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Bring rapid fire back post-patch

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by CountDabs, Aug 13, 2022.

  1. CountDabs

    CountDabs King Slime

    Sep 11, 2020
    5:29 AM
    Hi, I was recently reading through the patch notes and saw that corsair's Battleship Cannon is set to lose 20% of it's damage to put it in line with the vanilla maple.

    However, this is the issue that I see.
    That 20% damage did not come from nowhere, it was taken from corsair's other skill, rapid fire.

    In Vanilla BBB, Rapid fire was 200% and Cannon was 380%
    In Pre-Patch ML, Rapid fire was 180% and Cannon was 400% to encourage player skill.

    However, with this current patch, corsair will lose that 20% damage without any return.

    I believe that putting this damage back into rapid fire would be a good idea and here is my reasoning:

    Corsair is a ranged Dpm class, and easily hits top 3 @dpm status in early game bosses like zakum, krexel, etc. However, in later game fights like Horntail, The boss, Pink Bean, etc that hit much harder, corsair falls completely out of the top 5 because of the ship being constantly broken.
    Corsairs that HP wash hard are also PUNISHED because 1/1 will do MORE damage to the ship if a corsair has more BASE hp. So the more effort you put into corsair, the more you are punished.
    I believe that bringing this damage back to rapid fire would help corsairs deal with the massive amount of damage that later game bosses do to the battleship and help improve the relevance of corsair in the late game to not be just a horntail and zakum killing mule, and let them have some more relevance in end game content.
    This type of buff would not give corsairs an unfair advantage in early game bosses, as bosses like zakum or krexel can already be completed without breaking the battleship. The only time a corsair would see this buff in an early game boss is if they are very underleveled and have not yet maxed their battleship. It should not affect the relevance of any class other than itself, instead provide more of a fair fight when compared against night lords that avoid 70-80% of hits while still throwing very comparable damage.
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  2. Trion

    Trion Capt. Latanica

    Jul 23, 2019
    8:29 AM
    At the very least don't make it as penalizing as 20% so they have a little fight in them at later bosses. I suspect this won't be final and they are just fine tuning atm.
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  3. Netlel

    Netlel Mano

    Nov 24, 2019
    2:29 PM
    sairs really dont need another buff we're already the highest dpm job in HT and completely fine in PB. A nerf from 400 to 380 is only a 5% reduction, and the dismount bug being fixed is a major buff that outweighs that 5% nerf.

    also i think the hidden street you're screenshotting is too new, rapid fire seems to have been 150% dmg in 2008 https://web.archive.org/web/20081216234928/http://sea.hidden-street.net/characters/corsair.php
    i wouldnt mind having that version actually
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  4. Miniskirt

    Miniskirt Slime

    Nov 15, 2020
    9:29 PM
    yea, i couldnt agree more
  5. Nise

    Nise Supervisor Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Jul 5, 2017
    10:29 PM
    Couple things to clarify, as these seems to be common misconceptions & relevant considerations:
    • Rapid fire at v92 was 200%, this was leading up to Neckson's decision to completely scrap the battleship mechanic and just make sairs be another BM, entirely reliant on rapidfire/hurricane
    • Rapid fire at v62 was actually 160%
    • Higher % for a fast attacking skill like rapid fire, makes the % gain you get from SE go lower
      • 160 + 140 = 300, making crits on rapid fire deal 187.5% more damage
      • 180 + 140 = 320, making crits on rapid fire deal 177.7% more damage
      • 200 + 140 = 340, making crits on rapid fire deal 170% more damage
    • Cannon's 20% skill % decrease, does not translate to a 20% DPM loss. It actually translates more to a 5% DPM loss.
      (This was a big issue that also came up when the original buff was applied, people were crying about how sairs suddenly would see a 20% increase, which is definitely not true)
    Additionally, I don't know the numbers from the top of my head here either, so please do correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel the level range for a Corsair who hasn't maxed battleship should be similar to a Nightlord who hasn't finished maxing out Shifter yet. And also add on the fact that being early 4th job, their luk & dex wouldn't be so high to give them too high of an avoidability rate. At least not to avoid 70-80% of hits (yet). Of course, down the line it will be that way :kekw: but early game NLs shouldn't have that busted rate yet.

    (just some interesting things to consider~)
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