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Beginner Guide (In Construction)

Discussion in 'Training' started by gazela, Oct 15, 2021.

  1. gazela

    gazela Mano

    Jul 9, 2021
    10:32 AM
    F/P Mage
    This guide is intended for anyone playing MapleLegends for the first time, but is also suitable for veteran players who want to start playing from the beginning but in an organized and calculated way that will change your game experience.
    I am 51 years old from Israel and it took me a long time to find the place I can call "home" of the legendary maple story game.
    And when I say "a long time" I mean, I got to play the original game from 2007 (well, I'm not to blame that only then it landed in Europe) through all its "terrible" evolutionary development, until our time on private servers.
    Admittedly, I did not always play. at certain times the game was so unbearable that I removed it from the computer and did not want to hear from it for a long time.
    My first experience with MapleLegens happened a little over a year ago, after experimenting with several other servers, which today, in retrospect, were a big waste of time.
    And here I discovered a group of people who managed to discover the formula of game strengths and differentiate the unnecessary.
    This does not mean that there are no problems with the game at all, but the scales are completely on the positive side, and maybe this guide will encourage them to make some more changes to optimize the game, whenever I mention something worth bringing to the attention of the development team I will end with a smiley :)
    I will try very hard not to give information scattered in other guides and if so it is just to sharpen important points and give my personal opinion. Anyway, If you have found topics that others have already dealt with or that do not seem to provide additional value, please indicate in 'Reply'.

    In General
    I do not want to sound like someone who copied the entry from Wikipedia so I will be brief and say that this is a two-dimensional, friendly, non-violent adventure game.
    In the game you are required to create character (s) and promote it in the game by gaining experience by using the player's different abilities. There are many means at your disposal to help you strengthen your character and gain more experience. One of the superior features of MapleLegends is that they keep the game free from verbal violence and bullying and they respond to every report. Also, I did not encounter any cases of hacking so you can call it 'hacking free' game.

    Before you start
    The game is based on the English language and you have to make adjustments in order to fit into the overall discourse, so I recommend, especially to speakers of other languages, like me, to always keep Google Translate open, just in case.
    In the game there is a lot of doing, tinkering and talking about things that will distract you from the game, it does not mean that these are things that are not part of the game but until you get to be a part of them, it is better that you focus on the game itself and I will detail later.
    There are many acronyms in the game, most of them are common online and others are unique to the game mainly in terms of skills and features. You can find most abbreviations in 'Glossary Guide'.
    Most of the game you'll run with two or more players at the same time, so I recommend working with 2 screens, but be sure not to use games full screen mode, instead, maximize the screen using windows feature, that way you can easily switch between screens.

    The game has two fixed means of payment (regular money and voting money) and other temporary means related to events and donations. The game money is called Meso and like in real life, it is essential in order to exist. Therefore, you need to take care of your income and there are 4 ways to do this:
    1. Hunting monsters and collecting drops - For each monster in the game, unless it is specifically related to a task map, there is a chance to Meso drop and items that can be sold in FM or in shops, usually the items are unique for each monster and sometimes needed for quests, the amount of Meso varies from fall to fall and depends on the monster. You can find all the details about all the monsters here https://maplelegends.com/lib/monster.
    Note: the server presents itself as '1x Meso drop' in relation to the original game and it is perfect, you need to evaluate the money and know that it does not grow on the trees.
    2. Quests - Usually not, but sometimes missions will give you a Meso prize instead of or in addition to EXP, but do not rely on these sums of money.
    What the tasks will bring you are items that can be used by your character or provide means for other tasks. You always have the option to sell what you have earned in the FM or in stores.
    3. Sales - This is the safest and best way to make money. Almost every item in MapleLegends is for sale, some of which have a reasonable value that can be obtained from all NPC stores in the cities, and others are worth selling through using your own store which can be purchased in 'Cash Shop' and opening it in one of many Free Market rooms in all channels. Tip - The name of the store, should contain the channel and the room number you are in, so that anyone who searches for an item in your possession with an owl, will know how to locate the store easily.
    Make use of every resource available to know how to appreciate the value of the item in your possession and for that there are endless price sites, guides and sheets, I recommend https://owlrepo.com/ which gives a great indication of the price range in the game.
    4. Gambling - You remember I warned you about things that could distract you from the game itself, well that's the main distractor. There are different types of bets (including 'Mini Games') which are mainly meant to pass the time. Some will say that this is the fastest way to make a fortune, but remember that in every bet there is 50 percent chance of failure and therefore, I highly do not recommend focusing on this method, at least not until you are mature enough in the game with your characters equipped and durable.

    Well, I'm sorry I sound like a flatterer, but quests where always the reason I've loved this game in the first place. MapleLegend staff understood that the quests were not rationally rewarded in the original game so they give 3x Exp rate for competed quests. Most quests are meant to provide you with experience and means and some of them are necessary for the character's progress in the game. You usually get quests from Non-player character that are usually located in cities. The quests will appear on top of the NPC as a light bulb.
    For a list of available quests you can press the "Q" key on the keyboard and in the other tabs you will see quests in progress and complete quests.
    The quests will appear in the division according to the location on the map to which they are associated.
    There are 2 types of quests: single (solo) and party. Beyond that there are features related.
    Single quests - I can talk for hours about quests but dozen other guides have already done a grater job. so I recommend to google "Quest Guide" and go over as many as possible.
    Note: Most of the job quests that are critical for progressing the game and gaining the required strengths for the character, are not included in the list and you will have to read about them in the "Job guides" for your character. This is extremely important because unlike other single tasks they will not appear in the task list under the letter "Q" on the keyboard.
    It is also possible to think of a credit for those who do a lot of quests like a power ring, face or eye accessory, similar to 'Monster Book Ring' :)
    Party Quests - As with single quests, here too the quests are designed for different levels and there are countless excellent guides. Unlike single quests you will not see it as an available quests when you click "Q" on the keyboard. In some cases you'll be asked to perform a party quest in order to complete a single quest.
    Monster Book - A charming feature that came with the original game that allows you to make a collection of monster cards which drop, seemingly ,from every monster in the game, including bosses. The drop rate changes from monster to monster, and it does not seem to be working in a consistent logic way and that's a pity :) You can collect 5 monster cards from each monster to complete a set.
    and thus actually reveals, in the book, the monster identity and ability and drops which, of course, can be clarified even without the book, but MapleLegends staff managed to make realistic use of the collection and created the 'Monster Book Ring', "Thank You, Thank You & Thank You Again" for this brilliant development.
    Collect the ring in 'Lith Harbor' from NPC 'Rino - Monster Researcher' as you reach Victoria Road. For every 30 sets of cards (don't worry...there are plenty) you get to tier up your ring by adding a deferent jewel, and get each tier up a +1 all stat and extra HP and MP, until you reach tier 10, after collecting 300 sets and your ring riches its highest rank (+10 all stat and +1000 MP/HP).
    I don't recommend farming monster cards on low levels because your skill are not meant yet to kill many monsters in a short time, so don't start farming till you reach 3rd job on your class. I am not saying that one should not try to get as many monster cards as possible at low levels, but only as part of the required game quests or hunting. Some monsters have grate card drop rate, use that to reach your first tier till level 50 and 2nd tier till level 70. If you choose to put the 'Monster Book Ring' as your prior quest goal. use relevant guides.

    World Map
    Well, this is going to be a less pleasant piece to read because while the development team has surpassed itself so far, here there is a downfall. Well I do not completely blame them, after all these are maps taken from the original game, but it seems that where they made changes it got worse.
    Maybe I'll just try to say what my vision is and when you play you will understand the gap.
    Each room on the map is different from the other, only in some maze rooms you may find similar rooms such as in 'Phantom Forest'.
    Each room on the map includes 2 and in exceptional cases 3 different monsters :) Unless it's a boss room that produces monsters.
    The amount of monsters in the room is proportional to their layout space :) In some rooms the amount of monsters is particularly large to allow farming and leeching centers.
    Rooms where bosses are spawned (not including those in PQ) will appear randomly up to 4 hours apart in each room. This allows a reasonable chance of catching a boss and eliminates the possibility of farming bosses by strong characters :)
    Each room has a portal (s) door (s) which lead to another room. Besides that you will find up to three inner portals that will send you to a different location in the room, usually from side to side or from the bottom up :) only in some maze rooms there might be initially more portals.

    Starting the Game

    Before proceeding with the guide, please refer to my other guide "Storage Mule Guide".
    Now that you have read the guide, it is clear to you that for each class you must create a different account.
    Naming Convention - Since all the conventional names are taken, I recommend to give names by themes, for example, I have chosen for my players names of 'Knights of the Round Table', additional ideas: band names, names from movies, series or shows, diseases or just choose any topic you like on Wikipedia and give linked names from there.
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  2. OP

    gazela Mano

    Jul 9, 2021
    10:32 AM
    F/P Mage
    As I mentioned in the guide, I do not speak English as a native language, and for most of the guide I used Google Translate, I know that some of the words and lines are unconventional to use in terms of the game, and so … I would be more than happy if you correct the guide by copying the problematic section and come up with an alternative.

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