of solo multi drking, or multi mageing. (solo leech story).
    5. Not many people PQ these days and i believe this would help make PQ's more active.
    Im not sure how controversial this topic is but please focus on constructive criticism.

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