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Skele leech guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by moomins, Sep 16, 2019.

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  1. moomins

    moomins Mixed Golem

    Jun 15, 2019
    12:10 PM
    Skele leech can make you lots of mesos (>30m per hour).

    Setting up

    It took me ~3 months to set up everything (1300 ma/gene30/MW20, SI/HB/haste/mesoup/sweeper mules).

    Level a bishop first to 120 and then level multiple mules at the same time to take advantage of party EXP bonuses.

    I don't think it's worth buying expensive magician gear unless you have other uses for it (like heavily washing a ranged). Keep purchases ideally under 100m because it becomes more difficult to justify the purchase (leeching 1 hit at an earlier level but having spent more meso).

    Here are my recommendations:
    • any elemental wand 5-8 ~168 tma
    • zakum helm scrolled ~27INT
    • racoon mask ~7 INT
    • bathrobe ~16 INT
    • shield ~12 tma
    • shoes ~2 INT (easily craftable low level magician shoes)
    • cape ~16 tma (purple adventurer/gaia cape)
    • gloves ~13 tma
    • MoN (don't chaos)
    • earrings ~20 tma
    • make use of event items that give INT/tma
    After you level your mules and reach lv 130 (and can 2hit), I recommend doing only skele leech. I think it's the best balance of exp and meso.

    2hit skele with SI (~14-16m eph split 2-way) is slightly worse than 1hit skele without SI - if you advertise your eph (see below) you should be able to negotiate similar prices to other places like WR/WS/ulu2 but get better loot.

    From around 1200 tma (when you start to 1 hit sometimes), your EPH increases so you should slowly increase your leech prices. Your meso/drops will increase too because you kill more monsters.

    When you get around 1230 tma you can start using a 1hit skele rotation even if you can't 1hit them all the time. It will be better eph than 1hit skele without SI.

    Be careful with your sweeper mule before you can 1hit since monsters will laser attack and dark sight cannot avoid it.

    Use a cash shop magic buff (or NLC wizard elixirs if you can't multi-vote with mobile internet airplane mode/multiple browsers) to hit 1300 tma. This should be achievable by ~lv 175 and then you're set!

    It's optional but I stopped leveling at 175 on my bishop by suiciding to maintain a higher eph (for buyers).

    I recommend getting mw20 first so you can get extra MP when you level and it will help getting buyers who are picky about it for washing. If you are leveling any other characters it will help them with washing too. You can use mw20 on a different char (add party/expel like a SI mule) to give mw20 to buyers so you don't need to buy mw20 for your bishop.

    HB mule (41 spearman)
    • not required if you have 30000 MP
    • at 30000 MP it will cost ~700k (mana bulls) per hour
    SI mule (126 buccaneer) [SI no longer works with bishops]
    • increases your genesis cast speed dramatically allowing you to move earlier to your next spot
    • allows you to cast 3 genesis at key locations every spawn (~8 sec) if you have haste
    • leave the party window open on the SI mule so that the leave button is near the party invite notification (popup) -> right click the SI mule on the bishop to party invite -> when ready, accept party (O) + SI + press leave
    • not necessary for skele leech but I think it's a very good investment for bishops because SI can give ~20% more eph at skeles (and therefore 20% more meso/drops + you can advertise a higher leech price)
    haste/meso up mule (77 hermit)
    • haste allows you to move faster between the locations where you cast genesis
    • mesoup increases your meso income by 50%
    • use a skill macro to use haste and mesoup together
    • levelup the endure skill so you don't need pots on this mule
    • again not necessary because you can use speed/jump equips
    • 50% extra meso is about an extra 2m/hr - it can take a while to pay off leveling a 77 mule
    sweeper mule (18 rogue with max dark sight + pet + ~112 speed + magic scales)
    • multitask to loot most of the items on the map (ideally on a different computer - use higher speed if you only have one computer)
    • move the sweeper mule during genesis cast delay
    • allows you to continue casting genesis without stopping leech to loot items (this increases your eph and also the number of monsters killed = more meso/items)
    • should not be in the leech party so that all the mesos it picks up will be yours
    • you can pick up items ~15 seconds after they have dropped from monsters
    • items disappear after ~3 minutes - as long as you do a full cycle within 3 minutes you will loot everything
    • too much speed can cause the pet to teleport and you can miss out on items
    • one of my buyers (Akuria) suggests doing Kenta's advice quest so your sweeper mule can move faster without the pet teleporting but I think you need level 30 to do the quest

    Time your first genesis immediately after a respawn and aim to finish your 3rd genesis before the next respawn

    Use your own buffs (invincible/heal/MG) after your 3rd genesis cast (don't have to move since you can cast genesis again at the same spot when monsters respawn) or use it while jumping to gain some distance

    Avoid using heal if it will lead to a laser attack because you can get knocked off. Using heal near the buyers can sometimes cause a weird bug that causes buyers on the rope to fall off (seems to only occur when lagging).

    Use HS/MW20 on a rope to decrease the delay after casting (or while jumping followed by teleport) - make sure leechers are getting the buffs too (buyers can miss the buffs especially when you're jumping)

    Try your best not to fall to the bottom platform because you will lose 1~2 genesis casts each time this happens. If you cast genesis immediately after you see monsters spawn, you won't get hit by touch damage

    Trading mesos will cost you 2.5% tax every time. I get the mesos from the leechers, sell equips/items/scales, and open shop all on the sweeper mule. You can drop mesos in 50k bags as well (but very time consuming so I don't do it).

    Use the widescreen client so you can change where you use genesis to clear as many monsters as possible with 3 genesis casts.

    Always sync your gene casts with monster respawns! It makes a huge difference!

    5 min video

    During halloween event with +10% exp

    If you want ~700k more meso you can manage another sweeper mule in the middle platform and turn off pet loot on the bishop. This way you don't share any meso with the leechers (but I've been occasionally missing loot on the main sweeper mule by exceeding 3 minutes per rotation so I think it's marginal to use a second sweeper mule)


    Sweeper mule: ~4m/hr meso
    Bishop + 2 mules (3/5 party; bucc doesn't get meso): ~1m/hr meso (1.7m shared by 5 party members)
    Dragon scales: ~3.5 m/hr meso (~13/hr)
    Equips: ~4m/hr meso (try to sell as many equips to other players rather than NPC)
    2 leechers: ~16m/hr meso (8m split)
    + other random stuff (dragon spirit, 10% glove att, etc items, ores, power elixirs, ...)
    + gachapon tickets
    - mana bulls ~700k
    = >30m per hour

    See my blog for the monies

    EPH (without event)

    22-27m exp per hour for leechers (for fresh 1hit bishops or 20-27m exp for lv 200 bishops)
    see leech exp calculator: https://forum.maplelegends.com/index.php?threads/leech-exp-per-hour-eph-calculator.26509/

    I average around 55m eph with @epm 60 with 2 buyers (bishop gets the same exp regardless of your level or the level of the party members so you can compare with this number)

    If you need help message me Moomins #0590
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