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Notice MapleLegends - New Beginnings

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Announcements' started by Kimberly, Jun 7, 2019.

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  1. Kimberly

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    2:45 AM
    Moderator Post
    This is not a wipe topic. However, it is a topic I had meant to write during the anniversary but got burnout before I got to it.

    First off, Happy 4th Anniversary! We hope you had a great one. I honestly cannot believe sometimes that it has been 4 years already. Technically it's been even longer for me, since I've started this project with Navi in August of 2014, so almost 5 years.

    During these 4 years, we had many different kinds of players that joined our server. Players that were friends, from different servers, or just completely new to MapleStory.

    We currently have 101,649 registered accounts. From this total, 4,646 accounts have been permanently banned for violating our rules. By permanently banned, even if they were to create a new account, they would automatically be rejected from our servers and be unable to play MapleLegends. If they appeal, they would be rejected due to their previous violations.

    We noticed a trend where players that truly regret violating our Terms of Service will try to appeal, while players that attempt to keep hacking won't appeal and simply try to bypass the ban using other means.

    On top of that, our bans include an IP ban since 2015. We noticed that new players may get caught by a false positive and cannot play without appealing first (or who knows, just quit right away without even trying to find out why they couldn't play in the first place). This happens because IPV4, one of our 'checks' used to identify specific users (that were banned), is slowly starting to reach its limit. This means that an IP may be re-used for a new user, and thus get flagged out by our system.

    So, as a brief summary:
    • False positive problem due to a long record of permanent bans
    • Some users genuinely regretted doing what they did
    • Actual hackers bypassing the ban anyway
    Therefore, after a long and considerate deliberation with the staff, we've decided to start a 'clean slate protocol' for IPs (this means, accounts will remain banned, but you can play on MapleLegends with the IP and computer you were banned with previously), BUT with a couple of exceptions:
    • Users that got banned due to Real World Trading, or were associated with Real World Trades
    • Users that had disrespected MapleLegends and/or the staff in the past, or were personally kicked off by myself due to being an overall negative addition to the server
    • Users that we, as MapleLegends staff, personally deemed to have abused to an unreasonable degree*
    *We reserve rights to disallow any past abusers from playing MapleLegends for any reason, at any point, even if they were initially allowed to play from a clean state.

    Once again, this does not mean they have their account back, but they are able to create a completely new character from scratch, with a second chance to use our services again.

    However, if they mess up by another time, by using any kind of cheating tool, they will immediately be (auto) banned with no exceptions.

    We understand this probably adds another layer of 'questionable' decisions that we make here. But we believe this is for the better, by giving people a second chance as well as reducing false positives.

    If you need any clarification or have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to approach any of the staff. We'll be glad to discuss this further :)

    MapleLegends Staff
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2019
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