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MapleLegends' Mapowner Guide

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Features & Information' started by Precel, Jun 20, 2020.

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  1. Precel

    Precel Zakum Retired Staff

    Nov 13, 2018
    1:03 PM
    Map Ownership

    KS (Kill-stealing) wars in the old MapleStory days were a common sight to see. MapleLegends is devoid of such antics. While not perfect, the @mapowner system is a clear-cut way of deciding who has the rights to use a particular map.

    The Command (@mapowner)
    Type the @mapowner into your chat box to show a dialogue box above your character with information about the mapowner in the map.​

    When the map is not owned by anyone, the dialogue box shows
    • Map name and ID
    • Minimum level* for mapownership

    * You can still gain mapownership when you’re below the minimum level. This is explained in the Obtaining Ownership section below.

    When the map is owned by a player, the dialogue box shows
    • Map name and ID
    • Current mapowner
    • Current servertime
    Note: The dialogue box is only visible to the person that used the @mapowner command.​

    What Map Ownership Means
    The player shown from the @mapowner command has ownership of the monsters as well as the drops that come from that particular map. The size of the map does not matter. A map owner has full control of the entire map.​

    Obtaining Ownership
    A player gains map ownership when they meet all of the following criteria:
    1. The map is not owned by another player
    2. The player is at least 10 levels below the highest leveled monster in the map
    3. The player kills a mob in the map OR the player hits a boss
    If a player is not within 10 levels of the highest leveled monster, they can kill the highest level monster in the map to obtain the ownership.

    Note: kills from summons (Bahamut, Ifrit, Phoenix, etc.) will not earn you map ownership.​

    Retaining Ownership
    Once a player has obtained ownership of a map, that player will continue to maintain ownership for 5 minutes from the last time they dealt damage to a monster on that map.​

    After 1 minute of dealing no damage to any monster on the map, the @mapowner command will start displaying the expiration time to the owner.​

    Losing Ownership
    A player loses map ownership when:
    • Not dealing damage to a monster for more than 5 minutes
    • Leaving the map - this includes:
      • Cash Shop button
      • Free Market buttons
      • Going to town by using a Town Scroll
      • Going through a Mystic Door
      • Dying and respawning
      • Disconnecting for any reason
      • Entering a place of the map that teleports you to a different map (such as Ninja Castle and Lower Ascent)
    Violations of Map Owner
    Please remember that violating mapowner is a bannable offense, labeled as 3.4 Griefing in our Terms of Service. The relevant section is copied directly here:

    If someone is violating map ownership, please ask the violator to CC (change channels) nicely first. If they persist, feel free to follow below steps.
    • Try submitting a GM ticket by using @GM command in-game to try to get a hold of a staff member.
    • If you do not receive an answer within a reasonable time and the issue persists…
      • Obtain good evidence as guided in the below section.
      • Make sure evidence contains full context of chat, @mapowner info, and the offense in action
      • Submit a report on our forums, in Report Abuse section, with details and the evidence you collected

    Good Evidence:
    • Video recording
    • Uncropped, unedited screenshot
    Good evidence shows full chat context, @mapowner info, and the offender’s attack animation

    Bad Evidence:
    • Cropped or edited screenshot
    • Evidence that doesn’t show the entirety of chat log
    • Evidence that doesn’t show the violation
    Bad evidence is cropped, edited, doesn’t show full context, and doesn’t show the offense

    Thank you DuckysDuckys and MirrorsMirrors for starting off the guide, as well as formatting and proofreading.
    KittKitt also contributed proofreading and making sure the mapowner mechanic was described correctly.

    Hopefully this clears things up for our players. Have a nice time Mapling and once again, thank you for playing MapleLegends!
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