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Meso Making Tier List

Discussion in 'Items & Mesos' started by Oradious, Feb 23, 2020.

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  1. Oradious

    Oradious Mr. Anchor

    Aug 28, 2018
    5:54 PM
    F/P Arch Mage, Gunslinger, Buccaneer
    So I got bored while studying for my exams, and with the recent rant on the mannies nerf and how people are complaining their source of mesos has been completely destroyed, I've decided to come up with a money making tier list after some discussion with my guild members.

    After much debate and changing of the list, and considering the target audience, this is what I've come up with.

    1 hit Skelegons with sweeper
    It is a known fact that selling 1 hit Skelegons yields one of the highest amount of mesos in MapleLegends. However, with the map layout of the common 1 hit skele spot, it is impossible to loot all the items, while maintaining your rotation. Utilising a sweeper mule to loot the bottom lane will maixmise your gains while allowing you to keep the rotation as you do not have to go out of your way to loot a gach ticket in the event that it drops. The approximate gain of utilising a sweeper mule in Skelegons is said to be 30mil/hr, though I think the figure is a bit inflated and should be a bit lower. You can learn more about it here.

    1 hit Petrifighter with sweeper
    Petrifighter leech is another leech that is comparable to Skelegons when it comes to mesos earned. In fact, I even made a guide teaching one how to leech at the map. An Arch Mage usually utilises an SI mule to maximise the gains and to keep the spawn going. Although the leech itself costs more than skele, the drops at petris are visibly worse than that of skeles, making it just a tad worse than skeles when it comes to money. Furthermore, due to the topography of the map, the top and bottom lane are left unlooted. Utilising a sweeper mule to loot the bottom lane effectively serves the same purpose as it does on Skelegons, allowing you to keep the rotation and not having to go out of your way to loot everything.

    4 man cave HT
    Now, why cave, you ask? Caving in HT basically means you don't leave the cave, saving you potentially hours of time as you do not have to re-do the elixir quest and wait a few hours for manons/daggers. You can just login to your character(s), and then start the run immediately. The approximate gain of 1 run is 160mil. Assuming that it is a 4 man split, and the run takes 90 minutes, you earn 26mil/hr.

    Solo Scarga
    Selling scarlion and targa helms and having the mesos earned all to yourself is also one of the huge money making methods. In fact, if you are strong enough and can take down Scarlion within 30 mins by yourself (I'll let you guys figure out how to do that), you can potentailly make 40mil/hr, more than what you earn in any of the aforementioned methods in tier S. The problem is, it is not easy to find a helm buyer and could potentially take up a lot of your time. Furthermore, there are a lot of people who have the ability to down scar, and if not, they would just get some extra help from friends or guildies. Considering all these factors, selling helms and keeping the splits to yourself is classified as 'Tier A+' in this list.

    3 man CWKPQ
    Each CWKPQ takes roughly an hour, and a 3 man split means each person gets 10 boxes per run (9 if you mess up). The approximate split from bonus is around 15-20mil/hr, depending on the drops.

    4-5 man normal HT
    The amount of money earned is around the same as 4 man cave HT listed in tier S. The only difference being, since you do not cave, you have to spend time doing the prequest, which can take hours, bringing this down to 'Tier A+'.

    1 hit Skelegons/Petrifighters
    This is the same as what was mentioned in its counterpart in 'Tier S'. However, since you are not utilising a sweeper mule, there is a noticeable dip in gains, bringing this down to 'Tier A'.

    4-5 man CWKPQ
    As mentioned in its counterpart in 'Tier A+', each CWKPQ takes roughly an hour. A 4-5 man split means each person gets between 6 - 8 boxes. The approximate gain is around 13-17mil/hr.

    Ulu 2 with sweeper mule in both lanes
    Have you ever smega-ed "S>ulu 2 w/mw20+mesoup 5mil split", only to have no replies and have buyers flock to the guy selling it for 4mil? Well, fret not! You can do the same too! And utilise a sweeper mule at the same time.

    The raw mesos gain in ulu 2 is 6mil/hr with mesos up. Assuming you are in a party of 4, with 2 characters being your own, that means you get 3mil/hr in both characters, looting in both lanes, while your leechers keep the other 3mil.

    Now, what if you turn off pet loot, and let your sweeper mule loot in both lanes?

    Well, the full 6mil is yours, your leechers don't get to keep their 1.5mil per character, and you earn an extra 3mil/hr.

    Underhanded, you say? But then again, who cares? Most buyers don't even bother to test for eph, and get short-changed with stuff like 6mil eph sellers.

    Ulu 2 with leechers
    This method does not involve the use of sweeper mules mentioned in its counterpart in 'Tier A-', which means you lose the 3mil/hr extra, bringing this down to a tier below.

    Petrifighter/Skelegon 2 hit
    The price of these leeches are around the same as 1 hit ulu 2. However, considering the pot burn from that extra ultimate cast (more so for mages), and the lesser number of people buying these 2 leeches, it brings it down a tier compared to 'Ulu 2 with leechers'.

    Ulu 2 raw
    With the absence of leechers, that means you do not lose the 3mil/hr. But at the same time, you do not gain the 8mil/hr you get from selling leech, making you earn a net loss of 5mil/hr, which classifies it as 'Tier B-'.

    3 man Scarga
    While a 3 man scarlion is arguably faster than a solo scarga, the fact that you have to split the mesos and also find a buyer makes it very much worse than its solo counterpart.

    Farming Nintos/Jonins in the Samurai map with a Bishop that can 1 hit is classified as 'Tier C'. Why, you ask? It drops scrolls like SFMA 60% that can sell for 20mil, and other items such as SFMA 30% and Eye Int 30%. Well, the profit for this is average, at best. You can go a few hours without having a single scroll dropping, and have 2 scrolls drop in quick succession. It is inconsistent. I personally do not have enough data on this, but from what I've gathered, it is comparable or lower than ulu 2. However, people usually do not buy leech here, and the equips dropped are worse than that of ulu 2.

    12 man HT
    The 12 man HT runs that dominated the server 2 years ago are now long gone. To even organise a 12 man run, one would have to painstakingly gather 11 other willing participants, do the prequest, and then potentially deal with disconnects/deaths (as it is with most 12 man these days), since most of them have little to no experience in HT. Consider the 160mil profit again, and a 90 min downtime. Divide that by 12, and it's around 8.8mil/hr earned, making it even worse than ulu 2 raw.

    With reference to SkuireSkuire 's post, we can see how volatile and random it is when it comes to the scroll drops. You can go by an entire hour without gaining anything, and go by the next getting a CFA 30% and a few other 70s. The average gain of this is around 7.5mil/hr.

    Cave of Honor
    A map suggested by AioriaXAioriaX in another thread, I got AlthariisaAlthariisa to test it out. It takes ~50mins to farm 25 badges each, which nets you 3.5mil. The raw mesos he got was around 750k, making it around 4.25mil on a class with arguably the worst mobility.

    There are a few factors to consider when farming here though.

    First, you have to do the prequest in order to unlock the exchange quest, which means travelling to Omega Sector twice. Secondly, if you want to get there easily, you have to do the 'Marker of Heroism' quest, which means doing the JQ itself several times. Some people might see this as a waste of time, and find other money-making methods. However, the mobs in there are auto-aggro, and Stormbreakers also have a chance to drop OA int 60%, which is a huge profit right now.

    Why Zakum, wtf? Zak is one of the most commonly done bosses! Especially for Level 14x and 15x! This list is trash! Well, think again.

    A Zakum run is usually done in 30 mins, and you get 25mil if you can find a buyer for BOTH helm and skillbook. However, the fact that Zakum is in El Nath, and people smega for hours trying to find a buyer, and that you need 6 signups to go in, plus the pot costs, doesn't make it that enticing as the other money making methods.

    It doesn't matter if it's a 3 man run, or a 6 man run. Assuming you get 25mil splits, and you take 1.5 hours to find a buyer (which is considered quite fast seeing as how long people spam smegas looking for buyers/bishops/SE), that is 12.5mil earned per hour, and divide it by 6, you get only a measly 2mil/hr. After you offset your pot cost, the profit is almost non-existent. You probably get more money logging in to your mules and selling fame.

    And don't argue that Genesis 20 is a drop and it can be sold for 20mil. That's like aruging 2 MW20s drop in every HT run and each run gives you a 640mil profit.


    So, that is the list that I've come up after much discussion and debate. There are a few areas that I've left out, such as NT, as I do not have enough data on it. I've also left out spots like Gallos and Master Chronos, since those are more of a training spot, and it is only a few niche people who specifically go there and farm for their drops.
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