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Archer Comprehensive Guide from Archer to Bowmaster

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by cosmynx, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. cosmynx

    cosmynx Red Snail

    Apr 16, 2015
    5:38 PM
    [NOTE: This guide has been posted on several different media by me, and has been imported here. I just made an account on MapleLegends today. Some of the information may not be accurate because some data was specifically catered to ClassicMS (such as the @fm function), please comment if there are such discrepancies!]

    Welcome to my Archer to Bowmaster guide!

    This guide is written by me (CosmynX) and is specific to v62. Much of the information regarding the skill build and training spot is based off of personal preference due to the large variance in potential archer builds. Most information is taken from the site: http://bbb.hidden-street.net/, but some data (Arrow Bomb, Inferno, Strafe, etc…) is inaccurate, and I note these discrepancies in the sections below.

    I have written this guide because the Bowman is by far my favorite class. The myriad of attacking skills used (Arrow Bomb, Arrow Rain, Strafe, Inferno, Hurricane) make training largely variable. More importantly, using proper strategy is extremely important due to the low HP. We have skills such as Dragon's Breath, Puppet, Arrow Bomb, Hawk, Power Knockback, etc.

    (NOTE: If you don’t want to read a whole bunch of analysis or explore your options and just want my recommendations, search for “(VI): Summary”)



    (I): AP Build and Background Information

    - (I.1) Low STR

    - (I.2) STRless and Comparison

    - (I.3) HP Washing and INT

    (II): First Job Advancement

    - (II.1) Archer Skills

    - (II.2) Critical Shot

    - (II.3) Skill Builds

    - (II.4) Training Locations

    (III): Second Job Advancement

    - (III.1) Hunter Skills

    - (III.2) Mastery

    - (III.3) Skill Builds

    - (III.4) Training Locations

    (IV): Third Job Advancement

    - (IV.1) Ranger Skills

    - (IV.2) Skill Analysis

    - (IV.3) Skill Builds

    - (IV.4) Training Locations

    (V): Fourth Job Advancement

    - (V.1) Bowmaster Skills

    - (V.2) Skill Builds

    - (V.3) Skill Analysis

    - (V.4) Mastery Books

    - (V.5) Training Locations

    (VI): Summary

    - (VI.1) Training Locations

    - (VI.2) Skill Build


    (I) AP Build and Background Information

    A bowman’s damage range is calculated as follows:

    - Maximum Damage = 1.2 * (4 * DEX + STR) * WA/100
    - Minimum Damage = Maximum Damage * (% Mastery)

    As you can see, damage is largely based upon DEX and STR. Thus, when you roll, your stats should be something of similar to the following:

    - Strength: As high as possible (unless you plan on going pure STRless, then 4-5)
    - Dexterity: As high as possible
    - Intelligence: As high as possible, without affecting the other stats
    - Luck: 4-5

    DEX adds more damage than STR and gives accuracy, so the only real purpose of STR is to equip bows. INT is important if you wish to HP wash later on.

    Now there are two main ways you can build an archer: (I.1) Low STR or (I.2) STRless.

    (I.1) Low STR:

    Essentially, being low STR is adding just enough STR, with all of your STR gear, to wear equip your desired bow, and pumping the remaining points into DEX. As mentioned above, you never want to add more STR than you need. As a side note, I don’t consider “Normal STR” to be an actual build. However, being low STR requires a bit of planning ahead. Consider the following example:

    I have a level 50 Hunter, and I want to equip a level 54 Cao Cao bow by level 54, which requires 58 STR. I currently have 55 STR (base + equips). The next couple of levels should proceed as follows:

    - Level 51: +5 DEX
    - Level 52: +5 DEX
    - Level 53: +5 DEX
    - Level 54: +2 DEX, +3 STR

    The above strategy gives you slightly more DEX and thus slightly more damage during levels 51-53, while still allowing you to wear your Cao Cao bow at level 54.

    As a final note, make sure to take into account your STR from equipment! If your bow gives +2 STR, you must add 2 extra STR to ensure you can wear your next bow.

    (I.2) STRless and Comparison:

    A STRless bowman is exactly what it sounds like: you add no STR. This forces you to equip bows without STR requirements such as the Maple Bow, Maple Kandiva Bow, or the Bow of Magical Destruction. Note that unlike other classes, archer armor has no STR requirements.

    Whether you choose to go STRless or low STR depends on your future plans, but as a general rule of thumb, below are the damage comparisons for each level range (Obviously, the damage depends on your overall funding, but the above table is mostly accurate):

    - 10-20: STRless > low STR
    - 20-35: STRless < low STR
    - 35-54: STRless > low STR
    - 54-64: STRless < low STR
    - 64-80: STRless > low STR
    - 80-200: STRless < low STR

    Again, recall the damage formula Max Damage = 1.2 * (4 * DEX + STR) * WA/100. Weapon attack becomes far more valuable as your level increases because at a certain point, you cap your STR and begin pumping everything into DEX (usually this is 105 STR with a Nisrock). With equal funding, STRless wins out in earlier levels and low STR is superior in later levels.

    So should you go STRless or low STR?

    Personally, I prefer normal STR because it’s more exciting to change your weapon occasionally. Also, the Cao Cao Bow is just freaking awesome.

    Another viable option is to go STRless until around level 70 or so, and then pump into STR to return to low STR. This gives you the strengths of higher damage earlier on while still maintaining high endgame damage.

    (I.3) HP Washing and INT

    To be added later. For now, see the following guide: http://forum.classicms.org/showthread.php?264-HP-Washing-Guide


    (II) First Job Advancement

    (II.1) Archer Skills

    The Blessing of Amazon: Mastery Level: 16
    Increases accuracy.
    - Level 1: +1 Accuracy
    - Level 16: +16 Accuracy

    The Eye of Amazon: Mastery Level: 8
    Pre-requisite: The Blessing of Amazon Lv. 3
    Increases the range of attack for both bows and crossbows.
    - Level 1: Range of attack for bows and crossbows +15
    - Level 8: Range of attack for bows and crossbows +120

    Critical Shot: Mastery Level: 20
    Allows you to perform a critical attack with a certain success rate.
    - Level 1: 12% success rate, critical damage 105%
    - Level 10: 30% success rate, critical damage 150%
    - Level 20: 40% success rate, critical damage 200%

    Focus: Mastery Level: 20
    Pre-requisite: The Blessing of Amazon Lv. 3
    Focusing to temporarily increase accuracy and avoidability.
    - Level 1: MP -8; accuracy +1 and avoidability +1 for 70 seconds.
    - Level 10: MP -10; accuracy +10 and avoidability +10 for 170 seconds.
    - Level 20: MP -16; accuracy +20 and avoidability +20 for 300 seconds.

    Double Shot: Mastery Level: 20
    Pre-requisite: Arrow Blow Lv. 1
    Fires two arrows at once to attack an enemy twice.
    - Level 1: MP -8; Damage 76% x 2 Hits
    - Level 10: MP -11; Damage 100% x 2 Hits
    - Level 20: MP -16; Damage 130% x 2 Hits

    Arrow Blow: Mastery Level: 20
    Fires an arrow with authority. Applies more damage than usual.
    - Level 1: MP -6; Damage 141%
    - Level 10: MP -9; Damage 195%
    - Level 20: MP -14; Damage 260%

    (II.2) Critical Shot

    The information for Critical Shot is slightly misleading. A critical hit does not actually double your damage – it adds a flat 100% basic attack to EACH shot. This is why Double Shot does more damage than Arrow Blow on the average. Double Shot can critical twice per use, and each critical adds 100% for up to 460% basic attack. Arrow Blow, on the other hand, only has one chance for critical and can only hit up to 360% basic attack.

    Of course, since bowmen have extremely unstable damage, only knowing the maximum damage isn’t particularly useful. Below is the calculation for the average damage due to critical:

    Average damage = (Chance of Critical) * (Critical Bonus + Normal Damage) + (Chance of Non-Critical) * (Normal Damage)

    Rearranging the above equation and using the fact that the chance of getting either a critical or a noncritical is just 100%,

    Average damage = (Chance of Critical + Chance of Non-Critical) * (Normal Damage) + (Chance of Critical) * (Critical Bonus) = Normal Damage + (Chance of Critical) * (Critical Bonus)

    So for example, at level 20 you have a 40% chance of hitting a critical with +100% critical bonus. Therefore the average damage for Double Shot is 2 * (130% + 100% * 0.4) = 340%, and the average damage for Arrow Blow is (260% + 100% * 0.4) = 300%.

    (II.3) Skill Builds

    (II.3.i) Standard Build:

    Level 10: + 1 Arrow Blow [1]
    Level 11: +1 Double Shot [1], +2 The Blessing of Amazon [2]
    Level 12: +1 The Blessing of Amazon [3], +2 The Eye of Amazon [2]
    Level 13: +3 The Eye of Amazon [5]
    Level 14: +3 The Eye of Amazon [8, MAX]
    Level 15: +3 Double Shot [4]
    Level 16: +3 Double Shot [7]
    Level 17: +3 Double Shot [10]
    Level 18: +3 Double Shot [13]
    Level 19: +3 Double Shot [16]
    Level 20: +3 Double Shot [19]
    Level 21: +3 Double Shot [20, MAX], +2 Critical Shot [2]
    Level 22: +3 Critical Shot [5]
    Level 23: +3 Critical Shot [8]
    Level 24: +3 Critical Shot [11]
    Level 25: +3 Critical Shot [14]
    Level 26: +3 Critical Shot [17]
    Level 27: +3 Critical Shot [20]
    Level 28: +3 Focus [3]
    Level 29: +3 Focus [6]
    Level 30: +3 Focus [9]

    Detailed Analysis: Note that increasing Double Shot from level 1 to level 20 adds (130 – 76) * 2 = 108% basic attack, while adding critical adds only 80% basic attack to Double Shot’s damage.

    [1 Arrow Blow], [1 Double Shot]: This should be fairly obvious, get an attack skill. Double Shot actually does significantly more damage than Arrow Blow at level 1, so get a point into it at level 11.
    [3 Blessing of the Amazon], [8 Eye of the Amazon]: The importance of range highly depends on your training location. For example, if you prefer to train in the Slime Trees (which I actually don't recommend unless you're a warrior or magician), which is largely vertical-based, you won't need range at all. For the most part, however, early on you’ll be training at places such as HHG in which range is paramount.
    [20 Double Shot]: Double Shot increases DPM the most, so naturally you will get this. This will also ensure somewhat better damage stability as compared to if you added Critical Shot first. Because of the free NX on this server the extra MP cost should be negligible.
    [20 Critical Shot]: Critical Shot is the only other skill that increases your damage. Get it right after Double Shot.
    [9 Focus]: At this point, you can get Focus or Eye of the Amazon. Since archers already have extremely high accuracy, more isn't really necessary. The avoidability helps slightly. But more importantly, unless you plan on doing a Final Attack build, you're going to have 11 extra points, which will conveniently max out focus, while you will have 4 extra points with Eye of the Amazon.

    (II.3.ii) Final Attack Build: A Final Attack (2nd job skill) build is exactly the same, but put the last 9 points into The Blessing of Amazon instead of Focus.

    (II.4) Training Locations

    NOTE: Quests at this level range are extremely good EXP if you know how to maximize your EXP gain from them. For example, there are around 5 quests which require you to kill pigs. Instead of doing them separately, you can do them together, resulting in fantastic EXP gain.

    Entries will be in the form below:

    Map Name

    List monster(s) that spawn in the map. (Those in parentheses appear in the map, but don't make a significant portion of the EXP.)

    Level Range: X-X
    EXP/HP Ratio: 1/X
    Overall Rating: A, B, or C
    Recommendations/ Notes: Skills, damage, added speed/jump, etc, any other tips.

    As a general rule of thumb, if you are more funded than the average player you should go to the training spots earlier, and if you’re unfunded then go later.


    In first job, movement speed is generally much more important than in other level brackets. Most monsters can be easily killed within a few shots and you should never have to worry about dying.

    Henysis Hunting Grounds [First two levels]

    Level Range: 10-15
    Snails, Shrooms, Slimes
    EXP/HP: Blue Snails 1/3.8; Red Snails 1/5.6; Shrooms 1/4; Slimes 1/5
    Overall Rating: B-
    Recommendations/Notes: Training should be straightforward. You may want to find a higher level friend to take the upper platforms to crank up spawn, however.

    Ellinia: Dungeon, Southern Forest I

    Level Range: 10-17
    EXP/HP: 1/5
    Overall Rating: B-
    Recommendations/Notes: This map is entirely vertical without any useful sniping locations, so using ranged weapons is not recommended. Instead, add some STR early on and use a melee weapon.

    Lith Harbor: The Pig Beach

    Level Range: 10-20
    Pigs, Ribbon Pigs, (Iron Hog)
    EXP/HP: Pigs 1/5; Ribbon Pigs 1/6
    Overall Rating: C-
    Recommendations/Notes: This map is nowhere near as good as people claim it to be, especially for archers since the map has so many bumps. Also, because few players are actually on ClassicMS at a time, the Iron Hog will almost be there and is a royal pain in the ass. This is, however, one of the few place which have decent spawn of ribbon and normal pigs to complete quests which require you to kill them.

    Henesys Hunting Grounds [top levels]

    Level Range: 14-22
    Green Mushrooms, Orange Mushrooms, (Stumps), (Red Snails)
    EXP/HP: Orange Mushrooms 1/5.3, Green Mushrooms 1/9.6
    Overall Rating: B+
    Recommendations/Notes: Like the lower platforms for Henysis Hunting Grounds, there are sniping platforms on each side. However, by this level better opportunities open up (such as Bubblings). Training here is fairly easy and straightforward, however. You may want to train with a lower level player who takes the lower platforms to crank up spawn.

    Kerning City: Subway Line 1 Area 1

    Level Range: 17-30
    EXP/HP: 1/9.2
    Overall Rating: A
    Recommendations/Notes: Training at bubblings can be a formidable task for less experienced players. They move quickly, have high defense, and have 30 KB. However, the spawn is absolutely amazing and if you can exercise proper mob control this map’s EXP gain will be much, much higher than almost any other map. Ideally, you want to train with a mage who takes the bottom platform. Whenever possible you want to snipe from the top platforms. If you are training solo, however, make sure to kill the bottom platform every once in a while so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

    Ant Tunnel I/IV:

    Level Range: 25-30
    Horny Mushrooms, Zombie Mushrooms
    EXP/HP: 8.57 (Horny Mushrooms), 11.90 (Zombie Mushrooms)
    Overall Rating: B
    Recommendations/Notes: The spawn is decent, but the map layout isn’t particularly friendly to archers. In particular, there are a couple of platforms which archers cannot hit at all. A nice part about Ant Tunnel I is that @fm takes you to the top of the map.

    Kerning Party Quest:

    Level Range: 21-30
    Overall Rating: C
    Recommendations/Notes: KPQ is nowhere near as good EXP as others say it is, especially since 2x coupons are readily available. It’s a nice break from grinding and you can get some decent items such as 10% Overall Armor for DEX, but otherwise the EXP is barely a third of better places, such as Bubblings.

    Ludibrium Party Quest:

    Level Range: 25-200
    Overall Rating: A initially, decreasing as you level.
    Recommendations/Notes: LPQ is decent EXP when you’re low levelled IF you’re with a party that knows what it’s doing. You can get some decent scrolls such as Shield for Weapon Attack from this PQ, but past 35 the EXP is pretty bad.

    Excavation Site:

    Level Range: 25-30
    Wooden Mask, Rocky Mask
    EXP/HP: 11.90 (Wooden Mask), 13.33 (Rocky Mask)
    Overall Rating: B
    Recommendations/Notes: Spawn is decent and there are pretty good sniping locations all across the maps. However, this map also requires a large amount of climbing, so unless you have a partner to split the map with, you may want to find somewhere else.

    (III): Second Job Advancement

    (III.1) Hunter Skills

    Bow Mastery: Mastery Level: 20
    Increases the bow mastery and accuracy. It only applies when a bow is in hand.
    - Level 1: +15% bow mastery, +1 accuracy
    - Level 10: +35% bow mastery, +10 accuracy
    - Level 20: +60% bow mastery, +20 accuracy

    Final Attack: Bow: Mastery Level: 30
    Pre-requisite: Bow Mastery Lv. 3
    With a certain success rate, another attack follows after performing an attacking skill. Only works with a bow in hand.
    - Level 1: 2% success rate, final attack with bow damage 105%
    - Level 15: 30% success rate, final attack with bow damage 175%
    - Level 30: 60% success rate, final attack with bow damage 250%

    Bow Booster: Mastery Level: 20
    Pre-requisite: Bow Mastery Lv. 5
    Uses HP and MP to temporarily boost up the attacking speed of the bow. It only works with a bow in hand.
    - Level 1: HP -29, MP -29; Increase in bow attacking speed for 10 seconds.
    - Level 10: HP -20, MP -20; Increase in bow attacking speed for 100 seconds.
    - Level 20: HP -10, MP -10; Increase in bow attacking speed for 200 seconds.

    Power Knock-Back: Mastery Level: 20
    Increases the success rate for pushing off the monsters when swinging a bow. As the level rises, the number of monsters that one can push off with one swing increases.
    - Level 1: MP -8; Knock-back +2%, damage 105%, knock-back 2 enemies.
    - Level 10: MP -8; Knock-back +18%, damage 145%, knock-back 3 enemies.
    - Level 20: MP -15; Knockback +40%, damage 200%, knock-back 6 enemies.

    Soul Arrow: Bow: Mastery Level: 20
    Pre-requisite: Bow Booster Lv. 5
    Temporarily allows the character to fire bow arrows without using up the arrows. Only works with a bow in hand.
    - Level 1: MP -15; Attack for 30 seconds without using up an arrow
    - Level 10: MP -15; Attack for 300 seconds without using up an arrow
    - Level 20: MP -20; Attack for 600 seconds without using up an arrow

    Arrow Bomb: Mastery Level: 30
    Fires arrows with bombs attached to it. If struck cleanly, the bomb explodes on the enemy, knocking out some of the enemies around with a certain success rate. Can’t attack more than 6 at once, and it only works with a bow in hand.
    - Level 1: MP -14, Stunner 31%, damage 72%
    - Level 15: MP -14, Stunner 45%, damage 100%
    - Level 30: MP -28, Stunner 60%, damage 130%

    (NOTE: This is a different damage table than the one on BBB hidden street)

    (III.2) Bow Mastery

    Mastery is what determines your minimum damage. It will be given in percentage form, and to obtain your minimum damage simply multiply your maximum damage by that percentage.

    In almost any class that obtains it (with the exception of assassins), mastery is more or less universally necessary, and is generally maxed first. As you probably already know, archers have extremely unstable damage, and Mastery helps decrease damage variance somewhat. Initially you begin with 15% mastery, and end with 60% mastery by level 19.

    To calculate the average damage, simply take the average of the minimum and maximum damage. Hence without mastery, you will do on average 57.5% of your maximum, and at level 19 you will do on average 80% of your maximum. This translates to a 22.5% increase in damage for all skills.

    Note that since Mastery applies equally to both non-critical and critical shots, it doesn’t influence anything with regards to criticals. Hence in the later parts of this guide, the effect of Mastery will be ignored and assumed to exist.

    (III.3) Skill Builds

    (III.3.i) Starting Builds

    (III.3.i.a) Standard

    Level 30: +1 Arrow Bomb [1]
    Level 31: +3 Bow Mastery [3]
    Level 32: +3 Bow Mastery [6]
    Level 33: +3 Bow Mastery [9]
    Level 34: +3 Bow Mastery [12]
    Level 35: +3 Bow Mastery [15]
    Level 36: +3 Bow Mastery [18]
    Level 37: +1 Bow Mastery [19], +2 Bow Booster [2]
    Level 38: +3 Bow Booster [5]
    Level 39: +1 Bow Booster [6], +2 Soul Arrow [2]
    Level 40: +2 Arrow Bomb [3], +1 PKB [1]
    Level 41: +3 Arrow Bomb [6]
    Level 42: +3 Arrow Bomb [9]
    Level 43: +3 Arrow Bomb [12]
    Level 44: +3 Arrow Bomb [15]
    Level 45: +3 Arrow Bomb [18]
    Level 46: +3 Arrow Bomb [21]
    Level 47: +3 Arrow Bomb [24]
    Level 48: +3 Arrow Bomb [27]
    Level 49: +3 Arrow Bomb [30, MAX]

    The standard build focuses on maximizing DPS. Level 1 Arrow Bomb gives decent mobbing power, despite the low damage, and you should add a point into it at level 30. Bow Mastery stabilizes your wildly unstable damage, ending 2-digit damage forever. A moderate amount of Booster and Soul Arrow are added for a small damage increase and relieve the need for arrows. The 60 second timer should be sufficient until later levels. Afterwards, max Arrow Bomb to further increase your mobbing potential. Note that 1 PKB is added to allow you to whack two monsters at once and increase your whacking damage significantly.

    (III.3.i.b) Early Booster/Soul Arrow

    Level 30: +1 Arrow Bomb [1]
    Level 31: +3 Bow Mastery [3]
    Level 32: +2 Bow Mastery [5], +1 Bow Booster [1]
    Level 33: +3 Bow Booster [4]
    Level 34: +1 Bow Booster [5], +2 Soul Arrow [2]
    Level 35: +1 Bow Booster [6], +2 Bow Mastery [7]
    Level 36: +3 Bow Mastery [10]
    Level 37: +3 Bow Mastery [13]
    Level 38: +3 Bow Mastery [16]
    Level 39: +3 Bow Mastery [19]
    Level 40-49: Same as Standard Build

    This build is inferior to the first one as it decreases your damage significantly from levels 31-39, but it does relieve you of the need to hold arrows.

    (III.3.ii) Finishing Second Job

    (III.3.ii.a) Standard No Final Attack Build

    Level 50: +3 PKB [4]
    Level 51: +3 PKB [7]
    Level 52: +3 PKB [10]
    Level 53: +3 PKB [13]
    Level 54: +3 PKB [16]
    Level 55: +3 PKB [19]
    Level 56: +1 PKB [20, MAX], +1 Bow Booster [7], +1 Soul Arrow [3]
    Level 57: +3 Bow Booster [10]
    Level 58: +2 Bow Booster [12], +1 Soul Arrow [4]
    Level 59: +2 Bow Booster [14], +1 Soul Arrow [5]
    Level 60: +2 Bow Booster [16], +1 Soul Arrow [6]
    Level 61: +3 Bow Booster [19]
    Level 62: +1 Bow Booster [20, MAX], +1 Soul Arrow [7], +1 Focus [10]
    Level 63: +3 Focus [13]
    Level 64: +3 Focus [16]
    Level 65: +3 Focus [19]
    Level 66: +1 Focus [20, MAX], +1 Bow Mastery [20, MAX], +1 Soul Arrow [8]
    Level 67: +3 Soul Arrow [11]
    Level 68: +3 Soul Arrow [14]
    Level 69: +3 Soul Arrow [17]
    Level 70: +3 Soul Arrow [20, MAX]

    Final Attack gives a mediocre damage increase at best, and actually decreases your DPM if you’re using Arrow Bomb. Not to mention that it’s just plain annoying when a Final Attack shot comes out of nowhere when you’re using a mob skill. Most players choose to simply skip over FA and put the 30 points into other skills.

    The usefulness of PKB depends mostly on your training location. For example, at V/Hoodoos it is extremely useful while at GS2 or Windraiders it is almost never used. If you choose the latter, you can leave PKB for later until you obtain a more tolerable timer for Bow Booster and Soul Arrow.

    When maxing Soul Arrow and Bow Booster, make sure to keep their timers as synced as possible to minimize disruption from buffing. Because you skipped over FA, the extra 11 2nd job skill points conveniently max out Focus. The final point to Bow Mastery IS mandatory as 20 Bow Mastery is a prerequisite for Bow Expert in fourth job.

    (III.3.ii.b) Final Attack Build

    Level 50: Save
    Level 51: Save
    Level 52: Save
    Level 53: Save
    Level 54: Save
    Level 55: Save
    Level 56: Save
    Level 57: Save
    Level 58: +27 Final Attack [27]
    Level 59: +3 Final Attack [30, MAX]
    Level 60: +2 Bow Booster [8], +1 Soul Arrow [3]
    Level 61: +3 Bow Booster [11]
    Level 62: +2 Bow Booster [13], +1 Soul Arrow [4]
    Level 63: +2 Bow Booster [15], +1 Soul Arrow [5]
    Level 64: +2 Bow Booster [17], +1 Soul Arrow [6]
    Level 65: +3 Bow Booster [20, MAX]
    Level 66: +1 Bow Mastery [20, MAX], +2 Soul Arrow [8]
    Level 67: +3 Soul Arrow [11]
    Level 68: +3 Soul Arrow [14]
    Level 69: +3 Soul Arrow [17]
    Level 70: +3 Soul Arrow [20, MAX]

    This build is generally inferior, especially when using Arrow Bomb. However, if you expect to mostly use Double Shot’s 1v1 power, then this build does give a small damage boost, on the average. This means that you will almost exclusively be training at places such as V/Hoodoos and Windraiders from 50-70. As you are 1v1 training, you will probably have little need for PKB, so it is left at 1, allowing you to max all other skills.

    This build is ONLY viable if you have a Normal (6) speed bow, such as an Olympus. If you have a Cao Cao Bow, which is speed Fast (5), skip over this build completely. Bow Booster increases firing rate for normal attacks far more than Final Attack shots. In fact, since Final Attack has a fixed firing rate, you should not add any points into FA until you have saved enough points to obtain 25+, because anything less than that will actually DECREASE your average damage output.

    (III.4) Training Locations

    Terrace Hall

    Level Range: 30-45
    Brown Teddy, Pink Teddy
    EXP/HP: 15.8 (Brown Teddy), 16.2 (Pink Teddy)
    Overall Rating: A
    Recommendations/Notes: This is more or less THE 30-40 training place. Spawn is fantastic, the EXP/HP ratio is great, and there are sniping locations all throughout the map.

    Monkey Forest II
    Level Range: 35-50
    Lupin, Zombie Lupin
    EXP/HP: 19.5 (Lupin), 20.0 (Zombie Lupin)
    Overall Rating: A+
    Recommendations/Notes: This place is amazing EXP with Arrow Bomb. The monkeys are grouped in two sets of three platforms each. Use Arrow Bomb from the middle platform, as you can hit all three platforms from the middle. Furthermore, the tree portals on the left of the map teleport you from the bottom to the top, which eliminates climbing inefficiencies. Done properly, you should be consistently 6-hitting monsters with Arrow Bomb.

    Level Range: 35-45
    EXP/HP: 16.1
    Overall Rating: A-
    Recommendations/Notes: Not as good as Lupins, but Nightmares have an insanely good EXP/HP ratio. Also, they have a magic attack, which means you’ll rarely whack, which is helpful. They’re also fairly large, making Arrow Bomb work very effectively.

    Lost Time
    Level Range: 45-50
    Master Chronos
    EXP/HP: 22.6
    Overall Rating: B-
    Recommendations/Notes: Always stand on the small platform underneath so that you can hit the Master Chronos gathered around the back. If you do this properly, you should be consistently 4+ hitting them. Make sure to jump when you hear the Master Chronos using the magic attack so that you aren’t knocked down. You will probably get a lot of 10% Staff Matt and LUK crystal ores here.

    Mu Lung Practice Field – Beginner Level

    Level Range: 45-60
    Straw Target Dummies
    EXP/HP: 22.2
    Overall Rating: B-
    Recommendations/Notes: This place is very good for Crossbowmen, but not so much for Hunters. With the high spawn, Arrow Bomb works decently. Straw Target Dummies also move extremely slowly, which is always helpful.

    Phantomwood Forest - Crossroads
    Level Range: 50-60
    EXP/HP: 20.0
    Overall Rating: A- initially, then C+ after obtaining Cao Cao Bow
    Recommendations/Notes: This is a seriously underrated training spot. As long as you kill them in no less than 8 shots, the left side of the platform is more or less a self-sustaining sniping location. Combined with the great EXP/HP ratio and high HP, EXP rates here are phenomenal for a fairly narrow range of levels, upward of around 45-50%/hr (1x) from 50-53. On the downside, training here is extremely boring, and after you get a Cao Cao Bow you’ll probably be doing too much damage to train here effectively.

    Sophila’s Bedroom [3]
    Level Range: 54-80
    EXP/HP: 20.3
    Overall Rating: A- initially, then A
    Recommendations/Notes: Training here can be tough initially due to the high spawn rate and the high KB (1300) of Voodoos. I don’t actually recommend training here until you have a decent chance of KB’ing them (approximately 1300+ maximum range), since you’re likely to get run over. But if you can use Arrow Bomb effectively, the EXP here is phenomenal, considering the great EXP/HP ratio and good spawn.

    Ghost Ship 2
    Level Range: 54-80
    EXP/HP: 23.2
    Overall Rating: B (A after you get fairly high AR)
    Recommendations/Notes: The vertically oriented map layout isn’t particularly suited for archers until you get Arrow Rain. Sniping still works, but isn’t as effective with Arrow Bomb. However, these guys have a very good EXP/HP ratio for their level and still have extremely high spawn.

    (IV): Third Job Advancement

    (IV.1) Ranger Skills

    Thrust: Mastery Level: 20
    Boosts up the moving speed.
    - Level 1: Speed +2
    - Level 10: Speed +20
    - Level 20: Speed +30

    Mortal Blow: Mastery Level: 20
    For a certain rate, allows you to fire arrows even at a very close range. Even kills a monster with one shot every once in a while.
    - Level 1: 32% success rate, basic attack 110%; kills the monster with HP at 20% or lower at 1% success rate
    - Level 10: 50% success rate, basic attack 200%; kills the monster with HP at 35% or lower at 5% success rate
    - Level 20: 70% success rate, basic attack 250%; kills the monster with HP at 50% or lower at 10% success rate

    Puppet: Mastery Level: 20
    Summons a puppet (your other self) for a certain amount of time. While the puppet is around, the monsters will attack the puppet, not you.
    - Level 1: MP -23; Summon doll of 500 HP for 5 seconds
    - Level 10: MP -26; Summon doll of 1800 HP for 30 seconds
    - Level 20: MP -32; Summon doll of 6000 HP for 60 seconds

    Inferno: Mastery Level: 30
    Uses fire-based arrows to inflict damage on up to 6 monsters at once. Only works when equipped with a bow.
    - Level 1: MP -20; Attack power 50% with fire attribute
    - Level 15: MP -25; Attack power 112% with fire attribute
    - Level 30: MP -30; Attack power 150% with fire attribute

    Arrow Rain: Mastery Level: 30
    Pre-requisite: Mortal Blow Lv. 5
    Fires a number of arrows into the sky, attacking up to 6 monsters at once on its way down. Only available when equipped with a bow.
    - Level 1: MP -18; Basic attack 60%
    - Level 15: MP -23; Basic attack 122%
    - Level 30: MP -28; Basic attack 160%

    Silver Hawk: Mastery Level: 30
    Pre-requisite: Puppet Lv. 5 and consume 1 Summoning Rock
    Summons a silver hawk. The hawk will be hovering around you, attacking monsters nearby.
    - Level 1: MP -32; summons a hawk that attacks 13 times in 103 secs; 50% success rate of stunning.
    - Level 15: MP -60; summons a hawk that attacks 50 times in 145 secs; 88% success rate of stunning.
    - Level 30: MP -80; summons a hawk that attacks 70 times in 180 secs; 99% success rate of stunning.

    Strafe: Mastery Level: 30
    Fires 4 arrows at an enemy.
    - Level 1: MP -26; Basic attack 52%, attack 4 times
    - Level 15: MP -26; Basic attack 80%, attack 4 times
    - Level 30: MP -32; Basic attack 100%, attack 4 times

    (IV.2) Skill Analysis

    (IV.3) Skill Builds

    Because of the enormous variance in third job Ranger builds, I will be splitting this section up into two sections: Core Builds and Variation Builds.

    (IV.3.i) Core Builds


    70: +1 Strafe [1]
    71: +3 Mortal Blow [3]
    72: +2 Mortal Blow [5], +1 Arrow Rain [1]
    73: +3 Strafe [4]
    74: +3 Strafe [7]
    75: +3 Strafe [10]
    76: +3 Strafe [13]
    77: +3 Strafe [16]
    78: +3 Strafe [19]
    79: +3 Strafe [22]
    80: +3 Strafe [25]
    81: +3 Strafe [28]
    82: +2 Strafe [30, MAX], +1 Puppet [1]
    83: +3 Arrow Rain [4]
    84: +3 Arrow Rain [7]
    85: +3 Arrow Rain [10]
    86: +3 Arrow Rain [13]
    87: +3 Arrow Rain [16]
    88: +3 Arrow Rain [19]
    89: +2 Arrow Rain [21], +1 Puppet [2]

    This build is the traditional build, which focuses on the 1v1 power of Strafe. A small amount of AR is added early on for convenience. After Strafe, AR is added to level 21. AR’s damage increases very slowly past level 21, and its range maxes out at level 21, so it is recommended that you temporarily cap it at level 21.


    70: +1 Strafe [1]
    71: +3 Mortal Blow [3]
    72: +2 Mortal Blow [5], +1 Arrow Rain [1]
    73: +3 Strafe [4]
    74: +3 Strafe [7]
    75: +3 Strafe [10]
    76: +3 Strafe [13]
    77: +3 Strafe [16]
    78: +3 Strafe [19]
    79: +1 Strafe [20], +1 Puppet [1], +1 Arrow Rain [2]
    80: +3 Arrow Rain [5]
    81: +3 Arrow Rain [8]
    82: +3 Arrow Rain [11]
    83: +3 Arrow Rain [14]
    84: +3 Arrow Rain [17]
    85: +3 Arrow Rain [20]
    86: +1 Arrow Rain [21], +2 Strafe [22]
    87: +3 Strafe [25]
    88: +3 Strafe [28]
    89: +2 Strafe [30, MAX], +2 Puppet [2]

    This hybrid build mixes the power of Strafe and AR. Strafe gives 2% per level from 1 to 20 but gives only 1% per level past 20, so Strafe is temporarily capped at 20, and AR is raised to 21.

    Arrow Rain Build

    70: +1 Strafe [1]
    71: +3 Mortal Blow [3]
    72: +2 Mortal Blow [5], +1 Arrow Rain [1]
    73: +3 Arrow Rain [4]
    74: +3 Arrow Rain [7]
    75: +3 Arrow Rain [10]
    76: +3 Arrow Rain [13]
    77: +3 Arrow Rain [16]
    78: +3 Arrow Rain [19]
    79: +2 Arrow Rain [21], +1 Strafe [2]
    80: +3 Strafe [5]
    81: +3 Strafe [8]
    82: +3 Strafe [11]
    83: +3 Strafe [14]
    84: +3 Strafe [17]
    85: +3 Strafe [20]
    86: +2 Strafe [22], +1 Puppet [1]
    87: +3 Strafe [25]
    88: +3 Strafe [28]
    89: +2 Strafe [30, MAX], +1 Puppet [2]

    This build focuses on the mobbing potential of AR. Since Typhons do not work properly in this version, it is recommended that you temporarily cap it at 21, since level 1 Strafe leaves you fairly weak when 1v1 training.

    Strafe Build

    70: +1 Strafe [1]
    71: +3 Strafe [4]
    72: +3 Strafe [7]
    73: +3 Strafe [10]
    74: +3 Strafe [13]
    75: +3 Strafe [16]
    76: +3 Strafe [19]
    77: +1 Strafe [20], +1 Puppet [1], +1 Mortal Blow [1]
    78: +3 Mortal Blow [4]
    79: +1 Mortal Blow [5], +1 Arrow Rain [1], +1 Strafe [21]
    80: +3 Strafe [24]
    81: +3 Strafe [27]
    82: +3 Strafe [30, MAX]
    83: +3 Puppet [4]
    84: +1 Puppet [5], +2 Silver Hawk [2]
    85: +3 Silver Hawk [5]
    86: +3 Silver Hawk [8]
    87: +3 Silver Hawk [11]
    88: +3 Silver Hawk [14]
    89: +3 Silver Hawk [17]
    90: +3 Silver Hawk [20]
    91: +1 Silver Hawk [21], +2 Arrow Rain [3]

    This build focuses on the 1v1 potential of Strafe. A small amount of AR is added early on for convenience. Silver Hawk and Puppet make training at Newties and Nightshadows very effective. Afterwards, you should add AR, or more Hawk if you are content with 1v1 training.

    (IV.3.ii) Variation Builds

    Unlike many other classes, a huge variety of training methods exist for Rangers due to Strafe and Arrow Rain both being very viable attacks. Your skill build will largely dictate where you want to train. Past level 95 or so, most builds are based more on personal preference, but here is a general guide upon what to max:

    Strafe: It’s your main 1v1 attack, and you definitely want to max this as early as possible. Recommended: 30, MAX

    Arrow Rain: This is your only AoE attack (in other words, you’ll never whack). Furthermore, it is a great attack for mob control training. Regardless of your training location you want to max this (or at least get 21+) early on. Recommended: 30, MAX

    Inferno: This skill generally has few purposes outside of luring monsters which would otherwise be stunned by Arrow Bomb when training with Arrow Rain. In any other form of training, the damage is mediocre and doesn’t have the stun effect as Arrow Bomb does, nor does it have the burn effect as it does in later versions. However, note that the range increases at level 16. Recommended: 1 or 16

    Silver Hawk: Hawk is crucial when training at 1v1 locations such as Nightshadows and Newties. Of course, when using Arrow Rain this skill is fairly worthless, so adding points into this depends largely on your training location. Nonetheless, you probably want to get 21+ for when you actually 1v1 train. Note that the stun rate increases more slowly after 21, and the last point only gives 3 seconds of duration. Recommended: 21, 29

    Mortal Blow: This skill isn’t particularly useful, since it is almost completely replaced by Dragon’s Breath and most 1v1 training involves sniping or using Hawk of some sort. Nevertheless, it’s more useful than Inferno or the later levels of Thrust, so you probably want to max it anyways. Recommended: 15+

    Puppet: Although not particularly useful in early 3rd job, Puppet is crucial when bossing and against certain monsters which have a map layout suited for it (such as Cornians and Spirit Vikings). Recommended: 20, MAX

    Thrust: This is more of a skill that you dump leftover points into than something that should be actively maxed. It does eliminate the need for equips such as speed shoes and allows you to focus more on attack. Note that the last 10 points give far less speed than the first 10, so you should cap it at 10. Recommended: 10 or less

    Below are a couple of potential builds based on certain training locations. You may want to alter them based on personal preference:

    Nightshadows/Newts Early:

    70: +1 Strafe [1]
    71: +3 MB [3]
    72: +2 MB [5], +1 AR [1]
    73-81: +3 Strafe [28]
    82: +2 Strafe [30, MAX], +1 Puppet [1]
    83: +3 Puppet [4]
    84: +1 Puppet [5], +1 Hawk [1], +1 Inferno [1]
    85-93: +3 Hawk [28]
    94: +1 Hawk [29], +2 Puppet [7]
    95: +3 Puppet [10]
    96: +1 Puppet [11], +2 AR [3]
    97-105: +3 AR [30, MAX]
    106-108: +3 Puppet [20, MAX]
    109-113: +3 MB [20, MAX]
    114-116: +3 Thrust [9]
    117: +1 Thrust [10], +2 Inferno [3]
    118-120: +3 Inferno [12]

    END: 30 Strafe, 30 AR, 20 MB, 20 Thrust, 2 Inferno, 20 Puppet, 29 Hawk

    Gobies/Ludibrium Early:

    70: +1 Strafe [1]
    71: +3 MB [3]
    72: +2 MB [5], +1 AR [1]
    73-78: +3 Strafe [19]
    79: +1 Strafe [20], +1 Puppet [1], +1 AR [2]
    80: +1 Inferno, +2 AR [4]
    81-85: +3 AR [19]
    86: +2 AR [21], +1 Strafe [21]
    87-89: +3 Strafe [30, MAX]
    90-92: +3 AR [30, MAX]
    93-95: +3 Puppet [10]
    96: +2 Puppet [12], +1 Hawk [1]
    97-105: +3 Hawk [28]
    106: +1 Hawk [29], +2 Thrust [2]
    107-108: +3 Thrust [8]
    109: +2 Thrust [10], +1 Puppet [13]
    110-111: +3 Puppet [19]
    112: +1 Puppet [20, MAX], +2 Mortal Blow [7]
    113-116: +3 Mortal Blow [19]
    117: +1 Mortal Blow [20, MAX], +2 Inferno [3]
    118-120: +3 Inferno [12]

    END: 30 Strafe, 30 AR, 20 Puppet, 20 MB, 29 Hawk, 10 Thrust, 12 Inferno

    GS2/Voodoos --> Wolf Spiders/Himes:

    70: +1 Strafe [1]
    71: +3 MB [3]
    72: +2 MB [5], +1 AR [1]
    73-78: +3 AR [19]
    79: +2 AR [21], +1 Strafe [2]
    80-85: +3 Strafe [20]
    86-87: +3 AR [27]
    88: +1 AR [28], +1 Inferno [1], +1 Strafe [21]
    89-91: +3 Strafe [30, MAX]
    92: +1 AR [29], +1 Puppet [2]
    93: +1 AR [30, MAX], +2 Inferno [3]
    94-97: +3 Inferno [15]
    98: +1 Inferno [16], +2 Puppet [4]
    99: +1 Puppet [5], +2 Hawk [2]
    100-108: +3 Hawk [29]
    109-110: +3 Thrust [6]
    111: +3 Puppet [8]
    112-115: +3 Puppet [20, MAX]
    116-120: +3 MB [20, MAX]

    END: 30 Strafe, 30 AR, 20 Puppet, 20 MB, 29 Hawk, 6 Thrust, 16 Inferno

    (IV.4) Training Locations

    Unfortunately, two of the best training spots for rangers (Newties and Typhons) don’t work properly in this version, so good training locations are severely limited.

    Sophila’s Bedroom [3]

    Level Range: 54-80
    EXP/HP: 20.3
    Overall Rating: B+ (without AR), A (with AR)
    Recommendations/Notes: Training here actually becomes quite a bit harder once you reach 3rd job because of Strafe’s low base damage spread over 4 shots, making KB’ing monsters difficult. Still, good use of Arrow Bomb helps mitigate this problem somewhat. Arrow Rain can be helpful as well.

    Ghost Ship 2

    Level Range: 54-80
    EXP/HP: 23.2
    Overall Rating: A (with AR)
    Recommendations/Notes: AR allows you to simply stand on the stairs and spam. Due to the high spawn you’ll more or less be 6 hitting consistently.

    Cavern of Honor

    Level Range: 85+
    Nightshadow, Windraider
    EXP/HP: 19.4 (Nightshadow), 20.0 (Windraider)
    Overall Rating: A-
    Recommendations/Notes: Like Windraiders, Nightshadows have 1 KB, move slowly, and have a tiny range for their magic attack. The map layout is also pretty nice, with plenty of sniping locations littered across the map. Furthermore, Nightshadows and Windraiders are auto-aggro, which is always helpful. You want to have as much Hawk, Puppet and Strafe as possible.

    Wolf Spider’s Cavern

    Level Range: 85+ (80+ also works, but isn’t as effective)
    Wolf Spiders
    EXP/HP: 23.3
    Overall Rating: B-
    Recommendations/Notes: Here’s a good video tutorial explaining how to train here effectively: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvws_8x73ek. Although you’ll often be 6 hitting with AR, training here is fairly awkward and requires a fair amount of maneuvering to be effective. Also, the pot burn here is fairly large, as touch damage is on par with level 95+ monsters.

    Dangerous Sea Gorge I/II

    Level Range: 80+
    Squids, Rissell Squids
    EXP/HP: 20.9 (Squid), 19.6 (Rissell Squid)
    Overall Rating: B
    Recommendations/Notes: None; training is straightforward. Simply use strafe to snipe.

    Deep Sea Gorge II

    Level Range: 90+
    EXP/HP: 16.9 (Including Bombing Fish House)
    Overall Rating: B
    Recommendations/Notes: 21+ Hawk, Strafe, and AR. A major problem with training here is that the monsters will often cancel weapon attack. As such, it is imperative that you have a high level of Hawk to prevent such occurrences. Otherwise, this place is a nice break from Squids and allows you to 6 hit with AR consistently.

    Warped Path of Time <4>
    Level Range: 90+
    Spirit Vikings
    EXP/HP: 23.8
    Overall Rating: C
    Recommendations/Notes: The map is huge and has plenty of sniping locations, but also requires a lot of maneuvering and using Puppet to be effective. The EXP/HP ratio is a little subpar as well.

    Destroyed Dragon’s Nest
    Level Range: 90+
    EXP/HP: 17.9
    Overall Rating: B+
    Recommendations/Notes: I’m not sure about the spawn rate here, but I hear the spawn is lower than in GMS. In any case, once you get 21+ Hawk and enough HP to tank magic attacks you can train here fairly effectively on the middle platform. Simply attack the first two newties; neither of them transform into Nest Golems. With Hawk, the one in the front cannot attack you and the one in the back can’t reach you. Of course, the downside is that training here is excruciatingly boring, much like training at Crossroads.

    Headless Horseman

    Level Range: 90+ (consistent 1.5k+ per arrow crits or 3k+ HP)
    EXP/HP: 11.7
    Overall Rating: A
    Recommendations/Notes: HH is slow, has low KB, and has a magic attack which has tiny range. Combined with his great EXP/HP ratio, HH is a great source of EXP once you can consistently KB him or have enough HP to survive hits. Just beware of autobot, which stops you after 100 shots in the same direction.

    Encounter with the Buddha

    Level Range: 100+
    Himes, (Black Crow)
    EXP/HP: 21.3
    Overall Rating: C+ (B+ with party)
    Recommendations/Notes: Rangers are pretty much the only class that can’t effectively train at Himes. To train here, simply jump attack with AR, moving left and right. The pot burn will be very high, but if you can manage to get in a party with a Priest or a DK, the pot burn will be much lower and your EXP rate will be significantly higher.

    (V): Fourth Job Advancement

    (V.1) Bowmaster Skills

    Maple Warrior: Mastery Level: 20
    Increases the stats of all party members.
    - Level 1: MP Cost: 10, All Stats: +1%, Duration: 30 sec
    - Level 10: MP Cost: 30, All Stats: +5%, Duration: 300 sec.
    - Level 20: MP Cost: 50, All Stats: +10%, Duration: 600 sec.

    Sharp Eyes: Mastery Level: 30
    Provides the party members an ability to locate the enemy’s weakness, and in turn inflict lethal damage by exploiting it.
    - Level 1: MP -29, for 10 secs, Critical rate 1%, Damage +11%
    - Level 15: MP -37, for 150 secs, Critical rate 8%, Damage +25%
    - Level 30: MP -40, for 300 secs, Critical rate 15%, Damage +40%

    (NOTE: The description for Sharp Eyes is very misleading. When it says “damage +11%”, it actually means “critical damage +111%”!, and similarly for the other levels)

    Dragon’s Breath: Mastery Level: 30
    Drawing from the dragon’s spirit, enables one to launch a powerful arrow. Because of its tremendous force, if hit, the monster will be knocked back a great distance.
    - Level 1: MP -24, attack 42%, attacks up to 4 enemies
    - Level 15: MP -30, attack 70%, attacks up to 5 enemies
    - Level 30: MP -36, attack 100%, attacks up to 6 enemies

    Hurricane: Mastery Level: 30
    Launches arrows at a tremendous speed, as chaotic as a nasty rainstorm.
    - Level 1: MP -6, Damage 51%
    - Level 15: MP -8, Damage 75%
    - Level 30: MP -9, Damage 100%

    Bow Expert: Mastery Level: 30
    Increases the bow mastery as well as weapon attack. Only applied with a bow in hand.
    Pre-requisite: Bow Mastery Lv. 20
    - Level 1: Bow Mastery 65%
    - Level 15: Bow Mastery 75%, Weapon attack +5
    - Level 30: Bow Mastery 90%, Weapon attack +10

    Phoenix: Mastery Level: 30
    Temporarily summons Phoenix, who is fire-based. Attacks up to 4 monsters.
    Pre-requisite: Silver Hawk Lv. 15
    - Level 1: MP -42, Basic attack 305, for 113 secs.
    - Level 15: MP -70, Basic attack 425, for 155 secs.
    - Level 30: MP -100, Basic attack 550, for 200 secs.

    Hamstring: Mastery Level: 30
    Attacks a monster’s leg with a given success rate, slowing it down tremendously in the process.
    - Level 1: MP -12, within 35 secs, with success rate 11%, decrease enemy’s speed by 2 for 5 secs
    - Level 15: MP -24, within 105 secs, with success rate 25%, decreases enemy’s speed by 30 for 10 secs
    - Level 30: MP -36, within 180 secs, with success rate 40%, decreases enemy’s speed by 60 for 15 secs.

    Concentrate: Mastery Level: 30
    Temporarily increases weapon attack, while simultaneously decreases skill-based MP usage. Time required between skills: 6 minutes.
    - Level 1: MP -11, Weapon Attack increases by 11, Mana spend -2%, for 120 secs
    - Level 15: MP -25, Weapon Attack increases by 18, Mana spend -30%, for 180 secs
    - Level 30: MP -40, Weapon Attack increases by 26, Mana spend -50%, for 240 secs

    Hero’s Will: Mastery Level: 5
    Cures you from being Seduced. The cooldown decreases as the skill level increases.
    - Level 1: MP Cost: 30, Cooldown: 600 sec
    - Level 5: MP Cost: 30, Cooldown 360 sec

    (V.2) Skill Builds

    (V.2.i) General Tips and 1-Point Wonders

    Fourth job, in general, is far more variable than earlier job advancements because of mastery books. You would like to max whichever skill that gives you the highest damage output, but realistically certain mastery books are extremely wallet-draining (especially Maple Warrior 20). So despite a clear cut skill build, you may need to alter them. Just make sure to follow the following order of importance:

    Highest Priority: Hurricane, Sharp Eyes, Bow Expert

    Medium Priority: Maple Warrior

    Low Priority: Concentrate, Phoenix, Hamstring, Dragon’s Breath

    Normally, I would include Concentrate as a medium priority skill, but due to readily available Crystal Chews its priority decreases significantly.

    However, several skills you definitely want to get at least a point in early on (one point wonders), despite having low priority. These skills include Phoenix, Dragon’s Breath, and Bow Expert.

    (V.2.ii) Party Oriented

    Level 120: +1 Hurricane [1], +2 Sharp Eyes [2]
    Level 121: +3 Sharp Eyes [5]
    Level 122: +2 Sharp Eyes [7], +1 Bow Expert [1]
    Level 123: +2 Sharp Eyes [9], +1 Dragon Breath [1]
    Level 124: +2 Sharp Eyes [11], +1 Phoenix [1]
    Level 125: +3 Sharp Eyes [14]
    Level 126: +3 Sharp Eyes [17]
    Level 127: +3 Sharp Eyes [20]
    Level 128: +3 Sharp Eyes [23]
    Level 129: +3 Sharp Eyes [26]
    Level 130: +3 Sharp Eyes [29]
    Level 131: +3 Hurricane [4]
    Level 132: +3 Hurricane [7]
    Level 133: +3 Hurricane [10]
    Level 134: +3 Hurricane [13]
    Level 135: +3 Hurricane [16]
    Level 136: +3 Hurricane [19]
    Level 137: +2 Hurricane [21], +1 Bow Expert [2]

    This build relegates the player as more of a supportive role in a party. The damage increase from Sharp Eyes is slightly lower than the damage increase from Hurricane (see skill analysis for calculations), so your solo DPS will suffer slightly. A high level of Sharp Eyes will make you very much sought after, especially from Night Lords.

    (V.2.iii) Standard/Solo/Bossing

    Level 120: +1 Hurricane [1], +2 Sharp Eyes [2]
    Level 121: +3 Sharp Eyes [5]
    Level 122: +2 Sharp Eyes [7], +1 Bow Expert [1]
    Level 123: +2 Sharp Eyes [9], +1 Phoenix [1]
    Level 124: +2 Hurricane [3], +1 Dragon’s Breath [1]
    Level 125: +3 Hurricane [6]
    Level 126: +3 Hurricane [9]
    Level 127: +3 Hurricane [12]
    Level 128: +3 Hurricane [15]
    Level 129: +3 Hurricane [18]
    Level 130: +3 Hurricane [21]
    Level 131: +3 Sharp Eyes [12]
    Level 132: +3 Sharp Eyes [15]
    Level 133: +3 Sharp Eyes [18]
    Level 134: +3 Sharp Eyes [21]
    Level 135: +3 Sharp Eyes [24]
    Level 136: +3 Sharp Eyes [27]
    Level 137: +2 Sharp Eyes [29], +1 Bow Expert [2]

    This build favors solo bossing/training over party support. Your personal DPS will be slightly higher, and your hurricane shots, on the average, will be significantly more stable, allowing you to KB bosses more effectively. 9 Sharp Eyes is obtained in the beginning anyways due to the HUGE damage increase (~46% basic attack per arrow at level 1) at earlier levels. Note that Hurricane is capped at 21 due to the huge damage increase from level 20 to 21 (80% à 91%) compared to the much lower damage increase later on.

    The one point wonders (Bow Expert, Phoenix, Dragon’s Breath) can be added in any order. You should probably add them from levels 122-124 to ensure an odd number level for Sharp Eyes. (Even number levels for Sharp Eyes only adds critical damage, which is fairly inconsequential)

    (V.2.iv) Finishing Fourth Job

    Level 138: +3 Bow Expert [5]
    Level 139: +3 Bow Expert [8]
    Level 140: +3 Bow Expert [11]
    Level 141: +3 Bow Expert [14]
    Level 142: +3 Bow Expert [17]
    Level 143: +3 Bow Expert [20]
    Level 144: +3 Bow Expert [23]
    Level 145: +3 Bow Expert [26]
    Level 146: +1 Bow Expert [27], +2 Maple Warrior [2]
    Level 147: +3 Maple Warrior [5]
    Level 148: +2 Maple Warrior [7], +1 Hurricane [22]
    Level 149: +2 Maple Warrior [9], +1 Hurricane [23]
    Level 150: +3 Hurricane [26]
    Level 151: +3 Hurricane [29]
    Level 152: +1 Hurricane [30, MAX], +2 Maple Warrior [11]
    Level 153: +3 Maple Warrior [14]
    Level 154: +3 Maple Warrior [17]
    Level 155: +2 Maple Warrior [19], +1 Sharp Eyes [30, MAX]
    Level 156: +3 Bow Expert [30, MAX]
    Level 157: +3 Hero’s Will [3]
    Level 158: +2 Hero’s Will [5, MAX], +1 Concentrate [1]
    Level 159: +3 Concentrate [4]
    Level 160: +3 Concentrate [7]
    Level 161: +3 Concentrate [10]
    Level 162: +3 Concentrate [13]
    Level 163: +3 Concentrate [16]
    Level 164: +3 Concentrate [19]
    Level 165: +3 Concentrate [22]
    Level 166: +3 Concentrate [25]
    Level 167: +3 Concentrate [28]
    Level 168: +2 Concentrate [30, MAX], +1 Phoenix [2]

    Beyond level 169 is up to personal preference, for none of the skills add a significant amount of damage anymore. I would probably go: MAX Phoenix > ~15 Hamstring > MAX Thrust > MAX Inferno > 21 Dragon’s Breath > MAX Hamstring.

    Bow Expert increases your damage the most after 21 Hurricane and 29 Sharp Eyes (see Skill Analysis section). It should be capped at 27 temporarily because the 3 points only add 1 weapon attack. For Maple Warrior, since even levels only add duration, try to keep it at an odd level if possible. This means that you should NOT add the 20th point into Maple Warrior until later.

    (V.3) Skill Analysis

    Levels 120 through 123 are more or less set in stone (except the ordering of the one point wonders, which doesn’t matter very much). At level 123, you should have 1 Hurricane, 9 SE, and two points into one point wonders. Level 9 SE gives 5% critical rate and 119% extra critical damage, so on the average your level 1 Hurricane shots will hit:

    51% + 0.45 * (100% + 119%) = 149.55% basic attack.

    Since Sharp Eyes, Bow Expert, and Hurricane are all deemed “high priority”, which one adds more damage? The calculations below show the damage increase due to each skill. (Hurricane is temporarily capped at 21, Sharp Eyes is capped at 29, and Bow Expert is capped at 27)

    First, consider Hurricane. Raising Hurricane from level 1 to 21 increases base damage from 51% to 91%, a 40% increase in basic attack. This equates to a 26.7% increase in overall damage for Hurricane ONLY, for 20 points.

    Next, consider Bow Expert. Mastery is not influenced by criticals, so raising 65% mastery (assuming you have level 1 Bow Expert already) to 90% mastery gives 12.5% total damage. The impact of the 9 weapon attack depends on your overall funding, but for the sake of estimation suppose you have 140 weapon attack total. Damage is directly proportional to weapon attack so the weapon attack gives 6.43% total damage. Thus, Bow Expert increases overall damage by 18.9%, for 26 points.

    Finally, consider Sharp Eyes. Adding SE from level 9 to 29 increases the additional critical rate from 5% to 15% and the extra critical damage from 119% to 139%. Hence at level 9, a critical would normally give, on average:

    0.45 * (100% +119%) = 99.55% basic attack.

    At level 29 SE, a critical would give, on average:

    0.55 * (100% + 139%) = 131.45% basic attack.

    This constitutes a 31.9% increase in basic attack per arrow. For hurricane, this means basic attack increases from 149.55% to 182.45%, which equates to 22.0% total damage for Hurricane only. For Arrow Rain and Inferno, this means a basic attack increase from 259.55% to 291.45%, which equates to 12.3% total damage for Arrow Rain and Inferno only.

    Obviously, from the above calculations we can see that Hurricane and Sharp Eyes are far superior to Bow Expert. The only thing Bow Expert has that the others do not is the increase in mastery, which stabilizes damage and allows for more consistent KB when bossing. However, it can be shown that increases Hurricane, not Bow Expert increase minimum damage for Hurricane more (with only 51% basic attack, your non-criticals will generally not do enough damage to KB most bosses), so Bow Expert is of lower priority than Sharp Eyes and Hurricane.

    As for Maple Warrior, your damage is directly proportional to your stats as well, so the 10% all stats boost from adding points from 0 to 19 gives a 10% increase in overall damage for all skills, for 19 points total.

    After you max Maple Warrior, you should max out Hurricane, Sharp Eyes, and Bow Expert. Maple Warrior actually gives a higher average damage increase than raising Hurricane, but I presume that Maple Warrior 20 books are insanely expensive or simply unavailable, and the damage increase between raising Hurricane and Maple Warrior isn't massive.

    Concentrate’s damage increase is fairly inconsequential due to the widespread availability of Crystal Chews. However, the MP use decrease can be very helpful when solo-ing bosses such as Anego or Black Crow (which would OHKO you), allowing for longer durations of Hurricane spamming before you need to use an MP potion.

    I have no idea what Hero’s Will does, but I hear it helps at Zakum. Depending on your preferences, you can max Phoenix, Dragon’s Breath, Hamstring, Thrust, and Inferno in any order you prefer. If you like to solo BF, then add points into Phoenix. For general training, get 21 Dragon’s Breath, some Hamstring, and max Inferno. Max Thrust if you do not have max speed without Haste.

    (V.4) Mastery Books

    Mastery books will be added later.

    (V.5) Training Locations

    Crimsonwood Keep

    Level Range: 120+
    Crimson Guardians
    EXP/HP: 19.7
    Overall Rating: C+
    Recommendations/Notes: There are several sniping locations on the top platform; you can either use those and spam Hurricane or stand at the staircase on the right side of the map. You can stand at either place, but note that the AR training, which is more effective, requires a very high number of Holy Waters/All Cures.

    The Dragon Nest Left Behind
    Level Range: 120+
    Skelegons, Skelosaurus
    EXP/HP: 17.8 (Skelegon), 17.9 (Skelesaurus)
    Overall Rating: B+ (solo), A (party)
    Recommendations/Notes: Pretty much the 120+ training place. Training here generally nets good EXP rates, especially if you can get an Arch Mage or Bishop in your party.

    Destroyed Dragon’s Nest
    Level Range: 90+
    EXP/HP: 17.9
    Overall Rating: B (solo), A (party)
    Recommendations/Notes: Newts are still fairly effective into 4th job, but you’ll have to begin killing Transforming Jr. Newties to keep up your EXP rate. Hawk is still very useful, and you probably want a party of two other NL’s, if possible.

    Bossing (Anego/Crow/HH/BF)

    Level Range: 90+ (HH), 120+ (Party), 130+ (Solo Anego, Crow), 140+ (Solo BF)
    EXP/HP: 11.7 (HH), 19.2 (Anego), 19.7 (Black Crow), 12.0 (BF)
    Overall Rating: A
    Recommendations/Notes: As a Bowmaster, all other classes (NL’s especially) will want you in a party for SE. If you can manage to get into a party with strong NL’s, then “your” EXP gain rate will be very, very high.

    (VI): Summary

    (VI.1) Training Locations

    Below is a guide of what I believe is the best training. This may vary depending on your play style and your level of funding.

    1x: Quests, Henysis Hunting Grounds
    2x: Bubblings
    3x: Terrace Hall
    4x: Monkey Forest II
    5x: Windraiders (Crossroads)
    6x: Voodoos (Sophila’s Bedroom [3])
    7x: Voodoos (Sophila’s Bedroom [3])
    8x: Nightshadows (Cavern of Honor)
    9x: Nightshadows (Cavern of Honor)
    10x: Newties (Destroyed Dragon’s Nest), HH
    11x: Newties (Destroyed Dragon’s Nest), HH
    120+: Skelegons, HH/Anego/BF/Crow Party

    (VI.2) Skill Build

    Below is what I consider to be the best skill build. This mostly reflects my training preferences above and can vary greatly depending on y our play-style, especially in 3rd job.

    10: +1 Arrow Blow [1]
    11: +1 Double Shot [1], +2 Blessing [2]
    12: +1 Blessing [3], +2 Eye of the Amazon [2]
    13-14: +3 Eye of the Amazon [8, MAX]
    15-20: +3 Double Shot [19]
    21: +1 Double Shot [20, MAX], +2 Critical Shot [2]
    22-27: +3 Critical Shot [20, MAX]
    28-30: +3 Focus [9]

    30: +1 Arrow Bomb [1]
    31-36: +3 Bow Mastery [18]
    37: +1 Bow Mastery [19], +2 Bow Booster [2]
    38: +3 Bow Booster [5]
    39: +1 Bow Booster [6], +2 Soul Arrow [2]
    40: +2 Arrow Bomb [3], +1 PKB [1]
    41-49: +3 Arrow Bomb [30, MAX]
    50-55: +3 PKB [19]
    56: +1 PKB [20, MAX], +2 Bow Booster [8]
    57-60: +2 Bow Booster [16], +1 Soul Arrow [6]
    61: +2 Bow Booster [18], +1 Focus [10]
    62: +1 Bow Booster [19], +1 Focus [11], +1 Soul Arrow [7]
    63: +1 Bow Booster [20, MAX], +2 Focus [13]
    64-65: +3 Focus [19]
    66: +1 Focus [20, MAX], +1 Bow Mastery [20, MAX], +1 Soul Arrow [8]
    67-70: +3 Soul Arrow [20, MAX]

    70: +1 Strafe [1]
    71: +3 MB [3]
    72: +2 MB [5], +1 AR
    73-78: +3 Strafe [19]
    79: +1 Strafe [20], +2 AR [3]
    80-85: +3 AR [21]
    86: +1 Puppet [1], +2 Strafe [22]
    87-88: +3 Strafe [28]
    89: +2 Strafe [30, MAX], +1 AR [22]
    90-91: +3 AR [28]
    92: +3 Puppet [4]
    93: +1 Puppet [5], +2 Silver Hawk [2]
    94-99: +3 Silver Hawk [20]
    100: +1 Silver Hawk [21], +1 Inferno [1], +1 AR [29]
    101: +1 AR [30, MAX]
    102-103: +3 Silver Hawk [27]
    104: +2 Silver Hawk [29], +1 Puppet [6]
    105-108: +3 Puppet [18]
    109: +2 Puppet [20, MAX], +1 Thrust [1]
    110-112: +3 Thrust [10]
    113-117: +3 MB [20, MAX]
    118-120: +3 Inferno [10]

    120: +1 Hurricane [1], +2 Sharp Eyes [2]
    121: +3 Sharp Eyes [5]
    122: +2 Sharp Eyes [7], + 1 Bow Expert [1]
    123: +2 Sharp Eyes [9], +1 Dragon's Breath [1]
    124: +2 Hurricane [3], +1 Phoenix [1]
    125-130: +3 Hurricane [21]
    131-136: +3 Sharp Eyes [27]
    137: +2 Sharp Eyes [29], +1 Bow Expert [2]
    138-145: +3 Bow Expert [26]
    146: +1 Bow Expert [27], +2 Maple Warrior [2]
    147: +3 Maple Warrior [5]
    148: +2 Maple Warrior [7], +1 Hurricane [22]
    149: +2 Maple Warrior [9], +1 Hurricane [23]
    150-151: +3 Hurricane [29]
    152: +1 Hurricane [30, MAX], +2 Maple Warrior [11]
    153-155: +2 Maple Warrior [19], +1 Sharp Eyes [30, MAX]
    156: +3 Bow Expert [30, MAX]
    157: +3 Hero’s Will [3]
    158: +2 Hero’s Will [5, MAX], +1 Concentrate [1]
    159-167: +3 Concentrate [28]
    168: +2 Concentrate [30, MAX], +1 Phoenix [2]

    Wow, that was long. Thanks for reading my guide! I didn't actually proofread my guide, so if there are any problems please be sure to tell me in the comments.
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  2. Jaikor

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    Jan 5, 2015
    5:38 PM
    Definitely a well written guide but you may want to format it better using spoilers so it doesn't strain the viewer eyes MapleF5
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  3. Poppi

    Poppi Capt. Latanica

    Apr 6, 2015
    2:38 AM
    Oh, what a nice read. Although it needs few edits here and there (also zombie lupins are viable up to 70)
  4. Midnight

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    Jan 2, 2015
    8:38 PM
    Dragon Knight, Assassin
    A very nice guide, plenty of info here but I would definitely recommend spoilers.
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  5. NSFW

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    Dec 11, 2014
    5:38 PM
    ...no they're not


    Really good guide. I always go to GS2 from 50-60, then again from 70-80 (if I'm doing an AR build)
    Also 2x cards are not readily available.
  6. Poppi

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    Apr 6, 2015
    2:38 AM
    They actually are :eek:, i did some calculation with my friend and if your a hunter duo on zombie lupins.. Its even more exp P/H then voodoo/hoodoo.

    I would get around 45% P/H at voodoo.

    While i would get around 53% P/H at lupins.
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  7. NSFW

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    Dec 11, 2014
    5:38 PM
    hunter duo at zombie lupins is cheating
    gm plz nerf

    oh also i've never done hoodoo & voodoo, ever. i've always gone straight for WRs
  8. OP

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    Apr 16, 2015
    5:38 PM
    Sorry, I literally just copied this thing from my word document without editing anything. It seems that this forum treats enters differently from word. I'll reformat it soon.

    Does anyone know how the spawn rates at Lower Ascent and Typhons are? I played on ClassicMS, which seemed to have atrociously low spawn rates for both of those places, making them nonviable.
  9. driverdown

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    Apr 18, 2015
    7:38 PM
    I've been grinding at Wind Raiders for a while now (lvl 79) and the spawn is really good :D. i went to Typhons w/ a friend to do the Mark of Heroism quest, and i was mobbed by a shitload of em x.x but i cant kill em fast lol. Oh since Magatia is coming sometime soon, will this be updated? xD
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  10. OP

    cosmynx Red Snail

    Apr 16, 2015
    5:38 PM
    Oh, well in that case most of third job is inaccurate to some degree. (Like I mentioned, this is catered to CMS which has a glitched spawn for Windraiders and Typhons)
  11. 3DegreeChill

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    Apr 18, 2015
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    amazing guide!
    however, you might want to edit that exp coupons arent used anymore and kpq is the best for levels 21-30.
  12. driverdown

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    7:38 PM
  13. Loki

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    12:38 PM
    "Phantomwood Forest - Crossroads
    Level Range: 50-60
    EXP/HP: 20.0
    Overall Rating: A- initially, then C+ after obtaining Cao Cao Bow
    Recommendations/Notes: This is a seriously underrated training spot. As long as you kill them in no less than 8 shots, the left side of the platform is more or less a self-sustaining sniping location. Combined with the great EXP/HP ratio and high HP, EXP rates here are phenomenal for a fairly narrow range of levels, upward of around 45-50%/hr (1x) from 50-53. On the downside, training here is extremely boring, and after you get a Cao Cao Bow you’ll probably be doing too much damage to train here effectively."

    I was wondering where the self sustaining sniping location is?
  14. Brice

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    May 16, 2015
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    Hey, I'm loving your guide but could you please work with spoilers?
  15. Noam

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    3:38 AM
    Sorry, but this is much better
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  16. Brice

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    Isn't this advertising that server? Anyway... Ain't nobody got time for registrating :p
  17. Noam

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    lol, it's the same guide made by the same player :p
    I was joking :D
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  18. Worry

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    6:38 PM
    This is fantastic, thank you!
  19. Crystalis

    Crystalis Horny Mushroom

    May 28, 2015
    8:38 PM
    Just throwing in a few things based off my experiences with actually trying to enjoy a Bowman for once instead of going to maps and whining "I can't train because all I do is bow-whack":

    1. Speed equips are mandatory for lower levels when it comes to training. High speed = getting away from a swarm of enemies that would render you completely unable to fire at all. This is a must if you train on Bubblings; at 100 Speed, they can out-run you and if you aggro too many, you're going to use up a lot of potions and getting them off you will prove difficult. With a Bathrobe, Speed Pills and Nimble Feet, you should be able to run far enough to get a safe distance so you're not stuck taking tons of unnecessary damage and bow-whacking left and right. Using this, I found training at 2x much less of a hassle than previously.

    2. I want to argue with the 1st job build provided. I generally followed that build, only I put a single point into Double Shot after getting Eye maxed. From there, I just maxed out Critical Shot because for some reason, level 1 Double Shot costs 10 MP and does 92% damage per arrow where level 2 is only 78% damage per arrow. I can confirm it's NOT a typo as the damage is actually 92% of my range per arrow based on the upper bounds of my hits. Maxing Double Shot without critical just makes you waste more MP potions, something a newbie to the server won't be able to afford. I'm at level 23 still using level 1 Double Shot and I have no plan to level it up until at least level 10 or so because of that issue.

    3. For equipment, Hunters should stick with the Battle Bow until level 35 then use a Red Viper until 50 (or possibly 54 for the Cao Cao Bow). Why? Simply put, both bows have a higher DPS than their next bow up, Ryden and Vaulter 2000 respectively. By level 50 though, the level 50 bow should be able to out-perform the Red Viper no matter what. To be fair, I don't know at what level Fast speed bows simply can't keep up with Normal speed bows. This doesn't apply to Xbowmen because as far as I'm aware, they only have one Fast weapon (Maple weapons don't exist here at this time), and that's the level 38 Heckler.

    Now, I do have some questions:

    1. How exactly does Power Knockback work? Does it act like a melee attack? Is the knockback bonus added to your weapon's knockback rate? Does it still require you to do enough damage to breach your opponent's KB? For instance, Stone Golems are 1,000 KB. Does that mean any hit less than 1,000 damage is an automatic failed knockback attempt? Is its damage affected by Bow/Crossbow Mastery?

    2. Aren't you supposed to save SP after Arrow Bomb/Iron Arrow reach level 15? Every guide I read in the past says to do that because of AB/IA doubling in MP cost.

    3. Assuming that Maple weapons do get added somehow, what is the highest level a full STRless build is viable before low STR will surpass it?

    4. Why does Arrow Bomb miss even if you have way more than enough accuracy to hit an enemy without fail? I remember this happening in GMS when trying to fight the raccoons and foxes in Zipangu; I would have over double the 100% hit rate accuracy, but sometimes Arrow Bomb would miss them.
  20. OP

    cosmynx Red Snail

    Apr 16, 2015
    5:38 PM
    1. Power Knockback is a separate melee attack. It does not add any KB % to your normal whack. The "really far KB" occurs at a fixed % rate depending on the skill level, while if you want to KB normally you would still have to deal a sufficient amount of damage. I'm not entirely sure how the damage works, but it's probably affected by mastery.

    2. Save only if you don't have enough money to afford pots for some reason. If you do Subani's Legacy and sell the GFA 60%, you should not have this problem.

    3. Depends on your equipment. The damage formula is shown at the top of the guide; depending on your STR, DEX, and ATT from equipment it varies. Usually, around level 80 or 90, however.

    4. I never had that problem. However, there is a substantial increase in accuracy required to hit a monster as the difference between your level and the monster's level increases; perhaps that made a difference.

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