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Guide to efficiently leveling high base int chars with zero starting funding.

Discussion in 'Training' started by akashsky, Jan 10, 2019.

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  1. akashsky

    akashsky Zakum

    Jun 10, 2017
    United States
    2:59 PM
    Who this guide is for
    This guide is for the dedicated legender who wants to reach end game with HIGH HP (10K+) on a ranged DPS class.

    Also, if this is not who you are and other players talk down or you or try to make you feel bad because you are not doing this, tell them to suck it.

    Step 1: Make a HS mule and Ice-lightning at the same time.

    HS mule can stop at 81, ice lightning can stop anytime level 70 or above.

    The most efficient way to do this is to make both the HS mule and ice lightning together and then multi client on party quests, (HPQ, KPQ, LPQ).

    From level 10 to 21, do a combination of quests and HPQ

    Once you reach 30 from KPQ/Questing, I do recommend you try out Nisse's guide to get from level 30 to 35.


    From 35-37 or 40, I suggest doing LPQ until you can max thunder bolt on your ice lightning. This mobbing skill is amazing.

    From there, I suggest leeching your cleric with your ice lightning at teddies until it reaches level 43, then you can swap over to leeching it at wraiths.

    If your Ice lightning is leveling too far ahead of your cleric, take some time to solo train your cleric. You don't want them to grow too far apart in levels.

    Once your cleric reaches ~lv 45, and your ice lightning is ~45-50, swap over to ghost ship 2. Its super early for cleric and your exp would be garbage solo, but this is the perfect time to come for an ice lighting because gs2 mobs are weak to lightning. So even though you miss alot, you still do good damage with your ice lightning and get good exp.

    Stay at GS2 until you get Max holy symbol on your priest and get to at least level 70 on your ice lightning. Once your priest reaches lv 75, I do recommend buying 3-3.5 hours of split wolf spider leech to get to 81. Trust me, you will be sick of GS2 after being there for over 30 levels.

    Step 2: Make an attacker class (class you want to level with high base int)
    As for which attacker to go, you should play whatever you want to play.

    However, if you are making a nightlord, i strongly recommend making a SE mule along with it.

    If you are making a marksman, I strongly recommend making an SI mule as well.

    The reason is that these party buffs are absolutely insane damage boosters on these classes.

    SE gives nightlords nearly a 60% damage increase, whereas speed infusion gives marksman nearly a 17% damage increase. If you have speed infusion on a marksman, you will be out-damaging similarly funded bow masters for a VERY long time (though they will win at end game).

    Corsairs don't really need party buffs to be that effective, but they do become slightly stronger when they get SI and SE (each give ~5% damage boost to corsairs).

    Bowmasters literally do not benefit from any buff in the game. Don't bother making any buff mules if you wanna main this class.

    Shadowers are in the same case as bowmasters. Also they don't need to wash at all due to meso guard so unless you just want a high HP, high avoid shadower, you should stop reading this guide and just start a shadower.

    If you want to make a Bucc, making an SE mule along with it is still an option (stun mastery + SE = insane damage on mobs when grinding in fourth job), but not something I strongly recommend.

    If you want to play any warrior, you really should stop reading this guide and just go make it. They barely need any int to hp wash effectively.

    Step 3: Train yourself doing the following:
    Henesy PQ 10-15
    Bubbling self leech 15-20
    Wild boar self leech 20-25
    Teddy self leech 25-43 (tough grind here)
    Jr. Wrath self leech 30-43 (only better than teddy if you 1hit)
    Wraith Self leech 43-53 (even tougher grind here)
    GS1 self leech 53-55
    GS5 self leech 55-58
    GS2 self leech 58-65

    While you are doing the above, you want to invite your HS mule to your party to buff yourself HS and then leave party on it. You should also consider selling split low level leech, the exp you provide if you rotate your map optimally is very comparible to that of a bishop.

    If you consistently sell split leech you will be making bank.

    If you see another person trying hard to grind and don't have a split buyer, be a nice person and PARTY with them. Even if they kill at only half the rate you do, having them in the party will increase the exp per hour your attacker gets.

    You want to try and save mesos because in step 4 you will buy a lot of leech. I estimate that it should cost you ~300-400m to complete step 4.

    Step 4: Buy leech for your i/l and attacker class, (can also bring HS mule to bishop but thats optional)

    65-71 WR
    71-75 Greatest Oldies
    75-85 Wolf spider
    85-90 ulu1
    90-100/105 ulu2
    [optional] 100-105 ulu3
    105-120 petrifighter or 108-120 skele

    Beyond here is optional

    120-125 shaolin 3-4
    125-129 shaolin 5-6

    If you ever run out of mesos, you can just self leech starting at 120, or go back to selling low level leech with your HS mule + i/l combo if you are not fourth job yet.

    If you are really low on mesos because you were not able to sell split leech and got consistently screwed over by gachapon, just buy split leech for your i/l and rush it to fourth job.

    After your ice lightning hits fourth (which should not be too expensive as leeching from 75-120 shouldn't cost more than 200-300m if you buy split) you can just self leech your attacker as far as you like.

    Also, I do suggest either MP washing your ice lightning OR making a hyper body mule to lessen your potion cost. Blizzard eats alot of mana per cast!
    I don't recommend leeching more than two characters at most (even though full party leech is the most efficient). The teddy and wraith grind are pretty much hell as is.

    If you want to power level, try to find someone else who is also leeching an attacker and trade leech with them. Basically instead of both of you leeching your characters individually, have person A leech both players characters for X hours, and then have person B leech both players characters for X hours. This is SIGNIFICANTLY faster than leeching only by yourself.

    To efficiently HS, copy paste /partyinvite HSmule , and then when its time to HS, type enter, control v, enter. Then, go to your hs mule, click accept party use HS, and then use the /leaveparty command.

    In addition, I also recommend making a few fame mules and trying to sell some fame daily. It may only get you 500k to 1m per day, but do it over the course of a month and it certainly adds up.

    The most optimal time to do this is during an event when there are bonus exp or drop rates. This drastically reduces the amount of time you need to leech yourself and increases the amount of mesos you make per hour from monster drops.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2019
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