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Medium Zakum seal/dispel glitch

Discussion in 'Report Bugs' started by reveohw, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. reveohw

    reveohw Slime

    Dec 5, 2018
    8:42 AM
    Description of the bug: Sometimes when Zakum seals, the seal gets stuck on my Bishop and can't be dispelled. During that, the only skill I can use is Dispel.

    What is supposed to happen?: Usually, Zakum seals, Bishop dispels, everybody goes back to what they are doing. However, there are a few times when I couldn't dispel seal from myself. Everyone else gets dispelled, but the seal remains on me, the Bishop. Then, no matter how many times I try to dispel, I can't dispel the seal on me until it either times out, or Zakum applies a new seal. While in that sealed state, I can't heal. The only skill I can use is Dispel.

    Where did you find and/or notice this bug?: During the past two Zakum runs I have been on as Alke, a Bishop. Eh, can't remember exact time and date, though.

    A step-by-step guide to re-producing this bug (optional): This seems to only happen when I dispel at some exact timing down to the millisecond. When Zakum shows the seal triangle, I press dispel, and sometimes, seal remains stuck.

    Extra information (optional): This could be happening because I am in Australia - long Internet route and ping. Sometimes I noticed that when I try to dispel quickly, everyone else in the party gets dispel but I remain sealed. Then I have to dispel again to use other skills like heal. This made me think that seal goes into effect at different times for different players as it seemed like I used dispel when seal had affected them, but not me just yet = my effect time was later than others'. Hence, I believe that this bug happen when I use dispel at some sort of timing that makes the "effect" command of "seal" and "dispel" runs at the same time as my "seal" effect is a little delayed.
  2. Blu301

    Blu301 Pac Pinky

    May 20, 2019
    East Coast, USA
    6:42 PM
    Possibly related bug - 2 different drks we zak with have complained that they aren't able to use allcures nor bishop dispel to cure the skill lock. It hasn't happened for any other class (yet?), but has happened multiple times for both of them.

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