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Dramatic farewell

Discussion in 'Introductions & Farewells' started by Poofcakes, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Poofcakes

    Poofcakes Pizzatarian Retired Staff

    May 8, 2015
    The Netherlands
    4:27 AM
    Hello everyone,

    I quit playing the game a long time ago, besides islanding a bit here and there, and I hadn't been popping out from behind the scenes much either anymore, so some of you may have no idea who I am. I joined the staff back in March 2016. I quit already once before back in November or December, but I joined back again around March again.

    Now to why I made this thread. I guess I wanted to make an official goodbye, so that I don't just disappear into thin air, and also to say some other things. I've never really made a long thread before like this on here where I express my feelings, other than my staff application nearly 2 years ago, so bare with me.

    A few weeks ago I decided to resign from my position in the staff after the Halloween patch, and so I resigned about 1.5 weeks ago. The reason for this is because I stopped enjoying what I was doing as a staff member. I had already lost the "passion" for a while. You may have noticed I had already stopped going in the "public" (forums, discord, in-game) for a longer time, because I was afraid of the hate getting to me. I guess it got to me either way.

    I'm also doing an internship and in my last stages of finishing my bachelor, and I really wanna focus on that, and whatever else may come in the future.

    To the people that I met along the way, thanks for being by my side on this journey. I hope that we remain to talk and hang for many more years. Even the ones that I don't talk to anymore, I appreciate the happy memories that you've given me.

    To anyone I've hurt along the way without realising, I sincerely apologise. If you are one of those people, it really would've been nice if you shot me a private message at any point in time, as in some cases I was completely unaware of it. Most of the time I did not know that anything like that was going on until there was an outburst of hate, or when I heard from other people way later that certain people have been hating my guts. Clearly I don't realise that my words or actions sometimes land completely wrongly, so I wish there was a conversation where I was involved instead of it all being behind my back. I can honestly say that a fair amount of people that (likely) hate me, I genuinely admired before this and never wanted to harm in any way with my words or anything, so if I did then it was unintentional. Even now, I would still really appreciate it if you do send me a message, so we could talk and so I can still understand. I'm just a person like all of you, I make mistakes and I'm not the three-eyed raven so I don't know everything that goes on, especially if no one talks to me.

    I might be at a lost cause trying to salvage these relationships, as I keep hearing that "they hate you so much", but I will kind off throw this out there anyway for anyone who cares at all and hopefully sees my sincerity. If you're someone that believes we can never be friends again, then please just ignore me instead of sending me hate. I think this would be the best option for the both of us. Neither of us need the negativity, it's not good.

    Perhaps to people both aware and unaware of what I've been talking about here, my thoughts in this thread come off as way too dramatic. Perhaps I'm just imagining all of this way more dramatically than it really is, I don't know. I'm very unsure of everything. It took a lot for me to post this, or anything on the forum as-of-late, as I fear that I will just get completely taken the piss out of.

    Thanks for reading.

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  2. Chris

    Chris Windraider Retired Staff

    Jan 18, 2016
    10:27 PM
    Most of the time we bicker like how I'd imagine brother/sister would (only child so not 100% sure hehe) but its been a pleasure!!! Most people will only remember the drama or the mistakes but don't let it get to you!!!!! You've done so many positive things for this server and from a player perspective I thank you for that!!!!! It is sad to see you moving on but I hope all the best for you!!!!! Good luck with your internship and hopefully one day you'll be able to buy all them zelda games doing your bio information..... I still have no idea what you study but GOOD LUCK REGARDLESS!!! Hope we are able to survive without you!!! MapleF4 OnionDeadMapleF4OnionDead

    P.S.~~~ Thank you for always answering all my questions!!!!

    C yah laturrsss FoxBye

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  3. Iced

    Iced Orange Mushroom

    Apr 13, 2017
    10:27 PM
    I/L Arch Mage
    There is absolutely no reason why a player should hate a game designer or moderator. The only thing I don't like about MapleLegends now is how much we don't get to communicate with you guys. When I 1st joined Poof, Kim and Chris were always in the FM being friendly (Chris, not as much, lel) and buffing players, like everyday. Sure some things can be handled better like the almost AP Reset price reduction, but that is where GM's and the community need to talk to each other and make polls to where bad idea's aren't made and to where that kind of hate cant fester. I will miss you Ninnie!:pinkbean: I did after all have a Maple-Crush on you.:heartbeat:
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  4. Serin

    Serin Game Assistant Staff Member Game Assistant

    Apr 10, 2017
    11:27 AM

    Though it was short, it was an honor to meet/know/work with you. ❤️ Thank you for teaching me how to wz edit for my selfish needs, always helping me with things in general + staff stuff, and for being just so freakin funny when arguing with ChrisChris xD!!!

    It’s sad to think of you leaving MapleLegends, but I hope we can keep in contact outside of Legends for whatever reason; (heck; watch more BL/kdrama and continue ask me stuff!! )

    I know as a staff, we get hated on/blamed for reasons we cannot control or predict, but thank you for taking a lot of that blame (with Kimmy), holding back tears, while sucking in all the insults for others people’s/no one’s mistake, while still doing the best you can for this community — regardless of what other people think. We in staff know how many countless/sleepless days/nights you spent, and for even working on the game + events right after you had your surgery, and during your hectic internship.

    Like Chris said, it’s sad to see you go, but it doesn’t mean goodbye-goodbye!! (Or it better not f5) Goodluck with your internship you child prodigy and please come back anytime and let me watch you bicker with Chris some more!! ❤️

    P.S. we love yaaa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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  5. nubjulez

    nubjulez Skelosaurus Retired Staff

    Dec 25, 2015
    10:27 PM
    nubjulez / heartless
    Good luck on your future poof :) thanks for all the hard work.
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  6. Piety

    Piety (ㆆᴗㆆ)/ Retired Staff

    Apr 4, 2017
    10:27 PM
    Centaur & Chaste
    It's unfortunate to see you leave. You've done a whole lot of work for the server, and it's sad to see you leave.

    Serin pretty much said it all, but no matter how much shit we/you got, even while working mostly in the background, the amount of work you were putting on the server, the events and everything was huge, and we'll definitely miss you. Thank you so much for bearing with me as I asked you a ton of questions for all these small little details (Like making these haircuts work. :p)

    Best of luck with the internship; I hope you'll come by every now and then and whack us for the mistakes we'll be making ;)
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  7. xNivx

    xNivx Headless Horseman

    Apr 18, 2016
    Shin Sekai
    8:27 PM
    Dark Knight
    If you don't like doing something, even if it's a job/work/order from someone, you shouldn't do it.

    Sorry if I was being an ass to you, I really didn't mean it although im sure you know that already.

    I wish you could still had fun so you could stay with us but everyone eventually goes to their own way.

    Good luck with your intership :]

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  8. Hiyo

    Hiyo Game Moderator Staff Member Game Moderator

    Sep 21, 2016
    5:27 AM

    MapleLegends for me would not be the same without you. I appreciate what you did to the community and the many things I learned by working by your side. It is sad to see you leave :cry:. Best of luck Ninnie and let's keep on watching Rupaul together and forever. :heartbeat:
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  9. Number32

    Number32 Skelegon

    Jul 3, 2015
    The Netherlands
    4:27 AM
    Definitely a step in the right direction, now if KimberlyKimberly would follow your lead, maybe this server can go back to what it once was.
    "To live without hope is to cease to live"
    also find this one quite ironic after you publically slandered me in the discord where you got me banned from so I couldn't defend myself

    Goodbye OnionBye
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  10. CaptainNemo

    CaptainNemo Blue Snail

    Oct 3, 2017
    7:27 PM
    You seem like a self-righteous cunt. Get bent dude.

    Hopefully will see you on Maple Island again sometime Ninnie, or you'll stay on the discord.
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  11. Chew

    Chew Headless Horseman

    May 8, 2015
    #38 - Quests: 783
    4:27 AM
    I appreciate the work you've put into this server, I wish you the best in the future.
    Good luck with the internship Poof.
    Oi, the cancer of ML has replied.
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  12. Lily

    Lily Inactive

    Jul 23, 2015
    3:27 AM
    F/P Arch Mage
    Thanks for being a translator when chat was confusing, for the ridiculously huge amount of work you did, and for generally being awesome. :D

    Good luck with the internship, though I expect you'll have no problems! :heart:

    Staff's going to be super weird without you. :(
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  13. Ryae

    Ryae Windraider

    Apr 17, 2015
    USA (East Coast)
    10:27 PM
    Thanks for the insane amount of work you did, Poof. I'm in the same situation atm, finishing up my last classes and going off to my final internship in spring/summer..I've barely been able to play normally so I can't even imagine trying to balance with behind-the-scenes work! ><
    Surely easier said than done, but try not to let the hate get to you. There's all kinds of people in this world and you could be a complete saint and work your ass off and there will still be those out there that hate your guts for whatever reason they can find. Just focus on and surround yourself with the people you love that bring out the best in you^^ I really like the quote that's something like, "you can't decide the situation, but you can decide how you react to it" (too cheesy?? lol)
    Best of luck in your future and hope to still see you now and then in the islander chats! cheers^^
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  14. Awleh

    Awleh Mr. Anchor

    Apr 18, 2017
    4:27 AM
    Chief Bandit, Shadower
    We never spoke. I have no idea who you really are. But thanks alot for all the time and energy you have spent as a staff member to help create this fantastic server. I think its sad that youve had to face so much hate.

    Just remember that there are hundreds of us that are really grateful for the hard work you have put down. Farewell, and good luck. :)
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  15. Clown

    Clown Zakum

    Jun 27, 2015
    The Netherlands
    4:27 AM
    Night Lord
    Very well written. It takes guts to admit you may have made mistakes aswell. It pleases me to see you never had the intention to generally ruin someones day. Every single one of us can improve their personality, habits and general way of life. This is the requirement to be able to start on this path.

    You are a decent person and I wish you all the best. I gotta say life outside of this place is pretty nice aswell.

    Thanks for (pretty much) everything Nienke!
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  16. Chow

    Chow Pac Pinky

    Jul 29, 2016
    4:27 AM
    It's crazy how in some ways certain people you've been around from time to time in a community for quite a while,
    whom you may have never met on a personal level..
    Whether that be because you never had the time to say hi, or you were just sort of introverted (Like myself), who end up being quite similiar to you.

    Mostly pointing towards the 2nd half of your post, your way of thinking I guess you could say. Or well being worried about things you may have said/didn't but should've to people which led to actual hatred directed towards you, or you thinking certain people feel that way. However I do overthink a lot myself and I can honestly say, sure it works against you sometimes but there's also nothing wrong with that because it shows your character and the fact that you do care about other people.

    I personally commend you for putting your thoughts out there,
    you don't find many people nowadays who're willing to open up to this extend and just say what's been on their mind.

    You probably had a lot of mixed emotions, and took quite some energy to write this so I'll try not to be my usual ranting self.
    We might've not always seen what you did BEHIND the scenes, but judging from this post I can tell that this meant a lot to you,
    so from a shadow (lol) to you, I appreciate and wanna thank you for your "blood, sweat and tears" and I wish you a very bright future~

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