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What content can still be added to MapleLegends?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DrJason, Mar 9, 2021.

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  1. DrJason

    DrJason Capt. Latanica

    May 30, 2018
    10:02 AM
    DrJason, Zrar
    Islander, F/P Arch Mage
    I think we can all consider maplelegends to be a fairly "finished" server when it comes to adding content. PB is added, all pre-BB world tour areas are added, and most of the areas from v63-v92 have been added as well.

    So what else is there? I'm just listing things here from pre-BB, not making any arguments about if something should be added or not *cough cpq* :sick:. Not entertaining additional classes & their corresponding starting areas (KoC, Aran, Evan, DB). If I am missing things please let me know!

    Various PQ's:
    • Ariant PQ (lv20-30, pseudo pvp, awards a chair)
    • Carnival PQ (lv30-50, pseudo pvp, awards lv35-50 weapons and a pendant)
    • Carnival PQ 2 (lv51-70, pseudo pvp, awards another pendant)
    • Nett's Pyramid PQ (lv40-200, awards a belt)
    • Mu Lung Dojo [solo & party variants] (lv25-200, awards belts)
    • Ghost Ship PQ [aka Dual Raid PQ] (lv60-80, pseudo pvp, no rewards apart from exp afaik)
    • Ice Gorge PQ [aka shammos PQ aka Hob King PQ] (lv75-200, awards +%10 HP earrings and a 180 speed mount)
    • Dragon Rider PQ (lv100-200, awards lv105 weapons that give attack bonuses)
    • Operation Strategy [aka Timer quest] (lv59+) *likely not added because of the UI elements for the Timer egg not being in v62
    • Neo Tokyo Quests (lv100+) *There are additional NT quests beyond what we already have in Legends
    • Mushroom Kingdom [Theme Dungeon] (lv30+)
    • Kerning Square [Theme Dungeon] (lv45+) *this is the GMS version of Taiwan :sick:
    • Neo City [Theme Dungeon] (lv70+) *this is the GMS version of Neo Tokyo :sick:
    • Shanghai Yu Garden *I am fuzzy on the timeline here so not sure if this was added to CMS pre-BB or not, but it did also link shanghai & shaolin together and gave them a world map
    • Lionheart Castle (lv115+) *although this is post-BB, it's been hinted to be released in Legends
    • Chaos Zakum (awards chaos zakum helmet)
    • Chaos Horntail (awards chaos horntail pendant)
    • Neo Tokyo Bosses (Royal Guard S, Core Blaze, Aufhaven) *referred to as NT part 2
    • Balrog (awards +2 all stats shoes & other random equips)
    Monster Book:
    • Remaining Zipangu mobs (blue mushmom/mushdad, jonin, red slime, etc)
    • Taiwan mobs
    • Thailand mobs *not sure if cards exist for these mobs
    • Masteria & Amoria mobs *cards were never made in GMS

    EDIT 1: added LHC
    EDIT 2: added Monster Book section
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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