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Reduction of Name change cost

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by leftysoulz, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. leftysoulz

    leftysoulz Red Snail

    Jan 28, 2019
    3:50 PM

    I wanted to touch on a rarely used function.

    I'm considering changing my characters name today in order to avoid confusion between myself and another player with a similar name. After investigating the name change function, and speaking with Doggo about the availability of the desired name.. I decided to suggest a change of pricing regarding taken names.

    Currently it costs 50,000 LP to change your characters name to a currently unavailable discontinued name. I find this quite extreme, especially when considering that most players who've taken these sought after names don't even play anymore. For example: I'm wanting to use the name Lunar.. the player who owns the name currently is level 11 and has only played one day on that character (back in 2015).

    Am I expected to pay an extra 30,000 LP simply because this player decided to quit the game after playing with this ign for one day? I'd be donating around $70 Canadian to make this unused name my own.. I could fund my characters wardrobe for months using 50,000 LP.. but instead I'm inclined to pay it towards my desired character name.

    I believe there should be some mercy shown in the price of completely unused igns. I'm sure if this person who created the IGN Lunar knew that it was costing someone an extra 30 EURO.. just because they wanted to try out the server and took the name Lunar.. they'd feel some kind of sympathy for that someone.

    I'm not asking for a free change here, I understand name changes cannot be free of charge. However I'm aware of the effort it takes to change a characters name within the database, and I don't feel it's worth 50 EURO.

    Perhaps 30,000 LP is a more befitting price for taken-name changes.

    Thanks for your time, please let me know if this change can be considered.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
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  2. DarthLord

    DarthLord Slime

    Jun 4, 2019
    3:50 PM
    I agree, I believe that the price of the name change should reflect the last time the user of the original IGN last played. in your case, the user with the original IGN has not played since 2015, the price for this IGN should be about 25 euros, this user will not return to play, especially if it is known that he/she played for 1 day and left the server at about the same time it was created. I think that the price should increase/decrease in price as the player whose IGN you are trying to take has not played for such a long time, + 3 years, 25 euros, 1 year, 35 euros, a couple of months, 40 euros and so on.
  3. Precel

    Precel Carbohydrates Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Nov 13, 2018
    3:50 PM
    If I remember correctly, name change is intentionally expensive to heavily discourage users from changing names. It's there if you REALLY want it, but we don't want everyone changing names frequently.

    Taking someone else's name is rather expensive because, well, it's someone else's (no matter how long they are gone for or how much they played). Sure they are inactive, but you never know when they might come back and find their name gone.

    Another issue is someone abusing and then changing name to make investigation harder.

    Plus, it would be unfair for those who already paid the price to change their names.

    Kimmy was against changing price for above reasons last year, and I doubt her thoughts changed.
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