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Change Owl of Minerva from 3000(6) ea to 25,000(unlimited) for trading integrity.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MagicBlazer, Nov 21, 2020.

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  1. MagicBlazer

    MagicBlazer Red Snail

    Nov 21, 2020
    5:07 PM
    Changes to Owl of Minerva for trading integrity

    Owl of Minerva x 6 (3000 vote cash) (500 vote cash ea)

    Owl of Minerva x 1 (25,000 vote cash) (unlimited uses)

    Change Owl of Minerva to a one time purchase with unlimited uses. It will increase the activity of players trading thus attracting more people to play the game benefiting not only the server but especially the players.

    Every player will now have access to the information of all prices.
    That lets every player buy and sell their items more accurately.
    If every item is more accurate in price that means they will all be traded more.
    If an item gets traded at faster speed the price will fluctuate faster due to "supply and demand".
    If items get traded more that means the 2.5% tax will happen more thus taking more money out of the game.
    If there is less money in the game then prices would deflate in value.
    Prices would drop due to deflation and not the item being of lower value.

    Merchants will typically trade at +/-2.5% trade tax and then +/-5% for an item flip.
    Scrolls trade relative to the supply and demand price of the scrolled items.
    Item prices are relative to their stats and the other thing that affects their price is if they are meta or not.
    non-meta items are usually only worth selling to NPC stores for Mesos because nobody uses those non meta items.

    In the game Owl of Minerva costs 3000 Vote cash for 6. (500 vote cash ea)

    This means 1 vote happens for every 5 trades. (5 buyers owl, 5 sellers owl)
    500 vote cash x 10 owls = 5000 vote cash = 1 vote

    This system values the server's advertisement over the game's trading mechanics.

    My argument is that making owl a one time purchase with unlimited uses will increase the activity of people trading thus attracting more players to play the game.

    Make owl cost 25,000 vote cash (5 votes) but unlimited uses.

    Great now everyone has to vote 5 times to get their unlimited owl uses.
    The server gains +50,000 votes bringing the server to #1 on the list.

    (Edited on Wednesday Nov 25, 2020)
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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