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Condense some of Warrior's skills

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MinuteFish, Jan 13, 2021.

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  1. MinuteFish

    MinuteFish Red Snail

    Jan 8, 2021
    1:48 AM
    They don't make alot of sense, end up being trap options for lots of newer players who aren't trawling the internet for guides on skill optimisation, are a needless tax other classes do not have, and just end up giving less options for Warrior to play around with generally compared to other classes.

    Some Numbers
    In terms of differentiation between job to job Warrior at 2nd job is pretty uncontestably the least differentiated at this level. Page and Fighter play nearly if not totally identically, and Spearman is only different in that it will use different, longer ranged weapons and be more party oriented. But since this is a relic of pre BB and it's unlikely for the staff to favorably add new gameplay changing skills this is just a moot talking point honestly. I only say this as to show why it peeves me that the skills are arranged as they are, in that Warriors only get 5 new tools to actually play around with at 2nd:
    e.g. Fighter: Mastery, Booster, Final Attack, Rage, Power Guard
    and Spearman: Mastery, Booster, Final Attack, Iron Will, Hyper Body

    whereas every other job gets at least 6:
    e.g. Hunter: Mastery, Booster, Final Attack, Power Knockback, Soul Arrow, Arrow Bomb

    and Pirate gets 8.

    Next thing I want to point out is that it doesn't even mathematically add up for Warrior to be this way. Every other job's 2nd job skill points required to max everything totals to 140 (save Pirate, which have 130 totals). This means there exists an opportunity class for every class, you must have 1 skill that is not used/ have less skill points in multiple skills

    Now Warrior if you consider the base game recommendation and design is centered around specialising in 1 weapon (this is literally stated by your NPC Dances with Balrog as you advance), would max a single weapon's tree + its other non specialised skills:

    Mastery 20 + Final Attack 30 + Booster 20 + First skill 20 (Threaten, Rage, Iron Will0 + Second skill 30 (Power Guard, Hyper Body) = 120

    So this is the only class that ironically, despite having twice the skills, has the least true build diversity in actual play. Maybe the game originally wanted you to choose between playing hybrid or investing in an integral skill like Power Guard. It is because FA is total dog bollocks that hybrid builds can exist at all. I disagree with most post BB content but the condensation of skills like Booster into 1 feel absolutely logical to me.

    My suggestion is this
    • Leave Mastery separate. This way there is still differentiation between hybrids and specialists and still some SP Reset hurdle to change over for specialists, just not a needlessly huge one
    • Fuse the Final Attack and Booster of all classes. Final Attack and Weapon Booster are fine names (you can still leave them specific to the classes of each particular job)
    • Fuse the Charges, fuse Panic/Coma, Dragon Fury/Crusher are a bit trickier because they do separate jobs but each favor a particular weapon. Still, Dragon Fury Spear is a trap option just as Polearm Crusher is. This job deeply encourages you to go hybrid for some reason, or otherwise end up doing literally half your ordinary DPS as a Polearm specialist. Maybe try something to make Dragon Fury swing as Polearm and stab as Spear and the same for Crusher

    The space for a new skill
    As aforementioned, the maths adds up that there is expected to be another skill at 2nd job for Warriors. One that maxes out at 20 such that it takes 140 to max out the branch of one specialised tree. Since Mastery takes 20 also, the new opportunity cost is that you either max mastery or max this new skill.

    What would I suggest for a new skill? Eh, new gameplay skills are not really a great idea for an oldschool Maplestory server. Really just something that improves QOL for Warriors. Other classes get Teleport, improved movement speed and other mobility enhancers, an actual Oak Barrel to hide from things, a pickpocketing ability, a knockback ability that helps you get back into attacking range, abilities that help maintain your respective resource pool (MP Eater, Soul Arrow). And multiple at a time.

    So what I suggest should ideally not change gameplay at all, be a very Warrior esque ability, not interfere with other skills, have minimal impact on the class's actual state of balance since hell, the game is nicely balanced overall (and hence be more QOL), and very importantly, not be difficult to implement. So, onto the idea:

    The skill suggestion
    Now all Warriors do get better at tanking at 2nd job, with Guard and Hyper Body. They still suck at getting health back though. Honestly something that just improves HP Recovery further would be faithful to the class identity of the Tank, while not affecting how strong the Warrior is/performs in terms of DPS and if its an Out of Combat passive, in combat whatsoever. Maybe a percentage based skill or something, or just any discrete number that's bigger than the tiny digits you see off the current recovery passives. Just superior QOL.

    Another suggestion I thought could work is passive additional defense, but I would say Improved HP Recovery may be a smoother suggestion as having more defense hinders Power Guard, even if only ever so little, and it could possibly be contentious as it directly affects combat (however slightly) so it feels the least jarring to have something that just makes the same HP Recoveries you get at 1st job (stand still and heal + sit on a ladder and heal) actually useful, rather than skills that might heal you back to full HP if you take a quick break and whip up a bowl of rice puffs and hit the bathroom at a leisurely enough pace.

    So thats it. This was a pretty long read so if you read the whole thing, I appreciate it alot, and if you didn't, heres a TL:DR (though I'd like you to read the minutiae as it contains my rationales for these suggestions);

    The Lowdown
    Fuse the majority of the Warrior skills that require maxing for each weapon type, except Mastery. Also, Warrior gets less 'real' skills than other classes, and this is felt mostly in terms of QOL. There is space to add a new QOL skill, namely Improved Improved HP Recovery. That or something else that makes the class a bit tankier and more frugal with its HP pots.

    Thanks for reading. After this overlong spiel I have other warrior suggestions to spice up gameplay but thats another post for another day.
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