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Update General Patch Notes: October 9, 2022

Discussion in 'Update Notes' started by Kimmy, Oct 9, 2022.

  1. Kimmy

    Kimmy Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    6:09 AM
    Moderator Post
    Welcome to the general patch notes!

    This post will contain a comprehensive list of fixes, changes and new implementations for the server-side of things, that are in addition to the already-posted client changes, new content, and balance changes.

    HP-wash alternative thread: Click here
    Balance patch notes: Click here
    Client patch notes: Click here

    General Changes
    • Added a first version of the HP Challenges system (Cassandra's threshold calculator).
    • Silver Mane quest now requires level 120, instead of requiring 4th job (or beginner). (reported here)
    • Added GMS-authentic text for Sage statues around the Crimsonwood climb maps.
    • Town Scrolls will no longer work in Jiaoceng map.
    • A new quick warp system has been introduced:
      • After completing the Ariant questline, up to The True Identity of Sand Bandits included, Manji, in Perion, will sell Desert Coins to the player, for 5000 mesos each.
      • Desert Coins can be used in a portal found somewhere in the maps around Perion.
      • Spending a Desert Coin will warp the player to the Sahel desert.
    • Monsters with attacks that cast a Dispel effect will now apply the damage before the debuff.
    • The first version of a new GM tool, that will support Staff in assisting instance/expedition issues, has been introduced.
      • This first version will allow us to potentially solve issues such as CWKPQ runs stuck after completing the Relics stage, with a non-functioning portal.
    • "Fire Eye Drop", the pet food for Lil Zakum, has been added to the Cash Shop, in single-purchase and bundle of 11.
    • Lil Zakum Pet Command Guide has been introduced.

    • Dunas2 and Aufheben expeditions will now wait until after the first body (respectively Dunas Unit and Cursed Aufheben) is downed, before their daily entrance is logged.
    • Core Blaze exit map no longer allows FM and CS entrance.

    Map Changes
    • Stair footholds in Sutra Depository 1-2F, 3-4F, 5-6F have been better aligned with the visual tile cues.


    • Various issues with monster aggro system have been identified and corrected.
      • Monsters and bosses should no longer glitch and get stuck in place, during the fight.
    • Nibelung and Aufheben hitboxes have been fixed during various animations, and they should no longer become harder to target in some cases.
    • Fixed incorrect Nibelung animations, that would cause it to slide back and forth for a couple of frames, or that would display the body of a different stage.
    • Disconnecting from the Core Blaze PQ exit map will no longer leave characters stuck without a chance to leave.
      • Talking with the Entrance Lock NPC in this scenario will provide an option to leave (without reward).
    • Trying to NPC items while not having enough room for mesos will now fail to process the sale, rather than award the player less mesos than expected.
    • Fixed Monster Book drop data for Core Blaze. (reported here)
    • Fixed an exploit with Duey's package delivery system.
    Skills and Debuffs:
    • "Firm Hand" (Hero's Will consumable) now correctly grants Mastery level 5 instead of 10. (reported here)
      • While characters who already have Hero's Will still see it as Mastery level 10, this has no functional difference, as only level 5 is obtainable.
    • Zombify will no longer appear in the wrong position, nor disappear if paired with Seduce, in 3rd person.
    • Mortal Blow success chance has been corrected across all levels, in the skill description (max level: 90%, up from 70%).
      • The functionality is unchanged.
    • Buff handling for Transformation, Super Transformation and Battleship has been corrected, and they will no longer overwrite higher preexisting defense values, or glitch when another buff attempts to overwrite them.
    • Removed incorrect Donor tag from "Black Female Fur Coat". (reported here)
    • "Toy Soldier Shoes" are now correctly called "Black Salt Shoes". (reported here)
    • Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Cream Shortcake descriptions are updated to reflect their actual buff values.
    • The following Cosmetics animations have been fixed:
      • Eggplant Top
      • Sunflower Hat (reported here)
      • Dew Parasol
      • Sparkling Bluebird
      • Baby Nero pet (hunger animation)
    • Lil Zakum pet description has been changed.

    Thank you for all your suggestions and reports!
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  2. Ryae

    Ryae Wolfspider

    Apr 17, 2015
    USA (West Coast)
    9:09 PM
    Night Lord
    I don't know who to thank for the 2h Dew Parasol fix, but thank you very much OnionSpark
    I didn't expect my bug report to get addressed so quickly because it was such a niche error OnionF4
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  3. LeonardoJF

    LeonardoJF Zakum

    Jun 16, 2021
    Rio grande do Sul - BR
    2:09 AM

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