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The Comprehensive Gear Guide

Discussion in 'Items & Mesos' started by Mirrors, Nov 13, 2020.

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  1. Mirrors

    Mirrors Supervisor Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Jul 15, 2019
    1:13 AM
    Moderator Post
    :picopico: ~ this is a work in progress ~ :picopico:

    Intro & Background

    Back when I was a new player, I was not sure about what sort of gears to wear. I found a guide by thevati that had great information on the gear builds for mages which was super helpful, but didn't have any info on other classes. My hope is with this guide it will provide a good foundation for new players of all classes to understand gear progression!

    Please know that these are all recommendations and not strict guidelines that you have to follow - just get whatever is available to you and have fun.

    I am also looking for high level players who are willing to help me figure out the gear progression for other classes as well!

    Table of Contents
    • Post 1
      • All Classes Gear
      • Washing Gear
      • Event Gear
    • Post 2
      • Mage Gear
      • Warrior Gear
      • Thief Gear
      • Pirate Gear
      • Archer Gear
    [​IMG] All Classes
    There are a few items, like the Zak helm, that are recommended for all or multiple classes. Since I don't want to copy and paste it in every section, I decided to make an 'All Classes' section instead for equips are used by all classes.
    Level 0: [​IMG] Blue Maple Bandana or [​IMG] Maple Bandana Blue. +3 all stats, 7 slots.
    • Although Blue Maple Bandanas give the most stats, there are also other Maple Bandanas that also give stats (Red ones give average +2, Yellow give average +1). They are only available during the Anniversary Event though, so your best bet is to find it in the Free Market for a lot of mesos.
    Level 10: [​IMG] [acc], [​IMG] [acc], [​IMG] [dex] [​IMG] [str], [​IMG] [int], Other Bandanas, +1 stats, 7 slots.
    • These are dropped by various mobs and can be obtained from Gachapon, and they can provide valuable stats if you can't afford a pricey Maple Bandana.
    Level 20: [​IMG] [int], [​IMG] [acc] Old Wisconsins, +2 stats, 7 slots.
    • These are obtained from Gachapon but can be found in the Free Market for a modest amount of mesos.
    Level 25: [​IMG] [luk], [​IMG] [dex], [​IMG] [str], Bamboo Hats, +3 stats, 7 slots.
    • You can obtain the Brown and Green Bamboo hats from Kerning PQ or find them in the Free Market for very cheap!
    Level 50: [​IMG] Zakum Helmet, +15 all stats, +20 accuracy, +20 avoid, 10 slots, untradeable
    • This is one of the endgame helmet for most players. It is highly recommended to go get your Zakum Helmet asap as it is relatively affordable, and gives lots of stats. You can obtain it at level 50 by purchasing a Zakum Helmet from sellers, who are usually high level players running a boss run. Remember to do the Zakum Prequest beforehand!
    Level 50: [​IMG] Ravana Helmet, +18 all stats, +10 accuracy, +10 avoid, +5 speed, +2 jump, 7 slots, untradeable
    • Ravana Helmets have slightly higher all stats than Zakum helmets but come at the cost of 3 fewer slots. It is up to you whether or not to run with a decent Rav helm for your endgame helmet. You can obtain a Ravana helmet by completing the Ravana Prequest and defeating Ravana; the catch is that the Ravana Helmet can be 4 different kinds of helms, so it might take a few runs until you get the desirable +18 helmet.
    Level 80: [​IMG] Scarlion Hat (DEX) or (STR), +15 all stats except +17 for DEX/STR, +19 accuracy, +19 avoid, +3 jump, 10 slots, untradeable
    • Another option for an endgame helmet is the Scarlion Hat, which can "specialize" in either Dex or Str, which is basically an improved Zakum Helmet for its certain stat. This makes it an attractive option for those who might need those stats. You can obtain it by defeating Scarlion after completing the Scarga Prequest.
    Level 80: [​IMG] Targa Hat (INT) or (LUK), +15 all stats except +17 for INT/LUK, +19 accuracy, +19 avoid, +3 jump, 10 slots, untradeable
    • Similar to the Scarlion Hat, the Targa Hat "specializes" in Int or Luk instead of Dex & Str, giving +17 for Int or Luk (depending on which one you pick up). This makes it a good option for Mages and Thieves. You can obtain it by defeating Targa after completing the Scarga Prequest.

    Level 10: [​IMG] [str], [​IMG] [int], [​IMG] [dex], [​IMG] [luk] Work Gloves, +2 stats, 5 slots.
    • These can be obtained from the quest 'Protect Luca's Farm' on Maple Island, and can give up to +2 on the stats. These are fairly affordable and can be scrolled cheaply as they have 5 slots. It is highly recommended you do the quest to get a pair.
    Level 10: [​IMG] Brown Work Gloves, 7 slots.
    • You might be wondering why BWG have its own section from the other work gloves when they don't even give any stats. This is because they have 7 slots instead of the standard 5, which allows for greater scrolling potential. This makes BWG significantly more expensive than other WG. This is usually an endgame glove for attackers, usually scrolled for 12+ att.
    • You can obtain these from Gachapon, or a low chance to get one by exchanging [​IMG] 100 Dark Cloud Foxtail to Faito in Showa.
    Level 20: [​IMG] Yellow Marker, 7 slots
    • Same deal as the BWG, Yellow Markers are expensive end-game gloves due to their 7 slots. They can only be obtained through Gachapon.

    Level 20: [​IMG] [​IMG] Bathrobes, 10 slots
    • Due to the lukless / dexless nature of the classes in MapleLegends, many players have Bathrobes on due to their low level requirement, many slots, and cheapness to scroll. Most players wear Bathrobes until they are high enough level to afford to scroll their endgame overalls.
    • They can be purchased for 30k mesos from Momoyo in Zipangu inside the Spa.
    • Note: These are endgame equips for most Mages since Mages are almost always lukless in this server.
    Level 30: [​IMG] [​IMG] Sauna Robes, 10 avoid, 10 slots
    • This is a higher level bathrobe, a bit better looking, and comes with a nice 10 avoid, which makes it a nice option for those who want to not just scroll bathrobes. You can obtain it by completing Mr. Wetbottom's Secret Book questline.

    Level 15: [​IMG] Single Earring, 5 Slots
    • Often scrolled due to the fact it is easily obtainable from Henesys Market for 7k. Most endgame users scroll these for their stat of choice, especially since it has a low level requirement.
    Level 15: [​IMG] Amethyst Earrings, 5 Slots
    • Similar to the Single Earring as they are sold in the same place for the same price, these are also often endgame earrings. They just look different from single earrings.
    Level 50: [​IMG] Altaire Earrings, +1 all stats, 5 slots, untradeable
    • You obtain these by Ellin PQing at least 20 times. These are a great option for those who don't have the funds to scroll their endgame earrings yet. However, they are untradeable.
    Level 50: [​IMG] Glittering Altaire Earrings, +2 all stats, 5 slots, untradeable
    • You obtain these by Ellin PQing at least 50 times. Due to the amount of EPQing needed, most users tend to skip getting these, but if you love EPQing and are close, it's not a bad idea to pick these up.
    Level 80: [​IMG] Gold Emerald Earrings, +2 Dex, +5 Int, 5 slots
    • An expensive but very strong pair of earrings that have Dex for attackers and Int for mages. They are a rare drop from The Boss and Maverick B.
    Level 100: [​IMG] Sword Earrings, +30 HP, 5 slots
    • Every little bit of HP counts, and Sword Earrings are a good choice if you care about that. These are dropped by several mobs (you can check the library listing for which ones) and are a decent choice for high level players who want a bit more HP.
    Level 110: [​IMG] Element Pierce, +1 all stats, +2 m. att, 7 slots
    • For players who want to get the best of the best, Element Pierce are at the top of the class, but also extremely difficult to get. You can craft them as part of NeoTokyo, which requires daily bossing and coins in order to craft. It is also a rare drop from the boss Nibergen (also NeoTokyo).

    Level 21: [​IMG] Yellow Strap Shoes, +5 avoid, 5 slots
    • Another option for users who want to get extra avoid while bossing, but only with 5 slots. Obtainable from Gachapon.
    Level 21: [​IMG] Silver Strap Shoes, +5 jump, 7 slots
    • Silver Strap Shoes are relatively popular since they have 7 slots compared to the regular 5. People usually scroll these for Dex. Obtainable from Gachapon.
    Level 30: [​IMG] Fonla's Slippers, +1 all stats, +3 jump, 5 slots, untradeable
    Level 30: [​IMG] Squishy Shoes, +1 all stats, +3 speed, 5 slots, untradeable
    • Obtainable from Kerning PQ, either from dropping from King Slime or from KPQing 20 times. Since these are +1 all stats, these are pretty decent shoes to wear until you are finally ready to scroll your stronger shoes.
    Level 30: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Snowshoes, 7 slots, class-locked
    • Regular snowshoes are class-locked (ex. Red Snowshoes are only equippable by Warriors), but easily obtainable as they are sold in El Nath for 30k mesos. These are a good option for those who want 7 slot shoes to scroll and they also prevent you from slipping on ice!
    Level 50: [​IMG] Yellow Snowshoes, +3 Dex, +3 Int, 7 slots
    • Some of the best shoes in the game, and useful for everyone since they have Dex for attackers and Int for mages. Since there aren't any shoe scrolls for Int though, mages will have to use Chaos Scrolls in order to scroll it, making all Int shoes very expensive. These Snowshoes obtainable only as a drop from defeating Female Boss.
    Level 80: [​IMG] Violet Snowshoes, +5 Speed, +5 Jump, 7 slots
    • For those who want some extra speed and jump in their shoes, violet snowshoes are also a good option. They are obtainable only as a drop from defeating The Boss.

    Level 20: [​IMG] Maple Cape, 5 slots
    • The Maple Cape is one of the lowest level capes in the game, making it a popular option for those who want to make int capes for washing. However, it is only obtainable during the Anniversary Event, so it can be a bit expensive to get.
    Level 25: [​IMG] Old Raggedy Cape, +10 avoid, 5 slots
    • Probably the first cape you will get in the game and the easiest to obtain. You do the quest Stranger's Request in Kerning in order to get it. With 5 slots, it is easy to toss some cheap cape scrolls on there to get your first cape.
    Level 25: [​IMG] Ragged Black Cape, +1 att, +1 m.att, 0 slots
    • For those who want to do some more damage early, a +2 att Ragged Black Cape can be a good choice. You can buy one in the Free Market for ~2mil, however, there are 0 slots so you cannot scroll it, which is the only downside of the cape. Obtainable from Gachapon.
    Level 50~55: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Adventurer Capes & Justice Capes, 5 slots
    • LPQ drops many of these generic 5 slot capes, if you want to collect some to do some scrolling with, and are very cheap and easy to obtain. Obtainable in the bonus stage from Ludibrium PQ
    Level 50: [​IMG] Yellow Adventurer Cape, 8 slots
    • Although it has no stats, this is also an option for those who want to scroll stat-based capes since it has 3 extra slots. These are mostly used for int capes. Obtainable through Gachapon.
    Level 50: [​IMG] Pink Adventurer Cape [+2 att] & [​IMG] Purple Adventurer Cape [+7 m. att], 5 slots
    Level 65: [​IMG] Pink Gaia Cape [+3 att] & [​IMG] Purple Gaia Cape [+6 m. att], 5 slots
    • These are endgame capes for most players. They are usually scrolled for attack (with Chaos Scrolls) or for magic attack (with cape int scrolls). Because you need to use Chaos Scrolls in order to scroll for cape attack, the price of scrolled PACs and PGCs are very expensive.
    • They are usually somewhat expensive to get in the Free Market compared to other capes, especially the ones with maximum attack.
    • Obtainable through Gachapon or Event raffles.
    Level 65: [​IMG] Yellow Gaia Cape, 8 slots
    • The lesser known cousin of the PGC and the PuGC, the Yellow Gaia Cape has 3 more slots than the average cape, making it a good option for those who want to scroll a stat based cape. These are mostly used for int capes. Obtainable through Gachapon.
    Level 90: [​IMG] Crimsonheart Cloak, +4 all stats, 8 slots
    • This attractive cape is +4 to all stats which makes it a decent cape for anyone who wants to scroll one, with 8 slots as well. The only downside is that it is only obtainable through Crimsonwood Keep PQ Bonus stage, and that it has a high level requirement.
    Level 100: [​IMG] Blackfist Cloak, +300 hp, +4 att, 5 slots, untradeable
    • Also considered endgame capes for those who don't want to spend mesos to purchase a PGC. These are obtainable through Crimsonwood Keep PQ Bonus Stage as a rare drop, and can vary anywhere from 3~5 att. It is also popular since it gives a juicy 300 HP. However, the fact that it is untradeable and has a high level requirement makes it so that most players do not usually scroll these for attack.

    Level 5: [​IMG] Stolen Fence, 7 slots
    • Probably the most common shield you will see. These are usually scrolled for attack or m.att. Stolen Fences are popular due to the fact they are easily obtainable from Lith Harbor for 2k mesos, however, the scrolls themselves are very expensive.
    Level 20: [​IMG] Maple Shield, 10 slots
    • For those who have extra mesos to fling around, the Maple Shield is the end game level shields for most players. It is leagues more expensive than a Stolen Fence due to the fact that you can only obtain it from the Anniversary Event, and it has 3 more slots.

    Level 50: [​IMG] Silver Deputy Star, +5 all stats, +100 HP/MP, 3 slots
    • You can obtain this pendant from completing the Bounty Hunter questline (once per character). You can also buy it from the Free Market for about 15mil. It's a good investment as it can be passed around to your other characters or resold!
    Level 70: [​IMG] Horus' Eye (*upgraded), +7 all stats, +400HP, +300MP, +15 avoid, untradeable
    • If you love PQing and want a really sweet pendant with 400 HP and awesome stats, this one is for you! It is the pendant that gives the most HP in the whole game.
    • In order to obtain the pendant, you need to beat the party quest on both Romeo and Juliet's side 10 times each to get 10 of each kind of marble. In order to upgrade it, you'll need 5 of a single type of marble to obtain the stone needed to upgrade it a single time.
    • Guide to MPQ here
    Level 110: [​IMG] Mark of Narican, +5 all stats, +300 HP/MP, +4 att, +10 m. att, +15 accuracy, +5 Speed, +5 Jump, 1 slot, untradeable
    • This is a drop from the bosses during Crimsonwood Keep PQ and is one of the endgame pendants. It is pretty decent especially as it gives up to 5 weapon attack clean. You can obtain it by running CWKPQ yourself or buying it as early as level 90 by purchasing CWKPQ service, which can be from 10~15mil.
    Level 120: [​IMG] Horntail Necklace (*egged), +22* all stats, +39* avoid, +150* w.def/m.def, 3 slots, untradeable
    • This is a drop from Horntail. You might be wondering what "egged" means - Horntail also drops a [​IMG] Nine Spirit's Egg, which you can use to "egg" your clean HTP to increase its stats by completing the Missing Hero questline. Although a clean HTP stats are not that remarkable, after egging the pendant, it will buff your HTP by +15 all stats, +15 avoid, as well as give it a lot of defensive stats. You can get it early by purchasing HTP service, which can run anywhere from 30~40mil.
    Should I Get a MoN or HTP for Endgame?
    As spoken by the wise AlyoshaAlyosha:
    "It's a bit complicated generally, usually depends on where people are at.

    At 120 or so I think everyone benefits more from a HTP, but a clean 5 attack MoN is alright if you're not quite able to buy a HTP/live through HT. If you need ~23 base stats in order to equip your weapon the HTP will almost always beat out a MoN, at least until it reaches 8-9 attack or so from a chaos. Because of that MoN tends to only be better on warriors, who don't need dex (Except if you're going for a Stonetooth/1h grave).

    Late game it seems pretty split between MoNs and HTPs as far as I've noticed. The avoid from a HTP is amazing for HT, and that fact alone helps a lot of lower avoid classes like Corsairs/Bowmen meet their full potential by not needing to reposition as much.

    On paper, MoN is better if you can chaos it to it's maximum potential and is especially good vs. bosses that don't hit very often, but it's pretty easy to get away with using a HTP your whole career on a ranged character.

    I think MoN is only best in slot for DKs, and Heroes/Paladins using dex-less weapons.

    HTP is best in slot for shads and mages.

    Everyone else can really just shift between the two."

    Eye Accessories
    Level 35: [​IMG] Raccoon Mask, +1 accuracy, 7 slots
    • Eye accessories can only be scrolled for accuracy or INT. Obtainable from Gachapon. Raccoon masks are endgame gear for most mages.
    Level 45: [​IMG] Broken Glasses, +1 all stats, 3 slots, untradeable
    • These are obtainable from doing Ludi PQ 35 times. Although it is untradeable and has 0 slots, it is a decent option for players who are just starting out, so I highly recommend LPQing 35 times for them. I used mine until I was level 120!
    Level 45: [​IMG] White Raccoon Mask, +2 accuracy, 7 slots
    • A higher level requirement of the regular Raccoon mask, this one gives one extra accuracy, but is basically the same as the other raccoon mask. Obtainable from Gachapon. Raccoon masks are endgame gear for most mages.
    Level 70: [​IMG] Spectrum Goggles, +1 Str, +1 Dex, +1 Speed, 3 slots
    • Endgame gear for non-mages as these have Str and Dex. Seeing as how there are only eye accessory scrolls for Accuracy or Int, most endgame players end up scrolling these with Chaos Scrolls in order to increase the amount of Str and Dex on them, making scrolled Spec Goggles quite expensive.
    • You can obtain them in the bonus stage from Crimsonwood Keep PQ.

    Face Accessories
    Level 25: [​IMG] Rat Mouth, +1 avoid, 7 slots
    • Face accessories can only be scrolled for HP or for Avoid/DEX, which makes them a bit of a niche item to scroll. Obtainable through Gachapon.
    Level 25: [​IMG] Smiling Mask [+7 speed], [​IMG] Angry Mask [+1 avoid], [​IMG] Crying Mask [+5 Jump], 7 slots
    • Obtainable through CWKPQ bonus stage.
    Level 25: [​IMG] Sad Mask, +10 accuracy, 7 slots
    • The Sad Mask is much more expensive than its other mask counterparts, mostly due ot the fact that it gives valuable accuracy, which is important for warriors who have trouble whacking things. Obtainable through CWKPQ bonus stage.
    Level 40: [​IMG] Branch Nose, +1 avoid, 7 slots
    • Obtainable through Gachapon.

    [​IMG] Washing Gear

    [​IMG] Event Gear


    :heartbeat: CREDITS :heartbeat:
    Thank you fellow staff members AlyoshaAlyosha NiseNise DuckysDuckys for helping me out!
    Thank you akashskyakashsky for helping out with earrings suggestions.
    Thank you OradiousOradious on helping out with earrings/shoe suggestions.
    Thank you yogurtselleryogurtseller for suggesting the Poison Mushroom staff.
    Thank you TsunderellaTsunderella for suggesting Goldwind shoes, helping out with Mage stuff and Bowmaster stuff!
    Thank you whatdatoastwhatdatoast for helping me out with Fonla's slippers, as well as other mage weapon stuff.
    Thank you braidgamebraidgame for suggesting Super Snowboard.
    Thank you hloohehloohe MottMott HeightsHeights for helping me fill out the Bowmaster section of the guide!
    Thank you SobletSoblet for pointing out some issues with a few items. Fixed!
    Thank you BlacheBlache for giving us more cool mage items to add.
    Thanks KanetsuguKanetsugu on pointing out an error in the crafting formula for Dragon bows.
    Thank you FlyinpandaFlyinpanda for help on Shadower weapons.
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