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Arzuna DEX or STR? LF a gr8 deb8

Discussion in 'Help & Advice' started by GARRYtheGOON, Jul 10, 2020.


    GARRYtheGOON Slime

    Mar 19, 2019
    12:55 PM
    Howdy all, I've been on this maple game for around year now, and dominating the Arzuna game was always STR scrolled overalls, and I believed this to be standard for the BM/MM class. However, to my surprise I've noticed more and more DEX scrolled Arzunas flooding the marketplace. So my questions, as im GARRYtheGOON and not GARRYtheSMART (IGN: garry), which is better? I'd love to hear peoples opinions as i have many BM questions to follow!

    TLDR: scroll Arzuna with dex or str?
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  2. Eminence

    Eminence Mushmom

    Dec 15, 2017
    10:55 AM
    STR arzunas are always better because you want to have more of your ap added into dex. This way, maple warrior will increase your dex by a greater amount (10 base dex will result in an increase in 1 dex with mw20).
    The reason for the increase in DEX arzunas is due to people scrolling arzunas with the overall 65% dex scrolls from the anniversary event.
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  3. Alyosha

    Alyosha Skelegon Retired Staff

    Mar 9, 2017
    7:55 PM
    Dark Knight
    Dex is cheaper to start out, as the scrolls are much cheaper for the same number of stats. That's the simple answer.

    If you want to run a lot of varied content though it's nice to eventually use both, as long as you're approaching the end game and have some mesos to throw at Mark of Naricains.

    If you're going to be getting hit a lot, like in Zakum or Horntail, you'll want to maximize your avoid in order to deal more damage overall. So you'd be using a Horntail Pendant with a dex overall.

    If you're not going to be getting hit, or only hit minimally, like in CWKPQ or Nameless, using a Mark of Naricain with a str overall will tend to give better results, at least if the MoN has been chaos'd to a positive result.

    Because switching pendants can make it so that you either have too much str(wasted damage) or not enough str(can't equip your bow) it's nice to have both overalls if you find yourself in that situation. For most of the game though it's best to note that a HTP will be better for the majority of all content, and that you'd need to chaos a MoN to at least 7-8 attack before it makes a difference in your damage. So the safest bet is the dex overall. If you don't want to throw money at the money pit, then just stay dex overall forever.

    For Maple Warrior it doesn't matter which stat is micromanaged with gears, as the total stat pool remains the same. Let's say you wear a dex overall and have 550 dex and 50 str. You'd get 55 dex and 5 str from mw20. Now you switch to a str overall and can reset some base str into dex. Now you have 580 dex and 20 str. From mw20 you'd get 58 dex and 2 str.

    So in either instance you get 60 stats from mw20. It doesn't make a difference so go cheap.
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  4. Wigglytuff

    Wigglytuff Orange Mushroom

    Mar 28, 2020
    10:55 PM
    It might be the same number of stats but the dex is valued higher than the str and will give you more dmg
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  5. s0mething

    s0mething Capt. Latanica

    May 4, 2019
    7:55 PM
    S>30% OA for str. Make your Str OAs now
  6. Selquin

    Selquin Headless Horseman

    May 28, 2018
    8:55 PM
    Bowmaster, Night Lord, Buccaneer
    This argument assumes that you do not adjust you base stats such that you can only wear your weapon with MW20. If you take 10 AP points out of your str pool and add it to your dex pool, it is true that you gain 11 dex. HOWEVER, you also don't just lose 10 str, you lose 11 str. This is because MW20 also gives you a +1 str bonus from that 10 AP points on str. So if you got a new piece of equipment that gives you an extra +10 str, you can''t just take 10 points out of str, you can only take 9 points out of str if you want to still be able to wear your weapon. By taking 9 points out of str and putting them into dex, you will gain 10 dex (9 + 1 from mw), which is exactly the same as what you would have got if your equipment gave +10 dex insted.

    TLDR: scrolling for str or dex is exactly the same, not almost the same, exactly.

    I swear I've heard the old "more base dex will give you more dex from mw20" argument so many times, and I hate typing out the wall of text to debunk it everytime.
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  7. Wigglytuff

    Wigglytuff Orange Mushroom

    Mar 28, 2020
    10:55 PM
    so i ran some test numbers and you're right, the total separate stat gains are exactly the same

    i was only looking at the effect of mw and didn't take into account the other stats

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