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Celestalia's Challenge - A Maple Journal

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Journeys' started by HouseAuburn, Oct 10, 2020.

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  1. HouseAuburn

    HouseAuburn Capt. Latanica

    Aug 11, 2020
    2:06 PM

    Hello friends, and welcome to a special MapleStory campaign. As my first-ever challenge playthrough, I'm very excited to present and document this story for everyone. This will be fairly similar to other journals found here on the forums, but this will also be, however, a unique and possibly extremely tedious scenario.

    Meet Celestalia. Celestalia is a member of the prestigious House of Vereina, a prominent family living in Henesys. The Vereina family made their modest fortune through agriculture (Vereina carrots are exported all over the world, to the extent that some ramen shops in Zipangu use them), and as such no family member has adventured up to today. In fact, the practice is unofficially banned in the family circle.

    Celestalia, who has adored Athena Pierce from youth, wants more than anything to be like her. She will do anything, up to and including being disowned by her own family, to live up to her dream. This presents a major problem, however, as without any support or influence, Celestalia can hardly even travel around. Even taxis and stores, at least initially, won't allow her their services. The road between Lith Harbor and Henesys is at least somewhat navigable, but to go farther than that, Celestalia must master combat with the monsters around her and be as resourceful as she can to stay in good health.

    Not all is lost, however, as when she was fleeing to Maple Island, Celestalia met another young adventurer who was just starting his own journey: Kaloichi of the House of Auburn. After a month or so of writing back and forth, Celestalia and Kaloichi have struck an important deal. Celestalia will have to take full advantage of this if she is to succeed...

    There are quite a few, so I will keep them as brief as I can here. If an exception comes up later I will address it.

    1. Maple Island goes as normal. After we get to Victoria Island, we can go to all the maps on the road between Lith Harbor and Henesys, but nothing beyond. To advance past this, we must collect all the monster card sets for the enemies in these maps. This includes the following 10 mobs: Snail, Blue Snail, Red Snail, Shroom, Stump, Slime, Orange Mushroom, Pig, Ribbon Pig, and Green Mushroom.

    2. After this, maps can only be passed through if all major mobs on those maps have been cleared (got the set for them). So the Axe Stumps at the top left corner of the one map south of Ellinia don't count, because they're only on one platform. Basically, it has to be a primary mob in that map. Once a map has been 'conquered' we can pass through it as normal, and by conquering all maps between two cities, we can travel between them by the taxi as well.

    Clarification to Rule 2. Mobs that inhabit the most direct path of travel from portal to portal are considered major mobs regardless of spawn count, UNLESS their spawn would be restricted by a stronger mob not in the most direct path of travel. The card furthest into the Monster Book will be considered the strongest mob.

    Addendum to Rule 2. If Celestalia is in a guild and is partied with guild members, she is allowed to go past the normal boundaries of play as long as she remains with the group. For example, Celestalia can go to Ludibrium with guild members even if she has not yet unlocked the region. Celestalia cannot acquire monster cards at any time she is outside the boundary.

    Addendum to Rule 2. If Celestalia is making a job advancement, she may travel anywhere in the world provided it is necessary to do so to complete the job advancement. She cannot attack mobs if outside the boundary.

    Hidden Streets are initially unknown to us. They can be discovered once Celestalia learns of them through the Monster Book (if you don't know, getting a full set lets you know where that monster can be found). For example, Celestalia can learn about the Land of Wild Boar by getting the Dark Axe Stump card set. They can also be discovered by learning of them through the actions of other adventurers.

    3. All items (at least initially), Bowman equips, and ammunition must be obtained by drop. This is the main reason why I'm doing this challenge with a female - my Crossbowman (Aescavon) hunts for his equips and so I know where almost all of them are. With some exceptions, this is basically starting from scratch. The MapleLegends Library is off-limits for the extent of this challenge; if we want to know where something drops, we must consult the Monster Book and see if any mobs we've unlocked drop what we're looking for. Additionally, equips can only be worn if I've gotten all of the previous equips in the line.

    4. Gach tickets will be turned over to the Auburn family. In exchange, Celestalia will get a few amenities - including a Blue Potion chair*, free Air Bubbles for Aqua Road, and access to the Auburn family's storage and NX account. (She can't take anything out of their storage, but she can put her own items into the storage.) However, we can only buy one inventory row every five levels, starting at 30.
    *Will not be available immediately

    5. Trading, the Free Market, Leeching, Looting, and any other advantageous services are off-limits for this campaign. I also will not accept any donations whatsoever.

    6. Partying with other adventurers in the field is allowed, however during the time Celestalia is partied, and a party member is in the map and actively fighting, items cannot be picked up. The sole exception to this is equips Celestalia needs to advance; if she did not participate in killing the mob that dropped the equip, Celestalia can retrieve it from her teammate at a cost of 5,000 mesos x the Level of the equip. Said equip cannot be worn until the map has been conquered.

    Addendum to Rule 6. If Celestalia belongs to a guild and is partied with guild members, she can pick up items as usual, but she should make a substantial effort not to acquire items that her teammates have farmed. The teammate equip rule remains in place.

    There are a few other restrictions, but I'll bring them up as they become relevant.

    - Book 1 -

    Journal Entries (1-50)
    I. Maple Island (You are here!)
    II. The Hunt Begins
    III. Let's Conquest!
    IV. Green Avelin vs. Green Mushroom
    V. Back In Action!
    VI. The Plank That Plonked
    VII. 50-Card Pig-up
    VIII. To Hill And Back
    SPECIAL I. From One Bowman To Another
    IX. The Decision Made
    X. Primo Victoria
    XI. The Intercession
    XII. In The BAG
    SPECIAL II. A Beginner Confounded Deeply
    XIII. Sunday Stumpday
    XIV. Monday Greens
    XV. Lost In Time
    XVI. To Drier Ground
    XVII. Perion Ore Bust!
    XVIII. Avelin Avenue
    XIX. Anne of Grey Ables
    XX. Yellow Avelin vs. Green Mushroom
    XXI. Equip Drops Go Rogue
    XXII. The Battle of Southern Forest II
    XXIII. Huntress
    XXIV. The Hunt Begins Again
    SPECIAL III. A Path Less Traveled
    XXV. Blue Friday
    XXVI. Behind the Signpost
    XXVII. The Battle of Blue Mushroom Forest
    XXVIII. Reviewing Our Options
    SPECIAL IV. The Youngest of the Clan
    XXIX. Horn Tale
    XXX. Return To Blue Mushroom Forest
    XXXI. Mano: The Cards of Fate
    XXXII. Look Ma, No Arrows!
    XXXIII. Axes and Allies
    XXXIV. The Sunset City
    XXXV. Let's Conquest! Kerning Subway Edition
    XXXVI. With Kimmy's Blessing
    SPECIAL V. Diros Straits
    XXXVII. The Special Stump
    XXXVIII. Feathers and Firewood
    XXXIX. The Grand Survey
    XL. Wild Card
    XLI. Chestnuts Roasting on a Fire Boar
    XLII. To The Dungeon!
    XLIII. The Last Reckoning?
    XLIV. (Let's Try) Tidying Up the Empire
    SPECIAL VI. Reflections of a Huntress
    XLV. Shovels Not Required
    XLVI. Where We Talk About Food
    XLVII. Lady Blue? More Like Lady Luck!
    XLVIII. Into the Ant Tunnel
    XLIX. Charmed
    L. Stirge and Scourge
    Journal Entries (51-100)
    LI. Digging Deep
    LII. Look Out Ligator!
    SPECIAL VII. The Polar Proposition
    LIII. Celestalia Goes Skiing
    LIV. Card Hunters to the Rescue!
    LV. Queen Huntress and the Jack Boots
    LVI. The Power of Vitamin C
    LVII. The Great Ant Tunnel Equip Run
    LVIII. On Your Marker
    LIX. A Different Kind of Agriculture
    LX. Garnet
    LXI. Unboarable
    LXII. As it Pleadses You
    LXIII. A Pair of Very Brief Expeditions
    LXIV. The Hunt for the Battle Bow
    LXV. The Battle of White Hat Run
    LXVI. Where We Talk About Toys
    SPECIAL VIII. Lost in the Clouds
    LXVII. The Rydenathon
    LXVIII. Celestalia's Wild Ryde
    LXIX. An Archaeological Grind
    LXX. Fire Boar Frenzy
    LXXI. Caution Falling Asleep
    LXXII. Legend of the Red Huntress
    LXXIII. Annoyances
    LXXIV. The Holy Smegaphone
    LXXV. The Battle of the Deep Ant Tunnel
    LXXVI. Let's Conquest! Nihal Desert Edition
    LXXVII. The Battle of Frilled Field
    LXXVIII. Zumogi
    SPECIAL IX. The Flight of Erenell
    LXXIX. Early Huntress Gets the Armor
    LXXX. The Garden of Three Colors
    LXXXI. A Tranquil Evening in Orbis Park
    LXXXII. Rise of the Snack People
    LXXXIII. Planet of the Lupins
    LXXXIV. The Siege of Garden Road
    LXXXV. Crawling With Curse Eye
    LXXXVI. The Long Push North
    LXXXVII. Finding the Dwarven Stronghold
    LXXXVIII. The Battle of Nomadia
    LXXXIX. Early Huntress Runs Out of Title Ideas
    XC. Celestalia in Toyland
    XCI. The Yellow Ribbon Staring Contest
    XCII. A Flash in the Panda
    XCIII. Return to Orbis Tower
    XCIV. Henesys Hat Hunting
    XCV. Huntress With Distinction
    SPECIAL X. From the Vault of Knowledge
    XCVI. The Battle of Elevenia
    XCVII. Where Not Even Bentos Can Save Us
    XCVIII. Terrar's Reckoning
    XCIX. A Tale of Two Leatties
    C. The Speed of Light
    Journal Entries (101-150)
    Journal Entries (151-200)
    CLI. The Siege of the Sleepy Dungeon
    CLII. Minisiege
    SPECIAL XIV. A Party at Henesys
    CLIII. The Super-Duper Golem Marathon
    CLIV. Temple of the Golems
    CLV. The Battle of Golemfourd
    CLVI. The Battle of Dracteal
    CLVII. Lightning Fingers vs. Lightning Horns
    CLVIII. Groovy Grupins
    CLIX. Around the Lake and Back Again
    CLX. Let's Conquest! Asiatic Edition
    CLXI. Castle Mapleskull
    CLXII. Forest of the Ancients
    CLXIII. Ellin (Almost) Joins the Empire
    CLXIV. Boomerang Bowman
    CLXV. The Battle of Mushroom Hill
    CLXVI. The Race to Seventy
    CLXVII. Rangemaiden
    CLXVIII. Mio
    CLXIX. News From Around the Empire
    CLXX. A Ghoulish Grind
    CLXXI. The Mush-O-Lantern Carving Contest
    CLXXII. The Hunt for Red Heartober
    CLXXIII. A Lesson in Mob Throughput
    CLXXIV. Where Someone Else Abuses RNG More
    CLXXV. Celestalia's Weather Forecast
    SPECIAL XV. I've Got a Secret
    CLXXVI. Let's Conquest! Eos Edition
    CLXXVII. An Outside Chance at Progress
    CLXXVIII. Plan C: To the Moon!
    CLXXIX. Lions and Bears Not Included
    CLXXX. Eye of Tortie
    CLXXXI. The Icy Underground
    CLXXXII. Thighbone Thursday, or, Kneecap Recap
    CLXXXIII. Emerald
    CLXXXIV. The Plunge Into Mu Lung
    CLXXXV. Let's Conquest! Mu Lung Edition
    CLXXXVI. Go West, Young Rangemaiden
    CLXXXVII. Tidings of Cards and Joy
    CLXXXVIII. The Mu Lung Pay-ch-wall
    CLXXXIX. The Most Willowful Time of the Year
    SPECIAL XVI. The Sands Have Shifted
    CXC. The March to Magatia
    CXCI. Let's Alchemy!
    CXCII. Racks and Rocks
    CXCIII. A Surprise Assault!
    CXCIV. Total Maplortion
    CXCV. Chaos Reigns
    CXCVI. Chilling and/or Willowing
    SPECIAL XVII. Pathless
    CXCVII. Back on the Path
    CXCVIII. Further Reinforcements
    CXCIX. Not Done Yet!
    CC. Plz
    Journal Entries (201-210)

    Click here to skip to Book 2.

    Alrighty, let's get started! First part of the campaign begins below.


    PART I. Maple Island

    Things started quickly, as while clearing out the Snails for Maria, Celestalia picked up her first card.
    This bodes fairly well for the rest of the night. We'll see. Meanwhile, we get an early 30 Blue Potions for answering the shopping questions, and another few potions of various colors while knocking down crates for the Relaxer (including one White!).

    For our hat from Maria, we get the Yellow Headband. Perfect, it matches Celestalia's hair!

    Going back to Amherst, Lucas seems to believe we are destined for greatness, and sends us off to kill some more snails as a result. When we do so, the Red Snails have the gall to hit us for three damage. The nerve! But, we also get the second Snail card, plus some Grey Work Gloves for our trouble. No stat bonuses on that guy, I think we will have to replace it soon enough.

    After taking care of the other quests, it was time to go to Mai and get the Razor. We're finally doing respectable damage, but unfortunately we're getting more Crossbow arrows than Bow, which just ain't right! We picked up some good food from this exercise (the 15 Lemons is nice especially) and at last we're headed to Southperry.

    Finally, it was time to face the first boss of the game, the dreaded...Orange Mushroom.
    A true test of courage.

    We killed three of them, because reasons.

    In Southperry, we exchange a few Etc. items for a Fruit Knife, and get a few more potions because Shanks needed something to drink. At last, Celestalia is off the island!

    When we arrive in Lith Harbor, a mysterious lightbulb appears. It's from our soon-to-be best friend Rino, keeper of the Monster Book! Without her, this entire challenge wouldn't even exist. So, she's probably worth listening to. Do trust that the ring will be developed far earlier than in most cases...even my other characters!

    Olaf down the road grants us the last experience we need to become Level 10, and with 42 DEX in tow it is time to make the journey towards Henesys. Celestalia had better memorize these maps, because they are the only ones she will be seeing for quite some time.

    Upon reaching Thicket Around the Beach III, Celestalia notices the ground is littered with drops. Wonder why...?

    Anyway, it wasn't long before our heroine arrives back to her hometown. Here too there were drops littered all over the place. Unfortunately, by the rules of the challenge we can't loot from other people.

    Nevermind, let's go see Athena! Celestalia gets a bit of stage fright upon spotting the legendary teacher and her role model.

    But soon enough she got up the courage to go up the stairs and get her bow.
    I think we'll be good on arrows for a while.

    In the next installment of Celestalia's Challenge, we'll see how the young archer fares as she begins her first true hunt.
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