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1 Hit petrifighter

Discussion in 'Training' started by Oradious, Aug 16, 2019.

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  1. Oradious

    Oradious Mr. Anchor

    Aug 28, 2018
    6:35 AM
    F/P Arch Mage, Gunslinger, Buccaneer
    As the summer event is coming up, I thought about doing a guide for one of the staple leech maps in MapleLegends. As your go-to map for leech between 105-120 (and beyond), you ought to know what exp you should be receiving as a buyer (or for the character you are self-leeching), and how to properly do the rotations as a mage.

    This guide is only applicable for 1 hitting. If you are a 2 hitter, chances are, you will make much more money and the same amount of exp at ulu 2. For a comprehensive guide on ulu 2, do refer to https://forum.maplelegends.com/index.php?threads/1-hit-ulu-estate-ii.24735/

    In order to 1 hit, a certain TMA is required from the mage. For F/Ps, the 1 hit TMA is 1255, whereas it is 1287 for I/Ls and somewhere around 1590 for Bishops (although most Bishops probably will not come here, and this amount is only reached at around 19x or 200)

    Needless to say, those values are for when your ultimate is level 30.

    I reckon that you will hit the aforementioned TMAs on your Arch Mages at around Level 162, with average INT gear and MW20. If you have above average gear, you can probably do it at Level 15x.

    With this guide, I do hope to see the amount of inefficient leechers lessen, especially during event periods, as I have noticed that during events there are a surge in leechers, with most of them being incompetent.

    For the sake of those without SI mules, this guide will accommodate for those with SI, and those without. I will also show the significance of SI in this guide.

    To start off, I will show the 4 spots in which you should cast your ult when rotating this map.
    In this guide, I will be using the anti-clockwise rotation, which starts from P1, to P2 (directly below the rope on top), to P3 (left side of the rope), and finally P4 (directly on top of P1), before you teleport down back to P1).

    mulespot.jpg This is generally where I hang all my characters, and is where my rebuff zone is. Despite it looking quite far for HS from P1, HS will still reach your mage if you stand directly below the ledge of P4.

    There is also another spot where you can hang all your characters, and it is usually used by those who do not have SI mules, so that they can reach the other side of the map quicker and catch the spawn.
    Another alternate spot is between the two images I have shown, on the rope connecting the bottom most platform and the P1 platform.

    This is usually where I cast my first ultimate, and will be called P1 in this guide.

    The second spot where I cast my ultimate is directly below the rope on top, and is sufficient to hit the mobs all the way to the right.

    The third spot where I cast my ultimate is on the top of the 2 platforms, and directly above P2 and just beside the rope which I've mentioned multiple times earlier.

    The fourth and final spot where I cast my ultimate is at the ledge of the this platform, so that I can maximise the range of my ultimate and try to hit monsters that are at the top left of the map. Fret not if you do not hit them. Just teleport down back to P1 once you have cast your ultimate here, and repeat the process

    3. Catching the spawn and reset zones
    To achieve efficiency while leeching petri, you want the monsters to respawn by the time you get to your next cast location. For example, while you are travelling from P2 to P3, the monsters should respawn when you are climbing up the rope if you have kept the rotations consistent. When teleporting down from P4 to P1, the mobs should respawn only when you touch down at P1.

    Sometimes, you might find that the monsters do not spawn when you reach your next cast location. In order to fix that, you'll have to do what I call a 'reset'. There are primarily 2 reset zones in the ACW rotation, P1 and P3.

    In order to reset, all you have to do is just cast your ultimate the moment you reach there (regardless of the mobs have respawned) and kill off the remaining mobs, wait awhile for it to respawn, cast your ult again and continue with your rotations.

    This is also where the role of SI comes into play. For those that don't know what SI does, it basically makes you cast your ultimate faster compared to Spell Booster, giving you more time to teleport to your next location, catch the respawn timing and cast your ultimate. With SI, your life is made much easier as you are just much faster as compared to with no SI. You barely have to worry about not catching the timing, which is a common occurrence if you do not have SI, and will force you to reset constantly. Additionally, SI gives you an extra 1-2 mil eph.

    During my time in MapleLegends, I have seen my fair share of leechers who do not stick to the 4 aforementioned spots and 2 lanes, and drift to another platform. Here are some examples of what I have seen.
    mistake1.jpg mistake2.jpg

    In this section, I would show the EXP gained in 2 sections, SI and non-SI, so that you can see the difference. Do note that the EXP shown for the Level 120 is a bit deflated here, as the partner is a Level 144 character. So, if you are a Level 120 partnered with a Level 11x, you should be receiving more than what is shown here

    Since the EXP gained by the leeching characters is affected by other factors other than the mage's leeching ability (total party level, partner's level etc), it might not be the best way to determine if the leech is efficient or not.

    Therefore, I have also compiled the EXP gained by the mage, split with SI and no SI, and solo with SI. The reason I have done so is because the mage's EXP is constant, and the EXP gained per mob kill isn't affected by your party member's levels.

    7. Looting
    You should only ever loot at the 2 platforms that you cast your ultimate on, and shouldn't go out of your way to clear the map of drops every 3 minutes. Unlike ulu 2, the only time you should ever deviate from your casting platforms is when an equip, gach or card (if you need it) drops. Otherwise, it's just not worth the time to go around looting a bunch of random ETCs.

    8. Conclusion
    With this guide, I hope you have gained some insight on how to be more efficient at petri leeching. For sellers, this can serve as a benchmark as to whether your leech is good or bad. For buyers, this can be a reminder to not get jebaited into buying that cheap 7mil petri leech which only gives you 18mil eph.

    If you think the 76mil is worth too much effort because you can achieve something similar at 5-6, then have fun burning your mesos with your duo bishop that does 45k lines.
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