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Yuki's Art Shop (1/27/20 Update)

Discussion in 'Artwork' started by Yukipan, Dec 8, 2019.

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  1. Yukipan

    Yukipan Red Snail

    Dec 8, 2019
    2:58 PM
    Update 1/27/2020
    Hello everyone! I unfortunately come bearing bad news. After I finish my current order list I will NOT be opening again. This batch is my final batch. Due to issues with connectivity to the game I am unable to play normally and it has taking a mental toll on me while I struggle to complete what I already owe despite hardly being able to play. I will be working to complete current orders in a timely as possible fashion though if you would instead prefer a refund you are free to contact me though discord if you have already ordered something! I appreciate everyone who has helped me thus far, I was able to achieve 4th job and be able to experience being a genesis spamming bishop again for a short period!

    Hello, I am new poor peasant who needs money for pots so I am here to offer my art in hopes of making some bank. I probably wont take too many orders at once as I want to make sure I can complete them within a reasonable time frame!

    Price: 30m Each (Complexity Fees +5m)

    I'm offering head shot renditions of whatever character you'd like! My examples are as follow:
    Prop | Pet | Object | Weapon 5m
    Couple Drawings (2 Characters in 1 canvas + 30m)
    Full Body 65m (Complexity Fees 5~10m)​

    More of my art and examples can be found via the following link ( https://www.deviantart.com/yukipan/gallery/?catpath=/ )
    If you'd like a larger drawing such as a Half body or Full body, feel free to bribe me!

    Contact information:
    Yukipan @ Deviant art via Note (Please lemme know who you are though!)
    Nate#9516 @ Discord
    HoIyDivinity (IGN)

    How to Pay:
    If I am online, I'd love to come meet up with you as I always enjoy seeing people in game. However I work full time and if for whatever reason I am unable to meet with you my Payment Center is on Ch 2 FM 18! Please do not purchase anything until AFTER I confirm your order!

    Completed Orders
    Batch 1:
    For klaareklaare | BronzeBronze | SiaoSiao

    Batch 2:
    For Topu | HungryPanda | KittyTKittyT
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Thread Status:
You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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