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Pirate The Buccaneer Bible

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by KurayamiLove, Apr 1, 2017.

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  1. KurayamiLove

    KurayamiLove Headless Horseman

    Mar 15, 2015
    3:21 PM

    Buccaneer is by far my all-time favorite class in Maple Story, therefore I will share all my knowledge about it in this guide.This guide will be updated as time goes on. Also special thanks to nubjuleznubjulez for the support.
    This guide will be update ad time goes on to add improvements. Thank you for reading and enjoy.


    To become a pirate you need 20 base DEX.

    As a Buccaneer you want to have as much STR as possible. You only want enough DEX to equip your weapon. The DEX needed to use an equipment will be DEX=Lv of that equipment.

    Always look to have the lowest DEX, being dexless is possible if you have good equips.


    Here I will address a few concepts that every buccaneer should know to get the most out of this class:

    • Delay: Most of buccaneer's skills have a delay, meaning that you cannot spam most skills. What differentiates a delay from a cool down is that delays are not displayed on the skill icon. The other difference is that delays do not apply if you do not hit a monster (Note: if you miss a monster, it still counts as a hit). The main goal of this class is to link skills that have a delay to maximize the damage you can do, and learn to adapt your skills to different situations. VERY IMPORTANT Delays on skills are constant so the faster we hit the more space between skills. For example if the general delay of Backspin blow is 1980ms and your current speed is 2 which is 720ms you do 1980-720=1260ms of delay before you can use this skill again.

    • Invincibility Frames (I.Frames): Some buccaneer skills have Invincibility frames. This means you won't take any damage while using them. You will still be affected by statuses though, unless those statuses come from attacks that do damage first and then put you into a status.

    • Skill restrictions: Buccaneer has 3 type of offensive skills that are available during on a certain status.

    >Normal: You will be most of the time at a normal status, most of the skills are normal skills and work like any other skill in the game.

    >Charged: At third job you will be able to get charged, there are a total of 3 skills that require you to be charged to use them, these skills use no MP what so ever. While you are charged you are able to use normal skill as well, making it an upgrade to the normal status.

    >Transformed: Transform is a very restricted status, unlike charge you can transform at will. There are 2 transformations: Transformation and Super Transformation. Both have different cool downs; Super Transformation is a direct upgrade of Transformation. During this status you will be able to only use Transformation specific skills, buffs and 2 charge attacks (Energy Drain and Energy Blast). All Transform skills are available during Super Transformation but Super Transformation skills are not available during Transformation.

    ~HP washing~

    It is not necessary to wash as a Buccaneer but more HP makes things easier. Here is how washing works:

    There is a minimum MP that a character can have, all the MP that is above that minimum can be used to wash. To wash basically you add 1 AP to HP, then use an AP reset to decrease your MP and add to any other stat (STR most of the time). Since HP and MP share the AP slot you can use it to decrease your MP and increase your HP without sacrificing any AP on your main stats.

    A way to gaining extra MP when you lv up is by having INT, wearing equips with said stats or having base INT increases the MP you gain with each lv, 1 extra MP per 10INT.
    Another way to gain even more MP is with MP washing, works similarly to HP washing but isntead of adding HP you add MP, you lose less MP than you gain.This way of washing needs you to have some base INT (minimum 30) otherwise you will lose MP.

    Things you need to know to wash:
    -You need second job to wash.

    -Each wash requires 16MP

    -The minimum MP formula for pirate is: 18xlv+111

    -As long as your MP is 1 point above the minimum you can wash

    -MP gained from equips or Hyper Body cannot be washed

    -2nd job advancement has an HP increasing skill similar to the one that warrior has, would be recommended to max said skill before washing.

    -The HP gain per wash is 36-40

    -The HP gain on a Lv up (if your HP skill is maxed) is 52-58

    Important HP marks to make goals:
    18750 -Cap HP with HB
    15000 -Tank Toad
    19000 -Tank Anego's slap
    16000 -Tank Magic Monster crazy magic attack
    14000 -Tank Vergamot's Bomb from last body
    13000 -Tank Nibergen's Bombs from last body
    9500 -Tank Zakum's last body touch damage
    12000 -Tank HT legs
    19000 -Tank HT Middle head (This is a flex since you dont normaly touch this head unless you jump into it)
    15000 -Tank HT side heads and preheads
    8000 -Tank Targa's and Scarlion's Last body touch damage
    11800 -Tank Bigfoot's touch damage
    (All the HP marks are a bit over the damage that the boss does so you can survive it)

    With all this information you can try to do numbers and achieve the HP you want!



    [​IMG] Scarlion Helmet DEX or STR: Is not too hard to get DEX as a buccaneer so if you want to take -2 base dex to get +2 str that is still good as long as you can equip your Knuckle. This will be your endgame Helmet.
    [​IMG] Zakum Helmet: Very decent option to have, especially at earlier levels since the extra INT may help you to wash, the DEX and acc will make everything easier.

    Eye accessory:

    [​IMG] Raccoon Mask: Very good option to get a bit of DEX and a lot of acc when you scroll it for acc. This maks is especially useful at Shaolin Temple where the golden mobs need you to have 274 acc.
    [​IMG] Spectrum Goggles: This option will get you a bit more damage over acc. especially if you chaos it to get more STR out of it.

    Face accessory:
    [​IMG] Sad Mask: The best face accessory for this class since it adds acc.Scroll for avoid and you will get DEX and a decent boost of avoid as well.


    Any earring scrolled with DEX will do but here are some cool earrings you could use:
    [​IMG] Shield Earrings: They have base acc.
    [​IMG] Gold Emerald Earrings: These have base DEX but are very rare.
    Element Earring: These are rare as well, they are from Neo Tokyo. These have base 0-2 all stats clean.


    Monster Book Ring: Tier 10 has awesome stats, working up to get the last tier should be one of your endgame goals. Tier 10 gives +10 all stats +1000 HP and +500 MP

    Ellin's savior ring: A ring given to those who do all the quests at Ellin Forest. It gives +1 all stats and +100 HP and MP, doesn't look like much but it really hepls.

    Ring of Passion: An event ring that you can get every year, and last a year. It is from Valentine and gives +3 all stats and +10 JUmp and Speed


    [​IMG] White Pioneer: The best option when comes to OA, scroll it for DEX to have an easier time wearing your Knuckle and gain some acc on the way. It only needs 80 DEX to wear which can be easily achieved with other common equips that have no equipment requirements.

    [​IMG] White Marquini: You can use this OA as well, it needs 10 more DEX than the previous in exchange of 1 extra DEX. Is a good option if you find one.


    [​IMG] Red Christmas Sock: The best option for this slot, use a Chaos scroll on it and try to get as much w.att as you can, you can also try to pass one scroll for jump to get DEX and increase this stat as well with a Chaos, altho is not needed since getting the DEX you need from other equips is fairly easy.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] 7 slots DEX shoes: Scroll them with Shoes for Jump. Not as good as the w.att option but is there if you wish to get them


    [​IMG] [​IMG] Pink capes: Scroll them with Chaos to get as many weapon attack from them. If you wish you can use a 100% cape DEX on the first slot to try to get even more DEX when you Chaos it.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] 7 Slot Gloves: Scroll these with scrolls for w.att to get a big boost of damage. The standard is 12w att but try to get as much as you can.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] DEX gloves: You MUST have w.att gloves. This kind of gloves can come handy if you need a boost of acc to do better at Shaolin Temple killing the golden mobs, just an option to have not a must.


    [​IMG] Mark of Naricain: The best pendant for the job, it adds w.att, HP and all stats. Chaos it and try to get 8+ w.att.

    [​IMG] Horntail Necklace: It provides less damage but is not too expensive and it offers a big amount of INT if you want it to wash.


    [​IMG] Dragon Slash Claw: Not the best Knuckle but is the easiest to get and scroll. Its max attack is 83, good luck crafting. As much as I love the King Cent this option is way better.

    Speargrave/Flairgrave: Currently the best Knuckle but hard to obtain. Its max attack is 85 and can have from 1 to 3 STR clean.

    1St. Job advancement

    To become a pirate you need 20 DEX and lv10. Talk to Kyrin, the pirate instructor located inside the nautilus (on the up floor, last door to the left).


    [​IMG] Bullet Time: A very simple skill, it raises your accuracy and avoidability. This skills helps us a lot when comes to hitting mobs.
    Type: Passive
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: +1acc +1avoid

    -Lv20: +20acc +20avoid

    [​IMG] Flash Fist: A very quick punch (faster than a regular attack) that deals a lot of damage to a single target.
    Type: Active
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: 156% damage to a single mob

    -Lv20: 270% damage to a single mob

    Speed chart:

    Faster (2): 450ms
    Faster (3): 510ms
    Fast (4): 540ms
    Fast (5): 570ms
    Normal (6): 600ms

    Damage Modifiers:

    Stun Mastery: 330%
    Sharp Eyes: 410%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes: 570%

    [​IMG] Somersault Kick: This skill hits up to 6 mobs. This skill has a low reach but if you hit a mob and there is another mob behind, that mob will be hit as well, this increases the range of this skill. This extra range has a cap (2 maple characters standing near each other is more or less the distance).
    Somersault Kick can be used with any weapon.
    Type: Active
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: 114% to 3 mobs

    -Lv20: 190% to 6 mobs

    Speed chart:
    Faster (2): 660ms
    Faster (3): 720ms
    Fast (4): 780ms
    Fast (5): 840ms
    Normal (6): 840ms

    Damage Modifiers:

    Stun Mastery: 250%
    Sharp Eyes: 330%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes: 490%

    [​IMG] Dash: If you press left or right twice your character will gain extra speed and jump while u move to that direction, the skill stops when the duration expires, when you change direction or if you release the directional key you were pressing (you can climb ropes and keep the speed boost as long as you keep pressing the direction you were going). The speed and jump gain stack with the speed and jump that equipments provide, but will not stack with other speed skills (ex: haste) It doesn’t override the effect of other skills keeping the best boost.
    Type: Active
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: +12speed +1 jump for 4 seconds

    -Lv10: +30speed +10jump for 20 seconds

    [​IMG] Double shot: If facing monsters with your own fists is too scary, you can always hide behind a gun and make a corsair.
    Type: Lame

    ~Recommended build~
    Lv10-17: Add all of your SP to Somersault Kick (Max it)

    Lv17-23: Add all of your SP to Bullet Time (Max it)

    Lv23-30: Chose max Flash Fist or Dash, the leftover points will go to the other skills.
    If Dash is maxed first it, Flash Fist will have 11 sp on it. If you chose maxing first Flash Fist, Dash will be level 1.

    Maxing Somersault Kick is crucial to clear as much mobs as possible fast. Bullet time helps with accuracy that will be a bit lacking at lower lvs. Now you have to chose, either max Dash frist and later on Flash Fist or the other way around, Dash is better for a grinding build when Flash Fist makes the job better at bossing.

    ~Training spots~
    Quests given by Kyrin.
    Hidden Street: Caution Falling down. It is located on the top of a building on the first map to the left on Kerning City.

    Killing Pigs and Ribbon Pigs in maps such as: The rain-Forest East of Henesys and the minidungeon that is in that map.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Quests in the ant tunnel while you kill Zombie Mushroom and Horny Mushroom
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Evil Eyes, you can reach them fast if you use a black cab.

    Fire Boars on Warning Street: The Burrnt Land I

    ~1st Job Dojo~

    Skill function

    • Somersault Kick: Your main skill, you will it to kill crews of mobs. This skill can be used with any weapon equipped, so if you own a good polearm it is recommended to use it instead of a knuckle.

    • Flash Fist: It is good for a quick kill on a single target, spamming this skill on bosses is the best way to go on 1vs1 combat.

    2Nd. Job advancement

    To advance to second job, talk with Kyrim in the Nautilus. The test is fairly easy, just go to a room and kill octopuses. Please note: they can only be damaged by Flash Fist. Collect 15 potent power crystals and you will be done.


    [​IMG] Improve max HP: This skill is crucial; it increases the HP when you level up or if you add AP to HP (good for washing). You MUST max this skill as soon as possible.
    Type: Passive
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: +3HP when you lv up +2 when you apply AP to HP

    -Lv10: +30HP when you lv up +20 when you apply AP to HP

    [​IMG] Knuckle Mastery: This skill works like all mastery skill do, it makes your minimum damage higher making your damage a lot more consistent. It also adds accuracy that is always helpful. All these bonuses only apply if you are using a knuckle.
    Type: Passive
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: 15% mastery +1 accuracy

    -Lv20: 60% mastery +20 accuracy

    [​IMG] Knuckle Booster: (Requires Lv5 on Knuckle Mastery)This skill requires lv5 or higher in Knuckle Mastery. This skill Increases your weapon speed +2, very useful to do more damage overtime and pull out combos more swiftly. This skill must be maxed to being able to use Speed Infusion at 4th job.
    Type: buff
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: Increases knuckle speed for 10 seconds

    -Lv20: Increases knuckle speed for 200 seconds

    [​IMG] Backspin Blow: This skill pushes up to 3 mobs that are behind you stunning them in the process. This skill has I.Frames during it cast.
    This skill cannot be used in the air unless you press jump + Backspin at the same time, but is too clunky to being used consistently and you can't climb platforms this way.
    This skill will have no I.Frames if your character doesn’t move forward while using it.
    This skill shares delay with Corskcrew Blow, if you have used this skill you will have to wait out the delay to use Corkscrew Blow.

    Lv up progrression:

    -Lv1: 88% damages and stuns 3 mobs

    -Lv20: 240% damages and stuns 3 mobs

    Speed Chart:
    Faster (2): 720ms
    Faster (3): 780ms
    Fast (4): 840ms
    Fast (5): 900ms
    Normal (6): 960ms

    1980ms - (your current speed in ms)

    Damage modifiers:
    Stun Mastery: 300%
    Sharp Eyes: 380%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes: 540%

    [​IMG] Corkscrew Blow: This skill pushes up to 3 mobs. This is a chargeable skill, when you press the key a bar will appear on top of your head; the bar will fill as you hold down the key, releasing the key will cast this skill. Full damage (the one specified on the skill) is achieved only at max charge.

    This skill has I.Frames during the cast of this skill and during its delay.
    The I.Frames on this skill will be only achieved if your character moves forward.
    Charging this skill makes you able to release the button on the air, this way you can reach platforms without the need of ropes.
    Keep in mind that the faster the skill is the bigger is the delay of it, on this case this is good since you are invicible during the delay
    This skill delay's is shared with Backspin Blow, you cant use Backspin after using this skill, you have to wait the delay.
    Type: Active
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: 135% pushes 3 mobs

    -Lv20: 420% pushes 3 mobs

    Speed Chart:
    Faster (2): 630ms
    Faster (3): 690ms
    Fast (4): 750ms
    Fast (5): 810ms
    Normal (6): 840ms

    1530ms - (Your current speed in ms)

    Damage modifiers:
    Stun Mastery: 480%
    Sharp Eyes: 560%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes: 720%

    [​IMG] Double Uppercut: This skill makes you quickly punch a single monster twice stunning them on the process. This skill has a delay
    Type: Active
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: 100% hits twice and stun a single mob

    -Lv20: 290% hits twice and stun a single mob

    Speed chart:
    Faster (2): 900ms
    Faster (3): 960ms
    Fast (4): 1050ms
    Fast (5): 1110ms
    Normal (6): 1170ms

    All: 2160ms - (your current speed in ms)

    Damage modifiers:
    Stun Mastery: 350%
    Sharp Eyes: 430%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes: 590%

    [​IMG] Oak Barrel: Hide on a barrel for a few seconds. You will be able to use pots and loot when you are inside. If you take any damage it will break, if this happens all you need to do is use it again to be undercover. Once you are inside the barrel the monsters that are aggroed to you will stop using magic but will still follow you if you can (Use this feature on a boss to make it become a punching bac is a bannable action)
    Type: Active
    Lv up progression:

    -lv1: Lasts for 10 seconds

    -lv10: Lasts for 100 seconds

    [​IMG] MP Recovery: This skill takes 10% of your maximum HP and a percentage of that HP taken will be turned into MP. This skill is handy if you have a healer or access to the skill Energy Drain in 3rd job.
    Type. Active
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: takes 10% of your max HP, 55% of that HP will be turned into MP, 70sec cool down

    -Lv10: takes 10% of your max HP,100% of that HP will be turned into MP, 25sec cool down

    ~Recommended build~

    Lv30-33: All to Improve Max HP (Max it)

    Lv34: +1 Corkscrew Blow +2Knuckle Mastery

    Lv35:+3 Knuckle Mastery

    Lv36-37: +3 Knuckle Booster (you want it lv6)

    Lv38-42: +3 Knuckle Mastery (Maxed)

    Lv43-48: +3 Corkscrew Blow

    lv49: +1 Corkscrew Blow (Maxed) +2 Double Uppercut.

    Lv50-55: +3 Double Uppercut(Maxed)

    Lv56-61: +3 Backspin Blow

    Lv62: +2 Backspin Blow(Maxed) +1 Knuckle Booster

    Lv63-66: +3 Knuckle Booster

    Lv67: +1 Knuckle Booster(Maxed) +2 Oak Barrel

    Lv68-69: +3 Oak Barrel

    Lv70: +2 Oak Barrel(Maxed) +1 MP Recovery

    Improve Max HP has to be maxed first to maximize the HP you gain with each level. Then we drop one point to Corkscrew Blow for the options it brings to the job in general. Knuckle Mastery is maxed next due to the lack of accuracy at low levels, also somersault kick is still you best options when comes to grinding. Maxing Corkscrew Blow is a good option because it greatly boost the damage you can do with it, especially when it’s charged. Double Uppercut comes next; its high single mob damage comes handy when training. Backspin Blow at last will finish your move pool of offensive skills. Oak Barrel is more useful than MP recovery at early levels.

    ~Training spots~


    Fire boars

    Teddies and Pink Teddies at Ludibrium
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ludibrium PQ is an option at lv35 but the lack of accuracy ill make it a hard place to train, the experience is pretty good if you find a decent team


    Ludibriump PQ is decent until lv 45 or so.

    Platoon chornos at Ludibrium, they drop knuckle stimulators as a bonus, as well as Power Ores

    Lv51-55: Ludibrium Maze PQ is decent experience.

    Ghost ship 1, it depends how good you do there, if not you can go back to platoon chromos
    Lv55-70: Ghost ship 1,2 or 6 depending on how you perform with each kind of monster.

    Mysterious path 3 (only if you have a party)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ~2nd Job Dojo~

    Skill Functions

    • Corkscrew Blow: This skill is the backbone of all of your combos due to its versatility. One of its uses is as an approach option, or to re-approach an enemy that knocked us back; the I.Frames will make us stay in position. Traverse around as you hit monsters is another of the uses of this skill(keep the flow of attacks going while you move around the map) Also it can be used to reach platforms that you would normally not reach by just jumping, as long as they have monsters in it; the forward movement will make you land on the platform that is slightly above you or away from you. And at last one of the most important uses of this skill is to provide I.Frames to skill don’t have them naturally, making easier to keep up with the combos without interruptions.

    • Backspin Blow: This skill is less versatile than Corkscrew Blow because it lacks I.Frames after this skill is done, but it can stun monsters. Stunning is useful but this skill will actually shine at late 3rd job and onwards. At 2nd job stunning is not that useful so Corkscrew Blow is used most of the time instead of this skill, the best way to use this skill at this advancement is by attacking monsters that are behind you to keep the attack flow dealing more damage that if you used an uncharged Corkscrew Blow.

    • Double Uppercut: The function of this skill is simple, deal a lot of damage to a single monster, most often used to quickly kill a single monster that is separated from the rest, if you don’t achieve the 1hit KO a kick flash fist should end the job.


    Sweeping Combo:

    Corkscrew Blow > Somersault Kick +Jump forward> Repeat

    This combo is used to move from side to side luring and dealing damage to all the monsters that are around, the goal if this combo is to group up monsters, at the end spam Somersault Kick to all the crew of monsters until you finish them. The Corkscrew that starts the combo can be charged up to deal extra damage. Jumping forward after getting Corkscrew’s I.Frames makes you keep the momentum and cover more ground while luring monsters without getting knocked back.

    1vs1 Combo

    Double Uppercut > Flash Fist x3

    Bossing as a brawler is really atrocious, but you need to kill a boss the best way to do damage is with this simple combo. Flash Fist is used twice in between Double Uppercuts because of how fast it casts.

    3Rd. Job advancement

    To advance to third job, go to Elnath, There you will find the third job instructor Pedro in a mansion on the right of the map. The test has two parts.

    On the first part you will go back to Victoria Island and visit Kyrin on the Nautilus; she will ask you to defeat her clones on another dimension. The portal to the other dimension is located in the ant tunnel, to get there faster you can use the black taxi at Ellinia; the portal is where the evil eyes are. Once inside the other dimension you will face two Kyrim clones, one of them will drop a dark scroll that you will deliver to Kyrin to get the proof of strength, once you have it go back to Elnath.

    The second part will require you to go deep into Elnath and on a hidden street located behind a wood door on the Dark Forest (add an image of the map pointing to the spot). There you will find a rock that will make you questions about the game, to being able to participate you need a Dark crystal, if you fail a question you will need another crystal to try it again. Just to make sure you don’t fail here is a link to the answers:



    Once you are done you will receive the wisdom proof, go back to Pedro and you will become a Marauder.


    [​IMG] Stun Mastery: Grants you a chance of dealing critical damage to stunned mobs. These critical hits can stack with the ones that Sharp Eyes provide resulting on a huge damage boost. The damage of critical hits is aditive, for example max lv is 60% extra damage, that is adding + 60 to the percentage that the skill has, but if its combined with Sharp Eyes it will add 160 making a total of + 300.
    Type: Passive
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: 22% chance of dealing 3% extra damage

    Lv20: 60%chance of dealing 60% extra damage

    [​IMG] Energy Charge: Once you have a point added to this skill a small transparent bar will be added to your screen, this bar can me moved with your mouse, place it where you want. upon hitting a monster you gain 100 charge points, this amounts does not increase with the number of hits of the skill so skills like Double Uppercut will gain you the same charge as Flash Fist. The amount of mobs you hit does affect how fast you gain charge, if you hit 6 mobs with a single skill you will gain 100 charge points.Charge points are affected by a rate that increases with every sp you add to this skill.Once your charge points reach 10000 you will be fully charged. Once charged you will get stat bonuses and you will be able to use charge skills.
    Type: Passive
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: duration 31sec +1accuracy and avoid. 5% damage on touch damage. 51% stance chance 75% charge rate

    -Lv40: duration 50sec +20accuracy and avoid +20weapon attack 200% damage on touch damage. 90% stance chance 192% charge rate

    [​IMG] Energy Blast: (Requires Lv1 on Energy Charge)(Energy skill) A quick energy punch that deals a considerable amount of damage to a group of mobs, it has a bit more range than the rest of your melee skills.
    Type: Active
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: 246% damage to 2 mobs

    -Lv: 420% damage to 4 mobs

    Speed Chart:

    Faster (2): 570ms
    Faster (3): 630ms
    Fast (4): 660ms
    Fast (5): 720ms
    Normal (6): 750ms

    Damage modifiers:
    Stun Mastery: 480%
    Sharp Eyes: 560%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes: 720%

    [​IMG] Energy Drain: (Requires Lv1 on Energy Charge)(Energy skill) This skill attacks mobs at a distance and drains HP out of them. Unlike Assasin's Drain this one is not limited by the mob's HP, youi will always recover the percentage of the damage done.
    Lv up progression:

    -265% damage to a single mob 11% of the damage will be recovered as HP

    -360% damage to a single mob 20% of the damage will be recovered as HP

    Speed chart:

    Faster (2): 450ms
    Faster (3): 510ms
    Fast (4): 540ms
    Fast (5): 570ms
    Normal (6): 600ms
    (The speed of this skill while being spammed is halved during any transformation)

    Damage modifiers:
    Stun Mastery: 420%
    Sharp Eyes: 500%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes: 660%

    [​IMG] Transformation: You will transform for two minutes into a “Sayan”. While you are transformed the only skills that you can use are: Booster, Speed Infusion, Maple Warrior, Time Leap, Energy Drain, Energy Blast and Shockwave. While you are transformed you will gain +40% speed and +20% jump. This skill cannot be dispelled.
    This skill must be maxed to being able to use Super Transformation.
    Type: Buff
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1:+2Weapon defense and magic defense 860 seconds cool down

    -Lv20:+40Weapon defense and magic defense 480 seconds cool down

    [​IMG] Shockwave: (Transformation skill) An attack that creates a shockwave to deal damage to multiple mobs. The skill is limited to the floor; surfaces that are too irregular, inclined or that have gaps will prevent this skill from going further.
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1:265% damage to 4 mobs

    -Lv30:700% damage to 6mobs

    Speed Chart:
    Faster (2): 1500ms
    Faster (3): 1620ms
    Fast (4): 1740ms
    Fast (5): 1860ms
    Normal (6): 1980ms

    Damage Modifiers:
    Stun Mastery: 760%
    Sharp Eyes: 840%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes: 1000%

    -Recommended build-

    Lv70: +1 Energy charge

    Lv71-85:+2Energy Blast (Maxed) +1Energy charge

    Lv86-93: +3 Energy Charge (Maxed)

    Lv94-99: +3Stun Mastery

    Lv100:+2Stun Mastery (Maxed) +1 Energy Drain

    Lv101-106: +3Energy Drain

    Lv107:+1Energy Drain (Maxed) +2Transformation

    Lv108-113: +3Transformation (Maxed)

    Lv114-116: +3MP Recovery (Maxed)

    Lv117-120: Add the rest to Flash Fist or Dash (the skill you didnt maxed on first job) The rest add them to Shockwave

    The main goal is to being able to use Energy Blast as soon as posible, the rest of the skills are secondary since most are more useful at the fourth job advancement.

    ~Training spots~

    Ghost ship still being a good option since all your skill still at a low level.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    After Energy Blast gets some levels Windraiders become a good spot to train, use the teleport that is on a statue to go from the bottom to the top traversing the map faster.

    Galloperas and Wolfspiders are a good spots, Wolfspiders is more party oriented but Galloperas are much better overall and you can bring a partner to cover the top if you want to party.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Galloperas still la good spot to stay but depending on your equipment you can try other spots like Nigth Shadows in a cave near Windraiders.

    ~3RD Job Dojo~

    Skill functions

    Old skills

    • Backspin Blow: This skill gain some purpose after you add some points to stun mastery, this is by far the best skill to stun in your move pool, it grants an approaching option, and is quick and easy to pull.

    • Double Uppercut: This skill still being a 1vs1 heavy damage option but now it’s more effective, use Backspin Blow to stun then with the extra damage from stun mastery you can do some considerable damage to a single mob.

    New skills

    • Stun Mastery: The extra damage from this skill will make killing mobs much easier, but there are only two skills that make this skill worth: Double Uppercut and Energy Blast; other skills may not be as effective so I do not recommend to stun a mob before using them.

    • Energy Charge: Most of your new skills are only available during charge; your play style should be focused around gaining charge as quickly as possible.

    • Energy Blast: The reward that is behind getting charged, it replaces Somersault Kick while you are charged, even if it hits 2 less mobs the damage that it deals is big enough to make a big difference, as you progress with your levels the mob’s HP will get gradually higher and somersault kick may struggle when comes to deal damage to them.

    • Energy Drain: Marauder is still not a good option when comes to bossing, but this skill makes you decent with it, its speed and its power and how fast it heals you up makes it the best 1vs1 skill you will have at this advancement. If the boss that you are facing doesn’t deal too much damage to you, you can stand inside it and spam this skill, the healing will keep you alive; doing this you will avoid the boss magic damage and all the effects that come with it. This skill can be used to recover HP while you are grinding as well. Do not use this skill when you are transformed, Transformation has more frames of animation and that makes the speed of this skill much much slower.

    • Transformation: This skill has no use beside looking cool. If you don’t have a mount or you want a speed boost out of combat you can use this skill to move faster. The reason why this skill is overall useless in combat is because how restrictive it is with no pay off.

    • Shockwave: Don’t let the “700% damage to 6 mobs” foul you, this is a bad skill. It can be only used during Transform, making it impossible to combo with any other skill. How slow it is combined with the weird hit boxes it has if the floor is irregular limit this skill even further. The only purpose it has is like Transform, to look cool.


    The combos remain the same. This job is a bit hard to tackle because it’s still being like second job but with some new skills that you can sometimes use. Energy Blast will take over the role of Somersault Kick and Energy Drain takes over the Double Uppercut and Flash Fist combo.

    4Th. Job advancement

    This is the reason why you started playing this job. Buccaneer is the reward for all your effort and I can tell it’s a huge reward.

    To become a Buccaneer first go to Elnath, talk with Pedro and he will give you a recommendation card. Bring that recommendation card to the 4th job instructor, after some dialog it will ask you for two items, Manon and Griffey will drop one of those. Another way to get these items is by purchasing a scroll in the Eos tower that cost 10M; bring that scroll to Chief Tatamo and he will provide you with the items you need. Go back to the 4th job instructor to achieve the Buccaneer advancement.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    [​IMG] Maple Warrior: This skill increases all of your party members stats by a percentage. This percentages only applies to the base stats, not to the one that equips give.
    Type: buff
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: +1% All stats for 30seconds

    -Lv20: +10% All stats for 600seconds

    [​IMG] Speed Infusion: (Requires Lv20 on Knuckle Booster)This skill increases all of your teammates attacking speed +3 if its below level 11 and if its level 11 or higher +4 (It is supposed to be +1 and +2 and stackable with booster, but since it doesn’t stack giving it +4 was a good solution). To further understand this skill and how can it be implemented to your party here is a speed guide:

    Speed in Maple Story is determined by a number. The highest it can go is 2. Each weapon shows the speed it has but not the specific number. Since the game doesn’t show you the number I will.

    Faster 3. This speed is seen on a few daggers and claws.

    Fast 4. Claw and dagger usual speed

    Fast 5. Knuckles, guns and one handed warrior weapons often have this speed.

    Normal 6. Bows, crossbows and two handed warrior weapons often have this speed.

    Slow 7. The usual speed of Spears

    Slower 8. The usual speed of Polearms

    (Mages weapon speed is not considered because spell speed is determined by the spell itself and not the weapon that the mage wields, except explosion from Fire/Poison Mage) Since heal can deal damage it is boosted by Speed Infusion.

    All jobs that use Fast 4 weapons will not get any benefit from Speed Infusion since they can reach the cap (2) with booster only.

    There are two skills that have a set fire rate: Hurricane and Rapid Fire. These skills will not be affected by Speed Infusion or booster.

    Any other class that uses Fast 5 weapons will see a noticeable speed boost. A speed buff is in general a very good way to increase someone’s damage. Other damage increasing buffs such as Sharp Eyes that relies on doing critical damage to do more damage are not as good as Speed Infusion on jobs that cannot crit naturally.

    Knowing all this you will find the most effective way to use this awesome buff.
    Type: buff
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: +3Attacking speed for 110 seconds

    -Lv11:+4Attacking speed for 210 seconds

    -Lv20:+4Attacking speed for 300 seconds

    [​IMG] Dragon Strike: This skill damages up 6mobs at a great distance, although this skill looks like it goes by the ground it can reach airborne mobs. This skill is rather slow and it has a delay. This skill cannot be used while jumping unless you press this skill at the same time as you press the jump button, this doesnt extend its reach and I do not recomend jumping with this skill.
    Type: active
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: 210% to 4mobs

    -Lv30: 810% to 6mobs

    Speed chart:

    Faster (2): 1080ms
    Faster (3): 1170ms
    Fast (4): 1260ms
    Fast (5): 1350ms
    Normal (6): 1440ms

    1320ms - (your current speed in ms)

    Damage modifiers:
    Stun Mastery: 870%
    Sharp Eyes: 950%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes: 1110%

    [​IMG] Barrage: This skill hits a single mob six times. This skill has I.Frames on all its duration. Most mobs have a set minimum damage that will make them get knockback and show a flinching animation, barrage ignores that and it will always cast them (even if you MISS). Barrage damage is specified in the description but the fifth hit will do double that amount, and the sixth hit will do four times that amount; compensating for how slow it is. This skill has a delay and cannot be used while you are jumping, also this skill cannot be used if there isn’t a mob in range. This skills will focus the mob that you hit the most.
    Type: active
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1:144% hits a single mob 6 times

    -Lv30: 280% hits a single mob 6 times

    Speed chart:

    Faster (2): 1830ms (-600ms)
    Faster (3): 1980ms (-450ms)
    Fast (4): 2130ms (-300ms)
    Fast (5): 2280ms (-150ms)
    Normal (6): 2430ms

    3240ms - (your current speed on ms)

    Damage modifiers:
    5th hit = 280% x 2 = 560%
    6th hit = 280 x 4 = 1120%
    Stun Mastery(hits 1-4): 340%
    Stun Mastery 5th hit: 340% x 2 = 680%
    Stun Mastery 6th hit: 340% x 4 = 1360%
    Sharp eyes (hits 1-4): 420%
    Sharp eyes 5th hit: 420% x 2 = 840%
    Sharp eyes 6th hit: 420% x 4 = 1680%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes(hits1-4): 580%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes 5th hit: 580% x 2 = 1160%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes 6th hit: 580% x4 = 2320%

    [​IMG] Super Transformation: (Requires Lv20 on Transformation) This skill allows you to go even further beyond and transform into a flaming “super sayan” for two minutes allowing you to use the Super Transformation skills as well as the regular Transformation skills. This skills provides 140% speed and 120% jump. This skill cannot be dispelled.
    Type: Buff
    Level up proression:

    -Lv1: +41 both defenses cool down:370 seconds

    -Lv20: +60 both defenses cool down: 180 seconds

    [​IMG] Demolition: (Super Transformation skill) Attacks 8 times to a single target at a distance. This skill gives you I.Frames as long as your character isn’t visible, when you are starting and finishing this skill you will still being vulnerable. This skill will focus the mob that you hit the most ignoring any other mob in the way. If the mob is not a boss it will remain stuned while the skill is hitting it.
    Type. Active
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: 150% hits 8 times a single mob

    -Lv30: 460% hits 8 times a single mob

    Speed Chart:

    Faster (2): 2340ms
    Faster (3): 2550ms
    Fast (4): 2730ms
    Fast (5): 2940ms
    Normal (6): 3120ms

    Damage modifiers:
    Stun Mastery: 520%
    Sharp Eyes: 600%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes: 760%

    [​IMG] Snatch: (Super Transformation skill) Damages and pulls mobs in front of you stunning them in the process.
    Type: Active
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: 210% pulls and stun up to 2 mobs

    -Lv30: 600% pulls and stun up to 6 mobs

    Speed chart:

    Faster (2): 750ms
    Faster (3): 810ms
    Fast (4): 870ms
    Fast (5): 930ms
    Normal (6): 990ms

    Damage modifiers:
    Stun Mastery: 660%
    Sharp Eyes: 740%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes: 900%

    [​IMG] Energy Orb: (Energy Charge skill) This skill makes you throw an orb that bounces from one mob to another, with each bounce the damage decreases. You need to be relatively close to a mob for this skill to connect but once it hits the boucnes can reach very far.
    Type: active
    Lv up progression:
    -Lv1:300% to 2mobs

    -Lv30:900% to 6 mobs

    Speed chart:

    Faster (2): 930ms
    Faster (3): 990ms
    Fast (4): 1050ms
    Fast (5): 1140ms
    Normal (6): 1200ms

    Damage modifiers:
    The formula for the damage decrease on each nounce: 2/3 ^ (ordinal number of hit - 1)
    Stun Mastery 1st mob: 960%
    Sharp Eyes 1st mob: 1040%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes 1st mob: 1200%
    2nd mob: 666%
    Stun Mastery 2nd mob: 726%
    Sharp Eyes 2nd mob: 806%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes 2nd mob: 966 %
    3rd mob: 444%
    Stun Mastery 3rd mob: 504%
    Sharp Eyes 3rd mob: 584%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes 3rd mob: 744%
    4th mob: 296%
    Stun Mastery 4th mob: 356%
    Sharp Eyes 4th mob: 436%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes: 596%
    5th mob:197%
    Stun Mastery 5th mob: 257%
    Sharp Eyes 5th mob: 337%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes: 497%
    6th mob:131%
    Stun Mastery 6th mob: 191%
    Sharp Eyes 6th mob: 271%
    Stun Mastery + Sharp Eyes 6th mob: 431%

    [​IMG] Time Leap: This skill resets the cool down of all of your party member’s skills including yours as well. The only skill which cool down cannot be reset is another Time Leap.
    Lv up progression:

    -Lv1: 49min cool down

    -Lv30: 20mins cool down

    Hero’s Will: This skill only has one level. It has a 10 minutes cool down and it cures you from the seduce status, it won’t cure any other status.

    ~Skill unlock guide~

    Maple Warrior

    10- As soon as you advance you can talk to the 4th job instructor and he will give you a book to unlock this skill.

    20-Horn Tail drop Maple Warrior 20

    Speed Infusion

    10-Available from the beginning

    20-The mobs that drop this book are: Skelegon and Pianus Left

    Dragon Strike

    10-Availble from the beginning

    20- The mobs that drop this book are: Spirit Viking and Pianus Left

    30- The mobs that drop this book are: Squids and Manon


    10-Available from the beginning

    20-The mobs that drop this book are: Blue Dragon Turtle,Dodo and Manon

    30-Only Papulatus drops the lv30 book

    Super Transform

    10-You need to talk to Kyrim at Nautilus Harbor and she will ask you to endure her attacks for a couple of minutes. When you accept you will be teleported to a room with her using Super Transformation, just survive, once you passed the test a message will show on your chat, then you can leave the room and you are done. If you want to try to kill her is impossible, she has around 180M HP and don’t have too much time.

    20-The mobs that drop this book are: Manon and Blue Wyverns

    Unlocking Demolition and Snatch 10


    20-The mobs that drop this book are: Griffey and Cold Shark

    30-The mobs that drop this book are: Jr. Newtie, Petrifighter


    20-Only Papulatus drop the lv20 book

    30-Only Leviathan drop the lv30 book

    Energy Orb

    10-Available from the beginning

    20-The mobs that drop this book are: Brexton, Pianus Left and Lilynouch

    30-The mobs that drop this book are: Green Cornians and Griffey

    Time Leap


    20-Only Zakum drops this book

    30-Horn Tail and Scarlion drop this book

    Hero’s Will

    Talk to Thief Tatamo in Leafre, he will give you the quest Carta’s sin. This quest has two parts, for the first part you will need some Pianus miniatures. With these miniatures Carta will allow you go to to a map to collect pieces of dimension from mobs; you will have 10 minutes with each miniature so you may use around 3 to collect all the 40 pieces.

    For the second part you will have to collect a brazlet from Griffey and give 10 Mithril plates to Eurek the alchemist to restore it.

    Once you have done all this Carta will give you a fist-shaped potion, use it and you will gain this skill.

    ~Recommended build~

    -Lv120: +1Dragon Strike +1Speed Infusion +1Barrage

    -Lv121: +1Time Leap +2Speed Infusion

    -Lv122-123: +3Speed Infusion

    -Lv124: +2Speed Infusion(Lv11 Speed Infusion) +1Dragon Strike

    -Lv125-133: +3Dragon strike

    -Lv134: +1Dragon Strike(Maxed) +2Barrage

    -Lv135-143 :+3Barrage (Maxed)

    -Lv144: +1Super Transformation +1Demolition +1Snatch

    -Lv145-147: +3Maple Warrior (Lv9 Maple Warrior)

    -Lv148-153: +3Demolition (Lv19 Demolition)

    -Lv154-163: +2Demolition (Maxed) +1 Super Transformation (Maxed)

    -Lv164+: From now on you can add points to Maple Warrior until is level 19, since it is a hard skill to get you may do this at any point of the build. But I will tell you what skills have more priority than others: Maple Warrior lv19>Snatch>Time Leap>Energy Orb>Max Speed Infusion>Add the rest to shockwave.

    Maxing Dragon Strike before Speed Infusion depends on what do you want to do, sacrificing damage for 3 or 4 levels to get the extra speed on Speed Infusion may be helpful if you have a partner that benefits from it, especially if it is a mage. If you want you can max Dragon Strike first and then Speed Infusion. Maxing Dragon Strike is vital to kill fast mobs and gain experience fast. Then you will go for Barrage that will help you bossing as well as killing mobs on your grinding spot. Having Maple Warrior yourself is helpful to decrease the amount of base DEX you need to use weapons and increase your damage overall. Having Snatch level 1 is useful, later on you may kill Big Foots and Snatch is a fairly quick skill that clears Wraiths that get on your way when you use Demolition. You will focus Demolition until is level 21 because Barrage is better than Demolition until then. After that you will raise Demolition along with Super Transformation to decrease its cool down.
    Then maxing Snatch will make grinding even better,I think Demolition over Snatch since you may boss more often than grind, even then Dragon Strike is pretty good when comes to grinding.

    At any time before a Horn Tail run you can add 1 point to Hero’s Will

    ~Training Spots~

    Lv120-200: Skelegon
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Shaolin Temple, chose the floor that fits you the best, but remeber that teh golden martail artist need 275 acc to hit them, if you cant hit them party with a hig accurazy job and just kill the silver spearman.


    A few bosses that you can kill that give a reasonable amount of experience:

    Lv135+ Zakum

    Lv150+ Big Foot

    Lv155+ Horn Tail

    ~The definitive Dojo~

    Old skills

    • Somersault Kick: This skill is no longer a skill used to deal damage. Now it is a skill to reposition yourself while doing a bit of damage and gaining charge. Used often after a Corkscrew Blow, jump and kick to gain extra distance or to change direction when you have reach the end of the map or platform.

    • Corkscrew Blow: This skill will be used to move around and gain I.Frames. Use these I.Frames to use Dragon Strike and not get hit or to cover other skills such as Somersault Kick, Energy Blast, Energy Orb and sometimes Double Uppercut. Learn how to use it and you will keep the flow going.

    • Backspin Blow: Now it’s even better thanks to Dragon Strike and Barrage high damage output. What makes this skill so good is how fast it is and that it offers an approach option. Use this skill always to stun.

    • Double Uppercut: The only reason you this skill is because you want to finish a lonely mob that has ¼ of its HP or so, using barrage would take longer.

    • Energy Blast: This skill is used over Somersault Kick since they both have the same functionality, but Blast does more damage.

    • Energy Drain: This skill is not used often while grinding but when you do is to poke mobs to get the agro, if you do jump and Drain to keep the flow going. For the most part is to recover HP.

    New Skills

    • Dragon Strike: This skill is fairly easy to use, it has a large area of effect that even reaches mobs that are behind you (but that far behind). Dealing damage is the main goal of this skill.

    • Barrage: If a single mob is away from a crew, barrage can easily kill it; at a certain level you will be able to KO any non-boss mob with a single barrage. The best way to use Barrage is to deal damage to a boss, but only when you don’t have Super Transform available.

    • Super Transformation and Demolition: This skill without Demolition is completely useless. Once you are transformed you are sacrificing all of your maneuverability to do more damage to Bosses. As you may know Demolition targets on the mob that you have been hitting the most ignoring the rest of the mobs, this can be good for yourself but you won’t be able to clear the area on Bosses that summon leaving your teammates alone; also since you deal a lot of damage you don’t want to stop attacking so be sure to rebuff your teammates before you transform. Using Demolition is easy just hold down the key and if you get knocked bad out of the range move a bit closer and you are good to go.

    • Snatch: This skill is nuts, altho it's maxed late it will make grinding so much better, especially if you have SE. Whenever you have the chance transform and spam this skill. This skill can do a lot of damage too when comes to cleave damage if you are on a boss. This skill si also pretty good to kill mobs around BF if you are using Demolition on it.
    • Energy Orb: It may look underwhelming when you know that this skill’s damage halves with each bounce, but at high level this skill can be considered a side grade of Energy Blast. If mobs are close to each other you can Blast if not you can Orb to reach them all, or to lure them to you. When you hit 6 mobs this skills it does more damage than Blast so don’t be afraid of using it when you have it at a decent level; also first mobs will take a lot of damage. This skill can reach further than you think, but the first mob you hit needs to be near to you, and then the Orb will go nuts around the mobs.
    • Time Leap: You won’t be using this skill for combat but knowing when to use it can be handy. If you are alone don’t be afraid to use it to Time Leap you own Super Transformation to deal more damage; you can do this if there isn’t any useful skill to Time Leap on the party. Resurrection is the most common candidate to be Time Leaped; Time Leap affects all of your teammates at the same time so its recommended to wait for all Bishops to use they Resurrect to Time Leap all of them at once. Another skill that gets huge benefits from this is Echo of Hero, it lasts 40 minutes and it has a 2 hours cool down; so with Time Leap at lv10 you can keep this skill up at all time. In an emergency it can be used to reset Hero’s Will cool down, if you or someone is the seduce target on a Horn Tail run and they can’t avoid to get seduce you can use it. Smoke Screen can be Time Leaped too on an emergency situation. The rest of the skills can be Time Leaped when you use it to reset more important skills, let your team know and add them to your party.

    This job has more freedom when comes to doing combos, so I will call each kind of skill with a name so you can adapt your strategy and keep the flow going.

    • Heavy damage skill: These skills are mainly used to do damage. Skills= Barrage and Dragon Strike.

    • Rushing skill: These skills are used to move around and control the mobs position. Skills= Corkscrew Blow and Backspin Blow.

    • Filler skill: These skills are used to fill the delay of heavy damage skills. Skills= Energy Blast, Energy Drain, Energy Orb, Somersault Kick.

    The general formula to roll around mobs is:

    Heavy damage>Rusing>Repeat


    Heavy damage> Rushing> Filler and readjust>Repeat

    Choosing your heavy damage depends on the amount of mobs you have in range, Barrage for one mob in range, Dragon Strike if there are more.

    The most used rushing skill will be Corkscrew; using Backspin will be used if you want the extra damage that is not always wanted since it lacks I.Frames afterwards.

    You can avoid using a filler skill but they have their uses, for example Blast and Somersault can be used after a Corkscrew to gain ground or turn around repositioning yourself. Drain and Orb are used just to do a bit more damage while attacking mobs at a distance luring them.

    1vs1 Combo

    Barrage>Dragon Strike/Energy Orb

    You will use this combo as long as you are not transformed, if you have Energy Orb at a high level you use it instead of Dragon Strike since it deals more damage 1vs1, don’t use Orb if you want to get extra damage on other targets beside the boss.

    1vs1 combo with 100% I.Frames on static Bosses

    Barrage>Corkscrew>Dragon Strike>Backspin>Repeat

    This combo does less damage than the standard 1vs1 combo but it’s an option if you want to be bothered with damage.

    Push cancel

    When a mob is being knocked back by an attack it cannot be pushed away, since pushing is another way to knockback it. This applies to your teammates, if they damage a mob you won’t be able to push it, so if it’s needed to push it back ask them to stop.

    But you can cancel your own pushes; some skills end so fast or are so slow at reaching the mob that you will be able to use Corkscrews to rush forward without pushing. The skills that cause this are: Barrage, Dragon Strike, Energy Blast and Flash Fist. This is often used to run over the mob and keep it in place, this technique is use to get I.Frames without moving the boss around the map.


    Manon and Griffey

    Fairly easy Bosses to defeat, but what makes me want to talk about them is the fact that they have annoying attacks, you want to avoid them and what better way to di it than with some 100% I.Frames combos? Start with a Barrage then go to a Corkscrew into be the boss, using it after Barrage will cancel the pushing. After that you can either go for a Dragon Strike to deal more damage or Double Uppercut that deal less damage but the timing is a lot less clutch. If you want to Dragon Strike you will have to turn before you use it. If you use Double Uppercut it doesn’t matter since you have plenty of time. After that, you can Barrage again and repeat. Stay inside the Boss going back and forward to pull out an easy win.
    If you chose to do as much damage as you can, pin them on a corner and use Barrage>Dragon Strike combo. If you are Charged up you can stay inside them and avoid the effects of all of the attacks. If you want to use demolition try to take damage from the Kentaurus as you attack them, you are charged staying inside the mas you spam Demolition.

    Manon and Griffey:
    Level: 105
    HP: 3,700,000
    Exp: 27,000
    Knockback damage: 5,000

    Papulatus Clock

    This boss is very annoying to deal with unless you have maxed Super Transformation and Demolition. The trick is to pin it to the left corner then stand on the second closest platform to Papulatus and transform, use Demolition on it all the time, by the time your transform is over you will have full charge or at least you will be close to have it, get it and use the stance to use the Barrage>Dragon Strike combo on it. Be careful to not use Barrage at the end of the platform since you may just walk off the platform. Once charge is over your Super Transform will be close to being up. Repeat this process. All this to avoid being close to Papulatus and on the floor since you will get dispell and stun spam if you are there.
    Once you destroy his clock it will fly around and will only do touch damage around 5k per hit. This form barely has HP and can be killed fast.
    Level: 125
    HP: 23,000,000
    Exp: 1,192,000
    Knockback damage: 10,000

    Papulatus demeched:
    Level: 125
    Knockback damage: 12,000


    As everyone knows the name of this boss is made with the words pain and anus, meaning that it won’t be a nice boss. Do the Barrage>Dragon Strike combo to deal with this boss, and whenever you can transform to spam Demolition. Pianus summons mines that at touch can do up to 9k+ damage, if you cant take e damage use I.Frames to avoid the damage as you kill them, a single Dragon Strike will do, if you are with a friend try to turn around and clear them asap to protect them. This boss likes to dispell and seal so you better be ready by having some All Cure Potions on your inventory, this boss also likes to spam cancel, when this happens just wait outside until they are done.
    The left Pianus is far far less annoying and easier to kill.

    Pianus Right:
    Level: 110
    HP: 30,000,000
    Exp: 2,600,000

    Pianus Left:
    Level: 110
    HP: 24,000,000
    Exp: 1,800,000

    Big Foot

    A boss that we will hunt for exp. Be careful to not touch it since it does easily over 11k damage on touch, enter the maps with Oak Barrel on. This boss upon being hit gets I.Frames. Pin the boss on a corner before you deal with it. On your normal form, you can just spam Barrage the delay of it and the I.Frames match well, you can try a slightly different combo that is a bit harder to do, Dragon Strike>Barrage after this it will go to I.Frames, is a bit tricky to pull off and may be better to do it during charge since stance will increase the success of this combo. If you transform is just as simple as to get the timing right to use Demolition as fast as possible without missing any, use Snatch to deal with annoying Wraiths that may get on the way.
    Level: 110
    HP: 32,000,000
    Exp: 5,320,000
    Knckback damage: 2,000

    Easy boss to kill, just be careful with the last body since its touch damage deals a decent amount of damage. Your job as melee is to keep the Boss away from ranged jobs, use Corkscrew to push it away; also Barrage 100% knockback rate will help you. At the last body Demolition won’t be able to knockback this monster so if it gets too close to your teammates you can always cancel the transformation.


    It is like Scarlion but this guys has a rushing skill, just turn around when it walk pass you using that attack to keep doing damage to it.


    At the start you will have to deal with the arms. The best spot to start is at the platform on the left, you will Barrage one of the arms while Dragon Strike hits 3 of them. Once you are done with them you can try to go below, if you position yourself into the body using Barrage on one of the bottom arms, then Dragon Strike will reach both bottom arms and the one above in the direction you are facing. The only 2 arms you will struggle reaching will be the range arms, located at the top right of the map, these arms are meant only for ranged but you can help with Demolition.

    When comes to the body is fairly simple, use Demolition at a distance if not Barrage>Dragon Strike. If you are pushed to the body use Backspin Blow to quickly fall back and avoid its touch damage, you may use the 100% I.Frames combo on stativ bosses too if you really want. When a body dies and you are not transformed but you can, hold a bit and attack the body to make your 1vs1 skill focus the new body, then you can transform and use Demolition focusing only on the body. Last tip, Zakum bodies stun and seal, those statuses come with a damaging skill, and if you have I.Frames you can avoid the damage and the effect from that attack. The fire pillars stun and the Thunder strikes seal.


    This boss is lethal and not recommended for you but you can show everyone that you can kill it. Anego can only be killed with a 100% I.Frames. The best combo is Barrage into Corkscrew then turns around and repeats, there is a window for a third attack but you shouldn’t do it, Anego’s hit box is so small that you better use that small window to approach and adjust your position; also another attack would knock her away from your Barrage range as you become vulnerable again. When you have access to Demolition push her away and gain some distance, transform on a safe location and attack her at range.

    Horn Tail

    On the preheads just use your standard bossing combo and Demolition when it’s available, be careful if you get seduced near the head you may die, start with Demo is your best bet. Another thing to know on preheads is that there is a lag zone near the head. Hold your skills down to make them work, when your character is using Barrage hold down Dragon Strike and vice versa.

    On the main body you will start at the left part, you will get knocked back away from the legs so don’t worry about touch damage. Use the 1vs1 combo or Demo to deal damage to them. You should not melee the tail since it will knock back you to the right, so use Demolition to damage it only, you can use Dragon Strike if you want to help, just keep in mind don’t pass the abbs line in the middle of Horn Tail. If you want to melee the tail you can try but a small mistake and you will die, you can try barrage till you are in range with the tail from the left, use the standard 1vs1 combo, if you get knocked back to the right use the I.Frames that you gain with the hit to go away form the tail if you are still in, then wait it to go down and spam Corkscrew until you are back into the left side and repeat(do this at your own risk, is better to not risk it). The wings, if your party doesn’t want you to agro the arm that is behind them you can use Double Uppercut instead of Dragon Strike on your 1vs1 combo, Demo will auto target on wings so you can stand on the biggest platform to avoid falling all the way down. You can only reach the arms when they attack because when they will get closer to you, otherwise you can only use Demolition to damage it. Keep an eye on the arms since they seduce, when they try to seduce you they move the middle finger like they are trying to make you come to him. The right head is a nightmare, staying on that platform after u get attacked is almost impossible, the platform is too small to cast I.Frames beside Barrage ones, you will fall a lot, the best way to deal damage to this part is with Demolition, position yourself on the big platform that is belowm you can reach it as all range jobs can. The left head is easy to damage, you need to climb on a platform to reach it with barrage, but is a good spot since Dragon Strike will also damage the middle head, when comes to using Demolition you can do it on the platform below like the ranged jobs or on the biggest platform above. To reach the middle head you have to reach a platform that is near it, be careful if you fall and the left head is still up you will get hit, and you may die. Killing the middle head is the same 1vs1 combo or Demo. A small note on the entire Horn Tail, for some reasons Energy Orb doesn’t bounce so it will most likely only hit one part at the time.

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