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Guide to Guilds

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Mirrors, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. Mirrors

    Mirrors Zakum Retired Staff

    Jul 15, 2019
    3:10 PM
    [​IMG] Intro
    You may have seen players roaming around with a second name under their IGN. This is their guild! A guild is essentially an extended buddy list, with more perks:
    • Guilds provide support to both new and veteran players, organize events, and are a fantastic way to become a part of the ML community
    • Being able to Guild Party Quest with your guild
    • Guilds have a private BBs, a mini forum
    • Private guild and alliance chat
    A character can be a member of only one guild, and only junior masters / masters of a guild may invite new members. You may leave your guild at any time and find a new guild if you wish. A guild may even be allianced with more guilds to form even bigger communities!

    [​IMG] Creating A Guild
    [​IMG] In order to create a guild, you first must go to the Guild Headquarters in Orbis and talk to Heracle. There are 3 requirements for starting a guild:

    • 1.5mil
    • Be in a party of 6 total guildless people
    • The party leader must be over level 10
    There are a few rules when you create your guild's name, too:
    • There must not be any other guilds with the same name
    • The guild name cannot contain spaces or special characters.
    • It must be between 4 - 12 characters.
    [​IMG] Expanding Your Guild
    Your guild will be pretty small when you start off, but luckily you can increase the amount of members you have with the power of MESOS. The cost of each expansion will increase with the amount of members you already have, and each expansion increases the number of slots you have by 5.
    • Up to 15 spaces: 500k
    • Up to 20 spaces: 1.5mil
    • Up to 25 spaces: 2.5mil
    • Up to 30 spaces: 3.5mil
    • Over 30 spaces: 5mil
    You can have a maximum of 255 member slots in your guild.

    [​IMG] A Guild Emblem
    You can also create a guild emblem which will show up to the right of your guild name. You must be the guild master in order to create the emblem.
    • Creating an emblem will cost 5mil
    • Deleting an existing emblem will cost 1mil
    You can look try out different combinations of guild emblems using this Southperry Guild Emblem Simulator.

    [​IMG] Guild Ranks
    A guild can have between 3 to 5 ranks for their members. The number of ranks, and the name of each rank can be changed by the guild leader. Like guild names, ranks cannot contain special characters or spaces. The names listed below are the default ones.

    The Master has complete power over the guild. They can expel, promote, or demote members; add, remove, or rename ranks; change the guild banner message; create or delete an emblem; delete or expand the guild. The Master cannot quit the guild. Only one member can be a Master.

    Jr. Master
    There can be multiple Jr. Masters, and they can only be appointed by the Master. The Jr can invite, promote, demote, and expel members, and can change the guild banner message. Jrs cannot kick, or demote, other Jrs.

    Members have no special powers, though they can still post messages on the Guild BBs. There can be up to 3 different Member ranks.

    [​IMG] Guild Party Quest
    One perk of being in a guild is being able to Guild PQ with your guildmates. Guilds are able to gain guild points upon successfully completing a GPQ, which can increase their ranking in the server.
    You can get some of the following rewards for completing GPQ:
    • NX
    • Skill books
    • Scrolls
    GPQ is rather lengthy, so here is a guide on how to GPQ.

    [​IMG] Alliances
    You can also create an alliance for other guilds to join! This will unlock alliance chat, which is essentially a chat that spans across all the guilds in the alliance. A guild of guilds, if you will. Alliances are a fun way to partner up with your sister guild and to also meet more people, and is an easy way to expand the number of friends you have through your guild.

    Creating an Alliance
    To create an alliance with another guild, the guild leader must form a party with another guild leader and talk to Heracle in the Guild Headquarters
    • 5mil
    • The party leader will become the Master of the Alliance
    • The other party member will become a Jr. Master of the Alliance
    • Must not be in an alliance already
    Expanding your Alliance
    You can have up to 5 different guilds in the alliance.
    To expand the number of alliance slots, you must pay 1mil.

    Leaving Alliance
    You must be the guild leader in order to leave.

    [​IMG] Disbanding the Guild
    Oof, the guild life isn't for you anymore? You can disband your guild by talking to the NPC in Guild Headquarters.
    • 200k
    • Must be guild leader
    • Must not be in an alliance
    Passing Leadership to Someone Else
    If you just want to give the guild to someone else, you can do that too! It will cost 5k donor points in order to transfer guild leadership to someone else. You can also only pass it to other Jr. Masters. You can get donor points by donating to MapleLegends.

    [​IMG] My Guild Leader is Banned / Inactive
    Did your guild leader get banned, or you haven't seen them in eons!? Worry not - if your guild leader has not logged in for more than 120 days or has gotten banned, you can take leadership of the guild. Talk to Heracles in the Guild Headquarters and pay 5,000 Donor Points in order to take ownership of the guild. You must be a Junior in order for this to happen.
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