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[Guide] Quick/Precise Levelling for New Chars! (~ Lvl 35)

Discussion in 'Training' started by Nise, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Nise

    Nise Supervisor Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Jul 5, 2017
    3:45 PM
    Hello everyone~ Tired of inefficiently levelling your character to 2nd job? Or are you a new player that is sick and tired of the < lvl 30 content and just want to get out of Victoria Island as fast as possible?

    I'm here to help and list out precisely what you need to do / how many things you need to gather / help you avoid going back and forth, back and forth from places!

    UPDATE: Quick/Precise Guide to Ariant Questline (Lvl 30 - 35) added!

    'Literally a step-by-step guide to completing everything as fast as possible!'

    Lvl 1 - 8 (Noob Maple Island)

    Congrats, you're on Maple Island! You've made it through the long, arduous process of rolling for the perfect states or ended up giving up and settling for the next best thing!

    General rule is to do all the quests (don't forget the Relaxer chair quest! ITS A FREE CHAIR THAT YOU'LL BE STUCK WITH FOR A LONG TIME!) You should be lvl 10 after all of it.

    If you're a magician or just want to get the fuck out of Maple Island asap, then here are the main quests that you should do. Thanks Tsukishima <3

    1. Talk to Maria, then proceed to Amherst
    2. Complete 'Please Bring This Letter To Lucas'
      • This includes returning Lucas' letter to Maria
    3. Talk to Lucas to start 'Chief's Introduction' and 'Protect Lucas' Farm'
      • You'll need to kill 5 red snails for both quests, so wait until Mai's quests asks you to kill 5 red snails (to speed things up)
    4. Complete 'Mai's Training'
    5. Talk to Lucas to complete the quests
    6. Complete 'Bari's Test' (one map before Southperry)
    7. Proceed to Southperry
    8. Talk to Biggs to start 'Biggs's Story on Victoria Island'
    9. Talk to Shanks to finally leave Maple Island!
      • If you followed steps 1 - 8, you would've saved 150 mesos! (not a lot, but money is money)
    Also: if you need help collecting items or helping kill mobs, Islanders are really nice people and are willing to help most of the times ^^

    Lvl 8 - 20 (A New World)

    You're finally on Victoria Island! This is where the guide gets more detailed/precise. But before that, let's visit our good friend Olaf.
    1. Talk to Olaf in Lith Harbor
    2. Thank Olaf for all the free xp!
    [In case you weren't lvl 8 (for magi) or 10 yet, these quests should fill up that small amount of xp you're missing for the job advancement]
    1. After you're job advancement, do all the 'Job Beginner Training Quests'
    2. [Optional]: 'The Reason Behind the Mushroom Studies' (Lvl 10)
    3. Go to Perion to complete 'The Stump Horror Story' (Lvl 10)
    4. Go to Kerning City to complete 'I'm Bored 1 & I'm Bored 2' (Lvl 10)
      • When collecting squishy liquids for 'I'm Bored 2' collect 25 more (total 65 squishy liquids)
    5. [Optional]: 'I Need Help On My Homework!' (Lvl 10) (collect additional 30 tree branches & 30 squishy liquids)
      • Quest is necessary to get the Icarus Cape later on
      • If you don't care about the cape, this quest is not recommended unless you have 10 slime bubbles to begin with, because they're a bitch to farm for
    6. Go to the Nautilus to complete 'Whalians and the Nautilus' (Lvl 10)
      • Bring a mana elixir
    7. Start 'A Mysterious Entity On-Board The Nautilus' (Lvl 10)
      • Only complete the back & forth with Baine & Bart, leave the hunting till later if you are nearly Lvl 15
    8. Find Muirhat in Nautilus and double click the garbage can near him, starts 'The Lost Letter' (Lvl 10)
    9. [At Lvl 14 (75% +)] Move to Amoria and turn in 'Beauty or Beast'
      • Obtain a Return to NLC scroll before this step if you can (helps save time)
      • This will result in a random hair, so brace yourself to be ugly for a bit!
      • See where the 25 squishy liquids came in handy?
    10. Use the NLC scroll (if you have it) from Amoria to complete the 'Welcome to NLC Quiz' (Lvl 15)
      • If you don't have a NLC scroll talk to Thomas Swift > Henesys > Kerning > Subway > NLC
    11. Proceed to the Nautilus
    12. Complete 'Help Me Find My Glasses' (Lvl 15)
    13. Complete 'Protect The Nautilus' Emergency Food Supply' (Lvl 15)
    14. You can grind for the pigs @ Mini Dungeon: Henesys Pig Farm
      • Collect 150 pig's ribbons
      • Remember to save your pig heads and stiff feathers!
    15. Complete 'A Mysterious Presence On-Board The Nautilus' (Lvl 10)
    16. Complete 'Cleaning the Nautilus 1' (Lvl 15)
    17. [Optional] Complete 'John's Pink Flower Basket' to get 30 screws
      • If you have a knack for jump quests (I sure don't)
    18. Proceed to Thailand and complete 'Toon Fixing the Roof' (Lvl 15)
      • You need 15 screws, which if you didn't get it from the quest you can get it from the FM
      • Thanks Xadra!
    19. Complete 'Manji and the Secret Group' (Lvl 18)
    20. Grind at wherever you see fit (Pig Farm or Blue Mushroom Forest) until you hit Lvl 20!

    Lvl 20 - 25 (Mushrooms Everywhere. Kill em all.)

    1. [Optional/if bothered] Complete 'Legend of the Snail' (Lvl 20)
      • I personally always skip this as I'm never bothered enough to wait for Mano spawns
    2. [Optional] Yet another jump quest if you want: 'Shumi's Lost Coin' (Lvl 20)
    3. Complete 'Nautilus' Special Entree' (Lvl 20)
      • Just click on the far right cow to fill up the milk jugs
      • EASIEST quest in Maple (that isn't a talking quest)
    4. Start 'Alex the Runaway Kid' (Lvl 20)
      • Just talk to him for now, you'll finish the quest in due time young Padawan
    5. Move to Sleepywood to complete 'DANGER! <2-H. Mushroom>' (Lvl 20)
      • Collect 120 horny mushroom caps
    6. Complete 'DANGER! <3-Z. Mushroom>' (Lvl 22)
      • Collect 100 charms of the undead
    7. If you have a sizeable party (probably 3), you can give a shot at the 999 quests, but honestly you don't have to subject yourself to this torture to hit Lvl 30
    8. Complete 'Camila's Gem' (Lvl 23) - not really a jump quest, more of a puzzle
      • TIP: For each section, choose the farthest/most annoying platform to get to
    9. All of this isn't enough for you to hit Lvl 25 yet, so here are your options:
      • Kerning PQ
      • Grind at Sleepywood (Best xp would be evil eyes, if you can kill them)
      • Grind at Kerning City Subway: Line 1 <Area 1> (bubblings)

    Lvl 25 - 30 (Get Me Off Victoria Island Pls.)

    Good you've made it this far, hopefully in not too many hours. You're slowly starting to get bored of Victoria Island and Sleepywood. Just hang in there for just a bit more and you'll be free!
    1. Complete 'POLLUTED! <1-Evil Eye>' (Lvl 25)
      • Collect 100 evil eye tails
    2. Move to Henesys to complete 'Alex the Runaway Kid' (Lvl 20)
      • You're finally getting rid of the bulk of those pig ribbons!
    3. Move to Nautilus to complete 'Lazy Little Calico' (Lvl 25)
    4. Complete 'Strange Dish 1' (Lvl 25)
      • Good bye evil eye tails!
    5. Return to Kerning, to complete 'Mystery of Niora Hospital' (Lvl 25)
      • Go to Land of the Wild Boars III (Perion)
      • Also, collect 100 boar tooth
      • Note: you'll get a raggedy cape (which is pretty good for hp washing at early levels if you're going down that road)
    6. You're nearly Lvl 30, but just not there yet, so here are your options:
      • Kerning PQ if you don't want to grind anymore
      • Grind at ligators (if you can hit them)
      • Grind at genins/ashigaru @ Ninja castle (*highly recommended)
        • Inside the Castle Gate is good for melees but only has genins
        • Castle Corridor [2] has both genins & ashigarus rewarding more xp, but works better if you're ranged
        • On my Lvl 29 sin, I got 4% per min at purely genins, while I got 4.6% per min at genins/ashigarus
    7. Grats on 2nd job advancement!

    Lvl 30 - 35 (The Adventure Begins!)

    Time to leave Victoria Island and set off for a proper adventure! (Soon at least)
    1. Complete 'Jane and the Wild Boar' (Lvl 30)
      • Begone horny mushroom caps & boar teeth!
    2. [Optional] Complete 'Shumi's Lost Bundle of Money' (Lvl 30)
      • Another jump quest for you masochists (not me)
    3. Go to Orbis to complete 'Nero's Necklace' (Lvl 20)
      • You simply need to buy 2 items in the Cash Shop for 1 meso each
    4. Go to the Ariant to start the Ariant quest line
      • This should put you at Lvl 35 roughly
    So... the Ariant quest line is sort of an absolute mess. There are so many quests and so much unnecessary back and forth if you're doing it cluelessly. Also, remember to keep all Lithium ores.

    1. Talk to Bryon at Ariant: The Town of Ariant and complete 'Learning About the Culture of Ariant' (Lvl 10)
    2. Talk to Sirin and complete 'The Existence of a Secret Organization' (Lvl 29)
      • Click on a hidden NPC in the shaded wall on the house to the right of Sirin
      • This will activate 3 Sand Bandit quests
    3. Accept/start the following quests:
    4. Proceed to The Burning Sands: Outside East Entrance of Ariant (right map of Ariant)
      • Collect 50 carrots from Dark Sand Rabbits
    5. Keep going until The Burning Sands: The Scorching Desert, talk to Strange Guy and accept 'A Request from a Member of the Sand Bandits!' (Lvl 27)
    6. Go to the left to the The Burning Sands: White Rock Desert
      • Kill 100 Bellamoas
      • Collect 20 snake rattles
    7. Go left to The Burning Sands: Cactus Desert 2
      • Collect 20 cactus flowers from Royal Cactus
      • Collect 50 cactus thorns from Cactus
      • Collect 5 desert mist from any cacti
    8. Go until The Burning Sands: Outside the West Entrance of Ariant
      • Collect 30 cactus stems from Jr Cactus
    9. Back town and buy 10 Apples and 10 Eggs from the potion shop
    10. Turn in/complete the following quests at Ariant: The Town of Ariant
    11. Return to The Burning Sands: The Scorching Desert and turn in 'A Request from a Member of the Sand Bandits!' (Lvl 27) - Part 1 & 2
      • Accept Part 3 of quest
    12. Go back to The Burning Sands: Dry Desert
      • Kill 30 Ear Plug Pleads & 30 Scarf Pleads
      • Collect 20 ear muffs & 20 scarfs

    1. You should be Lvl 32 by now, so head over to The Burning Sands: Dry Desert and talk to the Le Petit Prince and accept/turn in 'For the Little Prince' (Lvl 32) - Part 1
      • You have no need for anymore desert mists! NPC the rest!
      • Accept Part 2
    2. Return to town and head to the palace
      • Talk to Tigun, pay him 2,000 mesos to obtain Palace Pass (don't drop it, unless you want to pay another 2,000 mesos)
    3. Inside the palace, run through the palace while holding the "up" key to find hidden warps and reach the end faster
      • Note: Move quickly or you'll be kicked out of the palace
    4. Talk to Schegerazade in Ariant Castle: King's Room and turn in:
    5. Go to the far right of the King's Room and click on the drawers to retrieve the ring
    6. Go to the previous map (Ariant Castle: Palace Hallway)
      • Walk all the way left (stand below the unlit lamp) and access the hidden portal
      • Hit the boxes until you obtain a Skyrom
    7. Leave the palace and return to Ariant: The Town of Ariant
    8. Return to Schegerazade in Ariant Castle: King's Room to turn in:
    9. Leave the palace and proceed to The Burning Sands: North Desert Road 1
      • Collect 20 telescopes from Meercats
      • Collect 4 cat's eyes
    10. Head right to The Burning Sands: North Desert Road 2
      • Collect 30 kiyo's beaks from Kiyo
    11. Return to Sirin in Ariant: The Town of Ariant
    12. Head back to The Burning Sands: The Scorching Desert to complete 'A Request from a Member of the Sand Bandits!' (Lvl 27) - Part 3
    You're done with the bulk of the quest line. Now just for some final back and forth, but this is a good place to take a break. If you're too badass to take breaks, keep going~

    1. Return to Sirin in Ariant: The Town of Ariant
    2. Back to The Burning Sands: The Scorching Desert and access the hidden portal in the rock right of Strange Guy
      • Password to the chest = Open Sesame (caps are important)
    3. Go back to Ariant: The Town of Ariant and distribute the treasure (DO NOT DROP) as shown here!
    4. Talk to Sirin
    5. Back to The Burning Sands: The Scorching Desert and go to the treasure box again
      • IF you don't have 20 lithium ores yet, choose 5x lithium ore
      • IF you still don't have 20, go farm them (anywhere in Ariant map really)
    6. Back to Muhamad in Ariant: The Town of Ariant to refine your 20 lithium ores (1,000 mesos needed)
    7. Talk to Ereska to finally finish 'Sand Bandits According to Eleska' (Lvl 29)
    8. Finally go to the far right of the map into a hidden portal (dark tunnel) to complete 'The True Identity of Sand Bandits' (Lvl 29)
      • All the quests after this point aren't that great
      • Unless you want to continue with the remaining Ariant quests, you can throw away the Sand Drawing Member's Certificate
    YOU ARE FINALLY DONE WITH THE ARIANT QUEST LINE! AND I'M FINALLY DONE WRITING THE ARIANT SECTION OF THE GUIDE! PHEW. It might sound long & complicated, but it really isn't + it's really fast xp to get to Lvl 35 so you can Ludibrium PQ.

    After this, its pretty much for Ludibrium PQ-ing and training at where you prefer or where it's preferred for your specific class! There are a few other additional quests this guide has set you up for if you want the items/scrolls that are rewarded. But, if you're just interested in speed levelling, this section can be completely ignored.

    1. Shoes for Jump 30% (worth around 4m on 10/11/17): 'MapleStory Basic Knowledge' (Lvl 30 to complete)
    2. Sauna Robe: 'Mr. Wetbottom's Secret Book' (Lvl 30)
    3. Pre-req for Icarus cape: 'Icarus' Hang Glider' (Lvl 32)

    Credits to Fowski, Kshyyman12, and MrBronkz for the information and being the basis of this compilation/updated guide!



    Those who previously read through Fowski's guide would notice this guide is very very similar to his guide, but seeing as he has stopped playing a couple of years back and has in follow up comments said those who wanted to continue / add onto the guide should, I decided to do so, since there seemed to be void in terms of a speed levelling guide through the earlier (what I consider to be the more boring) stage of the game (pre-2nd job advancement).

    Anyway, hope this guide was helpful, yet entertaining to everyone who bothered to read it! ^^

    08/06/20: Finally updated number of Evil Eye tails needed :D
    03/14/18 (01:33): Updated to include some more Lvl 10 - 15 places to help boost you to Lvl 30
    10/24/17 (01:33): Included Ninja Castle as a potential grind place pre-30
    10/22/17 (13:43): Added detailed guide to Ariant quest line
    10/20/17 (12:27): Added Tsukishima's Maple Island quest advice~
    10/19/17 (20:38): Corrected mistake about 99 Evil Eye quest being Lvl 21 (actually Lvl 25)
    10/19/17 (18:10): Added Lvl 10 Nautilus quests to help get to Lvl 15
    10/19/17 (19:35): Included 'I Need Help On My Homework' (optional - not recommended for most)
    10/16/17 (11:08): Added Xadra's suggestion of 'Toon Fixing the Roof'
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
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  2. DivineArrow

    DivineArrow Horny Mushroom

    Aug 3, 2017
    9:45 AM
    Great guide :D
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  3. iLovKimberly

    iLovKimberly Headless Horseman

    Feb 23, 2017
    2:45 PM
    Islander, Bishop
    Additional tips on Maple Island: If you are in a hurry to leave Maple Island, I will list out a few main ones which you wouldn't want to miss, which gives very good exp, but mage be cautious you might overlevel (sorry I wouldn't mention exactly the quest name, but i will just describe it with the NPC involved)

    1) Accept the quest which asks you to kill 10 snails and then report to Maria. (This activate other useful quest)
    2) Talk to Maria, she will ask you to deliver Letter to Lucas in Amherst
    3) Talk to lucas, and deliver the reply letter to Maria
    4) Talk to lucas and accept the following two quest
    4.1: Protect Lucas Farm (kill 5snails (green), blue snails and red snails) - This quest gives you work glove (colour or white in random)

    4.2: Proceed to talk to Mai, and completed a series of Mai quest
    4.2.1: Kill 5stumps and collect 3 tree branch
    4.2.2: Kill 5red snails (Note this overlap with Protect Lucas Farm, you can do this simultaneously)
    4.2.3: Kill 5slimes and collect 1 squishy liquid
    4.2.4: Kill 2pigs

    Complete these 4quest and talk to Lucas again

    5) Talk to Bari in the map before SouthPerry, kill 1 orange mushroom and collect one mushroom cap (super nice exp)
    6) Talk to Biggs, and accept quest which he talk about victoria island
    7) Talk to Shank and leave Maple Island
    8) Talk to Olaf, here you clear the quest which you accepted from Biggs in 6), the reward is beginner hp and mp pot which is quite handy for new character
    9) Also accept Olaf job advancement quest
    10) Go to your respective job instructor and clear the quest.

    The relaxer quest only do it if you want the relaxer, for example if you are just creating mules and not interested in getting relaxer, you might want to skip it.

    Other quest not listed here such as Yoona shopping quest, and rain speed quiz, aren't that optimized in terms of exp, but of course you are free to do it for nostalgic purpose.

    If you have problems with hitting monsters, feel free to approach any islander politely, we usually hoarded tons of etc like red snail shells, mushroom caps and all other etcs.
    For me, if I'm not busy, I might even help you to kill the monster for Mai's quest.

    Have fun.

    Tsuki tsuki :heartbeat:
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2018
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  4. xadra

    xadra Capt. Latanica

    Jun 6, 2017
    2:45 PM
    Excellent guide. There's one quest i dont think was mentioned- Toon Fixing the Roof in Thailand requires 15 screws to complete and gives 15k exp. It is open from level 10 (or 15?) and at such levels 15k exp is almost two whole levels worth of exp.

    15 screws can either be bought from other players, transferred from your main, or acquired (with extras) from the John and the Pink Flowers, a jump quest. So if you are good at JQs this is an extremely easy way to blaze through a couple of levels
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  5. OP

    Nise Supervisor Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Jul 5, 2017
    3:45 PM
    Ooooooh I've always just done all the quests on Maple Island, just for nostalgia purposes, but this is great! You can always trust an Islander ^^
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  6. OP

    Nise Supervisor Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Jul 5, 2017
    3:45 PM
    Thanks Xadra ^^ I've always avoided the jump quest so I never have any screws T-T but yea thats great xp for anyone that has the screws. I'll make sure to add it into the guide!
  7. Arian

    Arian Blue Snail

    Sep 16, 2017
    11:45 PM
    Awesome! Just got to level 30 and didn't know what to do.. until this guide :)
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  8. OP

    Nise Supervisor Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Jul 5, 2017
    3:45 PM
    UPDATE: Quick/Precise Guide to Ariant Questline (Lvl 30 - 35) added!
  9. Stow

    Stow Mixed Golem

    Apr 30, 2017
    2:45 PM
    alex the runaway kid quest requires 50 evil eye tail if im not wrong, for ariant bellomoa, there is a hidden map at the arch shape rock in white rock desert that has a better spawn of bellomoas
  10. OP

    Nise Supervisor Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Jul 5, 2017
    3:45 PM
    Updated to include a few more lvl 10 - 15 quests to help speed up the leveling

    (pretty useful while making reset mules... but sadly I only found this out with 2 days left of event... T-T)
  11. Ayderac

    Ayderac Pink Teddy

    Mar 13, 2018
    7:45 AM
    Thank you so much for this, it helped me out a lot in leveling! I wish you could keep doing this all the way instead of only grinding!
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  12. merky

    merky Mr. Anchor

    Apr 13, 2016
    2:45 PM
    Great guide! I usually blunder my way around until I finish all the quests, which is something I do not recommend.

    By the way, there's a quick and easy quest: A Way to Fight Off Sleep (Mike the guard at Perion Dungeon Entrance). I can never remember this one, but always end up bumping into Mike while having the required potions in my possession.

    For the compulsive completionists out there, you could purchase a Salad from Deep Ant Tunnel while you're there to complete the Luke the Security Guy quest. Stirge wings are easy to collect but unfortunately Jr Necki skins aren't, so this is probably not for folks who want to leave Victoria Island ASAP, and hence this quest shouldn't go into the guide. But I'm just mentioning it for those who want to clear every quest.
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  13. Tenyn

    Tenyn Pink Teddy

    May 8, 2017
    4:45 PM
    The 80 evil eye tails are wrong. You need 100 in total.
  14. cheeseed

    cheeseed Slime

    Apr 1, 2018
    8:45 AM
    Priest, Bandit
    Great guide! It's precise and to the point.
  15. Precel

    Precel Zakum Retired Staff

    Nov 13, 2018
    2:45 AM
    For lvl 25-30, you actually need 100 evil eye tails because Talking to Stan (Alex the runaway kid) requires 50 evil eye tails, not 30.

    Similarly, you need extra 40 pig ribbons because Talking to Stan requires 100, not 60.
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  16. leftysoulz

    leftysoulz Red Snail

    Jan 28, 2019
    2:45 AM
    Great guide. got me to level 34 & I just mobbed the rest. New player btw

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  17. telemachus

    telemachus Horny Mushroom

    Feb 4, 2019
    11:45 PM
    cool guide, i appreciate the attention to quests instead of a dumb list of training spots. myself, i figured i'd do "fixing blackbull's house" since i was in perion already and blackbull was tryna hook me up with somethin to do, but unfortunately blackbull is maplestory's foremost thriftmaster and compensated my hard work grinding for 50 firewoods (and 30 whole tree branches, i might add) at level 15 with awards worth less combined than what i could get by selling the god damn firewoods to my local fence. if i had known about this guide i could have avoided such pitiful and insulting exp awards; do i look to you like someone who would use a steel shield, anyways?
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  18. Komplett

    Komplett Blue Snail

    Apr 26, 2019
    8:45 AM
    Thanks for the guide, Helping me a lot as i started playing today! :)
  19. kalash

    kalash Headless Horseman

    Oct 18, 2016
    8:45 AM
    Night Lord
    The thread lacks "take sams quest" before talking to maria to take the quest for lucas (for the beginner island).
  20. darrine

    darrine Blue Snail

    Oct 25, 2019
    2:45 PM
    F/P Wizard
    thanks for the guide! :D

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